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Csonka’s NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II Review

January 12, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II
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Csonka’s NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II Review  

Csonka’s NXT UK Takeover Blackpool 2020 Review

– Eddie Dennis defeated Trent Seven @ 8:00 via pin [***¼]
NXT UK Women’s Title Match: Champion Kay Lee Ray defeated Piper Niven & Toni Storm @ 13:25 via pin [***¾]
– Tyler Bate defeated Jordan Devlin @ 22:40 via pin [****½]
NXT UK Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Champions Gallus defeated Imperium, South Wales Subculture, & The Grizzled Young Veterans @ 23:55 [****]
NXT UK Title Match: Champion WALTER defeated Joe Coffey @ 27:40 via submission [**¾]

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– Tom Phillips & Nigel are on commentary.

Eddie Dennis vs. Trent Seven: Seven is over big time here. Dennis charges but Seven counters into a powerbomb for 2. He follows with chops and a DDT. Seven delivers strikes, takes him up top and Dennis counters into Splash Mountain. He grounds Seven, and then whips him to the buckles. Knee strikes and a back elbow follow for 2. Dennis lays the boots to him and covers for 2. The suplex follows and again, covers for 2. Seven fires up with chops, and a snapdragon suplex and then a suicide dive. Back in, Seven up top and the senton misses. Dennis misses the boot, Seven hits a back fist but Dennis hits a side effect for 2. Dennis follows with the rolling forearm, but Seven counters into an emerald flowsion variation for 2. Dennis counters the burning hammer, removes the buckle pad and Seven attacks. They work up top and Seven hits the superplex for 2. Dennis counters the Seven star lariat, sends Seven to the exposed buckle. He then hits Splash Mountain over the ropes into some poor lad at ringside. Back in and Dennis covers for 2. The next stop driver finishes it. Eddie Dennis defeated Trent Seven @ 8:00 via pin [***¼] This was a good opener, with Seven being a great babyface while Dennis was a good ruthless heel.

NXT UK Women’s Title Match: Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Piper Niven vs. Toni Storm: Storm attacks, dumps Ray and follows her out and then gets whipped to the barricade. Niven hits a suicide dive and then a cannonball onto Storm. One for Ray follows and she rolls Storm in. Ray cuts her off and slams her to the apron. Storm attacks and Niven wipes them out with a senton and covers for 2. Storm attacks Ray, Niven joins in and they brawl. Niven stops Storm zero with a running cross body. Superkick by Ray, Storm hits a German, and Ray rebounds with a tornado DDT for 2. She chokes out Storm, slaps Niven and follows with strikes. She looks for the Gory bomb, Storm breaks it up and Ray superkicks Niven as Storm hits a German. They work into a triple down, Niven and Storm trade, Ray attacks and gets a chair. She brings it in and chokes out Storm and then Niven. Ray wraps the chair around Storm’s head and Niven makes the save. Storm has the chair, Niven dares her to hit her and she drops it and they attack Ray. Storm hits a suicide dive and Niven hits an apron cannonball. Ray fights back and hits a step up tope onto both opponents. Back in, Ray heads up top and Storm cuts her off. She follows her up and Niven joins them, and powerbombs Storm as ray hits the senton. Niven counters the RANA and powerbombs Ray; the Michinoku driver gets 2. Ray counters and hits the Gory bomb and Storm makes the save. Ray hits a suicide dive and back in, Niven hits a destroyer, but Storm attacks and hits Storm zero on Ray but Niven makes the save. Storm throws a fit, lays in strikes on Niven and Storm zeros Ray onto Niven. Storm hits a pedigree on Niven for 2. Storm up top and the frog splash follows, superkick by Ray and she retains. Champion Kay Lee Ray defeated Piper Niven & Toni Storm @ 13:25 via pin [***¾] This was a really good all action match, with good drama, some great near falls and a hot crowd and great losing stretch that also played off of the established stories well.

