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Hall’s AEW Full Gear 2022 Review

November 20, 2022 | Posted by Thomas Hall
MJF AEW Full Gear Image Credit: AEW
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Hall’s AEW Full Gear 2022 Review  

Full Gear 2022
Date: November 19, 2022
Location: Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey
Commentators: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

It’s time for another AEW pay per view and that should be a good thing a the company certainly has the reputation for putting on great ones. The main events here are MJF challenging Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title and Chris Jericho defending the Ring Of Honor World Title in a four way match. Let’s get to it.

Zero Hour: Best Friends/Rocky Romero/??? vs. Factory

The Best Friends are missing a partner to start, though they had advertised a very evil mysterious partner. Chuck shoulders Solo down to start and it’s off to Trent. A knee from the apron cuts Trent off but he’s fine enough to drop Johnson. Everything breaks down and Romero hits the Forever Clotheslines on Johnson in the corner. Marshall gets punched by a variety of people and Cassidy rather slowly joins in.

Cassidy takes so long setting up the big punch that Marshall falls down. The big four way hug is broken up by the rest of the Factory, who do their own hug. Trent gets whipped over the corner and out to the floor but he’s fine enough to get his knees up on Carter’s frog splash. A suplex to Marshall allows the double tag to Cassidy and Comoroto, with the lazy kicks having their intended effect. The annoyed Comoroto gets sent outside and Cassidy sends Marshall face first into the buckle over and over. The tornado DDT is broken up though and a right hand drops Cassidy.

Trent is back in with the tornado DDT and it’s the half and half into the Soul Food. Cassidy penalty kicks Johnson and hits the tornado DDT but Carter is back with a running flip dive….onto his own partners. Back in and Marshall catches the Orange Punch in a Diamond Cutter before loading up a piledriver on the steps. Cue Danhausen with a jar of teeth and a spike to clean house, allowing Cassidy to Orange Punch Comoroto. The teeth are poured into Comoroto’s mouth and a shot to the face gives Danhausen the pin at 11:46.

Rating: C. The wrestling itself wasn’t the point here and the match was nothing overly great. What mattered here was getting a popular act in front of the fans and having them go nuts. This was a great choice to open the night and Danhausen coming in for the pin was fine. It was about having fun and they did that rather well in a smart opener.

Post match Danhausen hits Marshall with the spike, setting up the big hug.

Zero Hour: Full Gear Contenders Tournament Semifinals: Brian Cage vs. Ricky Starks

The winner gets Ethan Page, on commentary, in the finals on Dynamite and Prince Nana is here with Cage. Starks is banged up coming in and the fight is on before the bell. Cage gets the better of the brawl and they fight to the floor with Cage hammering away. Back in and Starks can’t get anything going against the power. Starks is sent face first into the middle buckle (ow) and Cage does it again for good measure. Page is rather pleased with the carnage but wants more beating on both of them.

Starks fights back with a running elbow in the corner and a running clothesline drops Cage again. Cage pulls him out of the air though and a swinging Rock Bottom backbreaker gets two (much to Page’s delight). A springboard tornado DDT gets two more on Cage but the Roshambo doesn’t work. Weapon X is countered as well and Starks hits the spear for another near fall. Cage takes his head off with a discus lariat for two but the top rope elbow misses. Starks hits a Canadian Destroyer into Roshambo for the pin at 9:04.

Rating: C+. David vs. Goliath formula here and it went just fine. Starks, especially a banged up Starks, coming from behind to win over someone like Cage will always work and you have a tournament final that could go either way. It’s a shame that they couldn’t have the final here, but it was good enough action with a better story.

Zero Hour: Jun Akiyama vs. Eddie Kingston

This is Kingston’s dream match and fallout from a Rampage tag match. Akiyama’s jumping knee is blocked and Kingston knocks him into the ropes. A headlock doesn’t get Akiyama anywhere so we’ll go with the tried and true exchange of shouting strikes. Kingston sends him into the corner but charges into a boot. A right hand knocks Akiyama outside but he’s fine enough to grab a DDT on the apron.

