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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only March Breakdown 2018 Review

March 17, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Alberto el patron One Night Only Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only March Breakdown 2018 Review  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling One Night Only March Breakdown 2018 Review

– El Reverso defeated Idris Abraham @ 6:56 via pin [**½]
– Madison Rayne defeated Gisele Shaw @ 6:53 via pin [**½]
– The Desi Hit Squad defeated Sheldon Jean and Stone Rockwell @ 7:57 via pin [**]
– A-1 and Allie defeated Braxton Sutter and KC Spinelli @ 7:44 via pin [**]
X-Division Title Match: Champion Matt Sydal defeated Petey Williams and Trevor Lee @ 10:50 via pin [***]
– Eli Drake defeated Cody Deaner @ 11:40 via pin [**½]
BCW Tag Team Title Match: Jake Something and Phil Atlas defeated Aiden Prince and Brent Banks @ 11:00 via pin to become champions [**½]
Non-Title Match: Champion Joe Doering defeated Moose @ 12:48 via pin [***]
– Kongo Kong and RJ City defeated Austin Aries and Alberto El Patron @ 12:45 via pin [**]

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– This is available on the Global Wrestling Network.

– This was taped with BCW in Ontario, Canada. Mathews & D’Amore welcome us to the show.

Idris Abraham vs. El Reverso: They work some basic back and forth to begin, Abraham heels it up and takes control. Reverso battles back and hits a RANA, and then a suicide dive. Back in and Abraham begs off but Reverso lays in knee strikes and horribly misses a back handspring elbow. Abraham picks up the pace, hits a shoulder tackle and covers for 2. He lays the boots to Reverso, follows with uppercuts and covers for 2. Abraham grounds the action, and tries to remove the mask. Reverso battles back, and finally hits the back handspring elbow. The enziguri follows, and the cover gets 2. he follows with uppercuts, but Abraham cuts him off and hits corner attacks and a dropkick. He lays in strikes, hits the basement dropkick, covering for 2. Reverso fires back and hits a missile dropkick. He heads up top and the moonsault follows for the win El Reverso defeated Idris Abraham @ 6:56 via pin [**½] This was a solid opening match, El Reverso has potential, but is far from a smooth worker.

Madison Rayne vs. Gisele Shaw: Shaw is a Lance Storm trainee, working around 70 matches so far. They lockup; working into a series of counters. Shaw works the arm, but Rayne easily kicks her away. Shaw hits a shoulder tackle, working into some back and forth and Shaw follows with arm drags. Shaw follows with a lucha style arm drag. Rayne cuts her off, slams her to the mat and covers for 2. Rayne takes control, taunting Shaw and laying in strikes. The running boot follows for 2. The northern lights suplex follows for 2. Rayne grounds the action; Shaw battles back and hits a jawbreaker. They trade strikes; Shaw lays in kicks and a slingshot splash for 2. Shaw follows with a big boot, covering for 2. Rayne fights off the German, eye pokes Shaw and hits cross Rhodes for the win. Madison Rayne defeated Gisele Shaw @ 6:53 via pin [**½] This was another solid match. Impact really should use Rayne more, she’s a great veteran presence, and still has a lot to offer. Shaw did well here for her experience level, she had a good look and was athletic; I’d certainly bring her in for another look, she has potential.

Desi Hit Squad (Raju & Singh) vs. Sheldon Jean and Stone Rockwell: Rockwell is a wacky action adventurer; Jean did a few tours of NOAH. Raju refuses the handshake from Rockwell. Rockwell attacks, laying in rights and tags in Jean. Jean attacks the arm, Raju fires back and they trade rights. Singh tags in and Jean picks up the pace, hitting a leg lariat. Rockwell tags in and hits a running senton for 2. Raju & Singh to the floor, and Jean follows with a tope. Jean wants Rockwell to dive, but Raju cuts him off. The Hit Squad double team him, and isolate him in their corner. Solid heat by the Hit Squad, Rockwell fights back but Jean was knocked to the floor and he gets cut off. Rockwell manages to battle back, hitting a Samoan drop/sack of shit slam combo. Rockwell slips trying to run of the back of both opponents, and finally gets the tag. Jean runs wild, hits a pop up neck breaker and covers for 2. Rockwell gets sent to the steps, and the Hit Squad hits a running knee, sky-high combo for the win. The Desi Hit Squad defeated Sheldon Jean and Stone Rockwell @ 7:57 via pin [**] It’s been a smart move, debuting the Hit Squad on the Twitch & ONO shows, getting them some experience in front of a crowd before thier debut on Impact. This was an ok, but disjointed match; the Hit Squad still needs a lot of work.

– Sutter cuts a painfully bland heel promo, running down Allie & the fans.

