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Csonka’s NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV Review

August 18, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Tommaso Ciampa NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV
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Csonka’s NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV Review  

Csonka’s NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV Review

NXT Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Undisputed Era defeated Moustache Mountain @ 18:05 via pin [****¼]
– Velveteen Dream defeated EC3 @ 15:05 via pin [***¼]
NXT North American Title Match: Ricochet defeated Champion Adam Cole @ 15:22 via pin [****]
NXT Women’s Title Match: Kairi Sane defeated Champion Shayna Baszler @ 13:35 via pin [****]
NXT Title – Last Man Standing Match: Champion Tommaso Ciampa defeated Johnny Gargano @ 33:45 [****½]

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NXT Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Undisputed Era vs. Moustache Mountain: Roddy takes out Bate and Undisputed look to isolate Seven but Mustache Mountain battles back and the brawl spills to the floor. The challengers take control, working double teams on O’Reilly and then on Roddy. Roddy finally cuts off Seven with a back breaker, and O’Reilly tags back in. He lays in a series of knee strikes and the champions isolate Seven, working quick tags and double teams, in a throwback to their last match. Seven fights back with chops and a DDT, tagging in Bate who runs wild on O’Reilly. He hits the swing with O’Reilly on his shoulders until Roddy breaks it up with kicks. O’Reilly locks on a sleeper, but Bate Germans Roddy and escapes. He lays in uppercuts until Roddy cuts him off with a lariat. O’Reilly now grounds the action, grounding Bate with strikes. Roddy tags back in and delivers chops. He and O’Reilly work double teams, leading to a near fall. O’Reilly now works a body scissors, Roddy in with a running knee strike and then works a Gory special. Bate powers out, O’Reilly tags back in. hits a shin breaker and starts working the knee of Bate. Roddy tags back in and the double teams follow as they isolate Bate. Bate manages to knock Roddy to the floor, O’Reilly out to check on him, back in and Bate tosses him. O’Reilly then pulls Seven to the floor and Bate makes the tag. Seven runs wild and hits a suicide dive. Back in and corner clotheslines follow, O’Reilly accidentally kicks Roddy and Seven starts tossing bodies around and picks up a near fall. Roddy cuts him off, and O’Reilly tags in and hits the brainbuster for 2. Roddy tags back in and double teams follow. Roddy then hits an Angle slam for 2. Bate wipes out Roddy, but gets taken out and Roddy gets the stronghold on Seven. O’Reilly locks on a triangle on Bate, but Bate powers up and powerbombs O’Reilly into Roddy. Bate now gets the tag an XPLODERS O’Reilly into Roddy and follows with a tope. The lariat to Roddy follows and back in, the Tyler driver 97 gets a GREAT near fall! Roddy and Bate work up top, Bate knocks him to the mat but O’Reilly posts Bate’s knee. O’Reilly knocks Seven to the floor, and then heel hooks Bate. Shades of the last match but with Bate in trouble this time. Seven teases making the save, the ref stops him as Roddy pulls O’Reilly to his corner. Seven teases tossing in the towel, but throws it away and then dumps Roddy as he charges him. Bate powers to his corner, and tags in Seven, Seven star lariat to O’Reilly connects for a good near fall. Bate tags in and he struggles to climb up top, fights off Roddy and the doomsday burning hammer knee drop gets another GREAT near fall! Seven and Bate look to finish O’Reilly but Roddy makes the save, Chop block on Bate and the high/low finishes it. Champions The Undisputed Era defeated Moustache Mountain @ 18:05 via pin [****¼] The boys did it again, delivering yet another great tag team match with spectacular work and drama, as well as callbacks to their previous matches. I loved that they didn’t go for the immediate repeat of working on Seven’s knee, and changed it up by working over Bate’s knee this time around. These four can do no wrong, and while not quite as great as their last match, it still ruled and was an absolutely great opening match. Undisputed Era are making the case for tag team of the year with consistently great performances. This was a hell of a way to kick off Takeover, with a beautiful mix of old school tag formula and new school work.

