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Cook’s ROH TV Review 10.15.21

October 18, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
ROH Weekend TV - S.O.S. vs. Dragon Lee & King
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 10.15.21  

Hey kids! Today we’ve got a title match and & 8-man tag between eight of the purest wrestlers you could ever hope to find. Let’s hook em up!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 10.15.21

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling! (See, this is what happens when I start asking about it live & in public. You’re welcome!) Two main event matches are coming up. Later on we’ll see the Foundation take on four like-minded individuals in an attempt to have pure wrestling overtake Ring of Honor. First, the ROH Tag Team Championship is on the line as Dragon Lee & Kenny King defend against S.O.S..

Ian & Caprice are on the call as usual.

Before the match, Dragon Lee insists they will always be the best tag team champions. Kenny King talks about how this was a trap.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match: S.O.S. (Moses & Kaun) vs. ROH Tag Team Champions Dragon Lee & Kenny King: Lee & King weigh in at a combined weight of 411, so I feel compelled to root for them. Other than the whole “Kenny being a dick to everybody” thing. S.O.S. attack at the bell, not like there was gonna be a handshake anyway. The LFI duo bail outside & talk some stuff, then Dragon Lee slides back in and steps up to Moses. Lee doesn’t have the power on Moses, but he does have the ingenuity, and forces Moses out of the ring. Before Lee can do a dive, Kaun steps in and breaks that up. Didn’t see a tag there, but maybe LFI decided all their title defenses would be under lucha rules like the Foundation said their title defenses would be under pure rules. If so, I apparently missed it. Kenny comes in and knocks Kaun down & out of the ring. Lee & King tease dives but do the Tranquilo pose instead. S.O.S. roll back in the ring and take control. King is isolated and double suplexed for one. Some double teaming leads to a Eddie senton by Kaun for two as we go to commercial.

Apparently the action was back & forth during the commerical, but S.O.S. is on top right now as they were prior. Dragon Lee is their victim of the moment. Kaun gets cute & tries to suplex him off the apron, but Kenny King watched WrestleMania V and knows the Bobby Heenan spot. Sinclair knows that spot too, so he’s not counting anything. King yanks Kaun outside and & & Lee send Kaun into the barricade before rolling him back in the ring. Now it’s all LFI. King with the vertical suplex rollover into punches. Dragon Lee back in, splashes in the corner & dropkicks to the spine. Lee locks in a half crab but Kaun gets the ropes. Moses keeps getting drawn into the ring, which isn’t helping his partner. Another half crab from Kenny, as that knee has become a target. Another sequence leads to Kenny going back to that crab. We’re going back to that Ice-T commercial.

Kaun elbows King in the corner, then hits a twisting back suplex. Moses finally gets that tag, and he’s all over Dragon Lee. Snake Eyes followed by a lariato. Samoan Drop to Kenny, then a deadlift powerbomb to Lee gets two. King kicks away on Moses, sends Kaun outside. King up top, Moses follows him, but Lee crotches Moses. Clothesline by Kenny to Kaun on the apron, so Lee goes up top and does the Ghetto Stomp to Moses. Then he dives onto Kaun on the outside and that doesn’t look like a fun landing. King gets 2 with a Blue Thunder bomb. Bestia del Ring emerges at ringside, dunno if he has a manager’s license or not. Kenny lifts Moses up, but that doesn’t last long. Kaun tags in. Dragon Lee comes back in and they exchange some shots and some profanity. S.O.S. sends Lee outside, they hit the assisted DDT on King, but there’s no count since Bestia has Todd occupied. Shocked Caprice didn’t see that one coming. Shane Taylor is at ringside now shoving Bestia while Kenny rakes the eyes of Kaun before hitting the Royal Flush. Dragon Lee adds an Incinerator, so you know this one is done.

Winners: Dragon Lee & Kenny King (12:53 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/2

Lee walks over Moses a couple of times, and Shane & Bestia throw some hands before Todd breaks it up. Kenny talks some smack to Shane before the LFI contingent exits. As the kids say, Kenny lives in Shane’s head rent free.


Before the next match, Eli Isom ranted about how pure wrestling is Ring of Honor. Jay Lethal said this will be a match that they can all be proud of, proving that pure wrestling is the proper way to do it. Tracy Williams says it’ll be a pleasure to have a pure contest, and they’ll prove they’re the measuring stick when it comes to pure wrestling.

For some reason we get a warning prior to this match airing about how this is performed by trained professionals, don’t try this at home, imitiating any of the stunts or moves could result in serious injury or death, and that viewer discretion is advised. Is this a rib?

