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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 6.04.19

June 4, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Smackdown Goldberg
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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 6.04.19  

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“It’s good shit, pal.” – Vince McMahon

Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 6.04.19

– New Day defeated Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn @ 10:30 via pin [**¾]
24/7 Championship Lumberjack Match: Elias defeated Champion R-Truth @ 0:30 via pin [NR]
24/7 Championship Match: R-Truth defeated Champion Elias @ 0:05 via pin [NR]
#1 Contender’s Match: Alexa Bliss defeated Carmella & Charlotte @ 8:50 via pin [***]

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New Day Talks: Kofi & Woods arrive to kick off the show. Kofi talks about life being crazy and great. There have been highs and a lot of lows, but he fought through those and won the WWE Title at WrestleMania. While that was truly amazing, inspiring others has been even better. We see clips of Kofi in Ghana. Kofi is emotional as he discusses his return after 26 years away, and the looks in the eyes of the kids was the real reward. He met relatives, hugged his grandmother… but Ziggler arrives and says he respects Kofi, but that this is all about why Ziggler is the way he is. Ziggler runs a video package on his story and journey in WWE. But he’s got nothing in return. He gave everything to the fans, he gave his soul to WWE, but Kofi got the moment. It should have been Ziggler, he should be the hero. Kofi says Ziggler had a great career, and he’s been part of that many times. Kofi runs past footage of Ziggler giving up the US Title. Kofi says if it should have been Ziggler, it may have been, but Ziggler took himself out of the game while Kofi never quit. At Super Showdown, it won’t be you and as long as Kofi’s champion, it will never be Ziggler. We get more video, this time of Ziggler attacking Kofi when he returned. Ziggler says Friday, it will be him. Owens & Zayn arrive. This was fine final hype for Friday’s match, but also showed the same lack of creativity with “opening promos” that continue on these shows.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods: Sami and Woods begin, brawling at the bell. Sami takes control, hits a shoulder tackle but Woods then cuts him off and grounds the action. Woods works the arm, tags in Kofi and double teams follow. Kevin tags in and Kofi attacks with grounded strikes. He works him over in the corner and Kevin cuts him off and chokes him out. Kofi battles back with a dropkick and then one for Sami. The unicorn stampede follows. Double teams then follows and Woods covers for 2. Kofi then follows with a dive on Kevin as the fight spills to the floor. Kevin cuts off Woods, allowing Sami to attack. Back in and Kevin covers for 2. He follows with a clothesline and senton, covering for 2. Double teams follow as the heels isolate Woods. Sami grounds the action, but Woods fights to his feet and then Kevin tags in and cuts him off. The senton eats knees, Woods fights off Sami but Kevin cuts off the tag. He takes Woods up top and follows him up. Woods fights him off and follows with a missile dropkick. Tag to Kofi and he runs wild on Sami. The boom drop connects and looks for trouble in paradise, but Kevin stops him only for Woods to take hi out. Trouble in paradise follows and Kofi wins. New Day defeated Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn @ 10:30 via pin [**¾] This was rather paint by numbers, but was pretty good overall.

– Ziggler then lays out Kofi post match.

– Shane shows footage of the beat down on Reigns from Raw. Shane says he can beat Reigns and that anything Reigns can do he can do better.

A Moment of Bliss: Bliss is here to interview Bayley. She’s happy to be here as a wildcard from the superior brand and introduces Bayley. Bliss isn’t happy with her coffee and gets a new one, which is better but wants a new mug. She then makes Bayley wait, and then Bliss says Bayley had a goodnight at MITB. Bayley says it too years to get to that night, and Bliss says she did the same and reminds us that she’s a two-time Smackdown women’s champion, when the title meant something. Bayley says a lot has changed, and she’s looking for new opponents. Bliss cuts her off and Bayley slaps the coffee from her hands. They argue and Carmella arrives. She says you can’t talk former champions and MITB winners without her, and she wants a title shot. Charlotte now arrives. She talked with Shane and there will be a #1 contender’s match to see who will face Bayley at Stomping Ground. Bliss vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte is that match. This was another one of those revolving door promo segments, where no one really gets to say a lot, but at least it set up a match.

– Carmella meets with Truth, and he talks about his issues defending the 24/7 title. Shane calls and talks with Truth. Truth apologizes for last week, and Shane books him in a match next.

