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Csonka Reviews The BDC’s Greatest Matches

March 18, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
BDC The BDC’s Greatest Matches
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Csonka Reviews The BDC’s Greatest Matches  

Csonka Reviews The BDC’s Greatest Matches

From TNA Impact 1.16.15: Low Ki defeated Champion Austin Aries @ 7:00 via pin [***]
From TNA Lockdown 2015: Team Angle defeated The BDC @ 20:00 via pin [***]
From TNA Impact 2.27.15: Champion Lashley defeated MVP @ 16:00 via pin [**]

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– This is on Impact Plus, and clocks in at around 48-minutes.

Low Ki vs. Champion Austin Aries: Lock up, they work to the corner and Ki breaks clean. He then lays in a boot to the gut, and then European uppercuts. Head butts follow, and then back to the uppercuts. Aries fires back with rights, and then forearm strikes. Kick by Ki, he charges Aries but then gets tossed to the floor. Aries waits on Ki, who is back in and lays the kicks in to Aries. Chops follow, as MVP and King converse on the floor. Running cross body by Aries and then the pendulum elbow connect, and Aries covers for 2. Aries then locks in the last chancery, but Ki gets the ropes. Elbow drop by Aries connects, looks for the brain buster, but Ki counters. Aries tosses Ki to the floor again, looks for a dive but Ki gets pulled out of the way by MVP. Ki to the apron, Aries looks to suplex him in, but Ki counters and drops Aries on the top rope gut first. Big kick by Ki and Aries falls to the floor. Ki follows, tosses Aries back in and lays in chops to Aries in the corner. More chops by Ki and a cover gets 2. Ki lays in a lot of chops, but them misses and Aries connects with chops of his own. They are killing each other with chops. Forearm strike by Aries connects, and then hits the shotgun dropkick. Aries looks for the brain buster, Ki with a knee to escape, but Aries with the knee buster into a back suplex. Last Chancery by Aries, MVP and Joe distract the ref as Ki taps. Aries fights off the BDC and hits the heat-seeking missile, head sup to but King crotches him. Ki connects with the Ki Krusher, and that is all… Low Ki defeated Champion Austin Aries @ 7:00 via pin [***] This was a good TV match that could have benefited from more time and a better finish.

Lethal Lockdown: The BDC vs. Team Angle: Two guys begin, every two-minutes a new man enters. When all are in the ring, the match is won via pin or submissions and weapons are now legal during the entire match. Kenny King and Gunner will begin. Gunner’s arm is all taped up due to the attack earlier tonight. King targets the injured arm of Gunner. King works over Gunner, but gets overzealous and Gunner starts to toss him into the cage. He gets a trashcan lid and waffles King with it, and then slams him to the cage again. Gunner gets a nightstick and chokes out King with it. Low Ki now makes his way to the ring, giving the BDC the 2 on 1 advantage. Gunner is able to cut him off right away, and takes him to the corner to work him over. King stops that and then they nail Gunner with the nightstick and trashcan lid multiple times. Gunner tries to fight back, but the numbers game works for the BDC and they continue to work him over in the corner. Aries is next in and runs wild to turn the tide for team Angle. Gunner picks up King and Aries up top and does a trashcan lid assisted doomsday device. Gunner and Aries are in control, but now Samoa Joe makes his entrance and Aries attacks right away, but Joe mows him down and then decapitates Gunner with a clothesline. Corner splash and enziguri to Aries follows, and they then make sure to attack Gunner and his injured arm. Joe gets a hockey stick and hits a few slap shots on Aries. Kurt Angle now makes his entrance to even the odds again. German for Joe, and then takes King down and slams him to the corner. Gunner and Joe battle in the corner as Aries and Low Ki battle on the top rope. Aries tries a sunset flip bomb, but Ki double stomps him for his trouble. King now lays the boots to Angle in the corner, and now MVP is out for the BDC advantage. MVP attacks with a kendo stick, but Angle hits a German to stop that. Joe nails Angle as we head to a commercial… Back from commercial as they all brawl, and they put Gunner in a trashcan and Ki double stomps him. That had to suck. MVP then kicks Gunner, who still had the can on his head. Angle fights back with lid shots, as Team Angle starts to battle back. Joe works over Angle with the kendo stick, and then the BDC attacks the knee of Angle with the kendo stick. MVP celebrates as his boys have taken back control. But then, Lashley’s music hits and here he comes. He hits the ring and looks to make nice with MVP. They shake and Lashley then lays out MVP. Powerslam to King, press slam to Ki into the cage. King cuts off the spear try and MVP attacks Lashley. MVP chokes him out with a shirt, Joe works over Gunner and lays him out. Senton by Joe with a trashcan assist, but Aries makes the save. MVP slams down Aries, hits an elbow drop and the BDC has control back. Angle counters the muscle buster, gets the ankle lock and the faces all lock in submissions, Lashley spears MVP and that gets the win. Team Angle defeated The BDC @ 20:00 via pin [***] This was a good, TV version of the Lockdown match, with the Lashley ending coming off very well. The things that held it back from being anything more than good were that it lacked intensity, real drama, and those highs and lows of a great story throughout.