A-1 and Allie vs. Braxton Sutter and KC Spinelli: Sutter & A-1 to begin. Sutter hits shoulder tackles to begin, but A-1 fights back with slams and a leg drop for 2. Sutter cuts him off, laying in strikes and chops A-1 cuts that off, he lays in chops and a big boot, Spinelli distracts A-1, allowing Sutter to battle back and Sutter pulls him to the floor. Sutter back in and covers for 2. He talks trash to Allie, and hits a flying forearm to A-1. Sutter again talks trash to Allie, Spinelli gets in some cheap shots, and Sutter hits a clothesline for 2. Sutter works a slow and lackadaisical heat, A-1 slowly fights back and avoids a charge and follows with a clothesline. Tags to Allie & Spinelli. Allie runs wild, she’ all fired up and hits the sliding D, covering for 2. Spinelli with a fisherman’s suplex for 2. Allie then rolls her up for 2. The code breaker and corner dropkick follows for 2 as Sutter breaks it up. He comes face to face with Allie, but A-1 takes him out. Allie hits the spear, Sutter back in and yells at her. She slaps Sutter, hits a superkick and A-1 hits the high cross for the win. A-1 and Allie defeated Braxton Sutter and KC Spinelli @ 7:44 via pin [**] This was ok, but there was jut way too much of slow Sutter vs. A-1 action in the match. This would have been better as just Allie vs. Spinelli.

Champion Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Trevor Lee: They all brawl at the bell, Petey dumps Sydal and hits a head scissors on Lee. The RANA follows, and Sydal back in and Petey hits a RANA to he floor onto lee. Sydal follows as the action goes to the floor. Back in and Sydal cuts Lee off, and works a Muta lock. Petey in and Sydal supelxes him and goes back to thee submission. Petey breaks that up, but Sydal cuts him off and hits a standing moonsault for 2. Sydal follows with kicks to both, but lee then cuts off a lionsault and clotheslines Petey. Lee then tosses Petey around, Sydal returns with knee strikes but lee cuts him off and tosses him. lee continues to work over Petey, but Petey hits a desperation backslide for 2. Sydal in with a RANA to Lee, Petey hits him with a Russian leg sweep for 2. Petey locks on a sharpshooter, but Sydal breaks that up. The RANA to lee follows for 2. Sydal up top and Petey cuts him off and hits a code breaker. Lee blocks the destroyer; Sydal hits a German for 2. Lee wipes him out and covers for 2. Lee tosses Petey, Sydal cuts him off with a spin kick, and the shooting star press misses, and Lee hits a superman punch. Destroyer on Lee, Sydal knocks Petey to the floor and covers Lee for the win. Champion Matt Sydal defeated Petey Williams and Trevor Lee @ 10:50 via pin [***] This was a good back and forth match, easily the best on the show so far, but was really missing a hit closing stretch to make it even better.

– Eli Drake cuts a promo, playing the hits…

* Lemmie talk to ya.
* Dummy, yeah.
* Tingle in my loins.
* Kavorka.
* Fact of Life.
* Shuddup dummies.
* Gravy train.

– Deaner arrives for some back and forth.

Eli Drake vs. Cody Deaner: Drake attacks, and they battle back and forth. Drake hits a suplex and then lays the boots to him but misses the elbow off the ropes. Deaner cuts him off and lays in rights. Deaner teases he DDT, but Drake powders. Drake pulls him to the floor, and they brawl. Deaner teases the DDT again, but Drake suplexes him on the ramp. This leads to a countout tease. Drake slams him to the steps and then lays the boots to him. Rights by Drake follow, and he then slams Deaner off the apron. Back in and Deaner fights back with rights. Drake cuts him off with a neck breaker for 2. Drake follows with more rights, and then takes a drink of water. He continues to control, hits the elbow drop and that gets 2. Deaner battles back, hitting a snap slam for 2. Drake ends up crotching himself, allowing Deaner to lay in jabs. The clothesline follows. Deaner up top and hits a double sledge for 2. He sets for a DDT, but Drake cuts that off but Deaner cuts him off, heads up top and Drake hits a run up superplex for 2. Drake takes time to celebrate, blows his nose on Deaner’s towel and rubs it in his face. Deaner fires up, lays the boots to Drake and Drake takes a drink and mists Deaner. The gravy train finishes it. Eli Drake defeated Cody Deaner @ 11:40 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid match, the crowd loved Deaner, but there was absolutely no drama here in him winning.

