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Csonka’s GFW Impact Wrestling Review 7.20.17

July 20, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Alberto El Patron Bound for Glory
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Csonka’s GFW Impact Wrestling Review 7.20.17  

Csonka’s GFW Impact Wrestling Review 7.20.17

Super X-Cup Tournament Match: Drago defeated Sammy Guevara @ 4:38 via pin [**½]
Non-Title Match: Champion Sienna defeated Amber Nova @ 1:35 via pin [NR]
– Laredo Kid, Garza Jr. & Octagoncito defeated Idris Abraham, Trevor Lee & Demus @ 9:00 via pin [**¾]
– Matt Sydal defeated Low Ki and El Hijo de Fantasma @ 14:05 via pin [***½]
– Eli Drake defeated Eddie Edwards, EC3 and Moose @ 6:30 via pin [**¾]

– After an ultimatum and kidnapping by LAX, Dos Caras & El Hijo de Dos Caras arrive as instructed.

Super X-Cup Tournament Match: Sammy Guevara vs. Drago: Drago immediately takes the fight to Guevara, looking to show this young punk what he’s all about. They brawl and Drago sends Guevara to the floor. Guevara back in, hits random flippity doos and follows with a dropkick. Guevara up top now and hits a shooting star press onto Drago on the floor. Back in the ring and Drago lays in kicks, and hits the reverse RANA for the near fall. They brawl up top, Guevara sends Drago to the mat and hits the 630 for a near fall. Drago fights back, and hits a running blockbuster style DDT to pick up the win. Drago defeated Sammy Guevara @ 4:38 via pin [**½] This was a solid and fun little outing, but too disjointed to be a good sprint and the finish was completely flat.

GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna vs. Amber Nova: Nova has appeared before, she has a good look and did well for her self, losing to Sienna the last time she appeared. Sienna hit the AK 47 and won again. Nova has only worked 41 matches or so and from the limited action I have seen, she looks to be worth investing some time in.Champion Sienna defeated Amber Nova @ 1:35 via pin [NR] SQUASH.

– Post match, Sienna rants about working hard and winning the title like she said she would. She calls out Karen Jarrett because she wants Karen to say she was wrong and give her some praise. Sienna wants Karen to get on her knees and praise her as the best of all time. They jaw back and forth and Allie makes the save with a kendo stick. Lauren Van Ness then attacks and Rosemary hits the ring to save Allie. Rosemary spears Sienna, but LVN cuts her off with the kendo stick. Karen grabs Sienna by the hair to help, but Gail Kim hits the ring and not only makes the save, but stands tall. Karen books Sienna vs. Rosemary next week in a title match, in a last knockout standing match.

– We head to the LAX clubhouse, and they drag in the beaten body of El Hijo de Dos Caras. Konnan says they sent Crazzy Steve on a Mexican vacation, and then tells El Hijo de Dos Caras to make sure Patron joins LAX.

– The Swole Mates are here again.

– Bruce Prichard walks and talks on his phone. He runs into Trevor Lee, and wants to know what he’s up to with the X-Division title. He never got his rematch for the X-Title is his excuse for stealing it. Dutt arrives and tries to get his belt back, but Prichard calls Dutt off, telling him “not here, not now.”

Laredo Kid, Garza Jr. & Octagoncito vs. Idris Abraham, Trevor Lee & Demus: This is lucha tag rules, meaning you don’t have to use tags. Demus in and Garza laughs him off and tags on Octagoncito. Octagoncito hits a head scissors, it quickly breaks down as we take a break. Post break, Demus cuts off Octagoncito and tags in Abraham, who lays the boots to Octagoncito. Lee tags in and works over Octagoncito while wearing the X-Division title. He easily beats down Octagoncito for a bit, but Octagoncito hits a desperation DDT and tags in Garza. He rips his pants off; Kid flies in as it breaks down. Octagoncito hits a RANA on Demus. We get dives by the faces, Kid almost came up short but they maintained control and back in, Garza & Kid controlled, slamming Lee & Abraham together and then made a wish. Octagoncito gets a near fall on Demus, the faces clear the ring and Kid hits a dive to the floor. Octagoncito jumps off of Garza’s shoulders onto Abraham and pins him. Laredo Kid, Garza Jr. & Octagoncito defeated Idris Abraham, Trevor Lee & Demus @ 9:00 via pin [**¾] Pretty good match, but it felt really rushed and never felt settled in. It was chaotic in a bad way at times and felt far from smooth.

– Joseph Park hypes up Grado for his date with LVN. They go to dinner at a pancake house, LVN climbs all over the table as Grado eats his burger. To be continued.

– Back at the LAX clubhouse and Konnan says Santana and Ortiz are bringing Dos Caras to meet with him.

– Back at the LAX clubhouse and Dos Caras is here. Konnan tells him that he doesn’t care about him, he just wants Patron to join LAX. Konnan then has him taken away, and almost hopes he can’t convince Patron to join.

