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Csonka’s WWE TLC 2019 Review

December 15, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Daniel Bryan WWE TLC Smackdown
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Csonka’s WWE TLC 2019 Review  

Csonka’s WWE TLC 2019 Review

– Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade @ 12:30 via pin [***½]
Smackdown Tag Tam Title Ladder Match: Champions The New Day defeated The Revival @ 19:10 [***½]
– Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy @ 13:45 via pin [****]
Raw Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Viking Raiders vs. The Good Brothers went to a double countout @ 8:40 [**]
TLC Match: King Corbin defeated Roman Reigns @ 22:20 via pin []
Non-Title Match: Champion Bray Wyatt defeated The Miz @ 6:00 via pin [*]
Tables Match: Lashley defeated Rusev @ 13:35 [*]
Women’s Tag Team Title TLC Match: Champions The Kabuki Warriors defeated Becky Lynch & Charlotte @ 26:00 [**½]

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Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo: Vega is at ringside. Andrade takes control right away, hitting a dropkick, chops and a running knee strike for 2. He follows with a backdrop, but Carrillo battles back with a series of arm drags and as he heads up top Andrade dumps him to the floor. Andrade lays the boots to Carrillo, and follows with the hanging arm bar. He maintains focus on the arm, grounding Carrillo. Carrillo manages to hit a jawbreaker, follows with a RANA and dumps Andrade. He rolls back in, they trade strikes and Carrillo hits the high cross and an enziguri. Andrade counters the rolling moonsault, he’s busted open and Carrillo cuts him off with a running dropkick and follows with a tope. Back in and the cover gets 2. Carrillo follows with a missile dropkick for 2. He heads up top and Andrade cuts him off, follows with strikes, and they trade up top until Andrade hits the draping double stomp off the post. Back in and the cover gets 2. They work into counters, clothesline by Carrillo and both men are down. Andrade heads up top, Carrillo follows with a disaster kick. Andrade counters and sends him to the buckles and the double knees follow for 2. Carrillo counters the DDT, they tease the Vega up and Andrade hits a suplex. Andrade up top, cut off and the avalanche poison RANA follows. Carrillo hits the moonsault for the win. Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade @ 12:30 via pin [***½] This was really good, they got time, they delivered and then continued the tease of Zelina & Andrade splitting. I hope they don’t, but the match was really good.

– We open the PPV with the Firefly Funhouse setting up the PPV.

Smackdown Tag Tam Title Ladder Match: Champions The New Day vs. The Revival: They brawl at the bell with the champions taking control with double teams on Dash. The fight spills to the floor, as New Day maintains control. The Revival cut them off, slamming Big E to the steps and then working over Kofi with ladder shots. Kofi battled back and hits a high cross onto the ladder to take them down. Big E is back but they take out Kofi, Big E hits the challengers with the ladder and to the floor he goes. He lays dash on the ladder on the apron, and the splash eats ladder as Dawson saves Dash. They catch Kofi’s dive and slam him to the apron. The challengers look to climb, but Big E makes the save and stops them. He climbs, but Dawson missile dropkicks the ladder to stop him. They hit him in the balls with the ladder, and then dropkick the ladder into his nuts for some more testicular trauma. It’s all Revival here, until Kofi battles back and teeter totters the ladder into their faces. Big E works a stretch muffler on Dawson, Dash makes the save, Kofi attacks and Big E goes back to the stretch muffler and Kofi hits him with a ladder. Kofi climbs, the challengers dump Big E as they try to dump Kofi but he bounces off the ropes with a tornado DDT. Trouble in paradise follows, and he climbs again. Dawson follows him up and that leads to shatter machine on Kofi. Big E back in, suicide spear to Dash and they crash to the floor. Ladder shot to Dawson, he gets another ladder and also sets that one up. He slides in another and makes a bridge to the corner with it. He lays Dawson on it and climbs the ropes. Dash stops him and crotches him on the ropes. Dawson follows him up, superplex onto the ladder and dash follows with the splash to bend the ladder. The Revival & Kofi climb, Kofi gets tree of WHOA’d in the ladder but Big E climbs and hits a big ending of the ladder onto Dash. Dawson climbs, Kofi hits him with the titles to send him back to the mat. Kofi climbs and gets the titles for the win. Champions The New Day defeated The Revival @ 19:10 [***½] This was a very good PPV opening ladder match, it didn’t get too crazy, but kept a nice pace and the crowd liked it. I am sort of surprised in no title change, but I’d say that while not a high-level ladder match, that this delivered.

