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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 8.4.22

August 4, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
Impact Wrestling Doc Gallows Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 8.4.22  

It’s Thursday night and we are just two weeks away from Impact Wrestling’s Emergence event. As we quickly approach Impact’s next big show we have quite the show on our hands tonight. Impact has been on a steady path producing really solid shows and at least on paper this one looks to continue the trend. On the lower half of the card we have Masha Slamovich continuing her issues with Gisele Shaw & The Influence as she takes on Shaw in one on one action. Slamovich has been taunting all three women as she has picked them apart one by one. We’ll also see Sami Callihan back in the Impact Wrestling ring as he faces Raj Singh, last week he made an example of Singh and I expect this to be a continuation of that. Finally the Digital Media Championship tries to remain relevant despite being tied to Brian Meyers of all people as he has landed himself in a title match with Black Taurus, hopefully Taurus squashes this nerd.

On to the more important pieces of tonight’s card, we will see Rosemary take on Deonna Purrazzo in singles action. These two will square off in tag team action as VXT challenges for the Knockouts Tag Team titles at Emergence so of course we will get a taste of the action tonight. We’ll also get yet another taste of Honor No More vs. Bullet Club as PCO takes on Doc Gallows in a Derby City Street Fight ahead of their big multiperson tag match at Emergence. If Honor No More lose at Emergence they must disband so it seems it would be important for them to gain some momentum. Finally we’ll see the Motorcity Machineguns take on Violent By Design. VBD have been looking to take out The Guns to appease Eric Young and after a number of blind sided attacks the Guns look to get some revenge. Alex Shelley really needs to get these guys off his back ahead of his huge Impact Wrestling World Championship match at Emergence. I’m sure they’ll toss in a few unannounced bits but that’s what we have on tap, let’s get to the action.

We recap the issues between Honor No More and Scott D’Amore as Impact opens. The video package ends with Scott telling Honor No More that their issues with Heath are not his problem and they’re livid. I always appreciate how Impact recaps the last weeks episode to kick things off.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rosemary

Deonna and Chelsea have been on a roll and look to become the new Impact Knockouts tag team champions. Chelsea couldn’t make it as she is planning Deonna’s bachelorette party. Jessicka is joining Rosemary as she has had a recent change of attitude. Rosemary in the face of Deonna early and she shows no fear throwing forearm shots before Rosemary grabs her by the throat. They exchange holds as Taya and Jessicka cheer on Rosemary from the outside as she gains momentum launching Deonna into the corner. Rosemary leaps up into Deonna face in the corner and bites her before hitting her with a bulldog. Deonna on the apron and hangs up Rosemary on the top rope. Deonna sets up the arm snapper but Rosemary kind of just acts it out I never saw Deonna actively do the move. Very weird maybe I wasn’t looking but I really feel like that looked bad. Deonna with a shortarm clothesline and covers. Rosemary selling the arm feels strange as that move just looked bad. Deonna stomps on the shoulder and covers for another two count. Rosemary regains momentum and locks Deonna in the upside down in the corner before the referee forces a break. Deonna cuts Rosemary off at the top rope and rips her down to the mat and covers for a two count. Deonna into an armbar and drops elbows into the shoulder. Rosemary rolls through and fights Deonna off with forearms. Deonna and Rosemary both hit pump kicks at the same time knocking each other down to the mat. Deonna runs into a series of lariats from Rosemary and a weak slingblade that Deonna sort of no sells before falling into the corner. Rosemary with a running forearm and covers for a two count. Rosemary attempts a spear but runs right into an armbar, Rosemary tries to roll into a pin but Deonna hangs on. Deonna to the outside she gets in Jessicka’s face and tells her she’s not invited. Rosemary hits the spear and covers Deonna but the referee is distracted. Rosemary yells at the referee prompting Deonna to pop right up and roll her up for the victory.
Rating: **1/2
Review: This match had some really good spots but there was enough to really not like about it. Impact usually has great openers this wasn’t bad as both Deonna and Rosemary are big names who fans enjoy but this match was not it. The finish was not great, I get what they were going for but no selling the spear to pop up for a pinfall isn’t typically what i enjoy. 

