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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 3.28.23

March 28, 2023 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
AEW Dark - Steph de Lander vs. Marina Shafir Image Credit: AEW
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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 3.28.23  

We are back for another episode of AEW Dark. We’re back in the Dark-zone at Orlando this week and have 9 matches on the card. Anything under double digits is a win in my eyes. Takeshita, Top Flight, Skye Blue, Evil Uno and AR Fox are being promoted for this show via the title and i’m a fan of them all in some capacity so it should be a pretty solid show. Let’s get to it!

Nick Comoroto vs. AR Fox

Big “Nicky Boy” Nick Comoroto is here without his boys the factory, I wonder if this is a permanent change. As a fan of Big Nicky I’m here for it. If you recall Nick Comoroto was in a bit of a banger with Lee Moriarty a few months back so I’m expecting this to be good. Fox attempts a few armdrags and a backslide but he’s too weak and Nick tosses him to the mat instead. Nick wastes some time taunting allowing Fox to recover and nail Nick with an enziguri, he follows with some sweet springboard action into a cazadora bulldog combination. Fox with a back elbow in the corner and runs into Nick with a corner lariat but he counters and slams Fox into the mat. Comoroto with two more scoopslams and he starts jaw jacking with Fox, they start shoving eachother, Fox with a slap and Comoroto tries a third body slam but Fox slips free. Comoroto with a short arm lariat and covers for two. Fox runs into a bossman slam from Comoroto and he covers for another nearfall. Nick with a waistlock but Fox fights free, Comoroto looks to suplex Fox to the outside but he counters, Fox runs towards the other side of the ring but Nick grabs his shoulders slamming him to the mat, Fox kips up and drops Comoroto with a dropkick to the outside. Fox with a big dive onto Comoroto outside and then does it again even cleaner the second time. Fox with a third flip onto Nick outside sheesh. Fox with a swanton and he covers Comoroto for a very close two count. Nick back in control and he drops Fox with a slam and covers for two, Nick’s eye starts to show signs of damage as Fox must’ve caught him with one. Comoroto sits down on Fox for a pinfall and uses the ropes so the referee breaks it up. Fox with a series of kicks to Comoroto then a cutter and he rolls through into a pinfall attempt for two. Fox heads up top but he wastes too much time, finally he sends Comoroto off the top, Fox with a swanton then back up top for a 450 splash and he covers for the win.
Rating: ***1/4
Review: This was a sweet opener I like both of these guys so it was a lot of fun. Fox is a great talent and i’m glad to see what they’ve done with him so far. I think both Fox and Comoroto are phenomenal talent but it did feel like this match was missing a bit of something.

Queen Aminata vs. Skye Blue

This one starts off with lots of fast paced action both these women are working for sure! Blue in control early dropping Aminata with a rana and locks in a headlock but Aminata counters and kips up they go face to face but Blue is back in control rather quickly. Blue attempts a kick but Aminata counters into a roll up for two. Aminata with a sweet german suplex and then catches Skye Blue with a sick running kick into the ropes sending Skye outside. Aminata follows Blue to the outside and hits a hard chop on Skye then follows with a suplex on the outside. Blue onto the apron and she hits a neckbreaker onto Aminata on the apron then a modified slingblade bulldog like move sending Aminata face first into the apron. Skye Blue goes up top and hits a crossbody onto Aminata to the outside. Dang right on the queens face. Skye heads up top and hits a second crossbody and covers but Aminata kicks out at two. Skye and Aminata exchange forearms, Aminata with some tough shots but Skye Blue returns with a series of her own and then heads into the ropes but Aminata catches her with a forearm, Skye with one of her own. Skye hits an enziguri to Aminata, Aminata back to her feet and hits an air rade crash to Skye, Aminata is slow to her feet then hits Skye with a hip attack then a running boot. Aminata covers Skye and gets a very close two count. Skye back in control she hits her modified flatliner and covers for the victory.
Rating: ***
Review: I actually liked this a whole lot more than I expected to. Queen Aminata is quite good and should return often because this was a great great match for her. She made Skye Blue look infinitely better than any other ‘job’ opponent she has had. This was a very fun back and forth match.

Evil Uno vs. Alexander Moss

Uno showing some aggressive work early on dropping Moss with a big boot. Moss to his feet and hits Uno with a few chops but Uno lays into him with a series of his own then ends it with a big right hand. Moss drops Uno into the middle rope then running knees to the back and covers for one. Uno is mad and runs into Moss with a lariat in the corner and pulls him out for an immediate short arm shot as well. Uno lifts Moss up and drops him with a piledriver, Uno back to his feet and waits for the crowd to start up a one more time chant. Uno complies and rolls Moss over for the cover and victory.
Rating: N/A
Review: Interesting to see Uno get a squash victory. I am not as excited about the Dark Order these days but a solid win none the less.

