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Csonka’s Tier1 Wrestling: True Will Review 4.23.17

April 23, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Tier1 Wrestling: True Will Review 4.23.17  

Csonka’s Tier 1 Wrestling True Will Review 4.23.17

PROGRESS Atlas Championship Match: Champion Matt Riddle defeated Penta El 0M @ 10:30 via submission [***½]
– Mike Orlando and Nick Comoroto defeated Isaiah Wolf & TK Luther the 5th @ 3:45 via pin [*]
– Stockade defeated John Silver @ 10:44 via pin [**½]
Five Boroughs Title Match: Mike Verna vs. David Starr went to a no contest @ 4:25 [NR]
– Maxwell Jacob Friedman defeated Mike Law, Tony Deppen, and Anthony Greene @ 8:40 via pin [**¾]
– Chris Dickinson defeated Ace Romero @ 6:20 via pin [**½]
Tier1 Tag Team Championship Match: Mike Verna & David Starr Champions The Cutthroat Kings @ 8:00 via pin [*]
Tier1 Championship Elimination Match: Champion Darius Carter defeated Keith Lee, Sonny Kiss, and Bobby Fish @ 7:22 via pin [**]

– The show started 21-minutes late.

PROGRESS Atlas Championship: Champion Matt Riddle vs. Penta El 0M: They go face to face, Pentagon talks some shit and Riddle attacks, getting the takedown and looking to out grapple Pentagon, but Pentagon transitions but Riddle counters him right away and locks in a triangle. Pentagon escapes, scores a takedown and attacks the knee of Riddle, working a knee bar, but Riddle counters into his own knee bar. Pentagon escapes but runs into an overhead belly to belly suplex. The XPLODER follows and then the senton by Riddle gets 2. Pentagon hits a backstabber and then lays in leg kicks as he finally puts some momentum together. Riddle escapes the package piledriver and hits bro to sleep and a German for 2. Riddle lays in kicks to Pentagon, but Pentagon answers back with a pump handle driver for 2. Riddle fires back, and hits the up kick. Pentagon then hits a pair of sling blades for a near fall. But Riddle cuts off Pentagon, hitting the jumping tombstone for the near fall. Superkicks and a destroyer all connect for Pentagon, but Riddle answers back with a destroyer of his own. They battle on the apron now, Pentagon then kills Riddle with a package piledriver on the apron. Back in and Pentagon up top, but Riddle avoids and hits the fisherman’s buster for 2; he locks in the bro mission for the win. Champion Matt Riddle defeated Penta El 0M @ 10:30 via submission [***½] This was a very good sprint from these two, really entertaining with good heat throughout. This was moved to the opener because Pentagon has another show to get to and Riddle is working EVOLVE tonight.

Mike Orlando and Nick Comoroto vs. Isaiah Wolf & TK Luther the 5th: Wolf hits a dive to take out his opponents to start things off. Orlando and Comoroto return, hit Germans and take control. Comoroto no sells the chops by his opponents, and Orlando hits spears on both. Orlando and Comoroto pick up the win after a toss into a spear. Mike Orlando and Nick Comoroto defeated Isaiah Wolf & TK Luther the 5th @ 3:45 via pin [*] A fine squash.

Stockade vs. John Silver: Stockade is a big old hoss of a man, and a dollar tree Cactus Jack. They stall for a bit, with Silver bailing to the floor. Back in and Stockade blows a leapfrog attempt, and Silver bails; they brawl on the floor. Silver posts him, laps the ring but runs into a clothesline. Stockade then hits a cactus Jack elbow off of the apron. Stockade climbs the ropes, but Silver pulls him off and lays the boots to him. Silver continues to land kicks, providing all of the moving parts of this match. Stockade tries to power out to his feet, but Silver lands clubbing strikes and works a camel clutch variation, and continues to beat on Stockade, but Stockade hits a DVD to cut off Silver. Stockade then lays in kicks and a clothesline; the chokeslam follows for 2. Silver hits an enziguri but then runs into a sitout powerbomb for 2. Silver fights back with leg kicks, breaking him down. Stockade catches a kick but Silver hits a pair of Germans and Stockade kicks out. Silver up top, gets cut off and Stockade follows him up and Silver fights him off and hits a sunset bomb; the running knee strike only gets 2. Silver locks in a crossface variation, works knees to the face but Stockade escapes and hits a DDT for the win. Stockade defeated John Silver @ 10:44 via pin [**½] After a slow and rough beginning, they worked themselves into a decent match, although it went a bit too long.

Five Boroughs Title Match: Champion Mike Verna vs. David Starr: Verna is coming in with taped up ribs. Verna overpowers Starr to begin, but Starr starts to outwrestle Verna, and Verna is starting to favor his ribs. Starr takes control, mocking the strength of Verna and then gets tossed across the ring. They trade strikes until Verna lights up Starr with a lariat. We the get a run in from the Cutthroat Kings that ends the match. Mike Verna vs. David Starr went to a no contest @ 4:25 [NR] That came off very lame, and commentary really added nothing to the story as to why we should care about the run in. It’s a shame, because it was shaping up to be a good match.