– Taven is backstage talking up Honor No More before Eddie Edwards takes over and says it’s all about trust they have to know they all have each other’s backs. Eddie again says the person he has questions about is PCO. Ironic that Eddie treats PCO the same way he treated Maclin back when he was with the Impact originals. Vincent backs up PCO so Eddie says fine and tells PCO to prove it by taking out Gallows. It’s messed up that Vincent can go appear for ROH but PCO is the one they have fears about.

– Gia is backstage with Gisele Shaw and Shaw tells Gia that she wasn’t avoiding her she was just scouting her. Gia says that’s a good plan but was it the best plan because Masha beat Tenille and Madison quickly too. Gisele says we’ll see and walks off.

Impact Digital Media Championship
Black Taurus vs. Brian Meyers (c)

Meyers has done the best he can to avoid defending his championship against Gujar and instead landed a match against a much more intimidating opponent if you ask me. Meyers avoid Taurus at first before locking up and getting tossed across the ring. Meyers fakes a test of strength before locking in a headlock. Taurus fights out and drops Meyers with a shoulder tackle. Meyers on the outside jaw jacking with Crazy Steve. Taurus is distracted momentarily allowing Meyers to get the upper hand. Meyers pins off a suplex for a two count. Meyers stomps at Taurus and taunts the crowd. Taurus rolls through a back body drop and drops Meyers with a series of strikes. Taurus clotheslines him outside of the ring and dives onto Meyers on the outside as we go to commercial.

Back from break and we recap Meyers sending Taurus into the ring post during the commercial. Meyers uses this upperhand to lock in a sleeperhold but Taurus breaks out with a jawbreaker. Meyers sweeps Taurus feet and drops him before he can attack. Meyers with the strikes and screams he’s the most professional wrestler. Meyers belly to back suplex and covers for two. Meyers charges Taurus in the corner but he’s dropped into the corner Taurus with a 619 and dropkick right after. He covers for a two count but Meyers kicks out. Taurus is a bull so he goes back to the basics and pins again for two. Meyers with a DDT and covers for two. Meyers calls for Taurus to get up but he runs right into a spear. Meyers with a roll up and uses the ropes to steal the victory from Taurus.
Rating: ***
Review: I have to admit this was better than I anticipated. I really don’t enjoy Meyers much but I did peg this win as a step in the right direction for him. For a second I thought he might lose and it’d be all for not but he managed to steal one and it’s a significant win even if it’s tainted.
Post match: Meyers tries to celebrate but Gujar sends him back into the ring, DECAY lay into Meyers setting up Gujar for a gargoyle spear onto Meyers. DECAY lift up the arms of Gujar to a medium level pop.

– Jordynne Grace is backstage with Gia and she discusses he loss last week teaming with Mia Yim against VXT. Grace talks up her match with Mia but says she’s going to retain at Emergence.

– Commentary recaps Jacob Fatu vs. Josh Alexander at Ric Flair’s Last Match as Meyers and Cardona get involved in the match causing a double DQ before DDP gets involved. DDP and Josh stand tall to close out. Good stuff from Impact at that show regardless of your thoughts on Flair.

Gisele Shaw vs. Masha Slamovich

Shaw finally has to meet her maker as she’s set to face the undefeated Masha Slamovich. Masha immediately takes control bodying Gisele and laying into her with forearm shots before letting her up. Shaw attempts a backfist but Masha hits one of her own. Masha charges Shaw in the corner but eats an elbow, Shaw dodges a few shots from Masha, Shaw with a stiff elbow to the face of Masha but she kicks out at two and sits right up. Masha lays into Shaw with a series of shots on the ropes before tossing her into the corner. Shaw sent into the corner she hits a shaky springboard but Masha moves and hits a german suplex with a bridge but Shaw kicks out at two. Hannifan tells us noone has ever kicked out in a Masha match unless she allowed them to. It’s true but weird stat. Slamovich hits the snowplow and covers Shaw for the victory.
Rating: ***
Review: This was short but it needed to be and in doing so was good. There was a moment of hope for Shaw but outside of that and a brief kickout she didn’t do much against Masha. That’s how it should be. Masha could do a lot of great things in Impact this was a solid stepping stone for her as she hopefully now starts to move forward. 