Jake Something and Phil Atlas vs. Aiden Prince and Brent Banks: Brent and Phil were champs but Atlas turned on him at BCW’s previous show. Each competitor picked a new partner to determine who the Tag champs would be going forward. Atlas and Prince begin. Something tags in and Prince hits a RANA. Something cuts him off with rights, but Prince hits a dropkick. Banks in and double teams follow. Something powders, catches a Prince suicide dive as Atlas cuts off the Banks dive. Back in and Atlas tags in, working over Prince. The senton follows, and the cover gets 2. Something tags back in and he continues to cut off Prince, covering for 2. Atlas tags back in, continuing the heat. The belly to back suplex and snot rocket follow from Atlas. Prince looks to battle back, but Atlas cuts him off and looks for a suplex. Prince fights it off and hits one of his own. Banks gets the hot tag, he works over Something with strikes and kicks. The dropkick follows, but Atlas cuts him off. But Banks grabs him by the hair, and lays in mounted strikes. Banks dumps Atlas & Something to the floor, and they catch the dive but Prince moonsaults onto the pile. Back in and Banks & Prince attack Alas until Something makes the save. Something hits a black hole slam, and lays in rights on Banks. They work up top, but banks fights off Atlas & Something. Something gets sent into Atlas, and Banks hits the cutter off the ropes, 450 by Prince and that gets 2. Atlas takes out Banks, and then trolls him back in. Something takes the ref as Banks gets a roll up for like 10. Low blow by Atlas and he picks up the win. Jake Something and Phil Atlas defeated Aiden Prince and Brent Banks @ 11:00 via pin to become champions [**½] This was fine, likely playing beet to the BCW fans and used to advance their angles.

Moose vs. Champion Joe Doering: This is a non-title match, as Doering is the AJPW triple crown champion. They work a slow back and forth, playing the power game. Doering rakes the eyes and follows with a shoulder tackle. Moose battles back with a shoulder tackle and senton. Moose follows with the dropkick, and they work to the floor for some brawling. Moose shoot him to the steps, and charges in with a running bicycle kick. He takes a lap again, but Doering cuts him off with an apron chokeslam. Doering rolls back in and hits a dropkick and covers for 1. The slam follows, and Doering has slowed the pace, just pummeling Moose. Moose tries to fire up, they trade strikes, and Doering keeps dropping him with rights. Moose hits a head butt, corner attacks and the dropkicks. Doering cuts off Moose, and hits the pounce for 2. The spinebuster follows for 2. They trade strikes again, Doering lays in chops and Moose fires back with some of his own. The bicycle kick follows, they trade clotheslines and Moose finally takes Doering down. We almost get a ref bump and then we do. Moose hits the spear for the phantom pin. Doering grabs the title and lays out Moose with it but Moose kicks out. The lariat follows and Moose is turned inside out and that’s that. Champion Joe Doering defeated Moose @ 12:48 via pin [***] This was an overall good big man match, with the expected shenanigans, due to Doering being the AJPW champion. It took away a bit, but was completely understandable. I’d love for Impact o bring in the big hoss daddy Joe Doering, he’d be a fun addition to an evolving roster, and is capable of very high quality matches.

Austin Aries and Alberto El Patron vs. Kongo Kong and RJ City w/Jimmy Jacobs: Patron & Aries argue over who will start the match. Jacobs cuts a promo to stall some more. Patron & Aries yap for a bit, further stalling things. City and Aries to begin. Aries looks to work the arm to begin, but City backs off and… more stalling. They finally lock up, Aries works escapes and grounds the action and covers for 2.He locks in last chancery, but City makes the ropes. Aries hits a dropkick and chills in the corner. Patron finally tags in as D’Amore shills Aries’s book. Patron hits an enziguri; Aries tags himself in and hits the elbow off the ropes, covering for 2. Patron back in and hits a dropkick, and follows with kicks. He slaps Aries to tag him in. Aries follows with a suplex and pendulum elbow for 2. Patron back in and mocks Aries a bit, and then covers for 2. Aries tags himself in, they argue as they try to beat down City. City sneaks away and tags in Kong, who attacks Patron. He lays in uppercuts, and then head butts. City back in and hits a suplex on Patron for 2. He follows with rights, and then lays the boots to him. Kong tags in and Aries tags in. he runs wild on City, boxes the ears and dumps City. The plancha follows. Back in and Aries up top, and the missile dropkick follows. Aries knocks Kong to the floor, and hits John Woo! Patron tags himself in, hits a superkick and Aries tags himself in. They argue, Aries up top and Patron crotches him. Kong tags back in and hits a corner splash. The Samoan driver follows for the win. Kongo Kong and RJ City defeated Austin Aries and Alberto El Patron @ 12:45 via pin [**] This was a complete nothing of a main event, with it filled with Aries and patron playing grab ass to try and add fuel toothier feud. While patron caused it, I don’t like Aries losing here at all.

– Post match, patron piles the title belts on Aries and then poses with the Impact title.

 photo fe36ffd0-0da4-4e3b-a2d3-b026b341dd87_zps41ef5d61.jpg
“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
I will say one thing, since the new ownership took over, the Impact Wrestling One Night Only shows have improved. They are far from great or even good, but they are way better than they used to be and have avoided the truly bad matches, and are putting on mostly solid events. Unfortunately, the commentary from Mathews & D’Amore was once again horrible with D’Amore worrying too much about being a heel, instead of giving us good information on the BCW guys that many fans don’t likely know much about.