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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Revolution Rumble 03.26.2023 Review

March 28, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Revolution Rumble - Great O-Khan vs. Ricky Knight Jr. Image Credit: RevPro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Revolution Rumble 03.26.2023 Review  

Quick Results
Dan Moloney pinned Francesco Akira in 14:58 (***½)
Skye Smitson pinned Dani Luna in 12:37 to win the Southside Women’s Championship (**¾)
Robbie X pinned Lio Rush in 12:55 to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship (****)
Zack Sabre Jr. submitted Michael Oku in 24:28 (***¾)
Great O-Khan pinned Ricky Knight Jr. in 13:47 to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship (**¾)
Michael Oku won the Revolution Rumble in 1:28:22 (***½)

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From a virtually sold-out York Hall, we’ve got around 800 people frisked and packed into place for Rev Pro’s first showpiece event of 2023. Andy Quildan and Gio (Nolastname) are on commentary…

Dan Moloney vs. Francesco Akira
Akira was subbing for the injured Will Ospreay here, as Dan Moloney reached the end of his trial series…

Eventually the ring bell goes as Moloney flung Akira around with German suplexes to get things started, before Akira was taken outside and into the guard rails. Moloney’s sent outside with a leg lariat as Akira took him outside for some headscissors off the apron, following up with a shotgun dropkick into the guard rails for good measure.

Back inside, Akira lands a neckbreaker for a two-count, then avoided a Moloney dropkick… only to eat one seconds later. Moloney chops Akira into the corner, staying on him with kicks as Akira’s chest was already reddening. Akira’s attempt to outsmart Moloney didn’t quite go to plan, but he shrugged off a superkick and hit back with a shotgun dropkick… only to get met with a spear as Moloney almost picked up the win.

The pair trade chops from there, but Akira begins to toy around with Moloney, baiting him in for chops, only to duck them. It backfires in the end as he gets slapped on the back, then chopped in the chest. A sunset bomb out of the corner after a Cheeky double Nando’s-ish kick gets Akira a near-fall, as did a lofty satellite DDT, which looked to do some damage to Moloney’s neck.

Akira shoves off the referee so he could hit a buzzsaw kick to Moloney, following up with an attempt at the Nova Fireball… but Moloney stands up before he could hit it. Moloney invites strikes, then got spat on before a ripcord chop knocked the Italian into the corner. More chops blister Akira, while an Exploder chucked Akira out of the corner.

A half-and-half suplex keeps Moloney on the back foot, but he’s right back with a second spear for a near-fall before Akira hit a sunset flip out of a Drilla. Akira slips on a springboard, but recovers to hit an OsCutter for a near-fall. Moloney ducks a Nova Fireball, then caught a leaping Akira, throwing him into a Drilla for a near-fall… before a Storm Breaker-like Drilla finally put Akira away in a heck of an opener that saw Moloney complete the gauntlet. ***½

After the match, Ospreay ordered Francesco Akira to remove his United Empire armband… and offered it to Moloney before leaving the ring. Moloney put on that armband, and Ospreay’s arm has gotten a new member.

Southside Women’s Championship: Skye Smitson vs. Dani Luna (c)
This was dubbed as Smitson’s last chance, having taken two losses against Dani Luna in the last month… and we’ve got our first dig at security on commentary here. You’ll hear no arguments…

From the opening lock-up, Luna marched Smitson into the corner, before Skye shrugged off a shoulder tackle. Some rolling suplexes put Dani ahead, only for a dropkick from Smitson to take Luna down for a two-count. The pair scrap in the corner, with an uppercut taking Luna down as Smitson began to take charge here.

Short-arm lariats keep Luna down, but Dani fights her way back in, trading elbow strikes until a leaping knee strike from Smitson earned her a lariat from the champion. Luna manages to add a German suplex to the mix, then a folding powerbomb… but it’s not enough to put Smitson down as she kicked out, then rolled outside. A low-pe from Luna takes Smitson into the rails.

The teased count-out ends as they make it to the apron, but Luna posts Smitson, then caught her on the turnbuckles ahead of a powerbomb into the pile of Contenders below. Back inside, another lariat gets Luna a near-fall, before Smitson escaped a Luna Landing and hit a spinebuster… rolling Luna through for a gutwrench powerbomb to almost win the title. Smitson rips off Luna’s knee brace and teased whacking Luna with it… but it’s ducked as Dani returned with a German suplex.