– We recap Mia Yim’s first Knockouts World Championship victory back in 2016 as Jade. Madison Rayne interrupts Mia and asks why they’re playing this recap embarrassing her and kicking her while she’s down. Mia says she didn’t mean to kick her while she was down but she can kick her while she’s standing up. Madison gets upset and starts to walk off but Gail walks up and talks about the past. She sets up a match between Madison and Mia for next week, Mia says that’s a great idea but Madison says it’s an awful idea and calls it stupid before walking off.

– Rosemary is backstage mad at Havok and Taya explains that Jessika was reborn and is basically a baby. Rosemary asks what the point of assembling the numbers was if they can’t use it to their advantage. Rosemary reminds Jessicka that decay is family and tries to send her back but Jessicka says no and promises to be in their corner. Jessicka promises they’ll retain the championship before yelling “E-MERGENC-Y they’re gonna need a wambulance.” Hilarious but for all the wrong reasons I feel. It’s like bootleg remake of bad movie levels of entertainment, it’s not that compelling but if you’re into it you probably enjoy it a good bit.

The Motorcity Machineguns vs. Violent By Design

We get highlights of MCMG vs. The Wolves at Ric Flairs last match as the Guns make their way to the ring. Shelley and Deaner start this one but Doering attacks from behind allowing Deaner to get control. They double team Shelley as Sabin allows his partner to do his thing. Shelley fights back and Sabin finally gets involved with a dropkick off top. Sabin with a cutter to Deaner and the Guns hit a series of sweet combination moves on Deaner and Doering. Shelley covers Deaner for a two count. Deaner runs into an elbow from Shelley, Doering drops Shelley off the middle ropes and Deaner takes control dropping Shelley with an elbow and covers for two. Doering tags in and hits his sweet scoopslam rebound elbow drop and covers for two. Doering sets Shelley in the corner to get kicked in the butt before Deaner hits a neckbreaker and covers for two. Doering tags in, Deaner with the side russian leg sweep then Doering drops an elbow and covers for two. Deaner sets Shelley up on the top turnbuckle and runs the knee into the ribs of Shelley. Deaner up top, he attempts a diving headbutt and goes full Benoit slamming his face into the mat. Shelley makes a tag, Sabin sends Doering off the apron and burst through Deaner. Sabin with a boot in the corner then a running kick to the face. Sabin attempts cradleshock but Deaner counters, Shelley into the ring they lay into Deaner before hitting the combination spinning neck breaker. Sabin covers for two but Doering breaks it up. The referee tells Doering to get out, where was this energy for the Guns. Doering ignores the referee and drops both Guns with a double clothesline. Doering attempts a powerbomb but takes an enziguri. Shelley with a baseball slide and sets up Sabin for a tope. Shelley with a stunner to Deaner on the top rope, then a dive right into the knees from Deaner. Deaner attempts a DDT but Shelley with a crucifix setting up Deaner for a roll through pin from Sabin for the victory.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: Another really solid match for tonights episode of Impact. The reunion of the MCMG has been awesome as it has lasted longer than I expected really and they keep going back to it. Whenever they’re together they have great matches and VBD were a solid team for them to face off with here. Odd to have Sabin get the win not Shelley but I digress.
Post match: VBD with the post match attack but Kushida makes the save setting up for Eric to come out and hit the piledriver on him. Josh Alexander with a straight up response to all the times the MCMG never made an attempt to save him as he doesn’t even make an appearance here. 

– Sabin is backstage and issues a challenge for a match with VBD at Emergence. Sabin you just beat them brother. Shelley tells his boys he has their back. Josh walks up and tells Shelley to stay focused as he has a title match coming up. What a jerk he makes no save then says that. Josh walks away and Eddie Edwards is there and talks to Josh he tells him he’s on top of the mountain but the problem is he can’t see the other side. Eddie tells Josh to open his eyes and see what’s going on. Eddie says if he needs help he knows guys who have had their eyes open for a long time. Josh asks what Eddies deal is, Eddie says he’s just trying to help before walking off as Josh side eyes him.