Champion R-Truth vs. Elias: The gaggle of geeks surround the ring. Only Elias can win the title during the match. Elias dumps Truth and he gets rolled back in and Elias rolls him up for the win. Elias defeated Champion R-Truth @ 0:30 via pin [NR] Yup

– Truth chases Elias under the ring as the others fight. Truth pins him and wins the title back. R-Truth defeated Champion Elias @ 0:05 via pin Yup

– Aleister Black talks about the challenge he laid outlast week, noting that no one answered. He’s waiting on anyone to be a man and pick a fight with him.

Shane Calls Out The Big Dawg: Shane & the Revival arrive. Shane then gets his special announcement. This leads to CM Punk chants. Shane praises the Revival for taking care of the Usos on Raw, and then their help in taking out Reigns. Shane says to imagine what he’ll do to Reigns on Friday. He broke Reigns like a bad dog on Raw, putting him in his place. He’ll neuter the Big Dawg on Friday. Reigns arrives and brawls with the Revival, taking them out with superman punches. He heads to the ring and Drew wipes out Reigns with a claymore. He rolls Reigns in the ring and Shane hits a spear. This was fine setup for a match I have no desire to see on Friday. At least Drew’s claymore and hair were awesome.

Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte: They brawl at the bell, with Charlotte clearing the ring until the others fight back and Bliss hits code red for 2. Carmella follows with a RANA, but Charlotte cradles her for2 but Carmella locks on the code of silence. Bliss is back, lays out Carmella with a big right but Charlotte cuts her off with the big boot. Carmella returns, clears out Charlotte as Many & Sonya arrive. They distract Carmella, which allows Bliss to attack. Charlotte then lights her up with chops. Bliss runs, but Charlotte lays in more chops. Back in and Bliss hits the dropkick for 2. Charlotte powers up and Carmella then wipes them out with a high cross and covers both for 2. She keeps covering and they keep kicking out. Carmella posts Bliss, lays in rights on Charlotte and the RANA off the ropes follows for 2. She then lays the boots to Bliss, but Charlotte cuts her off with a clothesline, The figure four follows and Charlotte transitions to the figure eight but Bliss flies in with twisted Bliss and covers for 2. Bliss misses the double knee moonsault and Charlotte hits natural selection for 2. She kicks Carmella to the floor but Bliss cradles her with the tights for 2. Carmella superkicks Charlotte, but Mandy & Sonya attack, allowing Bliss to hit the DDT and win. Alexa Bliss defeated Carmella & Charlotte @ 8:50 via pin [***] This was an overall good match, with a good layout and everyone working hard. It was nice to see Bliss back in action and hopefully she can stay injury free. Hopefully, it’s revenge for Bayley, who lost all momentum two-years ago in a horrible feud with Bliss.

– Next are highlights of Rollins getting his ass kicked on Raw.

– Kayla interviews Lars Sullivan. Kayla asks Lars why he does what he does. Lars snarls and stares at her, and says would you ask a lion why they stalk prey or a nightingale why they sing? Why would you ask him that question? He is no man, his entire life, he’s been called a freak. He makes Kayla say it. The crowd doesn’t care at all about this. He’s here to destroy, to show the world that it is full of pain, agony and real freaks of nature like him. Lars asks her is she likes fairytales, and then says “three blind mice, see how they run, watch how they’re caught, watch how their tails are ripped off and a portrait is painted with their bodily fluids.” Um…. Ok then, that sucked. Also, who ever wrote that is a potential serial killer.

Andrade vs. Apollo Crews: Vega is at ringside. Andrade attacks before the bell and lays out Crews with the hammerlock DDT. Balor makes the save and they brawl. Vega distracts Balor and Andrade lays him out with the hammerlock DDT. No match.

– They hype Friday’s Orton vs. Triple H match.

GOLDBERG: Goldberg makes his Smackdown debut with his appearance. The crowd is happy to see him and Goldberg thanks them for their response. Goldberg says he’s been waiting over 20-years to go one on one with Taker, and now he gets the match he always wanted. Taker doesn’t want family man Goldberg, he wants the ass-kicking machine and Goldberg appreciates the advice, and he left that family man home. On Friday, he promises that Taker will get the Goldberg he wants, and Taker will get the ass-kicking and once and for all, we will se who the better man is, because Taker is next… to rest in peace.


Taker appears and they come face to face. The dong sounds again and Taker disappears. Good work if you can get it. Goldberg says that’s it huh? Friday it is then, bring your jock strap and tie that sum bitch up tight. This was a good go home segment and promo from Goldberg and the crowd loved it.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown was like Raw in that it was mainly designed to hype Super Showdown on Friday. It worked although there’s really not much to be excited about on that show. It was a bit of a mixed bag overall, but far from bad. It was solid.