Luna’s comeback continued as she went for the Luna Landing, but Smitson kicks out at two. A teased superplex from Luna’s blocked as Smitson countered with an avalanche Air Raid Crash, before kicking out Luna’s knee en route to a Smitson Effect that proved to be enough for the win. A relatively-clean win, if you discount the knee brace stuff, as the Legion’s Smitson left with the Southside women’s title. **¾

We’re interrupted with a video message from Lio Rush, who reminded us that before Robbie X won the Cruiserweight title at the end of last year, he’d asked for a title match… and we’re getting that now. Wait, now? Unadvertised?

Rev Pro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship: Lio Rush vs. Robbie X (c)
It’s a rematch from Live in London last October, and I’m underselling that by saying that was “quite good”…

We’ve a whole lot of misdirection early, as a pair of quick kicks took Robbie outside for a tope. A back suplex barely gets Rush a one-count, as Robbie managed to retaliate with a hiptoss, cartwheel dropkick and a plancha to the outside. Rush is placed in a chair, but Robbie’s lap of honour ends with him running into a chop, while Rush ran into a superkick as things returned to the ring.

Rush leaps into a death valley driver, but he’s able to counter out as the pair trade clotheslines, then forearms, before Robbie X ducked a clothesline… hit an overhead kick, then ran into a clothesline. The pair fight over a suplex, but Robbie X slips out only to get taken into the corner ahead of a kneeling enziguiri.

Robbie goes for an X-Claimation, but it’s blocked as Rush hits a spear and a Ki Krusher for a near-fall, before Robbie grabbed the leg to stop Rush heading up top. A shot stops Rush on the top rope eventually, but Lio headbutts Robbie off the top, only to get caught with a backflip kick as Robbie X finally hit the Finlay roll/moonsault combo for a near-fall.

Rush grabs onto the leg to stop an X-Claimation, but was able to take Rush to the corner for a corkscrew kick. Lio rolls to the apron as Robbie went up top… then played keepaway before suckering in Robbie X for an apron death valley driver. A moonsault off the apron cracks into Robbie X, ahead of a frog splash back in… Robbie got the knees up, then hit an X-Claimation as the near-falls kept coming.

Heading up top again, Robbie X misses a Spiral Tap as Rush’s frog splash gets countered… leaving the door open for another X-Claimation, which was finally able to get the win. A magical combination here, and given the pair have a win each, that kinda lays the groundwork for a deciding match down the road. ****

Michael Oku vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
Oku came in nowhere near 100%, with his shoulder taped up almost at old-school YOSHI-HASHI levels…

Starting with holds, Oku and Sabre opened at a decent pace, with Sabre taking down Oku before backing away from an attempted side headlock. Headscissors on the mat from Sabre wrench away on Oku, before Oku snuck in with a half crab… but it’s right by the ropes as Oku was able to force a break.

Sabre locks up with Oku into the ropes, tapping the injured shoulder before Oku responded with a chop. Oku tries to turn the pace up, but his leapfrog’s yanked down by Sabre, who began to work on Oku’s legs, tying them up as a swift bow-and-arrow hold ended in the ropes.

Uppercuts from Sabre have Oku rocked ahead of a straitjacket choke that Oku managed to roll out of and reverse. A ‘rana takes Sabre outside after his escape, but the Fosbury flop sees Oku land in the clutches of Sabre’s cravat, which is broken free of before Oku managed to moonsault off the guard rails and into Sabre. So close to that ring post…

Back inside, Sabre takes over again with an arm whip, dumping Oku onto the bad arm, which of course was focused on as the left arm and wrist was wrenched on. Mocking kicks take Oku into the corner, while a kick to the bad arm saw Oku sink back to the mat once more. Zack stays on that arm, but Oku eventually caught a kick and spun Sabre down with a Dragon screw instead.

A running dropkick gets Sabre in the head with pin-point accuracy, while a springboard moonsault crushes Sabre… who rolled outside and again walked away from a Fosbury flop. Oku caught Sabre in the ropes with a Dragon screw again, as he then set up for that flop, this time wiping out ZSJ on the landing.

A froggy crossbody from Oku crashes into Sabre back inside for a two-count, before a telegraphed half crab ended with Sabre snapping Oku’s arm between his feet. Sabre stays on the arm from there, whipping it into the mat before another Oku dropkick bought him time. Sabre slaps Oku around, and gets knocked down with a retaliatory shot, as both men were seemingly going for a knock-out.

