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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in Southampton 25 08.13.2023 Review

August 13, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Live in Southampton 25 - Robbie X vs. Trent Seven Image Credit: RevPro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in Southampton 25 08.13.2023 Review  

Quick Results
Levi Muir pinned David Francisco in 12:15 (**¾)
JJ Gale pinned Cameron Khai in 11:17 (***)
Hyan pinned Mercedez Blaze in 12:22 (***½)
Paris de Silva & Jude London pinned Kid Lykos II & Kid Lykos in 14:43 (***½)
Wild Boar pinned Callum Newman & Connor Mills in 9:59 (***½)
Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper pinned Joe Lando & Danny Black in 16:35 (***¾)
Trent Seven pinned Robbie X in 18:45 (***½)

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We’re at the 1865 in Southampton for this… Andy Quildan is running solo on commentary for the first match, just in case he was tired of speaking after doing a bunch of media interviews this week! Gio Nolastname jumped on after the opener…

David Francisco vs. Levi Muir
There were some pretty spicy promos in the build up to this, which Muir underscored before the bell… as the first thing I heard on the stream starting was him bellowing “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” At least, I assume those were aimed at Francisco…

Muir took Francisco into the corner to start, then started clubbing him around before a whip hurled Francisco into the corner. A double-leg takedown, then a bicycle kick has Muir powdering to the outside… Francisco gives chase, but he’s just charged into the ring post. The pair continue to scrap around ringside, eventually returning to the ring as Muir was getting wound up by the crowd’s chants.

Francisco’s hurled into the buckles from there, then choked in the ropes as Muir was all over him… until Francisco began to chop his way back in. Muir sends Francisco chest-first into the buckles, but Muir’s not able to get a three-count… so he pulls up Francisco for an abdominal stretch.

A hiptoss gets Francisco free, as he eventually added a dropkick and an enziguiri as Muir found himself literally on the ropes. Francisco’s back suplex almost wins it, but Muir ends up dumping him into the ropes, then flattening him with a crossbody for a near-fall.

Faking out a superkick, Francisco takes out Muir’s shin and knees before a Dragon screw led to a Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Muir tries to roll to the ropes, but ends up pulling the hair and kicking Francisco away, before a TKO got the win. **¾

Post-match, Muir continued to pound away on Francisco until the referee managed to pull him away. Except Muir then went on to shove down the ref, then Joshua James… hey, wasn’t there a recent DQ for that?

Cameron Khai vs. JJ Gale
This saw a late change to the advertised card, with JJ Gale replacing Callum Newman…

Opening with a handshake, the pair locked up into the ropes before Gale charged down Khai with a shoulder tackle. Some misdirection led to Gale going for a springboard cutter, but it’s blocked as we hit a stand-off. Back-and-forth elbows follow, but it’s Khai who pushed on with a neckbreaker.

Gale takes out Khai for a tope towards the stage, following up with a senton atomico for a two-count… my feed drops for a spell, but picks back up as Khai fought back, sweeping the leg before a thrust kick took down Gale for a near-fall.

Khai lifts Gale to the outside… JJ misses as a follow-up dive shows why it’s always nice to have a spare seat next to you in the crowd. Back inside, an ushigoroshi gets a near-fall for Khai, but Gale’s able to come back with a GODDAMN springboard uppercut out of the corner for a near-fall. Gale goes for the springboard cutter again, but Khai blocks and hits an over-the-knee brainbuster for a near-fall. An O’Connor roll from Gale comes off at the second attempt, before he got caught with a Khai cradle… the tempo rises a little, but Gale’s superkick and springboard cutter finally finds the way through for the win. ***

Mercedez Blaze vs. Hyan
This was Blaze’s first appearance for Rev Pro since March – as she was looking to keep Hyan on shaky ground after her loss to Alex Windsor last week.

Opening with a lock-up, Hyan took Blaze into the corner… Blaze begins to play keepaway though, heading outside to stall before she cracked Hyan with a hip attack on the middle rope. Responding, Hyan knocks Blaze down with a front kick, while a back suplex dumped Blaze by the ropes.

