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Georgia Championship Wrestling (11.7.1981) Review

March 29, 2024 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Georgia Championship Wrestling Austin Idol 11-7-81 Image Credit: Georgia Championship Wrestling
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Georgia Championship Wrestling (11.7.1981) Review  

-Originally aired November 7, 1981.

-Your hosts are Gordon Solie and Rowdy Roddy Piper. And the studio audience is PUMPED this week and it even sounds like they crammed some extra people in there.

-There’s a massive trophy at the commentary table because the 6th Annual National Tag Team Tournament, and because it just happens that Otis Sistrunk left the promotion last week, they’re going to go ahead and award the trophy AND the title belts to the winners of this year’s tournamnt.


-Because of the upcoming tournament, GCW is going to be loaded with tag team talent for the next few weeks, including the returning Armstrong family.

-St. John goes for a side chancery, but Brad flings him off. Now that we’re at the ring and we can see the studio audience, yes, the studio is FULL this week and they definitely added seats to cram everyone in there. It’s amazing how much this episode sounds and feels like a small arena rather than a TV studio.

-Stone tags in and gets armdragged. Armstrongs focus on arm-weakening in the most marvelously ironic squash match ever. Jobbers get the upper hand and IMMEDIATELY the “Go Brad Go” chant erupts in the studio. He hot-tags his father and the crowd loses their shit for it, as the Armstrongs use a double-team clothesline to get the pinfall. DAMN this is a good audience this week.

-Tommy Rich is here, and Gordon cryptically commends Rich for his actions in “the Dusty Rhodes/Kabuki incident” before promising us that we’ll have footage later in the show so we can see what happened…Oh, also, Tommy Rich is still convinced that Super Destroyer is the Masked Superstar, although he acknowledges that he’s never even seen Superstar without his mask and isn’t even really sure what to look for.


-Koloff has a title belt with him, with Gordon explaining that Ivan currently is a co-holder of the European Tag Team Championship.

-Koloff works the back before clamping on a chinlock. Ivan looks GREAT here, not just muscular but just looking really fit moving around the ring with energy. Hiptoss and a backdrop by Koloff. Knees to the chest, but Koloff won’t finish him, and he nearly pays for that as Gilbert connects with a miracle bodypress for a one-count. Koloff ties him up in a front facelock right away to wear him down, and Koloff faceplants Gilbert from the top rope to get the three-count.

-The Armstrongs are ready to take on top competition in the tournament at the Omni on Thanksgiving night. A Thanksgiving event where tag teams are gradually eliminated? Lame.

-Terry Gordy admits he’s been “holding back” for the past few months and promises to bust loose going forward.


-Takedown by Gordy as Gordon makes the odd point that “everyone is the same size when they’re lying on the mat.” No, they very much aren’t. A front facelock from Rey Mysterio and one from Earthquake would be very different experiences.

-Terry clamps on a headlock…and….gets the submission. Hold on, what? Even Gordon and Roddy seem thunderstruck here. A headlock actually finishes.

-Post-match, Gordy threatens to beat up his fallen opponent, but Michael Hayes is coming out for an interview and he threatens to get in there and make trouble, so Gordy leaves.

-But Austin Idol is here to hog the interview time again, again insisting he’s the bigger star in Atlanta, and Hayes dares him to prove it.


-Williams takes Oates down, but Oates kips up and pops him in the mush. Williams tries a nerve hold. Oates comes back with a facelock, which Piper deems a crappy hold if you’re actually trying to beat somebody. Bolo-like forearm by Oates, and a spinning toehold is enough to finish things for him.

-Gordon announces a new concept coming to Georgia Championship Wrestling, the Bout of the Month. On December 5, Steve O will wrestle Bryan St. John. Mail a postcard to WTBS with the name of the wrestler that you expect to win that match. A random drawing will be held from the postcards that correctly picked the winner, and that one postcard will win a prize…and a postcard for the loser will also be drawn and given the same prize….which really knocks the steam out of this concept.

-Idol takes over a minute to step through the ropes and finish his pre-match showboating. He boots Benefield down while Piper announces that Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson have entered the Thanksgiving tournament. Figure four gets a quick submission for Idol.


-Rich & II work Harris’ arm. Iron Mike tags in and gets knocked around. Rich tags back in and looks like he might finish things, but Super Destroyer distracts him for a bit. A detail worth noting here–they very definitely had a new mask made for Super Destroyer; one with smaller holes for the eyes, because the eye holes on the other mask were big enough to show his blonde eyebrows and it was the deadest of dead giveaways that he’s NOT Masked Superstar, and we’re still pretending that he might be.

