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Danny Cage Accuses Joey Mercury, Will Ferrara & More at ROH Dojo Of Being ‘Trash Humans’

April 28, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Danny Cage Monster Factory

Monster Factory owner Danny Cage has spoken up on Twitter about his time working with the ROH Dojo, calling Joey Mercury, Will Ferrara and others ‘trash humans.’ Cage has been posting to Twitter at different times over the past day or so discussing his time at the Dojo and the toxic culture that he alleges went on there, alleging that there was a pattern of sleeping with talent, verbal and drug abuse, and more.

You can see some highlights from his posts below, in which he alleges that Ferrara has a habit of sleeping with talent and that Mercury’s method of getting ahead is “do gas and get someone fired.” He also alleges that Mercury was verbally abusive to Hana Kimura in one incident and that Kelly Klein tried to get dirt on him from former a student in shortly before he was fired:

When I was hired by ROH I was hired to bring my system to their ROH Dojo. But the kids & coaches didn’t want that. Why put in work when you can get paid to peddle drugs, sleep with people’s wives & students? So I had to go. It’s been the drizzling shits since. Good times. Will was so mad that he was there for like a decade & all he had to show for it was the same recycled pin drill passed on & I walked in for 5 minutes & got Future of Honor & ROH Dojo more eyes than ever. So I had to go. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of coaches sleeping w/ talent which I later found out he was & is. I’m not bitter. Just better. Was thinking how much the talent over there would’ve benefited from actually training as opposed to Joey’s formula. Do gas & get someone fired. That’s how you get ahead in his eyes. Trash humans over there.



Also that time we thought Joey was pilled up during ROH tryout. Started leaning over. Eyes rolling back in head. Right after he snapped on Hana & told her to shut up or go to the back. That’s how much trash he is. She was one of the sweetest ever. Trash humans


Keep in mind, Joey had emails sent to ROH about him. Plus all the names hated him. But the emails. Joey texting female students. Trashing them. Because this is a joey tactic. Make you feel shitty (even though you’re not) then pretend to help & say look…you are good now! Because of me. But that’s her story to tell in detail one day if she’d like. So that is why Joey “quit” & walked out. He was confronted about his absolutely awful attempt at being a coach & replied with, she hit on me before. He was gone. Trash human.


Remember my tweet some time back about somebody calling the Marty Jones drill dangerous? Yeah. It was Will. Said I put the students at risk & they were terrified. Watch for yourself.


This is Kelly Klein trying to get dirt on me from a former student. I was puzzled at what kk was referring to so I checked my messages. It was in 2017 & it wasn’t bullying. The person in question is my right hand man Davy. We were not bullying him & he’s never been bullied. This was her looking for dirt in February. I was fired in March. Guess me being on to her cheating on her husband with a habitual fucker upper was too much to bear. Also, she found no dirt. So the embellished & made shit up. Trash humans.


One time a well respected former wwe coach asked me about my dealings with Joey. It was at the time I was working there. I said he’s cool. He said ok. Just curious. Then when I got fired we talked-about again. Turns out Joey did same to him. Got him fired at wwe. Plus a worker or two who got fired because of him. He befriends you. Gets dirt. Tells people he’s going to fire x y or z. Then does get them fired. Now he’s feared. Never respected.


The tweets have become a discussion point on the Squared Circle subreddit where ROH announcer Ian Riccaboni backed up some of Cage’s comments. Riccaboni wrote about his own experiences with Mercury including homophobic behavior, confirming Cage’s recounting of the incident with Kimura, and more:

Hard and fast use of the pejorative F word which I asked him to stop. “Why do you say that about Rhett Titus’ body? I’m in better shape than him! What, are you some kind of ***?!” This would occur after events but also when he’d call me at 1:30 AM ET. Why it needed to be addressed at 1:30 AM ET on days we didn’t have events and I was living my life as a civilian, I have no idea.

Would joke about the time we saw a woman (the make up artist we had at Madison Square Garden) asking for a ROH staffer by name so she could get her check at the hotel. The situation, admittedly, was kind of funny. It appeared to be something it was not. He has implied that he was ready to drop this conversation. He has posted edited texts between us before on Twitter and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it again.

Similarly, he’s threatened to out a LGBTQ member of the ROH roster and out one of my best friends.

I haven’t said anything because I was pretty crippled by fear that I’ve said something out of pocket and it might come to light. But Danny needs a friend right now and what he’s saying about the power dynamic that was created is true and what a WrestleMania headliner pulled me aside and warned me. If I said something out of pocket, that is on me and I have to own it.

I was/am not involved in the Dojo beyond the semi-annual tryouts. The first one we did with Joey, I came prepared as I always did with a printed spreadsheet of the campers names, hometowns/home promotion, experience level. I printed enough for everyone. Bully, BJ, Delirious, Daniels, and others said thank you; Joey took the copy I made for him and my personal copy and trashed them. This was the same camp Hana was at. Can confirm what Danny has said regarding Hana.

Finally, most recently, Joey blamed me on Twitter for spoiling Final Battle. One of the Dojo students has since privately apologized for providing him the results. It was a lot of time and energy explaining to folks that I didn’t tell a soul. Joey always said there are two things you can’t get back: people’s time and attention. It didn’t ruin my Christmas but I’m just glad someone nearly four months later admitted to providing him the results. He got my time and attention. Good one.

This has been therapeutic for me, too. There are others who likely feel the same way. But this is a time and an emotion drain. They likely are in similar positions where they have kids or other jobs and that they consider the issue closed and can’t spare the emotion, especially during a pandemic. And there may be some too who fear what they’ve said to Joey via text. But I’m proud of Danny for having the courage to speak up.

Mercury filed a lawsuit against ROH in March accusing the company of creating “an unsafe working environment and poor overall working conditions and morale.” Klein has also sued the company alleging discrimination and harassment. Ferrera still works for ROH.