MVP vs. Champion Lashley: Lock up to begin, MVP takes Lashley to the corner and looks to break clean. He tries a cheap shot and Lashley fires back. Big clothesline by Lashley, and MVP to the corner. Shoulder blocks by Lashley, MVP tries to work the arm but another clothesline by Lashley. Stalling vertical suplex by Lashley follows, misses a kick and MVP rolls to the floor. MVP then pulls Lashley out and they brawl ringside until Ki attacks Lashley. The ref ejects the BDC as MVP lays out Lashley with a big boot on the floor. The ref did not eject the BDC. Lashley and MVP are still brawling on the floor. MVP rolls Lashley in and makes the cover for 2. Knees to the gut by MVP connect, and then the kick to the back follows. Black out kick by MVP and the cover gets another 2. Lashley battles back with rights, but MVP cuts him off and chokes him out in the ropes. MVP distracts the ref and that allows Joe to choke out Lashley in the ropes. MVP lays in the boots to Lashley, but Lashley back with rights until MVP kicks his knee and then tosses him to the floor. King and Joe beat down Lashley, MVP then slams Lashley off the barricade and rolls him into the ring. MVP gets a cover for 2. MVP then works the arm, Lashley tries to power to his feet and does. Rights to MVP, they trade strikes and then clothesline each other. They get to their feet, and exchange big rights center ring. Lashley takes MVP down with a wind up right, he then shoots him off the ropes and gets a clothesline. Lashley sets and gets a corner splash. He then runs into a back elbow, but then hits the spinebuster on MVP and covers for 2. Lashley looks for the spear, but King grabs his leg and MVP lands the big boot and exploder suplex. MVP misses the shining wizard, and Lashley hits a spear and we have a REF BUMP. Young is out and nails Lashley with chair shots. He looks for the piledriver but Bobby Roode returns and makes the save and brawls with Young to the back. Neck breaker by Lashley, but the ref is still down. Lashley in control, running powerslam follows, the ref slowly counts but Ki pulls the ref to the floor and decks him with a right. Joe is in and then Gunner runs in. They brawl to the back. King up top and leaps, caught and Lashley tosses him onto the ropes and to the floor. MVP up and hits the play of the day, but no ref. New ref, 1…2… nope. The new ref checks on old ref, MVP then gets a chair but Drew Galloway runs in and kicks it into his face. SPEAR by Lashley. 1…2…3. Champion Lashley defeated MVP @ 16:00 via pin [**] This was ok, Lashley worked hard, but MVP largely felt a step behind and was having some injury issues at the time. Add in the complete clusterfuck booking and it really did nothing for me.

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The 411
The BDC’s Greatest Matches, something I thought I’d never type and for good reason, as the faction’s run wasn’t all that memorable, or really good. Despite two lower level good matches, the overall watch felt very average.