– Post match, War Raiders attack the champions and hit Thor’s hammer and then fallout to stand tall.

EC3 vs. Velveteen Dream: Dream’s tights say “Call Me Up Vince.” They lock up and EC3 overpowers Dream to begin, shoving him around and they work to the floor. Back in and Dream cuts him off, looking work the arm but EC3 counters out and he works the arm and maintains control as he tosses Dream around and grounds him. Dream fights out, lays in uppercuts and lays the boots to Dream and then crotches him on the ropes and shakes then. EC3 knocks him to the floor. Dream back in with a sunset flip, but EC3 does a Rick Rude his swivel. Dream escapes, but gets caught with a slam. The elbow drop oleos and EC3 hits a cactus clothesline to the floor. Dream fights off a clothesline and DDTs EC3 onto the ramp. Dream posts him and then rolls him back in and covers for 2. Dream to the ropes and connects with a clubbing strike. To the corner and Dream lays in strikes, takes EC3 to the apron and stuns him over the ropes. Back in and the neck breaker follows for 2. Dream grounds things with a neck crank, EC3 fights back but Dream cuts him off with another neck breaker for 2. Dream tosses EC3 to the floor and slams him off an announce table repeatedly. He hits him with a bottle of water, and back in, EC3 cuts him off. They trade strikes, EC3 takes control and hits a big right and corner splash. The Hennig neck snap follows. Dream counters the TKO into a cradle for 2. EC3 hits the traditional one percenter for 2. EC3 pummels him in the corner with strikes, Dream cuts him off with a shot to the throat. Dream up top and EC3 press slams him off. EC3 now heads up top, hits a high cross but Dream rolls through for 2. EC3 hits a powerbomb, and pulls him up for another and that gets 2. EC3 takes Dream up top, they battle for position, and EC3 hits the superplex. EC3 slowly crawls and covers for 2. They work to the apron, Dream counters out and hits a superkick and back in hits the rolling DVD for 2. EC3 fights back and hits a German for 2. They work to the apron and Dream hits the rolling DVD. He heads up top and hits the top rope elbow to the apron and rolls EC3 back in for the win. Velveteen Dream defeated EC3 @ 15:05 via pin [***¼] This was an overall good and fun match, that while a bit lethargic in the middle and could have used a minute or two clipped, the ending stretch and finish were really good and Dream picked up a much-needed Takeover win.

– Matt Riddle is in the crowd.

NXT North American Title Match: Champion Adam Cole vs. Ricochet: They lock up to begin, work into some standing switches, with Cole looking go work the arm. Ricochet works some slick counters and they work to the ropes. Ricochet picks up the pace until Cole backs him off with a superkick tease. Cole talks shit, and looks to ground the action. Cole hits a shoulder tackle, Ricochet picks up the pace and John Woooooooos him to the floor and then hits the superhero pose. Cole back in and as Ricochet heads to the ropes, he shoves him to the floor. Cole then tosses him to the barricade and then rolls him back in. Cole lays the boots to him and follows with ground and pound. Cole keeps talking shit, Ricochet fires back, but Cole hits ushigoroshi for 2. He then grounds the action with a side headlock. Ricochet escapes, kicks Cole away and goes John Woooooo again. Cole to the floor and Ricochet follows with the Fosbury flop. Back in and Ricochet hits the springboard uppercut for 2. Enziguri by Ricochet, and the running shooting star follows and hits a Phoenix splash for 2. Cole lays in elbows to cut him off, but Ricochet fires up with chops. Cole then cuts off the back handspring into a backstabber for a good near fall. Cole follows with clubbing strikes, but Ricochet fires back and springboards in, but countered the superkick and lays in forearm strikes. He then moonsault presses into the superkick and Cole hits the ghostbuster for 2. Ricochet counter the last shot into a cradle for 2. They trade strikes and kicks, and both men are down as Cole falls on Ricochet and that gets 2. They fight to their feet, Cole drops the kneepad, but Ricochet counters last shot and hits a reverse RANA. He heads up top and Cole rolls away. Ricochet drops down and Cole heads to the apron. Ricochet hits the over the ropes RANA to the floor ala Dragon Lee! Back in and Ricochet up top and the 630 connects and we have a new champion! Ricochet defeated Champion Adam Cole @ 15:22 via pin [****] This was a great back and forth match, with good drama, a hot closing stretch, and a new champion being crowned. Both guys looked great and delivered, they also did some ambitious stuff, and made it look easy. Cole selling the loss was also well done, he does really good at selling moments, and also did so during the match.