Back outside, Blaze throws Hyan face-first into the ring, then choked her with her boot back inside. Upside-down headscissors pull Hyan into the corner, with running double knees following ahead of a neckbreaker for a near-fall, while a hammerlock’d DDT bounced Hyan for another near-fall. Hyan fires back with a suplex before she proceeded to unload on Blaze… who went to the eyes to create some space. A seated Dragon sleeper proceeds to soften up Hyan some more, but she’s back with a crossbody out of the corner, then a Wasteland and a double legdrop for a near-fall. Getting back to her feet, Hyan measures up Blaze for a huge running knee… but rolling Blaze up helped Mercedez roll free at two.

Blaze tries to block a follow-up piledriver, throwing Hyan away with a back body drop… before she wheelbarrowed out of a Beauty Treatment attempt for a near-fall. Adding to it, Blaze’s shotgun dropkick sends Hyan sailing into the corner ahead of a double underhook suplex into the buckles… a Meteora off the middle rope nearly won it for Blaze, before Hyan broke out of a cheating pin attempt… then waffled Blaze with a clothesline.

Mounted punches in the corner from Blaze are stopped by way of a powerbomb from Hyan, who added a running knee… but a CT-Knee misses as Blaze went for a roll-up with a handful of tights. Just like earlier though, Hyan’s able to roll through, and with maybe some shortcuts of her own, Hyan’s able to snatch the win in a testy match-up. ***½

Post-match, Hyan got booed for saying she’s from Texas… then took aim at Alex Windsor for her cheating as the feed gave out. Boo. Hyan challenged Windsor to a three-way for the title with Mickie James at the Copperbox…

Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II) vs. The VeloCities (Jude London & Paris De Silva)
There’s some self-censoring in the intros here…

Lykos II and de Silva start us off, as Paris’ headscissors stretched out the young wolf… but Lykos II escapes and creates an audible crack as he worked a wristlock. Paris got free, then charges down Lykos II ahead of a tijeras as we reached a stand-off.

Tags bring in Lykos and London, but Jude’s caught in a bow-and-arrow hold as he tried to drop down and trip up Lykos. London throws a high kick, then drops down into a splits as he proceeded to Monkey (wolf?) flip Lykos across the ring. De Silva’s back in as Lykos II took a beating, leaving the elder Lykos alone and isolated as the Velocities traded quick tags and hit double sledges to Lykos’ arm.

Lykos breaks the grip and manages to knock the Aussies into each other as a quick double-team saw Lykos II crack into de Silva with a low dropkick for a two-count. A gamengiri in the corner lands as Paris finds himself isolated, and in the wrong corner. Lykos proceeds to tie up de Silva in a wacky trapped-leg grounded Octopus, but he manages to wriggle free as Lykos stayed on top of him.

A tag brings in Lykos II as de Silva ended up eating another low dropkick for a two-count, before Paris got thrown into both of Lykos II’s boots in the corner. Paris turns defence into attack in a heartbeat with a neat swinging DDT, before he tagged in to London… who ran wild with forearms to Lykos II.

A neckbreaker and dropkick takes Lykos into the corner as corner-to-corner charges had the wolves on the back foot… ahead of a wacky springboard armdrag/headscissors corner. There’s a nice springboard stunner to Lykos II for a near-fall, before Lykos set up the Aussies for an accidental Code Red to each other, which led to Lykos picking up a near-fall on London. Lykos keeps telegraphing a brainbuster, but London pushes free…

We’ve standing switches between Lykos II and de Silva as we get a pair of dives from them… back inside, a spinning heel kick gets Paris a near-fall on Lykos II, before Lykos II fought out of the corner with a running Mistica for a near-fall. Kid Lykos gets the tag back in to hit a Meteora to de Silva, who got peppered with kicks ahead of a standing shooting star for a near-fall as London broke up the pin.

London’s chucked outside, making a big thud as he hit the apron… but recovers to hit a handstand kick to catch the Lykii up top for a double top rope ‘rana. De Silva’s back in as the Velocities surge ahead, heading to a handspring cutter and a German suplex, before London’s double stomp off the top capped off a barrage of offence to get de Silva the win. That’s two wins for two for the Velocities on their return – as they continue to stake a claim for a tag title shot in a fortnight… ***½

Post-match, de Silva got the mic and brought up how last time Rev Pro were in Southampton, Subculture issued a challenge for the titles… and now this time in Southampton, they’re making the challenge in person, with Jude saying that the big August weekend would be a fitting time to win those belts. Hopefully if they do, the promotion doesn’t forget about them and just create a second tag title instead! (if you know, you know…)