– Kayla interviews King Corbin, he’s not worried about tonight because he has Reigns where he wants him, and will beat the big dog tonight and become his master.

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy: Buddy avoids Black mass and they work into counters and end in a standoff. Black then grounds the action, Buddy fires back but Black quickly grounds him again. Buddy escapes, hits a back elbow but Black fires away with kicks and takes Buddy down. Black trips him to the floor but Buddy posts him and slams him to the steps. He follows with strikes, rolls him back in and Buddy grounds the action. He then dumps Black, follows him out and slams him off the commentary table. Buddy steals Black’s jacket, outs it on and Black is pissed, fires back and his nose is busted up. Black follows with kicks and both men are down. back to the feet, they trade strikes and Black connects with a flurry, the shining wizard and head kick. The knee strike and springboard moonsault oppress follow for 2. He takes Buddy to the apron, but Buddy fires back and then gets posted. Black follows with the moonsault to the floor. Back in, knee strike and that gets 2 for Black. Buddy counters the dragon sleeper, Black cuts him off and they work up top, kick by Black and Buddy counters into Cheeky nandos. Hits three more and the Liger bomb follows for 2. Kamigoye is countered, elbow by Black, knee strike by Buddy and the brainbuster follows for 2. They fire up and Black fires back, they trade and Black mass finishes it. Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy @ 13:45 via pin [****] This was great, I said in the preview, give them 12 to 15-minutes and they will have a banger, and they did. Both guys were great here, delivering in a hard-hitting style that no one else will work on the show.

– Rusev comments on tonight’s match with Lashley. Lashley can have Lana, and he’ll prove he’s back tonight.

– We get highlights of AOP beating down Owens on Raw and the reveal of Darth Rollins.

– There are fans eating KFC at ringside.

– The Viking Raiders issue their open challenge; the Good Brothers accept.

Raw Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Viking Raiders vs. The Good Brothers: Anderson and Erik begin, working to the ropes as Erik takes control. Ivar tags in and double teams follow. Ivar grounds things, working the arm. Erik tags in and the champions follow with double teams for 2. Distraction by Gallows, Anderson attacks and Anderson then slams Erik to the apron. Back in and Anderson covers for 2. He grounds Erik, and follows with a spinebuster for 2. Gallows tags in and he follows with body shots. The suplex and elbow drop follow for 2. More elbows by Gallows follow as he grounds things. Erik fires up, head kick by Gallows and Anderson tags in, covering for 2. Erik battles back, tag to Ivar and he runs wild. Dumps Gallows and heads up top. Anderson cuts him off and Gallows tags in. Double teams follow and the cover gets 2. Anderson in and Ivar kind hits a back handspring elbow on both. Thor’s hammer gets 2. It breaks down, Gallows levels Ivar and Erik is dumped into the crowd. Suicide dive by Ivar and we get a double countout. Champions The Viking Raiders vs. The Good Brothers went to a double countout @ 8:40 [**] It was ok with a very flat finish to continue the feud. In all honesty, it was an infomercial for KFC disguised as a tag team title match.

– They brawl post match and Anderson gets powerbombed through the KFC table.

– Miz is interviewed and says Monroe is fine and safe. He’s moved his family to an undisclosed location for safety. This is the most important and personal match of his life. He’s fighting to protect his family, and will do anything to do that.