– Mark Henry & Kevin Owens are in attendance.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Champion Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane: These two are 1-1 against each other. Rousey, Shafir, & Duke are at ringside. They lock up, work into standing switches, and Sane grounds the action, working a knee bar but Baszler makes the ropes. Sane now gets a series of cradles, and Baszler then escapes the stretch muffler. Baszler gets pissed, they trade strikes, and Sane hits a head scissors and dropkicks Baszler to the floor. Sane hits a flying forearm off the apron and rolls her back in. Sane lays in chops, but Baszler dropkicks out the knee, and stomps away at the leg. Baszler now attacks the knee in the ropes and follows with ground and pound. Baszler grounds things torturing the leg of Sane. She follows by stomping on the ankle and has full control. Baszler continues her attack, even mocking Sane a bit, and Sane is down. Sane fires up, Baszler is confused, and Sane lays in strikes and slaps. Baszler covers up and backs off as Sane hits a spinning back fist and a series of blockbusters. Sane fires up and hits the sliding D for 2. Sane heads up top, but Baszler cuts her off and follows her up and hits a super gut wrench suplex and both are down. They trade strikes from their knees, Baszler takes out the knee and hits a step up knee strike for 2. Sane counters the suplex and hits the big spear! Sane to the ropes and hits an insane elbow. She heads back up top and Baszler rolls to the floor so Sane hits the high cross to the floor. Back in, Sane up top and flies off with the insane elbow for a great near fall! The anchor follows, but Baszler transitions into the clutch and locks up Sane. Sane fights for all she’s worth, starts to fade, but makes the ropes. Baszler is frustrated now as the crowd rallies Sane, but Baszler locks on a heel hook and has Sane trapped center ring, but Sane counters out for the anchor, but falls back and Baszler makes the ropes. She now locks it on in the ropes, and has to break. Sane hits an Alabama slam, heads up top, and flies of, Baszler blocks and locks on the clutch, but Sane Bret Harts her for the win. I love that finish. Kairi Sane defeated Champion Shayna Baszler @ 13:35 via pin [****] This was another great match, with the story of Sane overcoming as the underdog, showing the killer instinct that Baszler said she didn’t have and overcoming at the end. I’d expect the Baszler call up soon (which I fear for in many ways, but hopefully being Rousey’s friend helps her). Baszler’s ruthlessness was great, as was Sane’s babyface fire and comebacks; they were a wonderful pairing.

