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Csonka’s NJPW WTL (Night 16) Review 12.07.17

December 7, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s NJPW WTL (Night 16) Review 12.07.17  

Csonka’s NJPW WTL (Night 16) Review 12.07.17

Block B Match: War Machine defeated David Finlay & Katsuya Kitamura @ 7:47 via pin [**¾]
Block B Match: KES defeated Togi Makabe & Henare @ 10:10 via pin [**½]

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War Machine vs. David Finlay & Katsuya Kitamura: They shake hands and Finlay attacks War Machine, which they initially no sell and we have the big brawl. Finlay and Kitamura take control, working some double teams but War Machine quickly fire back and take control, dumping Finlay and double teaming Kitamura. Rowe takes control, laying in mounted rights and chops. Hanson tags in, working knee strikes and quick tags with Rowe. More knee strikes follow, and then Rowe works a camel clutch. War Machine continues with quick tags, just pummeling Kitamura. Kitamura manages to fire up and hit a shoulder block, whole sale changes to Rowe and Finlay, Finlay picks up the pace and takes control and lands uppercuts. Rowe cuts him off with a running knee strike, covering for 2. Finlay connects with an uppercut off the ropes for 2 and Kitamura and Hanson are in. Hanson fights off Kitamura and Finlay, and follows with forever clotheslines. Kitamura cuts him off, but Rowe makes the save. Kitamura hits the double spear and suplex, it breaks down, Finlay gets taken out and owe hits Kitamura with the knee strike for 2. Fallout finishes it. War Machine defeated David Finlay & Katsuya Kitamura @ 7:47 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good match, while it lacked drama, they more than made up for it with intensity.

KES vs. Togi Makabe & Henare: We brawl at the bell with Henare taking the fight to the champions. Smith distracts him. allowing Archer to hit a big shoulder block as Smith took out Makabe. Archer follows with a uranage, taking full control. Clubbing strikes follow, and then knees and a tag to Smith. Smith continues the heat, slamming Henare to the buckles. Henare fires back, but quickly gets cut off. Smith follows with a neck breaker, covering for 2. Archer takes out Makabe, and Smith locks on the crossface on Henare. Smith lets it go and works over Henare in the corner, pummeling him with big rights. The powerslam follows for 2. Archer back in to continue the beating on Henare, but misses a corner charge and looks for a tag. Archer stops him for a minute, but Makabe gets the tag and sends Smith to the floor before working over Archer, and hitting a lariat for 2. Archer battles back, they fight over a suplex and Makabe slams him to the buckles and hits a clothesline. Smith rushes in for the save, but gets taken out. Makabe hits the spider German, and Henare tags in as Makabe misses the king kong knee drop. Henare fights off the killer bomb, Makabe takes out Smith and Henare hits the shoulder block off the top for 2. Smith returns, cuts him off and double teams follow for 2. Smith hits a Saito suplex and Archer follows with a chokeslam but Makabe makes the save. The Hart attack takes out Makabe, Henare rallies one last time, but eats the killer bomb, and that is that. KES defeated Togi Makabe & Henare @ 10:10 via pin [**½] This was extremely similar in structure to the previous match, but didn’t have the same intensity, although Henare tried at times.

SANADA & EVIL, Page & Yujiro, and Goto & HASHI are alive in the A block, while block B is at a six-way tie with a few different tiebreakers in play, and even the possibility of a three way tie.

A Block:
* SANADA and EVIL: (4-2) 8pts.
* Yujiro Takahashi and Hangman Page: (4-2) 8pts.
* Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI: (4-2) 8pts.
—cut off—
* Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale: (3-3) 6pts.
* Juice Robinson and Sami Callihan: (3-3) 6pts.
* Minoru Suzuki and Takashi Iizuka: (3-3) 6pts.
* Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima: (2-4) 4pts.
* Yuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi: (1-5) 2pts.

B Block:
* Jeff Cobb and Michael Elgin: (4-2) 8pts.
* Toru Yano and Tomohiro Ishii: (4-2) 8pts.
* Best Friends: (4-2) 8pts.
* Guerrillas of Destiny: (4-2) 8pts.
* War Machine: (4-2) 8pts.
* Killer Elite Squad: (4-2) 8pts.
—cut off—
* Henare and Togi Makabe: (0-6) 0pts.
* Katsuya Kitamura and David Finlay: (0-6) 0pts.

– Three to go…

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– End scene.

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This was an overall solid night of action, setting up an interesting final night for B block with the big six-way tie. The next shows should be more interesting with bigger crowds and the guys likely working harder.