8-Man Tag Team Match: World Famous CB, Joe Keys, Taylor Rust & Eli Isom vs. The Foundation (Tracy Williams, Rhett Titus, Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal): Handshakes are exchanged. Tracy Williams & Taylor Rust start things off. Both men wearing black armbands, Williams noticably not wearing his shoulder sling. Williams with an armbar on the mat, but Rust rolls out. Tag to Rhett Titus, they go for a double butterfly suplex and eventually get it. Titus misses in the corner, Rust hits the arm drag. Tag to CB. CB has a tribute to Hana Kimura on the front of his trunks, and again we get the disclaimer on the bottom of the screen. Rhett has some blood going from his eyebrow, so maybe that explains the disclaimers. CB with some big kicks and a jumping elbow for a one count. Tag to Eli Isom. Eli grabs Rhett’s leg while CB hits the bulldog. Another one count. Body lock by Isom. Rhett gets a one count on an inside cradle. Jay Lethal tags in. Handshak before he & Isom lock up. They exchange arm wringers. Lethal puts his straps down, tries his cartwheel gimmick but Isom saw that coming. Dropkick sends Lethal into the ropes, Isom with an arm drag, then a tiltawhirl backbreaker before we go to commercial.

We return to a standoff and Lethal tagging Gresham in. Keys is yelling that he wants to be tagged in against Old News Gresham, so he gets the tag. I would be shocked if Keys isn’t older than Gresham based off his hairline, but that’s purely speculation on my part. Some chain rasslin, Gresham & Keys exchanging some shots after that. Keys with the Saito suplex and some kicks to the leg. Gresham sweeps Keys’ leg whilst Keys is on the apron, then dropkicks him to the outside. Isom checks on Keys outside. Gresham with a kick once he returns. Gresham works the arm while tagging in Williams. Williams goes back to the arm, tag to Lethal, who pounds Keys down. Titus tags in to join the fun. Vertical suplex gets 2. Titus works the headlock, takeover into a headscissors, then Keys hits the German suplex. Rust & Lethal tag in. Lethal hits the big dropkick. He tries a springboard dropkick but Rust hops off the apron! Rust tries a vertical suplex to the outside, Lethal blocks and lands on said apron. Big boot by Rust, then an arm wringer sending Lethal into the apron. The Foundation comes over, but Rust holds them off. Back in the ring, and CB tags in. He hits the arm a couple of times. Keys tags in and does the same before we go to commercial.

We return and Isom is working that arm of Jay Lethal. Isom keeps him out of that Foundation corner, but Lethal hits that Combination after an exchange of moves. Tags to Williams & CB. Williams hits some kitchen sink knees, then a Doctor Bomb gets 2.5. Clothesline in the corner, Titus tags in, some double teaming and a belly to belly gets 2. Rust breaks it up. Rust tags in, he & CB hits some kicks to Titus for two. Titus losing some blood again as that disclaimer comes up, so we can assume it’s due to the blood. Rust hits the Perfect Circle, but Williams breaks up the pinfall. Would have been three. But now Titus & Rust exchange shots. Lethal & Isom tag in. Isom kicking away on Lethal’s shoulder, but Lethal gets some separation and calls for the Injection. His frontspring doesn’t work, and Isom capitalizes, but Lethal flips out of the back suplex attempt and hits an Ace Crusher. Williams & Keys tag in. They trade shots. Keys knocks Gresham off the apron, then gets clotheslined by Williams. Gresham wants that tag and he gets it. They exchange shots. Gresham with a German, but Keys answers with a lariat. LARIATOOOO..Lethal breaks up the count there and gets sent outside by Keys. Gresham works Keys’ knee and gets a leg trap submission, and Keys submits to end things.

Winners: The Foundation (17:50 via submission)
Match Rating: ***

PURE RASSLIN! Gresham definitely wanted that win over Keys after that fill-in Keys pulled some weeks ago. Code of Honor is adhered to. Still some smack talk between Gresham & Keys.

Next Week: Titus vs. Deppen, Dickinson & King vs. Gresham & Williams, Homicide vs. Lethal, VIOLENCE VS. PURE

Vincent talks about how pure he is. Like a newborn baby. Pain is necessary for purification. Dig what he’s sayin?

The final score: review Good
The 411
Not gonna lie, I'm more excited about next week's show than I have been for any ROH show in a long time. As an old school ROH fan from back in the day, Homicide vs. Lethal is something I'll always be here for. That'll be some good shit, pal. This show had some very good rasslin.

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