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Drake Wuertz Shares Text From John Laurinaitis, Calls WWE’s COVID Policy ‘Tyrannical Overreach’

June 29, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Drake Wuertz is getting more vocal since his WWE release and took to social media to share texts from John Laurinaitis and blast WWE’s COVID-19 protocols. As you likely recall, Wuertz was released from WWE in May as part of a crop of NXT-related cuts. Wuertz had garnered significant heat over a variety of issues, perhaps most notably his outspoken views against COVID-19 protections to the point where he missed an NXT taping to argue against masks in schools at a school board meeting and was a point of concern for many within the company.

Wuetz posted a screenshot of a text message from Laurinaitis sent before Wuertz’ release to his Instagram story today, in which Laurinaitis informed employees that those who are fully vaccinated don’t need to wear a mask or test as long as medical has proof of said vaccination. Those not fully vaccinated needed to follow the protocol, with Laurinaitis noting, “You will have to test, fill out paperwork, have your temperature checked and wear a mask.”

Wuertz then posted to his Instagram noted that he considered requiring employees to provide proof of vaccination in order to work in an unrestricted capacity a “basic human rights” violation and called WWE’s policies a “tyrannical overreach of control” that he defied, which led to his release. You can see his full post and the caption below.

“Any company that is discriminating against employees that refuse to participate in an experimental medical procedure by forcing them to show proof of vaccination in order to come to work in a normal capacity is violating basic human rights. I questioned, pushed back, and then defied this tyrannical overreach of control. That didn’t fit their narrative and I was punished. Faith is taking a stand and knowing that God has you covered. I lost my six-figure job for taking a stand on multiple fronts and I don’t regret it one bit. We all come to a point where we either follow the Lord or follow the world. That decision was easy for me. I’d rather flip burgers for the glory of God then sell my soul being part of a cabal that’s pushing a deceptive lie that you must mask up or take the jab in order to participate in normal everyday life. A company I thought was Patriotic has now bowed to the communist mob agenda. #ReligiousFreedom #Uncanceled #RiseUp #DefyTyrants #medicalfreedom #bestrongandcourageous #GlorytoGod”

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