Mike Law vs. Tony Deppen vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Anthony Greene: Friedman powders in the corner and allows the others to fight it out. They then realize what he’s doing and attack. Friedman rolls to the floor, with Law taking control. Deppen hits a high cross and a dropkick, Friedman returns and attacks him from behind. Deppen fires back with rapid-fire strikes and then hits a suicide dive. Greene and Law battle in the ring, with Greene sent to the floor; law then wipes out the pile with a dive. Friedman trips up Greene, but Greene then hits a dive; Friedman wants to be awarded the match because the others were on the floor. He then busts out the Fosbury flop. Back in and we get a tower of doom spot. Friedman tries to rally some allies, but eats superkicks from all of his opponents. Greene and Law do some fast paced back and forth, Greene then hits a stuff piledriver and Deppen makes the save. Greene hits a cutter on Deppen, but Friedman tosses him and steals the pin. Maxwell Jacob Friedman defeated Mike Law, Tony Deppen, and Anthony Greene @ 8:40 via pin [**¾] Pretty good cluster match, they all worked hard, but it was extremely disjointed and never felt smoothed out.

Chris Dickinson vs. Ace Romero: Romero hits a dropkick and a German to take early control. They brawl to the floor; Dickinson takes control and slams him to the barricade. Dickinson then uses a chair, works over Romero, sitting him in the chair and laying in chops. The running boot follows. Back in the ring, Dickinson lays the boots to Romero but then runs into a spinebuster for 1. Dickinson fires back with a series of kicks, but runs into the bossman slam for the near fall. They trade strikes center ring, Dickinson hits the jump spin kick and covers for 2. Romero then cuts off Dickinson with a lariat; heads up top but Dickinson cuts him off and hits the Pazuzu bomb off the ropes to pick up the win. Chris Dickinson defeated Ace Romero @ 6:20 via pin [**½] Rock solid hoss battle with some fun exchanges, but it really lacked an overall sense of drama or story (work-wise) to make me care.

Tier1 Tag Team Championship Match: Champions The Cutthroat Kings vs. Mike Verna & David Starr: The Cutthroat Kings attacked the Breakfast Club before the bell, and laid out their challengers and then announced that the tag title match was off. Commissioner Christopher Beckett then brings out Mike Verna & David Starr, and gives the Kings the option to defend against them or vacate the titles. Well at least the earlier angle makes sense now. They start with the big floor brawl; Starr and Verna take control and follow with suicide dives. More floor brawling followed, they worked back into the ring with Verna hilariously botching a sunset flip spot. The champions cut him off, attacking the taped up ribs and tossing Starr back to the floor. Miscommunication by the Kings allows Verna to hit a buckle bomb and then an overhead belly to belly. A powerslam followed, but a spear takes out Verna and the Kings continue to work him over as Starr makes the save. Starr clears out the Kings, but one of them has a wrench but one of the Breakfast Club makes the save and Verna locks in the cloverleaf and Starr locks in a sharpshooter for the stereo submissions. Mike Verna & David Starr Champions The Cutthroat Kings @ 8:00 via pin [*] this was a giant clusterfuck and not in a good way; I am sure that the angle of the Kings losing means something to Tier1 fans, but commentary did a horrible job of relaying that to a new/occasional viewer.

Tier1 Championship Elimination Match: Champion Darius Carter vs. Keith Lee vs. Sonny Kiss vs. Bobby Fish: After streaming issues (where Kiss was eliminated), Bobby Fish is added to this match, because indie reasons. Lee took out Carter and Fish with a slingshot crossbody (fuckin really), and that led to Fish and Carter working together. They locked in double submissions on Lee, keeping him grounded and trying to get rid of the big man. Lee passed out due to the heel hook/crossface combo. It’s down to Fish and Carter, and they traded strikes center ring. Fish took control, hitting the slingshot senton but Carter fought back, hitting a running kick for 2. Carter then hit a great cradle suplex on Fish for the near fall. Fish then hit a Saito suplex for 2, but Carter cuts him off and hits a tilt a whirl back breaker; Fish goes for the moonsault and Carter catches him with the foreclosure. Champion Darius Carter defeated Keith Lee, Sonny Kiss, and Bobby Fish @ 7:22 via pin [**] The win is a good one for Carter, pinning Fish clean to retain his title as he heads into a defense against Riddle. But the late addition of Fish did nothing for match quality as this was completely rushed to the point that nothing had time to settle in; that’s a complaint on the booking, the talent did what they could.

– Matt Riddle comes out and informs Champion Darius Carter tat he will take his title, since he won a title shot in the opener.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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My first go around with Tier1 Wrestling on iPPV last year wasn’t a positive one, but I went into this show with some excitement, due to there being a lot of familiar talent I like and because I wanted to see some of the other talent I have been looking to see more of (Kiss, Carter, Silver). Unfortunately, they did little to change my mind here today from my first impression. It was all downhill after the opener, with mostly solid wrestling, but very questionable booking. The tag title match was changed well because they wanted to. And then Fish is added to the main event for reasons not really explained, and then you add on the streaming issues during the main event on to of the co-main and main not coming off as advertised and this was a frustrating event overall. The commentary was fine calling the action, but added next to no narrative to welcome in a new or occasional viewer. Catch Riddle vs. Pentagon, the rest you can pass on. The promotion offered very little incentive to check them out in the future.