Jordan Devlin vs. Tyler Bate: They lockup and work to the ropes. Devlin hits a head butt and they separate. Lockup and Bate works into counters, but Devlin keeps control of the arm. Bate finally escapes, grounds Devlin but Devlin counters up to his feet and teases Devlin side as they work into the bridge up spot, but Devlin blocks bop and bang. They pick up the pace, Bate takes control and hits a big strong boi press slam and dropkicks Devlin to the floor. Devlin cuts off the dive and the Arabian press gets 2. He delivers ground and pound, a knee strike and covers for 2. Devlin delivers elbow strikes, chokes out Bate in the ropes and hits a butterfly suplex. He mocks bate, lays the boots to him and follows with kicks to the face. Bate blocks Devlin side and dumps Devlin. He follows with a big tope con hello. Back in and Bate up top, and the high cross eats knees as Devlin covers for 2. Devlin starts attacking the lower back of Bate, grounding the action. He follows with a Romero special, into a chin lock as he bends Bate in half. Bate manages a cradle for 2, and they work into a double down. back to the feet, uppercuts by Bate and the XPLODER follows. He kips up and PKs Devlin; the running shooting star press gets 2. Bate misses a charge, but counters and gets the airplane spin. He dumps Devlin and follows with a brainbuster for 2. They work into a series of counters, half & half suplex by Devlin and that gets 2. Devlin hits the slingshot cutter, Bate to the apron and Devlin hits another slingshot cutter on the apron and they spill to the floor. They fight to their feet, kicks by Devlin and he rolls in as Bate barely beats the count. Kawada kicks by Devlin, Bate blocks and they trade. Devlin drops him with a right, they trade again and go Frye vs. Takiyama here as they land crazy fists. Rolling Liger kick by Bate, Tyler driver is countered by a Devlin head butt, Bate counters Devlin side but Devlin hits the running Spanish fly. Devlin heads up top, Bate cuts him off and follows him up top. Devlin hits the avalanche Spanish fly, Devlin side and only gets 2! Devlin hits Kawada kicks, hits bang and bop on Bate, but Bate counters Tyler drive and hits a head butt. Bate heads up top, and flies in wit ha tornado DDT. Tyler driver 97 follows and Devlin KICKS OUT! Bate hits the spiral tap and finally wins. Tyler Bate defeated Jordan Devlin @ 22:40 via pin [****½] Heading into this show, this was the consensus pick for MOTN and they delivered an excellent piece of professional wrestling here. The work was so clean and effortless and their execution was head and shoulders above anything on the show so far. They built the match beautifully, the story of Devlin trying to overcome the ghosts of his past and loss to Bate was played well, the action consistently escalated and they went home at the right time, peaking perfectly as it never felt long. Bate picks up a huge rebound win, while Devlin finally gets to really shine in NXT UK.

NXT UK Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Champions Gallus vs. Imperium vs. South Wales Subculture vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans: They all brawl at the bell as Gallus works over Gibson & Drake. Imperium takes control until Flash & Andrews cut them off with double teams. Drake & Gibson stop them, and grab chairs. They attack everyone until Wolfgang hits a spear and Mark joins in. Tree of WHOA for Drake and Imperium takes out Gallus. They dropkick chairs into Drake’s face. Andrews & Flash take them out with dives, get a ladder and climb until Imperium cuts them off and dumps them. They climb and Gallus takes them out with ladder shots. They set up shop but Imperium cuts them off. Flash hits a moonsault onto Barthel, but Aichner catapults him into a ladder. Andrews hits them with the double PELE, Gibson & Drake attack and double teams follow. Gallus back in and Gibson is chokeslammed onto a ladder and Drake is Samoan dropped onto another ladder. Gallus climbs, Imperium stops them and they brawl to the floor. Andrews & Flash climb, Gallus stops them and Andrews hits a shooting star press off of the ladder onto Mark, Barthel climbs, knocked off and Andrews attacks with strikes. Barthel suplexes him on he ladder and Aichner hits a springboard moonsault onto Andrews on the ladder. Imperium climbs, Gibson & Drake stop them, bring in a taller ladder and they climb. Gallus joins in and we get more ladders as Andrews makes a bridge. They all climb and fight, Flash has another ladder and climbs over them, bodies start falling and Andrews climbs and almost wins, Flash is dumped to the floor and Gibson stops Andrews and hits ticket to ride. Drake climbs and hits a 450 of the ladder onto Andrews. Gibson has Drake climb, helps him up and Aichner makes the save, dumps Gibson and the European bomb connects on Drake. They clear the clutter and climb. Gallus back in and they stop them, hit Aichner with ladders and then Barthel. They double team Drake, Mark hits the assisted dive and we get brawling on the floor as Wolfgang slams Gibson on the ramp. Flash & Andrews hit stunners and grab a Jeff Hardy approves giant ladder. They brawl with Gallus on the floor, tables appear and they make bridges at ringside. Wolfgang grabs Andrews as Mark grabs Flash on the apron and Andrews & Flash escape. They lay Gallus on the tables, one breaks Flash climbs the giant ladder. Andrews joins him and double senton Wolfgang through the table! They look to climb, Drake cuts then off as Gibson joins in. They dump Flash, Drake climbs and Andrews gets a kendo stick. He lights up Gibson and then Drake. Andrews climbs, but Imperium is back and Aichner hits a brainbuster. Barthel climbs and Mark cuts him off, Aichner helps and Wolfgang spears Aichner through a ladder. They dump Barthel over the top and to the floor. Gallus climbs and wins. Champions Gallus defeated Imperium, South Wales Subculture, & The Grizzled Young Veterans @ 23:55 [****] While I think we got the wrong winners here, I though that they had a great match that more than delivered on the stipulation and was just a blast.