TLC Match: Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin: Security attacks and Reigns kicks their asses. Corbin charges and they brawl on the stage with Reigns attacking with ladders. He tosses Corbin off the stage and follows him to the floor. They brawl into the crowd, and back to ringside. Reigns slams him off the tables, rolls him in and Corbin hits deep six for 2. He follows with ground and pound, and posts Reigns. He then works him over on the floor, back in and they trade as Corbin hits the in and out lariat for 2. Corbin grounds the action, to the floor and Reigns whips him to the barricade. Reigns fires back, rolls him in the ring and Corbin catches him low. He slams Reigns to the steps and grabs a ladder, hitting Reigns and maintaining control. Back in and Corbin covers for 2. He gets a chair, lays n shots to Reigns and wedges the chair in the corner. Reigns fires back, hits clotheslines and a big boot. Corbin counters the superman punch, and the choke beaker follows. He sets for a spear, Reigns cuts him off and runs him into the chair. Superman punch and that gets 2. Reigns gets a table, slides it in and sets it up. Corbin hits him with a can of dog food and chokeslams him through the table for 2. Corbin clears off an announce table, dumps Reigns and lays him on the table. He follows him onto it, and v Samoan drops him off and through another table. Reigns fires up and Dolph arrives to cut him off with a superkick. They kick the shit out of a ringside crew guy and look to make Reigns dog food Jesus again. Reigns fights them off, hits the drive by kick and gets a kendo stick. He beats up Corbin’s security with it, but the Revival attack Reigns. They roll him in the ring, but Reigns fights back and takes them out. Reigns dumps Corbin, and hits the big dog dive onto the pile. Back in and Dolph chair shots Reigns to cut off the spear. Zigzag follows, as Reigns has no friends it appears. Shatter machine follows. Corbin hits end of days on the chair and wins. King Corbin defeated Roman Reigns @ 22:20 via pin [*½] It wasn’t good, at all; quite bad actually. They didn’t really use the TLC stip well or much at all and only really walked and brawled until 15 guys arrived to beat the big dog as the match felt twice as long as it actually was.

Champion Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz: Thankfully, no red lights. Miz attacks as Wyatt begs off. Miz rips of his sweater, follows with kicks and running knee strikes. He counters sister Abigail and the skull-crushing finale follows. Miz does the Pentagon arm snap spot and Wyatt rolls to the floor, He runs into the barricade, pulling a Martin Riggs to pop his shoulder backing but Miz attacks. He slams him to the steps, onto a table and Wyatt then dumps him over the barricade. A draping sister Abigail follows on the floor, and Miz barely beats the count back in. Sister Abigail finishes it. Champion Bray Wyatt defeated The Miz @ 6:00 via pin [*] I liked that Miz was serious, and I liked that that tried to differentiate the Friend from Bray, but the match was no good at all. Thankfully the post match angle was good.

– The Fiend appears on the screen, Bray gets out the super hammer and the lights go out. BUSAIKU KNEE BY BRYAN, with new short hair & beard, just missing the cape. Dropkicks and kicks follow to Bray, busaiku knee and he stomps the shit out of Bray. He takes the hammer and lights out. Back on and Bray has disappeared.

Tables Match: Lashley vs. Rusev: Lana is at ringside. They brawl on the floor right away as Rusev takes control. He slides in a table, Lana steals it and Lashley attacks. He follows with clotheslines, follows with a dominator and gets a table. Rusev cuts him off and hits a suplex on the ramp. Lashley flips over the table and whips Rusev to the steps. Lashley sets up a table on the floor, and back in, follows with strikes. He slides a table in and props it up in the corner. Rusev attacks, and they trade as they tease the table spot. Spinebuster by Lashley and he then works him over in the corner. He slides in another table, sets it up and takes Rusev up top. Rusev fights off the superplex, slips out and Lashley to the apron. They trade, Lashley teases a suplex, and Rusev knocks him to the floor, over the table. Rusev then hits him with the steps, grabs a barricade and hits Lashley with it. He props it up at ringside, Lashley rakes the eyes and chokeslams Rusev onto the barricade. Lashley gets a kendo stick. Works over Rusev with it and Lana laughs at Rusev. Back in and Lashley continues his attack. Lashley props up a table in the corner, follows with kendo shots but Rusev fires up, nails Lashley with the kendo and starts laying into Lashley with it. Machka kick by Rusev, and Lana attacks and Lashley spears Rusev into a table, no break so he suplexes him through another for the win. Lashley defeated Rusev @ 13:35 [*] The good news, they hit each other really hard, which was mildly entertaining. The bad news is that it felt like it lasted an eternity, was not laid out all that well, and was honesty really boring as this show has completely fallen off of a cliff. Even worse, this feud must continue.

