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Hall’s ROH TV Review 2.22.24

February 23, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
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Hall’s ROH TV Review 2.22.24  

Ring Of Honor (ROH) TV
Date: February 22, 2024
Location: Dollar Loan Center, Henderson, Nevada
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

We FINALLY have a pay-per-view announced as Supercard Of Honor is about six weeks away. Since they actually got around to saying something about it, now we can get ready for the show, which probably has more than a few matches all but set. As for tonight, Athena is defending the Women’s Title against Nyla Rose in a 2/3 falls tables match. Let’s get to it.

Here’s what’s coming on the show.

Women’s TV Title Tournament First Round: Taya Valkyrie vs. Sussy Love

Johnny TV is here with Taya, who easily takes her into the corner to start and hits a hard chop. Love’s Black Widow is quickly broken up but Taya misses a charge and falls out to the floor. That’s fine with Taya, who powerbombs her onto the apron and then chokes on the ropes back inside. The running knees in the corner give Taya two and we hit the chinlock. Love fights up and hits a crossbody into an enziguri before draping Taya over the middle rope. Some moonsault knees to the ribs give Sussy two but Taya spears her down. Shania Pain finishes for Taya at 7:18.

Rating: C. Another match that could have been trimmed as Taya shouldn’t be going back and forth with someone in their company debut. Taya goes forward and should be a threat to make a deep run in the tournament, especially with the stomp being an effective finisher. She’s also experienced and has a name, so while I can’t imagine her winning, she should be in at least the final four or so.

We look back at last week’s first-round tournament matches.

Lee Johnson vs. Sonico

Sonico kicks away a handshake to start and gets dropkicked into the corner. A headbutt to the ribs gives Sonico two and he chokes in the corner to keep Johnson down. That doesn’t last long as Johnson is back with some clotheslines and a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Sonico gets in a shot of his own but walks into the reverse inverted DDT to give Johnson the pin at 5:08.

Rating: C. Johnson is another guy who has talent but needs something to do other than being stuck in the eternal chase for a title shot. It seemed to be another such match here, with Johnson beating another competent opponent. At some point, Johnson needs to do something though and that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

Women’s TV Title Tournament First Round: Red Velvet vs. Sandra Moone

They fight over a lockup to start until Velvet takes her down with a headlock. Moone is back with a headlock takeover of her own before a belly-to-back suplex gets two. Velvet comes up and chokes away in the corner but Moone missile dropkicks her back down. A legsweep sets up a standing moonsault to give Velvet two and it’s time to start on the arm.

Back up and a Rey Mysterio sitout bulldog is countered into a Blue Thunder Bomb to give Moone two. Moone strikes away rather hard for two more but Velvet kicks her in the face. The Final Mix misses though and Moone fisherman’s busters her for two more. Moone goes up top but gets super victory rolled down, setting up the Final Mix to give Velvet the pin at 9:01.

Rating: B-. This worked for a pair of reasons, with the bigger one being that Velvet is a weak enough star that you could see her getting taken out as the first-round upset. At the same time, Moone was giving her a heck of a fight here and it was something close to a breakout performance. Good stuff here and by far the best thing on the show so far.

Taya Valkyrie, with Johnny TV, is ready to win the title.

Brandon Cutler vs. Danhausen

Cutler has Colt Cabana with him and elbows Danhausen down to start. That earns him the threat of a CURSE so Cabana and Cutler load up the cold spray. For some reason, it only sprays themselves so Danhausen gets in a slam for two. They stumble around and bump into each other and the slugout is on. Danhausen hits a running forearm in the corner in a slingshot German suplex to drop Cutler again. Cabana’s distraction doesn’t work and Danhausen pours the teeth into Cutler’s mouth, setting up the pump kick for the pin at 4:52.

Rating: C+. It was fun, it was goofy, and they were done in less than five minutes. Danhausen is going to get a reaction just due to how ridiculous he is and they were leaning into that here. They didn’t overstay their welcome here and it was nice to have something this different for a change.

Video on Athena vs. Nyla Rose.

Women’s TV Title Tournament First Round: Abadon vs. Viva Van

Abadon wastes no time in sending her into the corner for some running knees. Choking (with screaming) on the ropes has Van in more trouble but she’s back with a running spinwheel kick for two. Van grabs a Tarantula into a bow and arrow before she runs Abadon over for two more. Abadon fights back and bites the arm, setting up a running knee and Black Dahlia for the pin at 5:49.

Rating: C. They kept this shorter and that helped a bit, as it’s another case where there is little doubt about the winner. Abadon was treated like a big deal upon showing up in Ring Of Honor and that seems to still be the case. You have to add some star power from the main roster and Abadon can do that well enough in a spot like this.

Anthony Henry vs. Ethan Page

JD Drake is here with Henry, who takes Page down to start and mocks him a bit. Back up and Page armdrags him down a few times before grabbing a quickly broken headlock. Page punches his way out of the corner but Henry is right back onto the arm to slow Page back down. That’s shrugged off again and Page hits some clotheslines into a powerslam for two, but the arm is banged up. Henry grabs a tornado DDT and cranks on the arm some more. They head to the apron, where Page clotheslines him back inside. The springboard cutter gives Henry the pin at 5:23.

