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Csonka’s MLW Battle Riot II Review

April 6, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s MLW Battle Riot II Review  

Csonka’s MLW Battle Riot II Review

MLW Middleweight Title Match: Champion Teddy Hart defeated Ace Austin @ 6:50 via pin [***]
– Minoru Tanaka defeated Myron Reed @ 6:45 via pin [**½]
MLW Title NYC Street Fight: Champion Tom Lawlor defeated Jimmy Havoc @ 13:30 via pin [***]
Battle Riot: LA PARK won @ 45:00 [***]

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Champion Teddy Hart vs. Ace Austin: Austin refuses the handshake, they push and shove and then trade strikes. Hart hits the backstabber and Austin rolls to the floor. Hart follows and works him over with rights and a suplex follows. The Arabian press follows. Hart the posts him and steals MJF’s Champaign, allowing Austin to fire back with kicks and rights. Back in and Austin takes Hart down and heads up top, gets cut off and they brawl up top. Austin then hits a head scissors and spin kick for 2.He sets Hart up top, they battle and Hart knocks him off and hits two destroyers for the win. Champion Teddy Hart defeated Ace Austin @ 6:50 via pin [***] This was a good and fun little sprint to kick off the show.

– Hart talks shit to MJF post match, leading to MJF hitting Hart with a bottle of Champaign.

Minoru Tanaka vs. Myron Reed: Rich Swann is out with Reed. They lock up and work into counters. Tanaka hits a shoulder tackle, and follows with a dropkick. He follows with kicks, but Swann cheap shots him and Reed takes control covering for 2. Post break and Tanaka fires back and hits a suplex and knee drop for 2. The arm bar follows, but Reed escapes. They fight over a suplex, and Reed hits a jawbreaker for 2. The cutter follows and that gets 2. Reed then runs into kicks and Tanaka cradles him for the win. Minoru Tanaka defeated Myron Reed @ 6:45 via pin [**½] This was solid, but unspectacular.

– Salina draws numbers for her team. Sami arrives and wants the money owed to him. Mance Warner stole one of the numbers.

– Brian Pillman Jr talks Battle Riot, and Salina tries to buy his number. He keeps talking about her boobs and refuses.

Champion Tom Lawlor vs. Jimmy Havoc: Havoc attacks before the bell, but Lawlor hits a German and follows with strikes. Havoc cuts him off with a DVD and chair shot. They brawl to the floor, Lawlor sets up a door bridge and follows with rights. Lawlor now lays in kicks, but Havoc lays in chair shots. Havoc takes too long looking for weapons and Lawlor slams him through the door. Havoc fights back, gets more doors and then lays in chair shots. Lawlor cuts off the acid rainmaker with a suplex, but then gets sent into a chair. The DDT gets 2. Havoc brings in chairs, makes a bridge with a door and takes Lawlor up top. He sets chairs up on the bridge but Lawlor counters into a powerbomb into the structure for 2. Lawlor follows with an overhead suplex onto an open chair for 2. Lawlor sets a door in the corner, but Havoc knocks him to the floor. Lawlor cuts off the staple gun attack, locks on a figure four but Havoc uses the staple gun to escape. Lawlor is busted open now as Havoc staples him repeatedly. The ref tries to stop him and gets laid out. Lawlor hits the DVD through the door and slams him onto some chairs, but the ref is still down. New ref out and Lawlor covers for 2. Lawlor then knees a chair into his face a few times and covers for the win. Champion Tom Lawlor defeated Jimmy Havoc @ 13:30 via pin [***] This was a good match that played to the stipulation well, but the ref bump was not needed.

– Salina’s goons try to steal some geek’s Battle Riot number and beat him down to do so.

