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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 4.06.19

April 11, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 4.06.19  

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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 3.30.19

– Luchasaurus defeated Chris Bey @ 6:10 via pin [**½]
From Lockdown 2009: Mick Foley defeated Champion Sting @ 15:45 via escape [**½]
From Impact 4.05.19: Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards defeated LAX @ 8:40 via pin [***]

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Luchasaurus vs. Chris Bey: Luchasaurus shoves Bey around, and lays in knee strikes and chops. Bey battles back with chops, but Luchasaurus will have none of this bullshit and takes him down with kicks. Bey picks up the pace, hits a RANA and follows with a tope. Back in and Bey up top. Luchasaurus cuts him off with a flapjack and knee strike, covering for 2. The dump suplex follows, Luchasaurus lays in kicks but Bey fires back, hits an enziguri, and then a corner splash. Bey counters the German, hits the step up double stomp and that gets 2. Bey follows with a superkick, but Luchasaurus cuts him off with a head kick and chokeslam for 2. The head kick and tombstone from the Luchasaurus finishes it. Luchasaurus defeated Chris Bey @ 6:10 via pin [**½] This was a solid match and nice effort from both guys.

We go around the ring with Rosemary. They share some conversation about the undead realm, Josh wants to go there and needs GPS coordinates. Rosemary says you need a portal, but that Josh would likely never return. Rosemary confirms that she has a shadow spawn soul, not like a normal human. Rosemary is not pleased that the bunny is gone, and can ever work with Yung since she killed the bunny. Eli Drake wanders in randomly and bails. She shares nicknames for the other talent, like Kiera is the firefly, Fallah Bahh is the panda, Eddie Edwards is the wolf, and Scarlett is the siren. This was really fun; Rosemary is wonderfully wacky.

Champion Sting vs. Mick Foley: This was a solid match, but at times disappointing as Sting was injured and Foley’s back and knees were shot. It was an inconsistent 7 slow match that had some nice psychology at times, which was then just randomly dropped, something you wouldn’t expect from two pros like this who needed to rely heavily on it. Mick Foley defeated Champion Sting @ 15:45 via escape [**½]

Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards vs. LAX: Konnan punches Drake before the bell and gets ejected. They all brawl to begin, and LAX runs wild with double teams. Edwards fights back, and then he and Drake work double teams. Quick tags follow as Drake & Edwards work over Santana. Santana fights back, gets the tag and LAX run wild on Drake with double teams for 2. Ortiz isolated Drake, but Drake cuts him off with the powerslam. Edwards tags in and they double team Ortiz, covering for 2. Ortiz fires back, but Drake cuts him off with a neck breaker for 2.Ortiz fights them off and hits the dropkick. Rolling tag to Santana, he hits an enziguri and works over Edwards. He heads up top and Drake crotches him. Edwards hits the enziguri and Drake follows with the superplex. Blue thunder bomb by Edwards gets 2. LAX battles back, cutter by Santana, code breaker by Ortiz and Drake makes the save. Santana wipes him out, and they look for the street sweeper, but the Luchas arrive and distract Santana. Cane shot and the Boston knee party finish Ortiz. Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards defeated LAX @ 8:40 via pin [***] While I’m not that hot on LAX losing ahead of challenging for the tag titles, but it does play into the narrative that LAX has issues winning without Konnan. The match was good as was the post match angle.

– Post match, the Lucha Bros attack LAX and hit superkicks. They then put Santana through table with a superbomb to get revenge for last week and stand tall as they build to the Rebellion match.

– End Scene.

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This week’s episode of Impact XPLOSION was a solid show, featuring some fresh faces and a throwback to Sting vs. Foley.