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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 6.03.19

June 3, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 6.03.19  

Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 6.03.19

– Drew McIntyre & The Revival defeated Roman Reigns & The Usos @ 14:25 via pin [**¾]
– Charlotte defeated Lacey Evans @ 10:35 via DQ [**¼]
– Nikki Cross defeated Peyton Royce @ 6:00 via pin [**]
– Ricochet defeated Cesaro @ 9:25 via pin [***¼]

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– They CLAIM Brock is cashing in tonight.

It’s The Big Dawg: Shane arrives to interrupt Reigns even before he starts. He will shut up Reigns, prove that he’s the best on the world, and then pin or submit him. Reigns tells him to shut up, and says he’ll just take him out since Shane won’t have help. He will then go on to beat Drew at Stomping Ground. Drew arrives and disputes that, and the revival attack Reigns from behind. The Usos make the save as they all brawl. The same style of promo that opens the show every week and really has no effect because we see it all the time.

Roman Reigns & The Usos vs. Drew McIntyre & The Revival: The bell rings, and the Usos & Reigns take control and clear the ring. Post break and the Usos maintain control, hitting kicks on Dash and then getting distracted and cut off with a dropkick. Drew tags in and takes control, laying in chops and following with a suplex. The overhead belly-to-belly gets 2 as the Revival swarm Jimmy, maintaining the heat. Dawson now grounds Jimmy, but Jimmy fires up and starts fighting out of the corner but runs into a spinebuster for 2. Post break and Reigns is in and running wild on Drew until Drew hits a head butt, but Reigns rebounds with a superman punch. It breaks down, Shane crotches Jey up top and Reigns chases him but eats a claymore. Drew then finishes Jey with the claymore as Jimmy eats a shatter machine on the floor. Drew McIntyre & The Revival defeated Roman Reigns & The Usos @ 14:25 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good with nice work from the heels, but the flow felt off due to the multiple commercial breaks.

– Post match, Reigns takes shatter machine and a spear from Shane.

– Matthew McConaughey wearing a killer shirt on Raw.

MIZ TV: Seth Rollins joins the Miz. Miz asks him about his match on Friday with Corbin, but then brings up Lesnar allegedly cashing in tonight. Rollins says Brock may not even show up and Heyman never tells the truth. Rollins is fine with Brock cashing in and would be relived because he can’t be focused on what may be, because he defends his title on Friday. Rollins says no one likes Corbin, but that he did earn his title shot. Heyman & Brock arrive.

– Lucha House Party arrives and they are followed by Lars. They attack Lars, but he starts wrecking them until the lucha hit a bunch of dropkicks and send Lars to the floor. Lars growls and walks away.

– The IIconics make fun of Nikki Cross backstage. Alexa Bliss arrives and makes Outback jokes. Alexa and Nikki have some bonding time, and Bliss promises to be in her corner when she faces Peyton Royce tonight.

– Becky Lynch arrives. She says she’s been doing some thinking, doing some reflecting on 2019 so far. She’s happy and content, but that’s the problem, she can’t be content because that’s when fighters fail. She calls out Lacey Evans, promising revenge and Lacey arrives. Becky mocks her and promises to rip her arm off. Lacey says she will take the Raw title from Becky, because this is her division. Charlotte arrives now, reminding Becky not to make excuses because she beat her at MITB, but Becky asks her where her belt is. They banter back and forth, with Lacey telling Charlotte that she’s yesterday’s news. Lacey slaps her, leading to a match.

Charlotte vs. Lacey Evans: They brawl at the bell, with Charlotte taking early control and then dumping Lacey. Back in and Charlotte follows with grounded strikes. Charlotte follows with knee strikes and sends Lacey to the floor. Post break and Charlotte is still in control. Lacey starts to fire back, grounds Charlotte and covers for 2. Charlotte follows with chops, struts, but Lacey cuts her off and slams her to the buckles. Charlotte fires back, hits kicks, and then a suplex. Lacey cuts her off with a knee strike and then misses the slingshot elbow. Charlotte follows with a clothesline, but Lacey escapes the figure four and follows with a neck breaker. They both go for a running high cross and end in a double down. Becky attacks Charlotte for the DQ. Charlotte defeated Lacey Evans @ 10:35 via DQ [**¼] The match was ok, a bit clunky at times, but continued the Becky vs. Lacey feud well enough.

Rey Mysterio Relinquishes the US Title: Rey says WWE is in his blood, and something he shares with his son, who is now training. But tonight, he needs to do the right thing. Due to his injury… Samoa Joe now arrives. He is here for his championship, because Rey never beat him. Rey says he’s won tiles his whole career, and he’s man enough to give up the title due to his injury. He lays down the title in front of Joe, and Joe chokes him out.

– Brock prepares backstage.

– Cesaro now challenges Ricochet to another match tonight. Ricochet accepts.

Arm Wrestling Time With Braun & Lashley: They have the special arm wrestling table and everything. Lashley tries to piss Braun off and succeeds. They start and Lashley pulls away. Break out the strap from Over the Top. They start again, and Braun wins. Lashley blinds him with chalk dust post match and attacks. The big powerslam follows. These two face off on Friday.

