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Glenn Jacobs Implicated In Legal Suit About Knox County Resource Misuses

November 29, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Kane WWE Image Credit: WWE

Glenn Jacobs, formerly WWE’s Kane and currently mayor of Knox County, TN, was allegedly involved in intimidating county official Paul White to participate in covering up a scandal where a county-owned golf cart was being privately used by Jacobs’ chief of staff, as well as utilizing county employees and public resources for his own personal use. The golf cart use was the initial lynchpin that started the investigation, but further efforts soon uncovered indications that workers being paid on county time were used for labor done at the houses of Chief of Staff Bryan Hair, former Parks & Recreation Director Paul White, and Jacobs himself.

Knox News reported yesterday that the 134-page lawsuit involving the claims was recently settled and detailed the contents of the accusations against Jacobs made within. Official statements by Knox County maintain that any labor done privately by county employees was done on their lunch breaks and therefore did not involve county resources. A spokesperson for Knox County issued denials for all the accusations in the lawsuit brought by White, and the legal team for Knox County also denies that any laws were broken.

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