Running forearms from Sabre into the corner earn him a superkick in return as Oku almost snatched the win. Sabre pops Oku into a cross armbar, but rolling for more torque takes them into the ropes for a break. A misdirection knee surprises Sabre, as did a counter to a Euro clutch, only for Sabre to lock in a rear naked choke that Oku somehow slipped out of.

We’re back to the half crab, with Sabre trapped in the middle of the ring, only for Sabre to drag his way to the ropes as Oku couldn’t maintain a consistent grip. Oku manages to stay ahead though, kicking Sabre’s leg out of his leg by the ropes, before a PK earned a one-count following Sabre’s kicking away of another half crab. Another PK’s caught by Sabre, who goes back to the arm… but yet another Dragon screw downs Sabre as Oku looked for a frog splash, but Oku crashes and burns.

From there, Sabre punts away the bad arm, then nailed a PK before a Zack Driver was floated out. Oku tries to nick a win with a backslide, but Sabre spikes Oku with a Zack Driver instead for a near-fall, before he tied up Oku in triangle armbar, then maneuvered around, ripping off the tape before the omoplata forced Oku to give up. A heck of a showing for Oku in defeat, with Sabre perhaps taking a little longer than he expected – and adding a lot of damage for Oku ahead of the Rumble later in the night. ***¾

After the match, Sabre commandeered the microphone and berated Oku for the suggestion that he was back “for clout,” then brought up how Oku was merely following his footsteps. There’s a C-bomb on the way, as Sabre declared he’s back “because British wrestling needs me.”

Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Ricky Knight Jr. vs. Great O-Khan (c)
RKJ’s got a gladiatorial mask and a sparkly entrance robe, which could have been poking fun at Great O-Khan’s own attire…

We’ve a jump start from O-Khan, with Gideon Grey joining in before the bell as Knight was launched into the turnbuckles. Grey exits the ring as the match got going, coupled with a Zack Sabre Jr-inspired chant for O-Khan. Knight’s choked in the ropes as O-Khan had him on the back foot from the off, helped by Gideon Grey doing more of the same behind the referee’s back.

Ricky manages to vault over O-Khan as he proceeded to catch Gideon Grey – and the front row – unawares with a tope. Back inside, a crossbody gets RKJ a two-count, before RKJ took his eyes off O-Khan and went back after Gideon… who slid in his cane and caused a distraction as O-Khan cracked Knight in the head with the cane.

O-Khan chokes RKJ with his wrist tape from there as discontent continued to build, aided by Gideon crotching Knight in the ropes ahead of some Mongolian chops from O-Khan. Grey grabs Knight by the arms as O-Khan sat on him in the corner, before the cheating backfired as RKJ pulled Gideon into the path of a kick.

Knight pulls ahead with a series of strikes, then a superkick to knock O-Khan into the ropes, before Grey tripped RKJ in the ropes. Ricky goes out after him, before O-Khan accidentally ran into his own man. Back inside, RKJ’s able to land a death valley driver as a shotgun dropkick took O-Khan into the corner.

Gideon runs in, but he only ends up being part of a stacked-up Samoan drop from RKJ, who then headed outside and pulled out a table from under the ring. Ricky throws Gideon into the aisle before he dragged O-Khan towards the table… then went up top in a bid to leap through O-Khan… but Gideon’s back to delay as O-Khan ends up shoving Knight off the top rope and through the table.

RKJ beats the ten-count back into the ring, but was immediately chucked with a gutwrench suplex by O-Khan for a near-fall. A Tenzan Tombstone Driver’s next, only for RKJ to hit back with an enziguiri and a Fire Thunder Driver… which would have won it, had Gideon not pulled the referee out of the ring. That’s the final straw as Gideon was ejected for it, but in the background we can see someone come through the crowd with a Kendo stick.

THWACK – the hoodied individual smashes it over RKJ, then revealed himself as a returning Rampage Brown. A piledriver’s next as he then pulled up RKJ for the Deep Wounds finisher with the help of O-Khan… while an Eliminator completed the win. Cue thunderous boos from York Hall for a match that checked off Rev Pro’s annual foray into the overbooked. I’m fine with the finish, given O-Khan and Rampage’s history, but that layered on top of the rest of the match was overkill as the story now seems to be who can overcome the United Empire/Legion? **¾

Revolution Rumble
The winner “gets to pick their own Epic Encounter,” which theoretically opens the field up as we’re not limiting ourselves to “who’d be a credible title challenger.”

