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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 4.23.19

April 23, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Charlotte WWE Smackdown
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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 4.23.19  

Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 4.23.19

Non-Title Match: Champion Finn Balor defeated Andrade @ 7:45 via pin [***]
– Kairi Sane defeated Peyton Royce @ 1:30 via pin [NR]
#1 Contender’s Match: Charlotte defeated Bayley @ 10:40 via pin [***]
Non-Title Match: Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Shinsuke Nakamura @ 13:35 via DQ [***]

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Shane McMahon Talks: Shane is here to talk about Roman Reigns and what he did to Vince last week. We see footage, Shane praises Vince, and runs down Reigns for attacking a national treasure like Vince. Shane promises repercussions against Reigns, noting that they will settle things right now and tells Reigns to come to the ring right now. Reigns arrives, tosses the mic away and they brawl. Elias arrives. They brawl more and Elias hits drift away on Reigns. This was a solid opening segment that played well off of last week.

– Shane & Elias are happy and promise that there is more to come.

– We get highlights from last week, when Kevin Owens became an honorary New Day member.

– Kofi is interviewed, and talks about facing Nakamura tonight. He says all is right with the world as Woods arrives and they celebrate him being champion. Kofi says Big E will be back soon, but for now, the Big O is here.

Champion Finn Balor vs. Andrade: Vega is at ringside. Andrade attacks at the bell, unloading with strikes. Balor fires back, Vega distracts him and Andrade dumps Balor and follows with a tornillo. Back in and Andrade covers for 2. He lays the boots to Balor, follows with a knee strike and grounds the action. Andrade follows with strikes and chops, but Balor dumps him. Andrade rolls right back in and takes control back. He lays in forearms, but Balor gets a sunset flip for 2. Andrade cuts him off and grounds the action again. Balor fights to his feet and hits a DDT. The standing double stomp follows, and then an enziguri. Balor up top, gets crotched, and Andrade follows him up. The RANA follows but Balor rolls through and dumps Andrade. The tope then connects, back in and they work into counters, and Andrade hits the double knees for 2. Balor cuts him off with the final cut, Vega up top and flies into Andrade. John Woooooo by Balor and the double stomp finishes it. Champion Finn Balor defeated Andrade @ 7:45 via pin [***] This was a good opener, with a hot crowd and these two working very well together. More please.

– Elias challenges Reigns to a match at MITB. Shane & Elias leave.

– The Iiconics arrive and mock Paige and her new team. Tonight, Royce is ready and will give Sane her first loss on Smackdown.

Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce: Asuka, Paige, & Kay are at ringside. They lock up and Royce lays the boots to Sane. Sane fights back and hits a dragon screw and kicks. The blockbuster follows, and then the spear. Sane hits the sliding D, heads up top and the insane elbow finishes it. Kairi Sane defeated Peyton Royce @ 1:30 via pin [NR] Sane picks up a quick win, while the IIconics continue to be complete geeks as champions.

– Mandy & Sonya arrive and then Jinder Mahal & The Singhs. They are on Smackdown now as the “well thought out” Superstar Shakeup continues.

– We get an Aleister Black promo. The name and persona should not lead to judgment, but they do. Give it time and he will be condemned.

Chad Gable vs. Jinder Mahal: Lars Sullivan attacks Gable on his way to the ring and destroys him. He then kills the Singhs as Jinder bails. No match. Truth arrives looking for revenge and attacks. Lars quickly cuts him off and hits the Liger bomb.

– Reigns is interviewed and accepts Elias’ challenge for MITB.