– Truth is hiding backstage as Drake Maverick & EC3 follow.

Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce: Bliss & Kay are at ringside. Royce attacks and takes control early on. She follows with strikes, whips Nikki to the buckles, and then chokes her out. Nikki battles back with a jawbreaker and cradle for 2. Royce cuts her off, and then chokes her out in the ropes. Royce talks trash and slaps her around, but Nikki gets a sleeper but Royce slams her down and grounds things. Nikki fights to her feet, but Royce slams her down and covers for 2. Royce grounds things again, lays in elbow strikes, but Nikki again fights back and hits a back elbow. The clothesline follows, and then the corner splash and bulldog gets 2. Nikki heads up top and the high cross misses. Bliss gets coffee delivered to her, Royce spills it and Kay knocks down Bliss, but that allows Nikki to hit the purge for the win. Nikki Cross defeated Peyton Royce @ 6:00 via pin [**] The match was ok, rather lethargic, and the IIconics continue to lose but I really like the Nikki/Alexa dynamic.

– Post match, Bliss snaps and beat down the IIconics.

– Seth Rollins arrives and is followed by Brock’s music. He calls out Brock, daring him to come out here and cash-in. We instead get Baron Corbin. Corbin says he’s the dream crusher and will win the title on Friday. Corbin says he retired Kurt Angle and will do the same to Rollins. They brawl, Rollins dumps him and Brock’s music arrives, allowing Corbin to hit end of days. Brock really arrives this time. Low blow to Rollins, chair shots, and Germans follow. Brock refuses to have Heyman cash in because he’s too busy kicking Rollins’ ass. The F5 on the floor follows. In the ring and Brock follows with more chair shots. Heyman begs Brock to officially cash in, but Brock just hits more Germans instead. He follows with hair and briefcase shots. Brock says he’ll cash in on Friday, since the Saudi Prince paid $50 million for a big moment, because who cares that WWE said he would cash in tonight, because you have to try and save those ratings by any means necessary. Rollins is stretchered out. Seemed like a smart time to cash in to me.

– Becky is with Seth as he’s put in the ambulance.

– Firefly Funhouse time. Bray talks a bout fitness and exercise, and has a fat pig puppet names Hushuss. They talk about overcoming weight issues and a devil Vince doll arrives as Bray relives the times Vince called him fat. Whoever is writing these things are on some GOOD SHIT.

The Hs & Randy Orton Meet Again: HHH is in suit mode, so he can’t possibly be serious about this match. He gets NXT chants and Orton arrives. HHH says this is about drumming up interest in a fight, but after all they have been through, nothing you’re gonna say, nothing I’m gonna say, is something we haven’t said before. HHH says Friday, he’s coming to kick arrives ass. Orton says he isn’t Batista because he’s the legend killer. HHH says they have done unspeakable things to each other, but one thing he said was true, Orton turned into a diamond and is one of the best to ever step into this ring. The rest are all gone, and Orton isn’t the one to put him down. Orton tells him to retrieve his balls from Stephanie’s purse before Friday’s match. HHH says that’s a great idea and he’ll do that, but they are so big and a burden to carry. Maybe he’ll put them in his carry on but Orton wouldn’t know because he never had any balls. This was fine set up for Friday’s match, but likely not best to begin with “nothing you’re gonna say, nothing I’m gonna say, is something we haven’t said before” and then largely go on to do just that for 10-minutes.

– Corbin mocks Rollins for being hurt and proclaims himself the next champion.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro: These two are 1-1 over the last few weeks. They go fast-paced early on with Cesaro hitting a shoulder tackle and back breaker for 2. Cesaro grounds the action, but Ricochet fights back and they work to the floor. Ricochet follows with the kick flip moonsault. Post break and Ricochet gets the sunset flip for 2. Cesaro charges, and ends up posting himself. Ricochet up top, Cesaro cuts him off, and follows with the dead lift superplex for 2. Ricochet battles back, lays in strikes, and they work into counters until Cesaro hits the swing. The uppercut follows for 2. Ricochet fires back with kicks, and the springboard high cross is countered as Cesaro cradles him for 2. They trade cradles, and Ricochet picks up the win. Ricochet defeated Cesaro @ 9:25 via pin [***¼] The match was good, I just wish that they were fighting over something (like a US Title shot) instead of having three matches in a row simply because they split the first two.

– A pissed off Cesaro attacks post match and lays out Ricochet. Cesaro get s table from under the ring, but Truth is hiding on it. The gaggle of geeks arrive and chase him. Cedric hits a tope con HELLO. Carmella superkicks maverick and that allows she & Truth to run away. Truth & Carmella are the only things good about the 24/7 shit.

For Whom The Dong Tolls: Taker talks about coming face to face with death, and says that on Friday, Goldberg will come face to face with death. Taker doesn’t want Goldberg the family man, he wants the unstoppable, mythical, and legendary Goldberg. If you bring anything less, our first match will be our last. He will claim Goldberg’s soul for all eternity, because Goldberg is next.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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There certainly wasn’t much in the way of wrestling on this week’s episode of WWE Raw, which was basically all about pushing Friday’s show in Saudi Arabia parts unknown. It was solid for what they were trying to build to even if it doesn’t excite me at all.

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