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David Arquette On Why He Chose to Star in Ready to Rumble, Returning to Wrestling and More

September 24, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– David Arquette spoke with FOX News for a new interview discussing his return to wrestling and more. Highlights are below:

On his starring role in Ready To Rumble:: “I don’t know exactly how I got involved in Ready to Rumble. It was just a script that came by, I’d been becoming off Scream so, when you have a hit movie it’s easy to sort of pick and choose. I was already a wrestling fan, so just the idea of working with Sting and Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) was amazing, and I just love the story and I love the director, Brian Robbins, he’s an amazing director and Scott Caan, Oliver Platt where involved. So, it was a great cast, great script, great director — easy decision. And I got to tour around, fly in a plane with Hulk Hogan and hear a bunch of stories and have a few drinks with Ric Flair, which was amazing.”

On his WCW World Championship win: “Yeah, there was a lot of heat backstage. A lot of people were upset, and understandably so. I mean, they’ve dedicated their lives to it, they’ve been training as wrestlers and touring and driving in cars for countless hours and, you know, a lot of them are also generationally involved with it. A lot of pride and heritage that goes with it, so I understand them being upset, you know. A lot of people didn’t know so, it was a big surprise to them too… There’s never really been a fan champion. I mean, now there has, there’s a little kid that won at WrestleMania, which I got compared to a lot. I am literally the low bar for all things wrestling, so that’s kind of the reason I’m coming back too, to sort of, you know, show them that… I never had an opportunity to train before, and I’ve been training every day.”

On returning to wrestling this year: “When I first won the title, there was no Internet really. No Twitter craziness, so it just increasingly got more venomous, and when they changed the IHOP to IHOB, Bubba Dudley wrote: ‘That’s the worst idea since making David Arquette the champion.’ So, it’s just like a way of shutting everyone up. It’s been great to get in shape and learn the moves and learn some chain wrestling and top of the rope stuff.”

On being bullied online: “One thing about being bullied online is you can’t take it personally. A lot of the people are dealing with their own issues, they have to lash out online so you really have to have a thick skin as an actor, as a wrestler and just as a person — a kid going to school even. So, my best advice is just not to take it personally and believe in yourself, just keep going and doing what you do, you know, there’s a lot of stuff going on about dreams and making your dreams come true.”

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