Raj Singh vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan laid out Singh last week and now he’s going to likely make quick work of his opponent tonight. Sami gives Raj the first shot, they exchange strikes, Singh somehow gets advantage and covers Sami for a one count. Sami back in the driver seat and lays into Singh with chops in the corner then drops him with a clothesline. Sami with the thumbs up thumbs down and hits the cactus driver 97, Sami with the crossface and locks in the crossface chickenwing forcing Raj to tap out. Raj sells the injury like death after.
Rating: N/A
Review: Too short to give a real rating to but this was a good match if you’re a Sami Callihan fan. I’m in different so it was just a match.
Post match: Sami gets the mic and calls out Moose and Maclin, they surprise Sami from behind but he manages to fight off both Moose and Maclin at the same time. Sami goes for the cactus driver to Sami but Maclin hits a lowblow, Moose with the spear through Sami. Maclin with the DDT and he stares down Moose as commentary tries to sell they aren’t aligned. 

– We have a Killer Kelly video package showcasing her debut attack last week. The way they cut this together was actually so sick. I keep going back and forth on this but I really like where this is going I hope she does this all the time, just attacks people then we get sweet creepy killer style video packages of it.

– The Good Brothers cut a promo on PCO ahead of his match with Doc Gallows tonight. Gallows tells the french canadian frankenstein he’s going to take care of him with everything he can get his hands on tonight then they’re on to Emergence to take care of the rest of Honor No More. Karl tells everyone that the Bullet Club is gonna let Gallows handle this himself and he says he’ll send PCO to HELL!

Doc Gallows vs. PCO

It’s time for our main event as PCO and Gallows will square off in a derby city street fight where PCO can prove his loyalty to Honor No More. Gallows starts with a thumb to the eye then sends PCO right to the outside and slams PCO on the ramp. Gallows is sent face first into the post, PCO follows with a suplex on the ramp. PCO sets up two chairs as a makeshift table but as he goes after Gallows he’s booted off the apron through the chairs and we go to break.

Back from break and Gallows is still in control. PCO manages to fight back and set Gallows up on the chairs, PCO attempts a swanton onto Gallows but Gallows grabs him and tosses him spine first into the chairs. Gallows covers for two but PCO gets the ropes just in time. Gallows throws a chair right into the face of PCO and sets a table in position only for PCO to come and chokeslams him through a table. PCO grabs scissors and cuts the ring canvas loose. I feel like Impact does this spot a whole lot more than any other company. PCO nails Gallows with a trashcan multiple times before he falls into the timekeepers table. PCO continues to cut away the canvas this is a timely process if you’re an old man doing it on your own. PCO takes the padding off the ring but Gallows hits him with a chain and slams him into the foundation of the ring with the gas mask. Gallows covers for two. PCO sends Gallows face first into a drum set. PCO sets Gallows up on the apron or what’s left of it. PCO up top Gallows cuts him off and chokeslams PCO through the ring. The referee begins a ten count. Seems like there could’ve been a few of those throughout the match. PCO pops out of the hole in the ring right into a fist fight with Gallows. PCO with a lariat, then a neckbreaker. PCO grabs a bag of something causing the crowd to audibly say oh no. PCO puts on gloves and has a handful of thumbtacks before dropping an elbow/fist onto Gallows. Gallows falls into the hole and PCO stand on him for the extended pinfall victory.
Rating: ***
Review: This was a beautiful disaster. It had it’s ups and downs but it was like a car crash you couldn’t turn away. I always feel bad for PCO after these matches the pain he must feel is crazy to imagine. Exciting main event with a bit of hokeyness to it. The loaded glove forcing gallows into the hole was funny but it was fun.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Impact continues it's run of solid outings with another good episode full of solid wrestling and decent angles. There's some stuff I obviously don't love about Impact but the good absolutely outweighs any bad right now. The main event was not as good as weeks past but it was fun, this was a bit of a step down in ring but the angles are moving in an intriguing way so it makes up for it a bit.

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