Back in and a curb stomp knocks Kingston silly so Akiyama goes up. Kingston is back up to knock him to the floor and the machine gun chops…do very little to Akiyama. They trade suplexes until a knee strike puts both of them down. Kingston is up first with a DDT and the spinning backfist gets two. Another backfist is blocked and a hard knee gives Akiyama two of his own. Back up and another backfist finishes Akiyama at 10:26.

Rating: B-. I’m not sure why this needed to be added to tonight’s card but at least it was rather good. Kingston beating up legends is a way to go for him, but it would be nice if he was doing something a bit more important than living out his wrestling fantasies. Akiyama is a legend and did his thing as usual so it was nice enough for a treat for the fans.

Post match Kingston grabs the mic, thanks various Japanese legends, and tells us to order the pay per view so we can see Jon Moxley beat up MJF.

Luchasaurus vs. Jungle Boy

In a cage with Christian Cage at ringside. Jungle Boy strikes away at the legs to start but his springboard gets caught. The shove into the cage doesn’t work as Jungle Boy grabs onto the wall and a missile dropkick staggers Luchasaurus again. A face first ram into the cage cuts Jungle Boy off though and we’ve got some blood. Commentary talks about how long they have known each other and Luchasaurus him into the cage over and over.

A running powerbomb into the cage leaves Jungle Boy stuck between the wall and the ring. JR wants the match stopped (we’re not even six minutes in), though not so much as Jungle Boy gets an armbar over the top. Luchasaurus plants him again and yells at the referee for only counting two. The distraction lets Christian pull the key away from the outside referee. The door is opened and Christian is ejected, only to have Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy fight to the floor.

A catapult sends Jungle Boy into the cage and it’s table time, because a bloody cage match isn’t complete without a table. The chairs are thrown inside too and it’s a big boot to drop Jungle Boy again. A dropkick puts Luchasaurus down though and Jungle Boy sends him into the cage. That just earns Jungle Boy another ram into the cage and a chokeslam through an open chair gets a rather near fall.

Back up and Jungle Boy manages Sliced Bread before busting out an Undertaker sit up. Luchasaurus headbutts him down but Jungle Boy keeps bouncing up. A piledriver drops Luchasaurus for two so Jungle Boy sets up the table. Luchasaurus grabs a chokeslam attempt before switching into a Tombstone and a reverse powerbomb (cool) for two. Jungle Boy slips out of another chokeslam and grabs a choke, which knocks Luchasaurus out enough to put him on the table. One heck of an elbow from the top of the cage puts Luchasaurus through the table and the Snare Trap finishes him off at 18:51.

Rating: B+. This was a violent, old school fight and that is how it should have gone. Jungle Boy gets his big win in the personal fight and that’s all it needed to be. These guys beat each other up and the big elbow at the end looked great. If the only complaint is them going outside for a nothing spot and the still unnecessary table, they did something quite well.

We recap the Elite vs. Death Triangle. The Elite is back after being suspended and now it’s time for Death Triangle to defend the titles that the Elite next lost.

Six Man Tag Team Titles: Elite vs. Death Triangle

The Elite is challenging and get a special entrance with the lyrics to Carry On My Wayward Son playing on the Titantron….and the song as their entrance music. Eh they’re no Sam and Dean. Don Callis is on commentary as Omega and Pac start things off. Omega kicks the knee out but Pac is back up with a spit in the face. Nick comes in and dropkicks Fenix before avoiding a rolling cutter. It’s off to Penta who charges into a pair of kicks in the corner and the Elite clears the ring, setting up a running dive from Nick (with a fan giving him a drink).

Back in and Pac goes after Omega’s knee, allowing the champs to take turns kicking him in the head. Omega manages to get over to Matt for the tag and the rolling northern lights suplexes take Penta down. Fenix makes the save and it’s the double stomp What’s Up to crush Matt. It’s back to Nick to clean house for a bit before Omega comes in and cleans house on Pac.

Nick’s big dive takes out everyone but it’s a triple Tombstone to knock the Elite silly back inside. Fenix dives off of Penta’s shoulder (with Penta on the middle rope) to crush Omega and Pac (bleeding) hits Omega’s back. The Brutalizer goes on but gets broken up, leaving the Lucha Bros to dive onto the Bucks. Pac throws Fenix the hammer but Omega is back up with a V Trigger.

