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Complete Acid-Fest Results 7.10.10

July 11, 2010 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Credit: Mike Johnson and Pwinsider.com

Full results of the Trent Acid Memorial “Acid-Fest” at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA, before an estimated crowd of 650 fans:

*CZW owner DJ Hyde came to the ring to Trent Acid’s theme song “The Chase”, flanked by B-Boy, Homicide, Adam Flash, Missy Sampson and Nick Berk. Hyde said that everyone in the ring was responsible for today’s gathering to take place and said that he didn’t want today’s event to be seen as a “goodbye” but as a “thank you.” Hyde introduced an awesome music video of Trent’s work in the ring set to a song by Pearljam, which was Acid’s favorite musical group. Hyde said that he wanted everyone to remember Acid for what he gave to professional wrestling and for the fact that he truly loved his fans. It was a really classy speech, culminating with Hyde announcing that Acid would never be forgotten as they unveiled a banner for Acid in the building’s Hardcore Hall of Fame.

*Helter Skelter (who knew Acid from grade school on) won a Trent Acid Memorial Royal Rumble, last eliminating former WWE star Big Vito. Skelter was managed by Missy Hyatt. There would no way to recap every single person who was involved in the match as it literally was a “cast of thousands” as I’ve never seen as many people in the locker room of the Arena, for any show, as I did before the Rumble. There were a lot of names from all aspects of Acid’s career – from his own students to friends like the Messiah to those who shared locker rooms with him, like the Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz and Jumbo Joe Guns. There were so many, entrants were coming out 2-4 at a time. Everyone came out to “The Chase.”

*Nick Berk & Z-Barr defeated Robby Mireno & Don Montoya, who were managed by “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter. Montoya has lost an incredible amount of weight from the time he was wrestling regularly on the independent scene. Barr and Berk were playing babyfaces here. Mireno was one of the few performers able to actually get heat on the show since everyone was there to enjoy themselves and remember Verdi, which is quite the feat.

*In a six person tag bout, “Acid’s Angels” Amy Lee & Missy Sampson & Annie Social defeated Alere Little Feather & Roxxie Cotton & Detox when the babyfaces all piled on top.

*The SAT defeated The Carnage Crew, The reunited Hit Squad and The H8 Club, managed by Dewey Donovan and Justice Pain. It was the first time the Hit Squad had teamed in about six years. The SAT have put on weight, so seeing them standing on the top rope with Monsta Nack to do a Spanish Fly was quite the sight and I have to believe everyone was scared the ropes would snap. Tony Devito took the mic after the bout and said that while they fight every night, tonight they fought for the memory of their “brother” and told Acid they loved him. Joel Maximo took the mic and said that over the last few years, the SAT have been up and down the East Coast wrestling all of the teams in the ring as well as the Backseat Boyz, Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere. He said that pound for pound, Acid was one of the best wrestlers in the world and that his memory will live on in everyone’s hearts and minds and that he thanked Trent for making a mark in wrestling like many never would. Justice Pain then asked the crowd to make this an annual event so they could always remember Trent Acid.

*Lou E. Dangerously (Lou D’Angeli aka Sign Guy Dudley) came out for a Danger Zone segment. Dangerously noted that he wasn’t out there as Sign Guy or as Lou E. but as himself, a guy who was lucky enough to grow up in Philadelphia and see some of the greatest wrestling come in and out of the city of Brotherly Love, from WWF in the Spectrum to the NWA in the Civic Center. He then introduced his guest, someone who has given a lot to the city of Philadelphia, ECW founder Tod Gordon. Gordon came out and spoke to Philadelphia-born stars like JT Smith and the Sandman and said Trent was another just like them and someone who was trult special. Gordon and Lou then presented a plaque to Trent Acid’s parents, for Acid’s lifetime achievements in professional wrestling, for his work ethic and for the memories he provided, from Acid’s “promoters, fellow wrestlers and fans.” It was a classy moment. Dangerously then thanked Tod for everything he did for wrestling in Philadelphia and told Gordon he learned about brotherhood and respect from pro wrestling and he has great respect for Tod. As Tod left the ring, Dangerously teased hitting him with a telephone but Gordon caught him. Tod then threatened to punch Lou but in the end they smiled and hugged. Funny.

*Homicide and B-Boy defeated Sonjay Dutt & Ruckus. There were some anti-TNA chants when Homicide and Dutt faced off, but Homicide shushed them and noted tonight wasn’t about TNA. Really good back and forth match.

*Johnny Kashmere, with Donnie B, pinned Devon Moore. Don Bucci, former manager and Phoenix Championship Wrestling promoter, is now a police officer and returned for one night only. He originally put the Backseat Boyz together as it was his idea for the boy band gimmick with Verdi, who suggested Kashmere. They played off of the legitimate heat between Moore and Kashmere from a falling out years ago. The plan was to have CZW founder John Zandig involved to make it a three-way but he is still too beat up from the back issues stemming from a car wreck that it wasn’t possible. Zandig was not at the show.

The show ended with the locker room returning to the ring. CZW owner DJ Hyde announced they had raised $7,540 for the family and immediately had them presented a check from CZW. The show ended with a ten bell salute for Acid so he could “main event one last time” in the Arena where he made his name,

Notes: Verdi’s family was placed in the front row and many of the wrestlers paid personal tribute to them as they left the ring….The show featured a $10 suggested donation. All of the boys who performed on the show donated $10 to work the show as well in a show of respect for Acid’s memory… The planned four way elimination match was turned into a single elimination bout due to the show running behind schedule….They sold Acid-Fest t-shirts and programs to raise money for the family as well….The show was filmed by several different companies for a future DVD release….A WWE watch designed to look like a spinner belt that was said to have been donated by John Cena was auctioned off to raise funds as well….www.indywrestlingnews.com reported the following: “Notably absent was Billy Reil. Reil decided late this week not to attend the event due to unspecified issues with Johnny Kashmere. Kashmere reportedly made it clear that Reil wasn’t welcomed at the event, which is inexcusable considering how close Reil was with Verdi dating back nearly 20 years. Reil posted this on his Facebook account shortly after the event ended: Wants to personally thank the boys and the fans for honoring my friend today. While I was not physically there today, rest assured that my thoughts and spirit were with each and every one of you. Thank You for making these past 15 years so memorable. It’s been a honor and pleasure to have met, worked with, laughed and cried with all of you. T. Acid 4 forever.”


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