BATTLE RIOT II: MJF and Dan Severn start us off. They shake hands and Severn starts throwing MJF around. He then chokes out MJF and #3 is Hijo de LA Park. Park attacks Severn and runs wild on MJF. Severn catches him with a German, and then a clothesline. #4 is Air Wolf. He dropkicks Park, and follows with a cutter. Severn works over MJF, but MJF goes low and #5 is Minoru Tanaka. He lays in kicks on Wolf, hits a suplex and MJF cuts him off. Tanaka and Severn trade strikes and #6 is Jordan Oliver. Park hits him with a clothesline, the rest brawl as #7 is Fenix. He runs wild on Wolf and then attacks Park. Severn works over MJF and #8 is Pentagon. He runs wild with chops and kicks, and comes face to face with Fenix. Pentagon hits the superkick, #9 is Avalanche. He works with MJF, and MJF eliminates Fenix. Pentagon attacks as #10 is Ace Romero. Ace lays in strikes, and pounces Oliver to eliminate him. Park then eliminates Pentagon. #11 is Ken Kerbis. He works over Park, as Romero and Avalanche brawl. They work into a double down and #12 is Leo Brian. He brings a cowbell with him and just beats on people. Tanaka eliminates Severn. #13 is Michael Patrick. The Blondes work together, working over Romero & Avalanche. Tanaka eliminates Brian. #14 is Gringo Loco. He eliminates Park and Tanaka eliminates Patrick. #15 is Kotto Brazil. He frog splashes Loco and hits sliced bread on Kerbis. Tanaka cuts him off and #16 is Rey Horus. He hits a high cross on Brazil, and tornado DDT on Loco. Romero eliminates Kerbis. #17 is Rich Swann. He hits superkicks, and brawls with Horus. Horus then hits the Spanish fly for 2. #18 is Myron Reed. He flies in with a cutter on Horus. Tanaka gets eliminated, and then Loco. #19 is Barrington Hughes. He and Romero work over Reed and toss him. Romero & Hughes take control of things as #20 is Ace Austin. Hughes gets eliminated, Romero attacks Swann and hits en elbow drop and pins him for the elimination. #21 is Yuta who eliminates Austin. MJF hides on the floor, and #22 is Jacob Fatu. Samael and Gotch sneak in through the crowd and Contra runs wild on the field. They stack guys up and Fatu hits the senton. Contra pours “gas” on them and Atlas security makes the save. Fatu hits the double jump moonsault and Contra is escorted out. MJF sneaks in and pins Yuta, Horus, and Brazil for eliminations. #23 is Brian Pillman Jr. They brawl right away, and Pillman superkicks MJF over the top for the elimination. #24 is Davey Boy Smith Jr. The Hart Foundation eliminates Romero. #25, 6, & 7 are LAX with Konnan. I guess they are all in the match. They brawl with the Foundation, Pillman works over Konnan and Smith dumps Santana & Ortiz. #28 is Low Ki. Ki attacks the Harts and lays in strikes and kicks. Konnan just leaves. #29 is LA PARK. He attacks with a step stool, #30 Emil Sitochi. He runs wild on Pillman and #31 is Daga, who immediately attacks Ki. #32 is the Blue Meanie. He dances and Smith hits a Saito suplex. #33 is Hammerstone. He immediately eliminates Pillman. #34 is Sami Callihan. He attacks Meanie with the bat and pins him for the elimination. Daga tosses Ki. #35 is Ariel Dominguez. Hammerstone easily press slams him to he floor. Sitochi was also eliminated somewhere in there. Ricky Martinez is #36. Ki then helps PARK toss Daga. Martinez & PARK work together as Lance A’oani is #37. Mance Warner is #38. He runs wild with 2×4 shots, works over Hammerstone and Richard Holiday is out next. They all brawl, and Lance is pinned and eliminated. Smith eliminates Holiday, but Hammerstone eliminates him. The brawling continues as Hammerstone suplexes Warner. PARK attacks with bat shots, Warner and Hammerstone brawl to the apron, and they both get eliminated. The final two are Sami & PARK. They trade chops, PARK hits a back breaker, and spear. PARK then umps Sami to win. LA PARK won @ 45:00 [***] PARK did an amazing amount of nothing to win, the big skeleton is smart. Overall, Battle Riot II was a good match with some odd pacing but they did a nice job of continuing the established rivalries throughout, which was appreciated.

– Tom Lawlor is interviewed and gets attacked and laid out by Contra.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
While it didn’t deliver anything must-see, MLW Battle Riot II was a good and consistent show that continued angles well and set up PARK as a title contender.