NXT UK Title Match: Champion WALTER vs. Joe Coffey: They lockup and work to the ropes. They trade and Joe hits a Saito suplex as WALTER spills to the floor. Joe follows him out and hits a flying shoulder tackle from the apron. WALTER fires back with uppercuts until Joe whips him to the barricade. Joe follows with another flying shoulder tackle, and back in, Joe grounds the action and then follows with body shots. He follows with a belly-to-belly, running uppercut and tornado DDT for 2. WALTER fights off the suplex, Joe follows with strikes and finally hits the suplex for 2. He delivers body shots and chops, WALTER is not amused and dares him to keep throwing and then drops Joe with one chop. WALTER follows with more chops, and poses. To the floor and WALTER lays in thunderous chops, a big boot and he heads back into the ring. Joe follows, lays in chops and WALTER hits the slam and seated splash for 2. WALTER grounds the action, working a half crab. Joe makes the ropes, WALTER follows with strikes and Joe keeps coming forward, until WALTER drops him. They trade, WALTER hits chops and attacks the neck as Joe rolls to the floor. WALTER grabs him, lays in clubbing strikes to the chest and Joe fires back with strikes, WALTER is down and Joe heads up top and flies but WALTER counters into a deep crab. He transitions to an STF, lays in elbows and follows with a neck crank. Joe makes the ropes, so WALTER lights him up with chops, just fucking his day up until Joe fires back. They trade, they have an odd counter issue on a big boot spot as WALTER hits a suplex for 2. WALTER looks for a choke, but Joe slams his way out. Joe tries to pick him up on his shoulders, WALTER escapes but Joe hits a German for 2. he follows with a double jump moonsault and that gets 2. WALTER hits a big boot, chops and a powerbomb for 2. WALTER looks for the choke again, Joe escapes, hits the Glasgow sendoff and that leads to a ref bump as WALTER John Wooooood the ref. Lame. Joe fires back, he hits a powerbomb but no ref on the phantom 3. Wolfe arrives, attacks Joe and Ilja Dragunov takes out Wolfe. Torpedo Moscow sends Wolfe into Joe and Joe comes up clutching his knee. WALTER takes out Ilja with a lariat, heads to the floor and boots Joe into the steps. The apron bomb follows and back in, WALTER hits a huge lariat for 2 as we have a new ref. Ilja takes out Wolfe, they brawl to the back and WALTER heads up top. Joe cuts him off, follows him up but then collapses to the mat. He fights back up, WALTER fires away with chops and knocks him to the mat. Joe fights back up and hits an avalanche belly to belly. They trade, WALTER attacks the knee and Joe hits a KO shot, body shots and unloads on him in the corner. WALTER takes out the knee, heads up top and the big splash gets 2. Joe fights off the powerbomb, hits a rolling lariat that basically missed, and then hits another for 2. He fires up and WALTER gets the choke, Joe rolls but WALTER grounds him. Joe fights, escapes so WALTER kicks him, locks it back on and Joe makes the ropes. Sleeper suplex by WALTER, powerbomb and a chop follow. Another powerbomb and the choke follows, transitions to a crossface, and that’s it. Champion WALTER defeated Joe Coffey @ 27:40 via submission [**¾] I hated the booking of WALTER here, seeing him booked as every cliché heel stable leader ever that needs help from his geek squad and being visually pinned after a ref bump is so fucking lazy and kills what’s special about him. There were good elements of a big man battle here, but it was over booked, went too long and again proved that Joe Coffey is not a main event player. Overall, the least enjoyable WALTER match in forever.

– Post match, Undisputed Era arrive and attack Imperium. They surround WALTER and attack, hit high/low and stand tall over a fallen WALTER. Cole hits the last shot for good measure as the UK crowd loves the invaders.

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* Jeremy’s NJPW WrestleKingdom 14 Thoughts: 1:50
* NJPW New Year’s Dash Review: 13:10
* Impact Hard to Kill Preview: 37:55
* AEW Dynamite (1.08.20) Review: 1:02:00
* NXT TV (1.08.20) Review: 1:31:00
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The final score: review Good
The 411
NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II was a really good show, running at a tight 2.5 hours, and featuring a very good and strong women’s title match, a great ladder match and a low end MOTY contender in Bate vs. Devlin. Unfortunately, the main event did nothing for me, and I felt hurt WALTER’s overall presentation and aura. Had it been better with less bullshit, the show is even better. But it’s certainly worth the watch, especially for the matches mentioned above.