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Cook’s ROH TV Review 5.28.21

June 1, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 5.28.21  

Hey kids! Yeah, we’re a little late this week due to the Memorial Day weekend, but ROH is still bringing that rasslin. We’ve got a big match with two Dojo trainees and an eight-man tag with two of the top factions. So let’s hook em up!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 5.28.21

Last week on ROH TV, the Foundation retained the Tag Team Championship against the OGK. Quinn McKay was backstage to talk to Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus about it. Williams can’t wait to get some ice on his back, there was a reason OGK was the top tag team here for so long. Taven was injured, but he still gave them the fight of their lives. They’ll see him again. They’ve spoken to the Board of Directors, and now their defenses will be contested under Pure Rules.

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling. There will be two big matches today, including a main event pitting the four members of the Foundation against the four members of VLNCE UNLTD. A few weeks ago we saw Tony Deppen surprise the world by defeating Tracy Williams for the TV Championship. We’ll also see LSG take on Joe Keys as a result of the rankings battle royal from a couple of weeks ago, where the winner will be ranked in either the TV or Pure Division.

Ian & Caprice are on commentary as usual.

Joe Keys says he has to work his way up to be considered anything in this company. A win today will get him on that ranking board. LSG says everybody talks about the future, but what about the now? He & Keys are the now. This match will launch him to his rightful place amongst the stars.

Joe Keys vs. LSG: Code of Honor is adhered to. Keys & LSG exchange the advantage early, LSG goes for his finisher but Keys gets out of it. Chop in the corner by Keys instead of a clean break. LSG returns the favor in the other corner. He tries a sunset flip, that doesn’t work but LSG does hit a basement dropkick. Tiltawhirl backbreaker by Keys prior to the Ric Flair commercial.

We return and Keys has LSG in a bow & arrow type move. Deadlift German by Keys gets two. LSG goes to the ropes to avoid the Boston Crab. No Pure rules here so that’s no issue. LSG fights back, hits a flying forearm for two. Cravate by LSG! Keys tries to fight out with a slam, but LSG hangs on. Flipping neckbreaker gets two. Back to the cravate, and this time the slam counter works for Keys. LSG hits the Rocket Bye Baby, then sets up the Mutalock! Close to the ropes though, and Keys makes it there. LSG might have wanted to go for the pin there. Inside cradle into a suplex for Keys, both men are down. Pump kick by LSG, but it’s Keys with the rollup for two, then LSG counters into a crucifix for the three count.

Winner: LSG (approximately nine minutes via pin)
Star Rating: **1/2

LSG used his experience edge to outsmart Keys. They shake hands, and LSG is impressed with Keys’ effort against him.

Quinn is backstage to talk with LSG & find out which division he will be ranked in. LSG has thought long & hard about this. He believes in what Keys & the Foundation stand for, and will join the Pure Division.

Back at the 19th Anniversary Show, Silas Young whacked Josh Woods with a chair, costing him the match against Dalton Castle. He promised to hurt Woods & teach him lessons, like what it takes to be a real man. Then they wrestled two weeks ago, and Young outsmarted Woods to get the win.

Quinn talked with Silas Young about this, mentioning he cheated. Silas doesn’t consider it cheating, but Josh Woods seems to disagree. Silas is confident he can pin or submit Josh, and offers to do such a thing in a Pure Rules match. Josh thinks it’s a funny idea.

Survival of the Fittest begins next week!

Brody King talks about how the Foundation will just die. Chris Dickinson talks about how he’ll beat you in a wrestling match or a street fight. Homicide disputes Tracy Williams’ claim to be from Brooklyn, and says Jay Lethal’s been drinking too much of that Special K. They love violence. Tony Deppen keeps it short & sweet. There’s violence in honor. These men are the most violent people he knows. They know what violence is, and they don’t believe in the Foundation’s rules.

Jay Lethal says it was only a matter of time before this got signed. While Brody was away on vacation, they’ve been rebuilding that company brick by brick. Now he’s got some friends. Tony Deppen couldn’t cut it when it came to pure wrestling. Chris Dickinson he doesn’t know much about, but Homicide was the biggest bully in town when he was breaking in. This isn’t a hardcore match where anything goes, it’s a straight up wrestling match with four of the best wrestlers in the world.

Kenny King joins Ian & Caprice on commentary. Apparently LFI got suspended without pay for the month of May, which I’m sure was mentioned somewhere before, but the Board of Directors allowed Kenny to commentate here.

The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) vs. VLNCE UNLTD (Brody King, Tony Deppen, Homicide & Chris Dickinson): Brody offers the handshake, and the eight men actually exchange handshakes, but Brody holds on to Jay a little too long and words are exchanged. Todd Sinclair gonna lose control of this before too long. Tracy & Tony start it off pretty quickly. Tracy firing away on the man that took his championship. He goes for a piledriver, but Homicide breaks that up. Cide tags in after a back suplex, and says he wants some of Jay Lethal. Homicide hypes it up, then changes his mind to tag Dickinson in before the commercial.

Dickinson with a nice cheap shot after Lethal breaks up in the ropes. He takes some of Lethal’s chops, and now they’re clubbering away on each other. Dickinson evades a dive, and Homicide attacks Lethal from behind. Gresham tags in after some conversation, and Homicide comes back in the ring. More chirping at Lethal, who’s very frustrated. Gresham outwrestles Homicide and mocks him, which doesn’t go over well. Homicide goes on the offense with an elbowdrop & some punches. Titus tags in & gets a nearfall, then Williams tags in and gets a nearfall. Lethal tags back in, hits a slam of his own before the commercial.

We’re back and Homicide is raking the eyes of Gresham. Tag to Brody King, who fires away on all the Foundation members. Big slam on Gresham and a tag to Deppen. Lots of slams tonight. Tag to Dickinson, who hits a running powerslam. Homicide tags in and is still selling some back issues, but he prevents Gresham from making the tag. Gresham hits a vertical suplex and tags Titus. Brody King in too. Titus fights him & Dickinson off, Deppen comes in, his Tornado DDT attempt is foiled. Another belly to belly from Titus. Big boots to Brody, a kneedrop to the spinr gets two, then a commercial.

Lethal & Titus fire away on Brody. An attempt to lift him doesn’t go well. A tripleteam move including Williams gets two, and now everybody’s punching away on each other. Dickinson with a DVD, Homicide with an Ace Crusher, goes for a Cop Killa, blocked by Lethal, but Homicide hits his dive to the outside. Lethal goes for the Injection on Brody, but Homicide impedes his progress into the ropes & King works him into a Gonzo Bomb for the three count.

Winners: VLNCE UNLTD (approximately 15 minutes via pinfall)
Star Rating: ***1/2

Homicide shakes a prone Lethal’s hand and the group poses with him while the Foundation is all upset about it. Lots of trash talk.

Next Week: Rey Horus vs. Flamita & Josh Woods vs. Silas Young!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Pretty solid stuff this week. I thought commentary did well establishing some of the issues between the factions and putting over Chris Dickinson as a threat. Also mentioned some good ROH history with Homicide.

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