Steph de Lander vs. Marina Shafir

Marina throws her dirty socks at the fans, Taz is a fan. Shafir quickly takes Steph to the mat and works her over with a gator roll. Steph to her feet and she drops Marina with a sick lariat and then sends her face first into the top turnbuckle then follows up with a big boot. Steph covers for two, she lifts Shafir up and backs her into the corner with a series of strikes. Shafir sent into the opposing corner and Steph follows with a splash, Shafir with a hiptoss and then a kick to the gut. Shafir looking for a submission as she holds Steph down but the referee forces a break. Shafir lays into Steph with some tough kicks and sweeps the leg then hits her with a stiff kick to the back. Shafir taunts Steph before hitting her with another kick then a soft kick with her barefoot and Steph is annoyed. Steph to her feet and they exchange strikes Steph attempts a kick but Shafir catches her in a submission and forces the immediate submission.
Rating: **3/.4
Review: This wasn’t bad and was actually better than I expected, Steph is pretty solid, Shafir still has to grow in ring and I’m unsure if someone like Steph can really carry her or vice versa, that said they did pretty well even if it wasn’t as sound or exciting as you might like. I do think Steph got a lot of action in this one which for someone like Shafir we may want to see her dominate more and less 50/50 but if Steph sticks around it’s cool.

Zack Clayton vs. Schaff

Clayton attacks Schaff early and drops him following with a quick elbow drop. Clayton taunts the crowd before continuing to work over Schaff. Schaff counters Clayton then taunts to a lukewarm reaction. Schaff hits Clayton with a running senton in the corner. Schaff covers for a one count. Clayton back in control and he nails Schaff with a shot to the back of the head then follows with a powerslam. Clayton with a back elbow and then a lariat to Schaff. Clayton says this one is over and hits Schaff with the fishermans buster and covers for the win.
Rating: N/A
Review: Another Zack Clayton squash. I absolutely do not see it with this dude at all I think time is wasted every time he works because there is just nothing there for me. That said I could easily be getting worked because there’s nothing technically wrong with him he’s just so bland, boring and unnecessary. Schaff wasn’t much to get excited about either, I think if you want us to really hate Clayton just have him beat a bunch of unsigned indy talent that people care about.

Top Flight vs. Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis

Dante starts with Alanis and works him over with his quick action before tagging in Darius. They hit Alanis with some tag team action, Gray tries to break it up and is tossed to the outside for his efforts. Top flight calls for it and fakes a dive to the outside but their opponents move. Darius outside and lays into Adrian with a forearm. Gray on the outside and he grabs Darius’ boot, Dante with a kick to the face of Gray to send him away. Alanis with a back elbow to Darius in the corner then a running crossbody. Gray covers for two but Darius kicks out. Darius looks for the tag but Gray grabs his hand just in time. Darius takes a forearm and bounces off the ropes but Gray drops him immediately with a pump kick. Gray looks for a suplex but Darius counters and hits him with a brainbuster. Dante tags in and drops Gray with a dropkick. Alanis tags in but Dante dodges a strike and nails him with a kick then a crossbody. Dante covers for two then tags Darius in. Darius with a roll through but Alanis counters with a knee to the face. Gray tags in and they look for a tag manuever but Darius counters and lays into them but Gray counters and they naill Darius with a suplex crossbody combo. Gray covers but Dante breaks it up just in time. Dante sends Alanis outside, Darius with an assisted tornado DDT. Dante dropkicks Alanis outside then heads to the corner. Dante with an assisted slam and covers Gray for the victory.
Rating: **1/2
Review: Eh, I didn’t really like this match honestly. I don’t get why Top Flight is feeding to this team so much, I can buy into the idea that Darius isn’t as good as his brother I guess and thats why he nearly lost this match but why would that be the case? They did pick up the win off of Dante doing the work in the end, and that was fun, it wasn’t a bad match just not how i’d book it.