– The Street profits talk as Reigns & Corbin and others brawl backstage.

Women’s Tag Team Title TLC Match: Champions The Kabuki Warriors vs. Becky Lynch & Charlotte: They brawl at the bell and spill to the floor. Asuka is whipped into chairs as Charlotte catches Sane out if the air with a big boot. Charlotte clears off announce tables and Becky slams Sane onto one and then Charlotte does the same. Asuka makes the save with chair shots and Sane joins in as she dropkicks a chair into Charlotte’s face. They work over Becky, roll her in and she trips Asuka onto a chair and then slams her onto a ladder. Charlotte takes out Sane and Becky attacks Asuka on the floor. Sane saves Asuka, gets posted and then post Asuka. The challengers look to climb, Sane tries to throw a chair it, it hits the ropes and hits her in the face, Oops. She hides under the ring, gets pulled out and she uses a fire extinguisher as Asuka attacks with a bull rope, if you wiiiiiiiill. They double team Becky and then Charlotte, and then sorta trap her in a chair with a kendo stick. They beat her down, slam Becky on a ladder and tie her to it. They isolate Charlotte and whip her to the barricade. They dump her into the crowd and climb. Charlotte makes the save with a kendo stick. Topples over the ladder and dumps the champions. Ladder shot to Asuka, and then Sane. To the floor and Asuka is sent into some chairs as Charlotte then suplexes Sane into the barricade. She tries to free Becky but Asuka cuts her off with chair shots. Sane on the announce table but Becky gets the feet up and counters the elbow, She escapes and the challengers mount a comeback, chair shots follow and Becky follows with kendo shots. Back in and they set up chairs, set the champions in them and attack with big boots and clotheslines. Charlotte has Asuka on the floor, lays her on a table, and Becky follows with a leg drop from the apron. They post Sane, but Sane counters the double suplex into a double DDT. Sane places them on a table, splash from the apron but… I AM THE TABLE. Charlotte kinda spears Sane and after a lot of effort, powerbombs her through a table. German by Asuka, she lays a table on Becky and chairs on Charlotte. She checks n on Sane, picks her up and then slide a ladder into the ring. They set it up, Asuka climbs but Becky & Charlotte have chairs to make the save and stop her. Charlotte kicks a face into Asuka’s face. Sane cuts off Becky as Charlotte lays Asuka on a table at ringside. Charlotte heads up top, Asuka pops up and stops her. Apron bomb through the table by Asuka. That had to suck. Becky cuts off Asuka, slams her into ladders and climbs. Asuka uses the rope to topple over the ladder and she climbs. The champions retain. Champions The Kabuki Warriors defeated Becky Lynch & Charlotte @ 26:00 [**½] I don’t expect ladder style matches to be technically clean throughout, but this one was rather ambitious at times and suffered due to that as things were really disjointed and off especially early on. It was really physically and they took some rough bumps and I am not sure that Sane came out of that match well at all as she looked out of it. There was also a real severe lack of drama as they spent 80% of the match on the floor and tried to rely on the big spots instead of really creating drama in capturing the titles. I had really high hopes for this one, but don’t feel they delivered, especially in the main event spot.

– Reigns and Corbin brawl into the arena and Reigns spears Corbin out of the stand onto he pile of geeks to close the show.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 74. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Jeremy Lambert break down week 11 of AEW vs. NXT TV, and then preview WWE TLC 2019. The show is approximately 95-minutes long.

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* AEW (12.11.19) Dynamite Review: 2:25
* NXT TV (12.11.19) Review: 42:40
* The Head to Head Comparison: 1:02:20
* Previewing WWE TLC 2019: 1:09:45

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
WWE TLC 2019 was a show I wasn’t particularly looking forward to, but one that I felt had some potential. The show started off strongly, and like many WWE PPVs in 2019, well off a cliff and never recovered. You can watch the first three matches and skip the rest and be happy, unfortunately, there were still five matches after that. Unfortunately, WWE TLC 2019 teased being a good show, fell off quickly and wasn’t a good show when all was said and done.