Leon Slater and Cameron Khai were the first two out, continuing their ongoing beef over who the best young ‘un in Rev Pro really is. Khai goes for an early elimination, but that’s never happening as Slater leapt through the ropes to the outside, then slingshotted himself back in for a splash on Khai.

A leaping leg lariat to the back of Khai’s head wiped him out as we counted down to number three… Gideon Grey, accompanied by Lucian Phillips. Gideon tries to eliminate Slater and Khai, but didn’t quite get the “over the top and down to the floor” bit right, as he ended up getting double-teamed en route to a swanton 450 splash, before Lucian Phillips saved him from an early bath.

Next in is Will Kaven, sans chair, as Cameron Khai managed to shine a little… only to leap into a jumping knee from Kaven. Khai holds on from an elimination, but ends up falling to a Dragon suplex on the edge of the ring. Number 5 is Blake, albeit covered up by graphics, as he began to throw fools around. There’s a back body drop to send Gideon onto Kaven ahead of a back senton… and we’re back to counting.

Kid Lykos in at 6, hitting and running on Blake before Will Kaven caught Lykos, trying to hold him up for shots from Gideon. We’ve a package facebuster from Lykos on Grey, who rolls under the bottom rope as a stand-off between Slater and Lykos was stopped by Blake as our next counter stalls at seven… and it wasn’t entirely improbable that this was a technical snafu, except no, it’s a return for Trent Seven as York Hall erupted.

Blake jumps Trent from behind, choking him with his OT-Towel, before Trent hit back with a DDT as he proceeded to clothesline Blake out of the match. Gideon’s attempt at a cheapshot’s shut down, as a chop sent Kaven over the top and to the floor. We’re back with the counter as Gabriel Kidd joined, prompting commentary to shout “war Gabe” as if he was from Newcastle…

Kidd and Seven faced off, trading chops… Kidd pulled ahead as Gideon backed off from interfering. A sucker punch from Trent lands, before Lucian Phillips pulled Trent outside for a back suplex onto the side of the ring. Gideon lays out Leon Slater with a cane shot, then got chased to the back by Kid Lykos as Francesco Akira joins next… reigniting the rivalry with Gabriel Kidd from last year.

Shaun Jackson’s in at number 10, commandeering the mic on his way… it gives out after a double leapfrog/dropkick on Gabriel Kidd, before he got eliminated by Akira in short order. JJ Gale joins at number 11, taking down Slater with a triple-jump ‘rana, before a wheelbarrow stomp on Trent Seven kept JJ’s York Hall debut going.

Gale clears house, then gets joined by his former tag partner Callum Newman at 12. Newman dropkicks Slater away, but we’re quickly down to a Parade of Kicks until Gale hit a Destroyer… then chucked Akira over the top rope. Was NOT expecting that elimination… Gale and Newman combine well against Slater, Biel throwing him over the top rope and into the Contenders for an elimination.

Luke Jacobs joins at 13, making a beeline for Newman as the former Cruiserweight champion cleared house, chucking Gale and Newman together with a stacked-up German suplex. Luke trades chops with Trent for a spell, before Newman cut them off… and ate a Bull lariat from Kidd.

Gideon Grey runs back out – minus Kid Lykos – as he tried to eliminate everyone… but yet again he forgets the “both feet land on the floor” part, and ended up tope’ing into Lucian Phillips to save his skin. Chris Bronson joins next, making a beeline for Kidd before he speared Jacobs. There’s a German suplex for Kidd, a belly-to-belly for Newman, and a powerslam for Trent before Gale leapt into a press slam, only for Newman to make the save.

The Newman and Gale partnership broke down though, with Newman trying to throw out Gale before they traded blows. Eddie Dennis enters at number 15, with his “win or retire” promise saw him run wild at the start, leading to a superplex on Trent Seven that got countered into an avalanche Emerald Flowsion. Luke Jacobs quickly responds with a clothesline to eliminate Trent though, prompting some boos as another countdown led to Big Damo joining the fray.

Damo and Jacobs trade blows ahead of a tree slam and elbow drop from the Ulsterman as Eddie Dennis popped up to have a go. Callum Newman intervenes with kicks and a handspring backflip kick, only to be wiped out with a Damo clothesline, then eliminated by Eddie. JJ Gale tries to pick up the pieces, but his springboard crossbody’s caught and turned into a fallaway slam.

