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CM Punk Referenced In Clip From The Monster Factory Apple TV+ Series

June 11, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
CM Punk WWE AEW Image Credit: WWE

The Monster Factory has released a new clip from their Apple TV+ series looking at how CM Punk’s Pipebomb promo saved Lucas “Twitch” DiSangro’s life. You can see the clip below, which features Twitch talking about how he was experiencing suicidal ideation when he turned on Raw and Punk’s appearance and famous promo inspired him to change his mind.

“CM Punk was a guy that was just fed up with how he was being treated,” Twitch says. “And instead of just quitting, he spoke his mind. And he did it while being unapologetically him… and at that point I know that if I had the chance I was gonna try and be a professional wrestler.”

The six-episode Monster Factory docuseries is now streaming on Apple TV+.

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please call 988 in the US and 0800 689 5652 in the UK.