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Eric Bischoff Praises Kenny Omega, Thinks AEW Made Mistake With Mercedes Mone

April 17, 2024 | Posted by Andrew Ravens
AEW Dynamite Kenny Omega Image Credit: AEW

On the latest episode of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff talked about the recent comments made by Kenny Omega and the state of Mercedes Mone in AEW. You can check out some highlights below:

On Kenny Omega saying he wasn’t a good AEW EVP and comments about brawl with CM Punk:
“It’s the most honest adult thing I’ve heard out of AEW in months. It adds to his credibility, his character, and his respect. Because he’s being honest, and he had fun doing it in the process. And the fact that saving a dog, in my opinion, was very high on my list of people that I want to meet and say hello to, I get in all of the commentaries and their reactions and even Tony Shavione, and you know, I love Tony he’s a great dude. And we’re friends but Kenny Omega’s comments were the most adult comments I’ve heard anybody in AEW say publicly in a long time. Good on him.”

On saving Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut for Double or Nothing: “I would have had her wrestle before the May pay-per-view. I would have actually tried to build her up in a way to make her interesting and compelling. Right now, I predicted I was asked. It’s not that I came out and started throwing my shit around just hoping that somebody would be interested. I was asked the question months and months and months ago. Do you think Mercedes will have any impact in AEW and without even taking a deep breath? To express the one-syllable answer to that? It was no. It was. She’s not, she hasn’t, and she won’t. And that’s self-inflicted and has nothing to do with her potential or what she’s capable of as a talent. It’s the environment she’s in. It is dysfunctionally creative. It is dysfunctional creatively. There’s a lack of vision. There’s, it’s just impossible for anybody to show up and have an impact, or move the needle or change the game or whatever euphemism you want to use a metaphor, whatever the fuck it is it at this point, it doesn’t matter. They can do anything they want to do with her, and it’s not gonna matter. It’s over. They blew it. She’s just gonna beSaraya. Yep. Oh, that was gonna be a big thing. Oh, the women’s division is gonna be oh, this is it. Game Changer. Really? What are we seeing so far? Absolutely nothing. Two months from now, you will be looking at the same scenario for Mercedes, not because of her. Or maybe she’s part of it. She could be part of the problem. But the real problem is there is just no fundamental understanding of how to build a wrestling company for television in this country, at AEW, if they’re hiding, there in the witness protection program.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit 83 Weeks with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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