Connor Mills vs. Callum Newman vs. Wild Boar
Mills was a late replacement for Luke Jacobs, who was having travel issues… and Callum Newman was added back to the card, having arrived after his originally scheduled match had happened. Mills’ title wasn’t on the line here, by the way…

This one started out rapid with Newman blurring off the ropes to kick Boar… but Mills kicks away a cover, then took Boar outside as Mills and Newman fought around ringside. A switcheroo saw Mills, then Newman tease a dive, but it’s Boar who caught them off guard before Connor Mills dive in like a homing missile to that front row. Bloody hell, Mills…

The scrap heads up towards the bar, as Mills and Newman teased suplexing Boar down some stairs… but instead Newman hits a wild flip senton off off the raised bar area, before we finally got back to the ring. Newman jarred his knee on a missed stomp, then got caught with the Orange Crush for a near-fall as Boar was apparently bleeding on the outside.

Boar’s back as he cannonballed into Newman and Mills in the corner… then dumped Newman with a pop-up powerbomb for a near-fall. Kicks from Mills just got him a response from Boar, as a DDT dumped the champion ahead of a HUGE lariat. Mills rebounds with a lariat of his own for a near-fall, before he added another clothesline.

Newman baits Mills in, countering another rebound lariat into a standing Spanish Fly as Boar’s back senton broke it up. A springboard cutter from Newman took care of Boar, before a second one to Mills was caught and turned into a backslide for a near-fall. We’ve another rebound lariat attempt, but Newman stops it and hits a Stundog before his single leg-stomp off the middle rope took out Mills…

Boar’s right back in though to catch Newman with a Trapper Keeper – and with Mills still down, there’s no kick out as Boar won a freaking breathless sprint. I’m pretty sure those who had to scatter from the crowd weren’t too thrilled, but on tape this was a bloody fantastic sprint as we wait to see just who Connor Mills gets at the Copperbox. ***½

Hey, Wild Boar does the universal sign of a belt after the match… maybe it’ll be him?

CPF (Danny Black & Joe Lando) vs. Sunshine Machine (Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper)
Sunshine Machine replaced the Greedy Souls in the originally-announced match, after the former champions (the Welsh lads) proclaimed that they’re now against travelling or tanning for shows in Southampton and St. Neots. Sometimes both.

Mambo and Lando start us off, as Lando’s wristlock gets countered with Mambo taking him down for a knee drop to the arm. Another lock-up ends with Lando sweeping the leg as we get roll-ups and a low dropkick as Lando looked to pull ahead. Danny Black’s in as Mambo’s peppered with strikes ahead of a standing shooting star from Lando, before TK Cooper tagged in… and avoided a Danny Black armdrag.

A snap wheelbarrow spiked TK for a two-count, as Black added a standing moonsault for another two-count. Lando’s back to hold TK as CPF double-teamed him… but Chuck Mambo helps from the floor as Joe Lando got superkicked mid-springboard, allowing the former champions to rush back into the match.

The reverse DDT/elbow drop combo lands for a near-fall on Lando, while an Exploder from TK landed for a two-count as Mambo returned to drop knees on Lando’s arms. A surfboard followed from Mambo, with TK tagging back in to take Lando into a Flatliner for another near-fall.

Lando’s back with a leaping forearm, but Mambo’s able to get the tag back in as he almost got the win with a legdrop. TK’s back as Sunshine Machine were almost bullying Lando, but Lando was putting up a fight in return, landing an enziguiri before Mambo pulled him up for a Gutterball attempt… Lando gets free, then backflipped for a cutter on Mambo, before tags bring us back to TK and Black.

A step-up ‘rana from Black sees Mambo accidentally spear TK, before Danny’s flippy ‘rana from the outside in almost got the win. A dropkick-assisted DDT from Lando nearly puts TK away, before Mambo again made the save as the former champions forced a way back in. The German Suplex Turbo Charged By The Power of Friendship gets a near-fall, before a Gory stretch with a twisted ankle was kicked away by Lando.

TK’s headbutt stopped Lando briefly, but Danny Black’s back for a standing Spanish Fly… Mambo takes care of him with a Reef Break as a Parade of Moves ends… with a leaping Kokeshi from TK?! The Parade of Moves ends with the Gutterball for a near-fall on Black… before Captain Midnight’s Revenge was blocked as Black stomped Mambo on impact instead.