QT Marshall & Aaron Solo vs. Austin Green & Vary Morales

Solo and Vary kick this one off, Solo in control early. Vary counters and drops QT off the apron with a dropkick. Vary looks for another springboard dropkick but solo cuts him off mid air. QT tags in and drops Vary with a strike and back elbow before tagging Solo back in. Vary with the tag to Austin Green who uses his size to run through both Solo and QT. Green with a SICK powerslam to Solo then a huge one armed powerbomb to QT. Vary tags in and heads onto Greens Shoulder but Solo with a chopblock to Green and they send Green outside. Solo with an assited forearm to QT. QT with a sick powerbomb called the dirt cheap driver to Vary and he covers for the victory.
Rating: N/A
Review: This was a hell of a lot of fun even if it was short. Green got some awesome offense in before QT took out Vary with a pretty sweet finish, sometimes a match doesn’t need to be super long to be decent. I’d like to see all four of these guys again so I think they did something right. Green could be an interesting piece for AEW if he can improve his look slightly.

Brady Booker vs. Serpentico

Brady Booker is 1-0 in AEW, not much of a reaction for the guy but he’s pumped to be here. Serpentico starts the match with a taunt but Brady taunts as well showing how much more jacked he is. Brady in control and hits Serpentico with a delayed suplex Brady with some running in place and a splash to Serpentico. Brady looks for a torture rack but Serpentico fights free and heads up top dropping Brady with a diving shoulder tackle. Serpentico stomps at the hand of Booker then a running dropkick. Serpentico heads up top and attempts a swanton but Brady moves. Brady in a three point stance but Serpentico dodges him, Booker with a running spear taking out the leg of Serpentico then a body slam and a splash for two. Serpentico counters another torture rack and heads up top. Serpentico with a swanton and covers for two, he calls for another top rope move and tries a double stomp but Brady moves and locks in the torture rack causing the submission victory.
Rating: **1/4
Review: The match really wasn’t that great but it was cool to see Booker a somewhat new face beat Serpentico. Serpentico is typically a jobber but he racked up a few wins recently in the SAP and could’ve feasibly won here. I am not sure who Booker is and he has a chance to grow on me but right away he reminds me of a less polished but more charismatic Griff Garrison.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Cole Karter

AEW Dark is always better with Takeshita and Cole Karter is pretty alright himself. Cole has Lee Johnson with him tonight. Cole with a wristlock but Takeshita counters into a headlock and follows up with a running shoulder tackle. Takeshita with a running forearm, he looks for a backdrop but Cole counters and drops Takeshita laying into him with a series of kicks to the back. Cole sends Takeshita into the corner as hard as he can, Takeshita hits the mat face first selling the back. Cole with a suplex and cover but only gets a one count. Takeshita with a couple strikes to Cole but he runs right into a dropkick, Cole immediately covers for one then lays into Takeshita with a couple of strikes. Takeshita to his feet and fights back with some chops to the chest of Karter. Cole with a ripcord knee to the face then a falcon arrow and covers for two. Takeshita and Cole exchange strikes. Cole sends Takeshita over the top and he skins the cat before hitting Cole with a rana to the outside. Takeshita with a dive to Cole on the outside. Cole sent back inside and Takeshita hits him with a blue thunder bomb covering for two. Karter looks for a powerbomb but he loses his grip he lifts Takeshita back up and hits him with a powerbomb in the corner and covers Takeshita for two. Cole heads up top but Takeshita cuts him off, Takeshita with a suplex from the top and covers Cole, Cole rolls through for a two count of his own. Cole and Takeshita exchange forearms, Takeshita with a dragonsuplex, he runs right into a tko from Cole. Cole heads up top he attempts a 450 but Takeshita moves and hits a knee to the back of Karter. Cole dodges a running knee and hits Takeshita with a sweet elbow strike. Takeshita with a running knee to the back and then the knee to the face and Takeshita covers for the victory.
Rating: ***
Review: This was a solid AEW Dark main event. Takeshita is good and Cole is a solid wrestler as well. I do think that there was a little something missing here that could’ve added a bit more to the match itself. The post match stuff was cool as it sets up a match between Lee and Takeshita in the future which will be good for both. Takeshita has taken this role as a guy who gets good matches out of AEW’s younger talent and it does wonders for both sides as he racks up wins in good matches and they get to look really good.

The final score: review Good
The 411
All in all this weeks episode of Dark was solid but not quite as good as the last few weeks. I really enjoyed the first two and the last three matches on this card but the rest I could've probably done without. I don't mind the filler though when we limit it. I get that there are guys like Clayton who I genuinely don't care for that will be featured from time to time because either someone likes them or AEW really wants to book them. If you're a fan of Dark I think you'll like this show and if you don't generally watch there are definitely matches worth checking out.

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