Charlotte & Becky, Face to Face: Charlotte arrives and puts over the Mania main event. Becky pinned Rousey, winning both titles, but didn’t beat Charlotte. Becky never beat her for her title, and wants Becky to explain why she has claim to her belt. Well, because it was winner take all. Becky arrives, and says that it was winner takes all. She didn’t beat Charlotte because she was too busy beating Rousey, the woman no one else could beat. Becky already beat Charlotte, and left with both belts and no one could stop her. Charlotte says Becky didn’t beat her and claims to be in her head, because when Lacey is knocking her out all Becky sees is Charlotte. Becky says she’s owned Charlotte. Charlotte says Becky’s days are numbered and that she has nothing to lose. Charlotte says she’s next in line, but Becky refuses and says she wants new challenges. Bayley arrives and says this is supposed to be about fresh starts, but all she sees is a rerun. Bayley says Becky has never defeated her. Charlotte tells her to get in the back of the line, but Bayley refuses and tells her to earn a shot and proposes a match right now. This greatly amuses Becky. This was a fine segment, but I really think that they need to get away from Becky vs. Charlotte for a while.

Charlotte vs. Bayley: They lock up and work to the ropes. Bayley shoves her down, Charlotte grabs the hair and lays in knee strikes. Bayley fires back, hits the stunner in the ropes and dropkick on the floor. Back in and Bayley maintains control until Charlotte hits a neck breaker. She slams Bayley to the buckles, and follows with rights. Bayley cradles her for 2 and follows with a high cross for 2. Bayley hits corner attacks, kicks and Charlotte cuts her off and attacks the knee. Charlotte grounds things, continuing to attack the knee. It’s all Charlotte here, as she follows with chops. She chop blocks the knee, but Bayley fires back and hits a knee strike. Bayley hits a clothesline and covers for 2. She follows with strikes, but Charlotte cuts her off with the big boot for 2. Charlotte heads up top and the moonsault misses. German suplex by Bayley and that gets 2. Bayley counters the knee attack, and sunset flips Charlotte to the buckles and covers for 2. Bayley up top, but Charlotte cuts her off and looks for figure eight but Bayley counters. The spear by Charlotte finishes it. Charlotte defeated Bayley @ 10:40 via pin [***] This was a good match with a nice sense of urgency and an invested crowd.

– Becky says she’ll defend both titles at MITB.

– We revisit Bray’s Firefly Funhouse.

Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: Woods, Owens, Rusev & Lana are at ringside. They lock up, work to the ropes and Nakamura lays in kicks. Kofi picks up the pace, and battles back with a flying back elbow and dropkick. Nakamura powders. Back in and Nakamura lays in knee strikes, works bad vibrations, and misses a knee drop. Kofi follows with a splash and covers for 2. Kofi grounds the action, but Nakamura counters into a choke and transitions for an arm bar. Kofi escapes, heads up top and hits shadows over hell for 2.Kofi then dropkicks him to the floor, but Nakamura cuts off the dive. He follows with a knee drop to the back of the neck. Post break and Nakamura has control, grounding Kofi with a front facelock. Nakamura follows with kicks, and dumps Kofi. Kofi tries to fight back, but Nakamura quickly puts a stop to that. Back in and Nakamura covers for 2. Nakamura lays in more kicks, but Kofi starts to fire up and lays in chops. The dropkick follows, but Nakamura cuts him off with kicks and a snap German suplex. Nakamura sets, but Kofi cuts off Kinshasa with the running double stomp. They work into counters, SOS by Kofi gets 2 as Rusev makes the save for the DQ. Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Shinsuke Nakamura @ 13:35 via DQ [***] Normally I’d be upset that Kofi just didn’t win, but the DQ played well here to set up the post match brawl and Owens heel turn, which while we all knew was coming, came off well.

– New Day clears the ring and Woods gets taken out on the floor. Kofi saves Owens, but Owens turns on him and kicks his ass. Owens then poses over him with the title. He talks shit about Kofi’s kids and Kofi tries to fight back, but Owens beats him down again but Woods save Kofi, only to get leveled by Owens. Owens then hit Woods with the apron bomb. You have to appreciate Owens eating 200 pancakes last week as part of his plan to gain the confidence of the New Day.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown was a good show, with good wrestling, some MITB build, and the Owens heel turn to close things out.