Matt Sydal vs. Low Ki vs. El Hijo de Fantasma: Ki attacks Fantasma to begin, and then brawls with Sydal. Sydal then attacks the leg of Fantasma, grounding him but Ki cuts him off. they pick up the pace, Fantasma starts to put some offense together and then runs into a Sydal spin kick for 2. Sydal hits a corner dropkick on Fantasma, and then works over Ki until Ki cuts him off, covering for 2. Ki and Sydal brawl, trading strikes and Ki hits a double stomp and sends Sydal to the floor. Ki works the heat on Fantasma, laying in elbows in the corner but Fantasma cuts him off and Sydal is back and Fantasma sends him to the floor. Ki hits a dropkick through the ropes onto Sydal, and Fantasma then hits the suicide dive to wipe out Ki as we take a commercial break. Post break, Fantasma takes control back in the ring, working over both men and hits a RANA off the ropes to Ki, and Sydal then hits a standing moonsault onto Ki and covers for 2. Sydal then works over Ki, slamming him to the corner and Fantasma then works over Sydal with the Romero special. Ki then hits Sydal with a double stomp while in the hold, which was cool. Ki then covered for 2. Sydal fought off the Ki krusher, but Ki cuts him off with a kick, covering for 2. Sydal fires back with a knee strike to Ki, but Ki cuts off Sydal as he looks to go up top. Ki takes off the jacket, heads up top but Fantasma cuts him off and they brawl up top. Fantasma sends Ki to the apron and Fantasma is cut off by a Sydal head scissors. Ki hits Fantasma with the double stomp but Sydal hits the shooting star onto both and pins Ki to pick up the win. Matt Sydal defeated Low Ki and El Hijo de Fantasma @ 14:05 via pin [***½] This was a very good match; they were given time, weren’t rushed and had time to get locked in and they delivered.

– Post match, Sydal said that we just saw world class action. He calls out Bruce Prichard, and has a request for him. Prichard says he likes Sydal, but is sick and tired of people demanding things. Prichard says Sydal is deserving of a championship match, but there are others that are deserving. Lashley then appears, he gives no fucks about Sydal, and makes his way to the ring. Lashley tells Sydal that this doesn’t concern him and tells Prichard that he deserves a title shot, and that is the only true warrior in GFW, which is him. Lashley says he walked through everyone, and wants a fair rematch. Sydal tells Lashley no one wants to hear it. Lashley promises to destroy everything unless he gets a title shot. Lashley then cuts Sydal in half with a spear. HE DEAD!

– Back to Grado & LVN’s date. She’s all over him and Grado has no idea what to do. They cuddle on a basketball court under the stars after Grado fake passes out to get out of a kiss. Park meets with Grado afterwards and asks if she’s ready to get married yet.

– Adonis is out with Drake. He tosses some water on the Swole Mates. They hit the ring, take out Adonis and force Drake to run from them. Fucks sake.

Eddie Edwards vs. EC3 vs. Eli Drake vs. Impact Grand Champion Moose: Everyone brawls to begin, with EC3 and Moose predictably pairing off to continue their recent issues. Eddie sends Drake to the floor and hits the suicide dive. Moose back in and takes out Drake with a moonsault, EC3 then takes him out with a dropkick. Drake and EC3 then take turns beating down Eddie as EC3 keeps Moose on the floor. Drake and EC3 argue, allowing Eddie and Moose to make the comeback. Moose runs wild with corner clotheslines, hits a hesitation dropkick and then clotheslines EC3 and Drake. Moose and Eddie clear the ring, and now face off and Moose hits the bicycle kick and then powerbombs Eddie to the floor onto EC3 & Drake. Moose to the floor, he takes out Drake with the big kick but EC3 posts him. Eddie attacks EC3, back in they go and they battle back and forth; Eddie hits the RANA off the ropes but Drake cuts off the knee strike, EC3 posts Eddie and hits the one percenter. Drake sneaks in and pins Eddie as Moose & EC3 brawl on the floor. Eli Drake defeated Eddie Edwards, EC3 and Moose @ 6:30 via pin [**¾] Pretty good match, good moving parts and a shocking result as I just assumed (judging by recent booking) that Drake was just there to get beat like a drum. What a pleasant surprise to see him actually win.

– The Swole Mates try to use their words, but LAX interrupts and meet with Dos Caras & El Hijo de Dos Caras. They argue and LAX beats them down as Konnan says Patron better come to the ring and do the right thing.

PATRON/LAX DRAMA: LAX drags with Dos Caras & El Hijo de Dos Caras to the ring as they look for answers from Alberto El Patron. Konnan calls out Patron, and says Patron underestimated how vicious he could be, and he’s been hanging out with the gringos too much. Konnan looks to take care of this Mexican street style. They beat on Patron’s brother with kendo stick shots. And now it’s time to beat on the old man. Konnan teases removing his mask to horribly piped in boos. Patron finally arrives. “leave my dad alone you son of a bitch, Carlos, you have taken this too far.” Patron says he, Konnan and Rey have been friends for years. Patron says he will beat the shit out of them if they touch his dad again, “tell your punks to leave my family alone.” Patron says that the worst part is that they were brothers, and he name drops Rey again. Patron says Konnan’s Latin temper gets him in trouble. Patron would bleed for his family, and tells Konnan to let them go if he wants him to join so they do. Patron says he’s sorry to the fans, but after tonight, he is no longer friends with “Carlos.” Konnan says he needs a solider and not a friend, so put on this LAX shirt. Konnan says the beef with Patron’s family is squashed if Patron joins. Patron puts on the shirt and shakes hands with Konnan, but then attacks LAX. Patron takes them all out on his own with kendo stick shots, and just pummels the tag team champions like a pair of jobbers. The Patron angle is connecting with some of the audience judging by the ratings steadying and rising a bit, but this did nothing for me. I get that we’re 20-years past the prime of the nWo, and that what is old is new again, but the angle does little for me. Patron is not this mega over babyface they want him to be and angles like this do nothing but undo the hard work they did to build up Santana & Ortiz.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Average
The 411
I liked this week’s effort more than last week’s show. I thought the wrestling came off better, and that Matt Sydal vs. Low Ki vs. El Hijo de Fantasma was really good as was Lashley killing Sydal post match. The first hour or so was too frantically booked and rushed, it felt like they did 20-things and none of it had time to settle in, while the second hour had some drag factor to it. The LAX/Patron angle does nothing for me personally, but seems to be a hook for others. Not a bad show, but there’s still some improvements that need to be made.