– Coming soon…

NXT Title – Last Man Standing Match: Champion Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano: These two are 1-1 against each other in 2018. It’s just 9PM ET, so this could be a long one. Ciampa arrives with no music and chants of “Fuck You Ciampa!” Gargano attacks during the announcements and is fired the fuck up. They brawl and Gargano hits a Thesz press and lays in ground and pound. Ciampa cuts him off, but gets tossed to the floor and Ciampa slams him to the steps. Ciampa starts working the back, but Gargano slams him to the barricade. Gargano lays in strikes, and again slams Ciampa to the barricade and pulls up the mats. Ciampa rakes the eyes but Gargano posts him to counter the draping DDT. Gargano follows with the apron cannonball to the floor and then tosses Ciampa over the announce tables. They fight onto a table and Ciampa hits a running air raid crash onto another announce table. They make it back to their feet and Gargano back in as Ciampa brings in a chair. Ciampa works him over in the corner, laying the boots to him and following with a running knee strike. He hits another and then Gargano gets the chair and attacks the knee and then lays into him with chair shots. He wedges the chair in the corner, looks for a lawn dart, but Ciampa cuts him off with a sleeper. Ciampa even uses the ropes for added leverage. Gargano makes it to his feet, but Ciampa grounds him with another sleeper. Gargano fights to his feet and then lawn darts Ciampa into the chair in the corner. Gargano gets a table and sets it up on the floor. He grabs another table, lays it open on top of the other, and then heads back in, teases suplexing Ciampa onto the tables. Ciampa pulls him back in and hits a trio of Germans. Knee strike by Ciampa, and he gets the chair and lays into Gargano with it. Gargano fights to his feet and Ciampa hits project Ciampa and another. The third connects and Gargano is down. Ciampa sits in the chair as the ref counts. Gargano fights to his feet and superkicks Ciampa out of the chair. They trade strikes, lighting each other up and Gargano then hits clotheslines and the rolling kick. The slingshot spear is countered with the knee strike, but Gargano counters devil’s wings with a RANA. They work into a double down but immediately pop up and go Frye/Takiyama and trade knees and superkicks; Gargano hits a lariat for the double down. Ciampa rolls to the floor; Gargano follows with a superkick but misses the cannonball. Ciampa hits devil’s wing on the steps and Gargano is down, and barely makes it to his feet. Ciampa gets a toolbox and starts cutting off the ring apron and peels back the apron and padding. Gargano uses a fire extinguisher to blind Ciampa, and Gargano then has a crutch and lays into Ciampa with it. They brawl back to the floor, but back in, Ciampa teases the draping DDT. Gargano fights, he’s by the table, but Gargano hits an enziguri. Gargano now hits the draping DDT on the boards and the ref counts. Ciampa rolls to the floor but Gargano hits a suicide dive and then another. Ciampa moves and accidentally superkicks a ringside crewmember, Gargano checks on him, allowing Ciampa to attack and follow with a chair assisted running knee strike. Ciampa piles chairs, barricade parts, and the ringside dude onto Gargano and the ref counts. Gargano fights and makes it to his feet and Ciampa is pissed. Ciampa now gets handcuffs, but Gargano posts him. Gargano has one cuff on and is back in and looks to cuff himself to Ciampa. Ciampa fights that off and they work to the apron, they trade strikes, and Gargano tries to knock Ciampa off and through the tables and wave before he superkicks him off and through the tables. Ciampa makes it back to his feet with the aid of the crutch. Gargano follows him to the floor, and Ciampa backs his way up the apron. Gargano attacks with ground and pound, and slams him into the LED board in a throwback to the end of DIY. The Gargano escape follows, Ciampa taps, but it doesn’t matter. Gargano cuffs Ciampa to the stage, Ciampa begs off but Gargano lays in a superkick and Ciampa is down. Ciampa begs off and says he’s sorry, so Gargano superkicks him again. The ref counts, but Gargano keeps attacking and yelling at him. Gargano doesn’t care about apologies, Ciampa keeps apologizing, but Gargano drops the kneepad and kills Ciampa with a running knee strike, but now he’s down and holding his knee. Ciampa rolls to his feet and beats the count to win. Champion Tommaso Ciampa defeated Johnny Gargano @ 33:45 [****½] Last man standing matches are tricky things, there are many more bland ones than great, due to the lack of near falls and fans many times showing little interest until the end. But with that being said, these two continue to be magic together and delivered an excellent main event. It had great drama, great heat, great throwbacks, and it even included that moment again where Gargano even teases a moment of forgiveness, but his anger got the best of him and that was his downfall as Ciampa survived due to Gargano’s mistake and ultimate desire to end his former friend. While the “weakest” of the three matches to me, it was still excellent, as they delivered once again. I’m just not sure where they go from here since while excellent matches, they’ve had the same match almost three times.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV was another great Takeover special from the NXT brand, with four great matches, two big title changes, and a show that just flew by.