A Tiger Driver 98 gets two on Fenix and triple superkicks drop Penta. The BTE Trigger hits Fenix for two with Pac making the save. Nick dives onto Pac (with hammer) and Matt moonsaults onto a bunch of people. Omega V Triggers Fenix, who gets the hammer from Pac. The One Winged Angel is broken up with the hammer shot to retain the titles at 18:51.

Rating: B+. As much as I can’t stand the Elite and how they get their heroes’ return after the whole All Out melee, they know how to put on a crazy exciting and entertaining match. I’m glad the Elite didn’t win the titles here, even if it means Fenix goes over to the dark side. Sometimes you need to change things up a bit and if the Elite are going to be presented as the heroes (which is hardly a surprise), this had to be done.

TBS Title: Nyla Rose vs. Jade Cargill

Rose is challenging (despite having the title belt) and gets the Eddie Guerrero low rider entrance. Jade on the other hand is in Thunder Cats gear and sends her into the corner to start. Rose fights up and gets sent outside but manages to send Jade face first into the steps. Some slams drop Jade again and there’s a splash for one.

Back up and Jade gets a boot up in the corner before going up, only to dive onto a raised boot. A neckbreaker gives Rose two and she drapes Jade on the top for the knee to the head and two more. The Beast Bomb is blocked and Jade elbows the heck out of her for a breather. Jade manages a Beast Bomb of her own for two but Rose grabs her own Jaded for two more. The Swanton misses for Rose and Jade kicks her in the face. Jaded retains the title at 7:55.

Rating: C-. Cargill continues to do just about the same stuff that she has done for months now as the lack of development is hurting her a lot. At the same time, this wasn’t exactly a crisp match as the two of them weren’t quite clicking. I don’t know if Rose needed to win here, but Jade needs to lose already because the title/undefeated streak are holding her back from getting much better.

We recap the Ring of Honor World Title match. Chris Jericho is defending and wants to ruin the legacy of Ring of Honor. Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson want to stand up for the promotion, with Sammy Guevara here to even things out. Guevara has made some eyes at the title though and that could give Jericho some problems.

Ring Of Honor World Title: Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Bryan Danielson

Jericho is defending and it’s one fall to a finish with Ian Riccaboni on commentary. The brawl is on to start with Castagnoli sending Jericho into the barricade as the other two fight inside. Guevara is sent outside so Danielson and Castagnoli can beat up Jericho. Back in and Guevara gets beaten up as well, leaving Danielson vs. Castagnoli. The uppercuts rock Danielson but he pulls it into a cross armbreaker.

Jericho comes back in and gets taken into a double half crab, with Danielson getting to show off the biceps. Guevara gets back in for a double suplex on Danielson and Jericho grabs an AA for two, with Guevara looking conflicted over the break up. Danielson is back up and kicks away, including a big one for two on Guevara. A super hurricanrana is broken up as Guevara flips over and lands on his feet.

The Spanish Fly plants Danielson but Jericho Lionsaults onto both of them. Castagnoli comes back in this time and springboards into a Codebreaker for two with Guevara making the save. Jericho yells at Guevara and the fight is on with Guevara charging into a raised boot in the corner. Guevara grabs a Codebreaker but can’t put on the walls. Instead Jericho gets the real thing so Jericho makes the save.

Castagnoli is back in with the Sharpshooter to Jericho….who crawls over and covers Danielson in a smart idea. That’s broken up and Danielson puts the LeBell Lock on while the Sharpshooter is still on. Guevara makes a save of his own and gets a hug from Jericho….who gets caught with the GTH. The shooting star press gets two on Jericho and everyone is down. Guevara goes for the hammer and anvil elbows on Danielson, who will not have that gimmick infringement.

Castagnoli launches Guevara outside but walks into the running knee from Danielson for a close two. Danielson pulls Guevara into the LeBell Lock but Jericho is back in for the save. Castagnoli is back up to whip Jericho into the barricade over and over, followed by a Neutralizer to Danielson on the floor. Guevara shooting stars onto Castagnoli, who pop up uppercuts him for two back inside. There’s the Swing but Jericho tries a jumping Judas Effect….which crazes Castagnoli in the ribs. Thankfully Jericho hits a better one to retain at 21:42.

