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Fans Will Be Allowed To Cheer Again In NJPW Starting In February

November 24, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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New Japan Pro Wrestling has announced that fans will be allowed to cheer and boo again starting this February. Fans have not been allowed to vocally react to NJPW events since the pandemic started over two years ago. They had previously only been allowed to clap. However, that will change with The New Beginning on Osaka on February 11. The announcement reads:

On February 11th (Sat), the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium Tournament will be held as a “Voice Support Tournament”.

February 11 (Sat) Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, Stadium 1 (EDION ARENA OSAKA)
“Royal seats” “1st floor arena” all seats, “1st floor Hinadan” “2nd floor designated Some areas of “seats” will be “vocal support possible”. In the target area, the seats will be arranged with one seat spaced on the front, back, left and right, and you will be able to support your voice while wearing a non-woven fabric mask.
“1st floor Hinadan” and “2nd floor reserved seats” are also part of the area, as well as “2nd floor special seats” and “no vocal support areas”. A staff member will call out to you if you have to raise your voice in an area where you cannot raise your voice. Please note that if the situation does not improve, you may be asked to leave.
* Please wear a mask correctly and watch the game in the seat indicated on the ticket.
*The implementation of the “Voice Support Tournament” will be decided for each venue. For competitions that allow vocal support and venues that do not have an area for vocal support, vocal cheering will continue to be prohibited.
*In accordance with changes in guidelines announced by the government and local governments and the status of infection, we may change the number of seats, seating arrangement, and operational rules. Please note.

Be sure to wear a non-woven mask inside the venue. Please cover your nose and mouth and help us wear it correctly.

[Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: Wearing Masks]
[Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: How to Wear a Mask Correctly (Video)]

Please refrain from eating or drinking other than rehydration.
Please refrain from cheering or talking while the mask is removed, such as when rehydrating. Also, please be mindful of cough etiquette.
Bringing in alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
Please face the direction of the ring when cheering aloud.
Other than the support rules, everything will be the same as before, so please cooperate with the basic measures against infectious diseases.
Please be sure to sit in the seat indicated on the ticket and do not move seats.
Please refrain from interacting with other customers, such as talking with other customers at close range or taking group photos, and keep contact to a minimum.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation for safe and secure operation.

February 11 (Sat) Doors open at 15:30, game starts at 17:00
Osaka, Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, Stadium 1 (Edion Arena Osaka)
☆Fan club advance December 2 (Fri) 12:00-December 5th (Mon) 23:59
☆Lawson ticket special advance December 11th (Sun) 12:00-December 17th (Sat) 23:59
☆General from December 18th (Sun) Released

For the holding of the tournament, we plan to proceed with the plan after consultation with the venue and relevant local governments.
The holding method and rules regarding vocal support may change depending on the domestic infection status of the new coronavirus and the policies of the government and local governments. Please note that it is possible to change after ticket sales.

Various sales schedules and competition dates are subject to change. Each tournament will be held in accordance with the policy of the host prefecture, and will be held in accordance with the ” New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Policy
at the Show” after consultation with the venue .
[Important Notice] Requests and initiatives for visitors regarding measures against new coronavirus infections (Please check before purchasing tickets.)

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