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Dax Harwood Looks Back at FTR vs. Briscoes From ROH Final Battle 2022

December 10, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
FTR Briscoes ROH Final Battle, Dax Harwood Image Credit: ROH

FTR battled The Briscoes in a Dog Collar Match at ROH Final Battle a year ago, and Dax Harwood took to social media to reflect on the bout. The two teams battled in the vicious bout at Final Battle on December 10th of last year, which would turn out to be Jay Briscoe’s final ROH match as he passed away in January.

Harwood posted to Twitter to comment on the bout, writing:

“One year ago, today, we the had the greatest match of our career. To me, it encapsulates everything FTR has represented; emotion.

We couldn’t have achieved that without having our equals there to bring that emotion out of us. The story going into this match proves that, whatever you believe, there HAS to be something bigger than us out there.

This night, we all 4 sat in the locker room, no one around, bloody from head to toe, each with a tequila in our hand, talking about the end of this rivalry. How we’ll never experience anything like this again. How all four of us, from now until forever, would be connected; and we were ok with that. How years from now, decades from now, we’d be traveling to conventions and meet & greets just to talk about this rivalry and THIS ONE MATCH in particular.

Then it all changed.

The picture of Jay, the intensity on his face, a chain wrapped around my mouth, the emotion in Paul, Cash desperately doing everything in his power, even if it means losing, to save his best friend from death while Mark is using every last ounce of energy in his body to block him, is the greatest snapshot of my career.

Everyone that had a hand in this match & this moment, from Tony, The Briscoes, Cash, Paul, Posey, the camera men, the producers, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve given me, my career, and my life.”