Rating: A-. This was all action and that made for one heck of a match. It gave you questions about who was going to win, which says a lot when Jericho losing the title at Final Battle seems to be the most logical option they have. They managed to tell some stories here while also piling on the action in quite the trick. Heck of a match and now we get to see who goes after Jericho in December.

We recap Saraya vs. Britt Baker. Saraya is in her first match in nearly five years after a spine injury and they’ve argued over whose house this is.

Saraya vs. Britt Baker

They fight over a lockup to start until Baker takes her down. That doesn’t last long as Saraya is back up with a boot to the face but Baker knocks her to the floor for the crash. Baker drags it over to the apron for some shouting from Saraya’s brother, followed by a neck crank back inside. A neckbreaker gives Baker two and a neckbreaker gives Baker two as they certainly have a theme here.

Baker sends her outside but gets dropped face first onto the apron. A crossbody off the apron drops Baker as commentary suggests Saraya is working on Baker’s formerly injured nose. Back in and the Night Cap (Paige Turner) gets two but Baker grabs an Air Raid Crash for two more.

A Stomp gives Baker another two and frustration/shock is setting in. Saraya gets a powerbomb out of the corner but Baker sends her face first into the middle buckle. A ripcord right hand sets up a fisherman’s neckbreaker on Saraya, followed by another stomp for two. Back up and a pair of what used to be known as the Rampaige finishes Baker at 13:24.

Rating: C. The main thing keeping this from being a good bit lower is the fact that Saraya has wrestled a handful of matches in six years. She was going to be rusty coming in and there was no way around it. That being said, having her pin Baker clean is pretty questionable when Baker was trying to defend what AEW had built when Saraya basically came in saying “yeah I’m better than all of you”. Well, she was here, and it was clean.

Quick recap of the TNT Title match. Powerhouse Hobbs wants the title, Samoa Joe turned on Wardlow, Wardlow will fight both of them at once.

TNT Title: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Samoa Joe vs. Wardlow

Wardlow is defending. They all go to the floor to start with Hobbs taking over, including sending Wardlow into the steps. Back in and a delayed vertical suplex drops Wardlow but Joe is back in for the chopping. Hobbs suplexes Joe and chokes Wardlow in the corner while shouting DO SOMETHING. Wardlow fights up and busts out a Whisper In The Wind but Joe is back up with the backsplash.

Joe guillotines Hobbs until Wardlow spears him down, causing Joe to DDT Hobbs. They head back to the floor with Hobbs driving Joe hard into the barricade, followed by the spinebuster for two back inside. Wardlow slips out of Town Business and manages a quick powerbomb. Another one connects but Joe comes in to belt shot Wardlow and chokes out Hobbs for the title at 9:56.

Rating: B-. This was a nice power match and all three of them worked hard, but more than anything else it makes me hope that Joe unifies the titles at some point. There is no need to have both of them around, but that’s a point for later. For now, this was the hoss fight that took the show in a different direction and that’s a good thing. Solid stuff, but it’s a shame that Hobbs had to take another fall.

Chris Jericho, with Jake Hager, says that was competitiveness with Sammy Guevara. Orange Cassidy comes in to say Tomohiro Ishii wants Jericho for the ROH Title at Dynamite. Jericho thinks of Ishii as a young boy, so come get your shot. Jericho leaves, so Cassidy offers Hager an All-Atlantic Title shot. Oh and nice hat. Hager: “YOU’RE D*** RIGHT IT IS! I LIKE THIS HAT!”

We recap Jeff Jarrett/Jay Lethal vs. Sting/Darby Allin. Lethal and Allin have been feuding and Lethal is bringing Jarrett in to help deal with Sting, because the world was waiting for Jarrett being back.

Tony Schiavone replaces JR on commentary.

Sting/Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal/Jeff Jarrett

No DQ. Jarrett brings out an army of fake Stings for….I guess old times’ sake? Allin comes charging out and fires off skateboard shots to the fake Stings. The real Sting pops up behind Jarrett to start things off and we get a TNA chant (always a good sign). Lethal gets dropped hard onto the apron and everyone fights into the crowd, with the fans chanting OVER HERE.

Allin sets up a ladder and tries a dive off the stage onto Jarrett, but Satnam Singh pulls him out of the air for a drop onto the ramp. Sting is back up with a dive of his own onto Lethal as Jarrett takes Allin back to ringside. We settle down to Lethal and Allin colliding in the ring with the legends on the apron. Allin brings in Sting, who is chokeslammed by Singh to give Jarrett two.

