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Freddie Prinze Jr. Was Disappointed In Most Recent Monday Night Raw

November 5, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Freddie Prinze Jr - 24 Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

Freddie Prinze Jr. pulled no punches in his evaluation of the most recent Monday Night Raw from WWE (per Wrestling Inc). Speaking on his podcast, Prinze expressed his disappointment regarding multiple facets of the episode, emphasizing the backstage segment between The Miz and Mustafa Ali as particularly cringeworthy. You can read a few highlights and listen to the full episode below.

On his disbelief that Ali agreed to the segment: “[T]hey put him in a backstage segment with The Miz where they had him check The Miz’s testicles twice and comment on them twice, and wrote the worst backstage segment that I’ve seen in I don’t know how many months. [The segment] made him look like crap, made Miz sell a jaw in order for Mustafa Ali to get the win, and made Miz get attacked by Dexter Loomis again in order for Mustafa Ali to get the win. I don’t know how the dude says, ‘Yeah, okay, I’ll do this segment.’ I just don’t. I don’t get it.”

On the overall tone of the episode: “Man, I was really wanting to like this guy [Ali] and then that segment came out on Halloween and I was just like, maybe it’s because it’s the Halloween show and they’re putting pumpkins on Otis’ head and all that.”