-Rich chases him off before heading back into the ring, where he gets into a fist fight with Iron Mike. All four men end up in the ring, but Harris & Sharpe are whipped into each other. Super Destroyer returns to the ring to distract Rich, but Rich throws him into the ring and knocks him around, and then the jobbers get cleared from the ring and the referee just kind of declares “That’s enough wrestling” like an Attitude Era finish.

-Roddy Piper interviews Ole Anderson, for a fascinating glimpse into a parallel universe version of Piper’s Pit. Ole says the Andersons are the most aggressive team in the tournament and they’ll prove it Thanksgiving night.


-This is the Jonathan Boyd/Luke Williams incarnation of the New Zealand team. It’s really, really weird to see Luke wearing normal wrestling tights.

-Sheepherders take turns working Gilbert’s arm. Hot tag to Oates, and Luke takes a BUMP for an Irish whip from Gilbert. Imagine the Sgt. Slaughter corner bump, but landing on the back. Oates and Gilbert take turns working the arm on Luke, but Boyd makes a tag behind Gilbert’s back and is just all over him right away, dropping a leg and working the arm over.

-Luke tags back in and stays with the arm, but now Gilbert makes a tag behind Boyd’s back, and Oates cleans house while the audience goes rabid for him. Oates tags Gilbert back in, and Gilbert gets overwhelmed, falling victim to the battering ram, which Gordon and Roddy both say they’ve never seen before. They do it a second time, and then follow with a double stomachbreaker for the three-count. Well, that turned out to be a hell of a match where I wasn’t expecting one.


-Hayes armdrags Timbs down while Gordon explains “the five points of attack” (two arms, two legs, head) and commends Hayes for utilizing four of the five in his execution of a wristlock. Hayes switches to a front facelock and cracks Timbs with a forearm. Chinlock by Hayes. Bulldog looks to finish, but a mysterious masked ninja storms the ring and attacks Hayes while Terry Gordy gives the masked man orders from the floor.

-The masked man misses an elbow drop from the second rope, and Hayes sees his opening and goes for the mask, pulling it off (after what feels like an entire third hour of this week’s episode dedicated to Hayes struggling to pull it off) and it’s Austin Idol. The brawl continues as Gordon frantically throws it to commercial.

-Ivan Koloff is here to clarify that the belt we saw earlier is the Mid-Atlantic Television Title, not his European Tag Team Title, and as everyone knows, the Mid-Atlantic Television Title is the second-most prestigious belt in professional wrestling today, behind the NWA World Title.


-So, even though Destroyer has a new and slightly better mask for the purposes of the angle…a memo to the director and camera crew politely telling them not to shoot any close-ups of him would have been helpful.

-The forces of evil work over Wells’ leg. Benefield tags in and gets slammed down by Koloff, who follows with a knee. Destroyer tags in and connects with a hard chop to the throat. Cobra hold finishes for Destroyer.

-Mr. Wrestling II is ready for action in Gadsden, Alabama tonight!

-It’s very clear from the commentary that Apollo is expected to do big things in the wrestling business, but he’s two years into what ended up being a very short career, and he was completely out of the business by 1984.

-Apollo nearly injures his nads on a leapfrog before monkey flipping Williams and working the arm. We get a news bulletin from Freddie Miller, who says that Michael Hayes needs medical attention as a result of the incident a few minutes ago. Dropkick by Apollo gets a two-count…and then a three-count, as Williams didn’t want to lay down for that one for some reason. Apollo cinches up on him to get the win, and is clearly annoyed as he gets his arm raised.

-Ole Anderson promises a wrestling lesson every time he’s in the ring. Watch his matches and try to learn something.

-The Sheepherders are here to pledge that they’ll hang a New Zealand flag in every arena in the U.S. to prove their superiority.

-Anderson takes Gallagher down and ties him up in a facelock. Ole knocks him around a bit before switching to another facelock. He whips Gallagher in the corner and Gallagher takes a shot at topping Luke’s bump from earlier in the show. Anderson applies the hold that Gordon named “Banana split” a few weeks ago and rolls Gallagher with it for a three-count.

-The Armstrongs are going to use their $25,000 prize money to buy a Corvette and a Jeep after Thanksgiving night.

-Gordon keeps hyping that the tournament will take place on “Thanksgiving Day night,” and it’s driving me up a wall.

-Brad takes down Harris with a drop toehold. Medina tags in and gets knocked around. Bullet Bob tags in and does some strutting and smacking around. Elbow off the second rope gives Bob the win.

-Terry Gordy and Austin Idol are back out here. Michael Hayes promised that he’d wrestle Austin Idol any time. And this week just turned out to be any time.

The final score: review Good
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A sizzling hot audience embiggened what was already a pretty solid episode.