Allin and Lethal slug it out again until Lethal hits a Lethal Combination for two of his own. A double team is broken up but the Coffin Drop is knocked out of the air with a guitar shot. Then Allin pops up and does the Sting beating on his chest until the real Sting comes back in for a Coffin Drop/Scorpion Death Drop combination to Singh. The Lethal Injection is countered into another Death Drop and the Coffin Drop finishes Lethal at 10:55.

Rating: C+. It was an entertaining and wild brawl, but it’s similar to what we’ve seen from Sting and Allin for a long time. Allin seems like he is the same person he was for at least the last year and I don’t know when he is actually going to change. That needs to happen at some point and it wasn’t taking place here. Also, when do Sting and Allin get their Tag Team Title shot? Haven’t they earned one by now?

Quick recap of Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm for the Interim Women’s Title. Hayter is on a roll and wants the title, but there’s a personal issue to it as they used to be close friends. Now it’s over the title and a former friendship.

Interim Women’s Title: Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter

Hayter is challenging and seems to be the crowd favorite. A headlock has Storm in trouble early but she fights out and takes it to the floor. Storm sends her into the barricade but gets sent into it as well. Various hair pulling ensues as they are sent into various things, with Hayter getting the better of it.

Back in and Hayter slams her face first into the mat before grabbing the chinlock to keep things slow. Hayter stops to yell at the referee, but does offer him a handshake while stepping on Storm’s head. Storm fights up and hits the running hip attack in the corner for two but can’t follow up. They slug it out again but here is Rebel for the belt shot and one heck of a near fall.

Hayter misses the ripcord lariat and gets caught with one from Storm for two. Back up and Hayter sends her outside, where a disguised Britt Baker hits a Stomp on the belt for a very near fall back inside. Hayter hits Storm Zero for two, followed by Storm hitting Storm Zero for two.

The Cloverleaf is loaded up but a Baker distraction breaks it up. The Haytebreaker gets two so Hayter hits a clothesline in the corner. Baker gets up again but is knocked right back down, ripping the turnbuckle pad off in the process. Hayter sends Storm into the buckle and nails the ripcord lariat for the pin and the title at 15:16.

Rating: B-. They went more than a little too far with all of the shenanigans but it was long past time for Hayter to win the title. Storm was trying as hard as she could but there were too many things going against her for the title reign to be a success. You can almost guarantee Baker vs. Hayter coming sooner or later, and that Interim name being dropped (the one that never should have been there in the first place) might be what sends Baker over the edge. For now though, they did it at the right time and it went well enough.

The heels celebrate together.

Swerve In Our Glory is ready to win the titles back. They might not think the same way, but they work well together and both want the belts.

Tag Team Titles: Swerve In Our Glory vs. Acclaimed

Acclaimed is defending and Caster’s rap is about various topical references including Kanye West, Twitter and Donald Trump speeches. Oh and Keith Lee is large. They start fast with Swerve sending Caster into the barricade, leaving Bowens (with a bad shoulder) to strike away at Lee. That doesn’t work so well as Lee knocks him to the floor but stops to yell at Swerve.

Caster gets back up on the apron as Bowens tries some left handed shots. Swerve comes in to work on Bowens’ arm before it’s right back to Lee. A reverse hurricanrana gets Bowens out of trouble though and it’s Caster coming in to pick up the pace. Caster grabs a middle rope hurricanrana to Lee and a top rope Fameasser drops him again. Everything breaks down and Caster goes up for a high crossbody off the apron to send Lee onto the top of the announcers’ table (which was bridged to the apron).

Back in and Swerve hits the rolling Downward Spiral on Bowens and a kick to the head gets two. Swerve kicks him in the head twice more, talks some trash, and hits a fourth kick for a rather near fall. Bowens catches him on top and it’s the Arrival into the Mic Drop for two, with Lee making the save. Swerve brainbusters Caster and Lee runs Bowens over for two as commentary references a fan being ejected.