Rating: C+. This should be the latest step towards Page getting a TV Title match, which has been in the making for a good while now. Then again at some point, he needs to actually win the title, which very well could happen at Supercard Of Honor. Henry is a good choice for an opponent here, as he’s established enough to be something of a threat, but also someone who can make Page look strong in defeat.

Queen Aminata is ready for her second-round match against Taya Valkyrie, who is nowhere near what she used to be.

Women’s TV Title Tournament: Robyn Renegade vs. Billie Starkz

They fight over wrist control to start and neither get anywhere so it’s a staredown instead. Starkz kicks her in the head but gets small packaged for two for her efforts. Back up and Robyn hits a hard chop in the corner but misses another, allowing Starkz to strike away for a change. A fisherman’s suplex gives Robyn two and a Backstabber gets the same. The chinlock keeps Starkz down for a bit until she fights up and runs Robyn over.

Starkz’s comeback is cut off by an enziguri but she knocks Robyn outside. That means a heck of a suicide dive, followed by a second, but the third is pulled out of the air. Back in and Robyn grabs a diving sunset bomb out to the floor, leaving Starkz to dive back in and beat the count. Back in and Starkz grabs a quick half-and-half suplex before putting on a choke with a knee in the back to make Robyn tap at 9:48.

Rating: C+. Nice enough here as we wrap up the first round, though it’s still weird to see one of the Renegades on their own. Robyn is capable of doing quite a bit on her own but when you’re half of a tag team, it doesn’t exactly make her seem likely to pull it off here. It also doesn’t help that Starks has been a featured part of the division for a long time now and she wasn’t likely to lose in the first round.

Ethan Page wants the TV Title and says there is something in the air.

AR Fox vs. Matt Sydal vs. Komander vs. Exodus Prime

Fox gets pounded down in the corner to start until Komander and Sydal clear the ring. An exchange of rollups gives us a standoff but Fox is back in to take over on both of them. Fox hits a springboard moonsault on Komander before beating up Prime for a bonus. Sydal is back up to take over on Komander and Fox, including a standing corkscrew dive onto the latter.

Now it’s Prime getting up with a top rope elbow to Fox, who comes back with a twisting suplex for two on Prime. Everyone grabs a different hold on Prime until it’s broken up so Komander can take Sydal to the apron. Komander puts on a surfboard, but Fox dives over them to take Prime down. Sydal and Fox team up on Prime in the corner until Komander is back in to go up top.

Prime cuts that off and hits a reverse slam for two on Komander. Fox is back in with a split-legged superplex to Prime, setting up a split-legged moonsault. Sydal and Komander make the save because this needs to keep going. Prime rolls Komander up for two but he’s back with a tornado DDT to put Prime down. Cielito Lindo gives Komander the pin at 12:01.

Rating: B-. Yeah cool, can we move on to something that matters now? This was an extended version of the same four-way stuff we regularly see around here: a bunch of flips and dives with one person managing to get a pin in the end. It isn’t likely to go anywhere and Komander is likely to be in another one of these things next time, because they keep happening for reasons of getting people on the show.

Billie Starkz promises to win the TV Title.

Women’s Title: Athena vs. Nyla Rose

Athena is defending in a 2/3 falls tables match. Rose runs her over to start and hits a Samoan drop to plant Athena early. The first table is set up on the floor and Rose apron bombs Athena, followed by a powerbomb through said table for the first fall at 1:17. Athena is back up and kicks Rose down before sliding another table inside. Rose is back up with a chokeslam onto the apron and Athena is in big trouble.

Back in and a cannonball crushes Athena and the table is set up in the corner. Athena blocks a hiptoss so Rose hits a crossbody to crush her again. They head outside again and Athena pulls out another table. Now it’s back to the apron for a slugout, followed by the O Face to send Rose through the ringside table to tie it up at 10:09 overall. Back in and Athena tries to powerbomb Rose through a table but her knee gives out instead. They fight up to the top in front of a table before Athena gets down and puts Rose in an electric chair. A big toss through the ringside table retains the title at 13:57.

Rating: C+. It was a good fight and I would hope that the ending leaves open for a rematch at the pay-per-view. Otherwise, I have no idea who is next for Athena as there is no one ready to come after the title at the moment. The tables stipulation was unique enough and it keeps Rose somewhat safe, though beating a challenger at her own stipulation doesn’t give the story the brightest future.


Taya Valkyrie b. Sussy Love – Shania Pain
Lee Johnson b. Sonico – Reverse inverted DDT
Red Velvet b. Sandra Moone – Final Mix
Danhausen b. Brandon Cutler – Pump kick
Abadon b. Viva Van – Black Dahlia
Ethan Page b. Anthony Henry – Springboard cutter
Billie Starkz b. Robyn Renegade – Half and half choke
Komander b. AR Fox, Exodus Prime, and Matt Sydal – Cielito Lindo to Prime
Athena b. Nyla Rose 2-1



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The final score: review Good
The 411
Well, the good run lasted a week, as this was the same overly long show with a bunch of matches that were just ok. It helps to have the tournament aspect, but having three of those matches featuring stars vs. enhancement talent and another being a star against a tag wrestler made me wonder why they didn’t just start with an eight person field. It wasn’t a bad show, but it was another that was hard to get through as there was very little to get excited about on the whole card.

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