Black’s wiped out with another lariat from TK as they try the Captain Midnight’s Revenge again… it lands, but Black isn’t legal. Lando is, as he leaps into Sunshine Machine with a crossbody off the top… a missed kick in the corner looked to set up for a second German Suplex Turbo Charged By The Power of Friendship, but Black pulls out Mambo as CPF eventually found a way through with another gutbuster, then a wacky running Blockbuster for a near-fall.

A shooting star press/DDT double team is next on TK, but Mambo leaps onto Lando to break up the cover… then took out Black on the outside before Captain Midnight’s Revenge finally put Lando away. Sunshine Machine made super hard work of that, but CPF brought their A-game here – and hopefully they’ll be back sooner rather than later on this form with that threatened Great British Tag League approaching. ***¾

Robbie X vs. Trent Seven
Trent’s still got the British Heavyweight Championship belt, and I think that British flag might have moved since we last saw it. Hey, I wonder where that belt sits next to Will Ospreay’s recently-rebranded strap?

Trent heads outside at the bell to celebrate with his fans as there’s needling on commentary… When we get going, Robbie’s taken into the ropes by Trent, who had the favour returned. Robbie bounces up from a shoulder tackle, before he tripped up Trent… who grabbed onto Robbie to stop anything else.

A crossbody out of nowhere flattens Robbie X, while a slam and a leg drop sees Trent go all Hogan on us for a one-count. Brother. Robbie’s back with a flying ‘rana, before he tripped Trent into the ropes for a Tiger Feint kick, following up with a senton atomico back inside. Robbie’s springboard gets cut off with a chop as the former Cruiserweight champion crashed to the floor, then got thrown into the side of the ring as they brawled around ringside.

Trent breaks the count so he could continue the right as they cleared some fans off of stools, before Trent ended up chopping the wall… then got squashed by a wall flip from Robbie X. The pair head back towards ringside, but again they clear the crowd as Robbie got chopped into the second row. Back inside, Trent keeps up the chops, before a side headlock squeezed Robbie down… letting go for more chops as he faked out for a DDT. Emerald Flowsion followed for a near-fall as Trent looked to be on cruise control here.

Robbie remained on the back foot… but found a way back through with chops before a cartwheel, hiptoss and a low dropkick found its way through. Trent’s trapped in the corner for a spinning enziguiri, while a running shooting star press added a two-count, before Trent faked out Robbie with bop/bang… ahead of a Tyler Driver for a two-count.

Trent goes back to his past with a finger snap, but a piledriver’s back body dropped away as Trent rolled onto the apron… then got kicked off of it as he was put onto a chair for a running dropkick. Levi Muir got in Robbie X’s face as Trent recovered… but he’s caught on the apron with a stomp to the hands, only to return with a snap piledriver on the side of the ring. Back inside, Robbie X found a way back in with a Pele kick… only to get waylaid with a Dragon suplex.

Robbie shrugs it off to hit a German suplex, before an X-Claimation was chopped away. A lariat follows as Trent gets a near-fall… that prompts him to get the belt from Levi Muir, and of course the ref stops it. A superkick from Robbie X lands, but another X-Claimation ends with Trent ducking, then wiping out the referee with a Seven Star lariat.

Robbie checks on the ref as Levi Muir storm the ring and hit a TKO on Robbie, then dragged Trent on top for a near-fall as the ref came to. A Birming-Hammer follows, but Robbie floats free, then dove onto Levi Muir in the aisle. Robbie’s back as a gamengiri stopped Trent as Robbie headed up top, but he’s stopped with a chop. A sunset bomb eventually comes off for a near-fall, before Robbie crashed and burned on a Spiral Tap… a twisting piledriver, then the Birming-Hammer followed from Trent, and that’s your lot! A valiant effort from Robbie X, but in the end Trent had to dig pretty deep to scrape out the win against a smaller foe. ***½

Post-match gets the mic – which went better for him than last week at the 229 – as he declared himself the real British Heavyweight Champion… then took aim at “that trainee” Michael Oku for not being in Southampton with the title today. The swear jar fills as Trent vowed to destroy Oku in the Copperbox, as he called himself “the saviour.” A saviour who’s holding a belt that lost its British flag in the middle of this, as we closed out with Trent and Levi celebrating.

The final score: review Good
The 411
A consistently-great show from Rev Pro keeps them on the straight and narrow ahead of the Copperbox. Today’s card may have had a lot of names not presently booked on the show, but it provided a fresh reminder of the sheer depth that’s at Rev Pro’s disposal these days.

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