Lee picks Caster up and swings him into Bowens for a bonus. They head outside with Caster being sent over the table, allowing Swerve to pull out some pliers. Billy Gunn comes out to go after Swerve but gets cut off before making contact. Swerve tells Lee to use the pliers but that’s a no….so Swerve slaps him in the face. That’s enough for Lee to walk out and Bowens rolls Swerve up for a very close two. Caster springboards back in with a missile dropkick and they load Swerve up for what looks like a Magic Killer, only to flip him forward into a double slam for the retaining pin at 19:41.

Rating: B. This got better as it went and the split was telegraphed for the last few months. The Acclaimed had to retain here as there was no need to have them lose the titles back to Lee and Swerve. It probably could have had a few minutes cut off, but they did the right thing and Acclaimed gets a pay per view title defense so it could have been a lot worse.

We recap MJF challenging Jon Moxley for the World Title. MJF wants to do this the right way so he challenged in advance, but Moxley isn’t worried.

AEW World Title: Jon Moxley vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

MJF is challenging and, after the Big Match Intros, gets hit in the face to start. As William Regal heads to the back for some reason, MJF fights back but stops for a strut. Moxley is sent outside so MJF teases a dive, only to run the ropes and then pose instead. Back in and Moxley sends him into the corner, followed by a double middle finger to the pro-MJF crowd.

A Falcon Arrow into an armbar has MJF in trouble but he stacks Moxley up for two and the break. They fight outside with MJF slugging away, only to get whipped into the steps. Back in and MJF fires off more right hands, followed by the big left for the knockdown. MJF heads outside to set up a table but comes back in to get pummeled by the champ. They fight to the apron and MJF hits a Tombstone, banging up his knee in the process.

Another piledriver is teased but Moxley reverses into one of his own, sending MJF through the table in a massive crash. Back in and Moxley gets smart by grabbing a Figure Four on MJF’s bad knee. MJF fights out by turning it over so Moxley goes right back to the leg to keep him in trouble. The fans get on Moxley as they head up top, with MJF getting crushed by the hammer and anvil elbows. A super Paradigm Shift gets two with MJF putting his finger on the rope.

Moxley comes up favoring his elbow but tells MJF to take his best f****** shot. The slugout goes to Moxley but MJF pulls the referee into a charge. MJF busts out the Dynamite Diamond, only to have Regal come back and tell him to put it down. For some reason MJF actually does, allowing Moxley to grab a choke. That’s broken up and another referee gets knocked down. Moxley grabs the bulldog choke to make MJF tap (no referee)….and Regal slides MJF the brass knuckles. The knockout shot gives MJF the pin and the title at 23:06.

Rating: B+. They had to go here and the match worked well as a result. Regal turning was fairly telegraphed and that is not a bad thing whatsoever. MJF had to win here and he could be a heck of an evil champion, as he should have been for a long time now. Moxley felt like a transitional champion when he got the belt back and keeping it warm for MJF is a good way to go. Heck of a main event with a great moment to close things out.

MJF limps up the ramp to end the show.


Best Friends/Rocky Romero/Danhausen b. The Factory – Punch to Comoroto
Ricky Starks b. Brian Cage – Roshambo
Eddie Kingston b. Jun Akiyama – Spinning backfist
Jungle Boy b. Luchasaurus – Snare Trap
Death Triangle b. Elite – Hammer shot to Omega
Jade Cargill b. Nyla Rose – Jaded
Chris Jericho b. Sammy Guevara, Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson – Judas Effect to Castagnoli
Saraya b. Britt Baker – Rampaige
Samoa Joe b. Powerhouse Hobbs and Wardlow – Koquina Clutch to Hobbs
Sting/Darby Allin b. Jeff Jarrett/Jay Lethal – Coffin Drop to Lethal
Jamie Hayter b. Toni Storm – Ripcord lariat
Acclaimed b. Swerve In Our Glory – Double flipping slam to Strickland
Maxwell Jacob Friedman b. Jon Moxley – Punch with brass knuckles


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The final score: review Amazing
The 411
With that many good to great matches in a night, this was another excellent AEW pay per view. You had multiple big moments and nothing that was too awful (though Cargill vs. Rose didn’t work so well), but the show did go on longer than it needed to. Overall though, this is what AEW does well and they did it again. There are some problems with the promotion but pay per view isn’t one of them, which was on display here. Another great major event.

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