Joshua James enters at 17, having won that mini tournament in St. Neots to qualify, and he POUNCES Gideon into the arms of Lucian Phillips to make it to the ring. The ring’s full of big lads right now, and Zak Knight adds to it at 18, punching folks out before Gideon Grey leapt on Zak’s back. He’s knocked out for that, before Knight escaped a press slam from Bronson, then punched him off the apron for an elimination. Zak keeps it going, catching Damo off the rope into a suplex, before Robbie X came out to try and change the pace.

Robbie manages to knock Damo into the ropes, but couldn’t hit the squatting death valley driver… instead making it to the top rope as he walked on the shoulders of Knight, Dennis and Damo into some headscissors on James… eventually taking the Contender out over the top for an elimination. Zack Sabre Jr’s in at 20, squaring off with Gabriel Kidd as the pair threw forearms and boots at each other.

Kidd pulled ahead there, but Sabre goes for the ears to escape a cravat… then mocked Kidd’s desire to face Katsuyori Shibata. Zak Knight punches out ZSJ as we count down to the York Hall debut of Jordon Breaks, who immediately squared off with ZSJ as Gio gives everyone some material for those out of context wrestling accounts.

Breaks and ZSJ go back and forth with wristlocks and trips, before a Sabre cravat was countered with a wristlock. TK Cooper’s arrival sees him take a shot at Sabre and Breaks as the ring again filled up. Headbutts from TK helped knock a load of folk down, before ZSJ mockingly applauded Jordon Breaks’ cobra twist. Sabre applies one on JJ Gale, as Breaks and Sabre shake hands and lay into each other… they’ve got to be an upcoming singles match at some point, right?

Sabre and Breaks trade Cobra twists, only for Sabre to hiptoss Breaks onto the apron ahead of an arm drop that knocks Breaks to the floor. In comes Danny Jones at 23, but he takes his time to get involved, distracting ZSJ as JJ Gale eventually hit the springboard cutter… and threw out Sabre. Two big eliminations for Gale, and I’m now wondering if someone’s got designs on a trip to Japan soon…

Sabre’s irate and returns to the ring to lay into Gale, as Brendan White joined the match – with Danny Jones having not even made it into the ring. The Greedy Souls drop JJ Gale with a Soul Destroyer, then threw him out for the easy elimination, while Big Damo was double-teamed with a pop-up bodyslam. Zak Knight escapes a Soul Destroyer, but couldn’t avoid a slam before he was slingshotted into a Bossman Slam ahead of another elimination.

TK’s next in the sights of the Greedy Souls, hitting a shooting star press to Brendan White… who then threw him over the top and onto the apron. The ticker counts down Chuck Mambo’s entrance, but he’s just too late as the Souls knocked TK to the floor. Mambo tries to get some payback, then hit Damo with a back cracker, before he hit a springboard Meteora to Danny Jones.

Eddie Dennis is back up as he and Mambo hit swinging side slams, before Gideon Grey came in to try and get the elimination. Gideon scarpers, but Eddie gives chase, only for Lucian Phillips to get involved. Brendan White and Danny Jones combine to eliminate Mambo, despite Chuck getting his leg tied up in the ropes on the way out.

Michael Oku’s in at 26, limp arm all… he goes for the Greedy Souls with superkicks, then Damo with a dropkick. Oku ducks Robbie X’s handspring, which led to a bad landing… and an opportunity for a half crab. Connor Mills is in at 27, which was opportune, but Mills comes through the crowd with Robbie X’s cruiserweight title belt, laying out Oku from behind, then Robbie X before a head kick knocked Robbie X off the apron for the easy elimination. Eddie Dennis is back to have words with Connor Mills, before Gideon Grey slipped in to hit a low blow on Mills.

Gideon’s laid out with an elbow, but slips out of a Next Stop Driver to hit a low blow… but couldn’t eliminate Eddie, who held on until Kid Lykos returned from the back… this time with added shirt? Lykos helps with a gamengiri to Gideon in the corner on top of Eddie’s Severn Bridge, before he unmasked as Mark Andrews. Cue another pop, but perhaps the last sign that the night may not be going Eddie’s way…

FSU combine on Brendan White, leading to a step-up Destroyer from Andrews, then a stuff Next Stop Driver on Jones. Rampage Brown is in at 28, laying out Eddie Dennis with a clothesline before he tossed out Kid “Mark Andrews” Lykos with a slam. Rampage and Damo square off, but Damo’s lifted over the top and booted to the floor as Rampage looked to clear the ring.

Luke Jacobs takes a slam by the ropes as Connor Mills had to hold on to avoid an elimination… Ricky Knight Jr. comes in at 29, going straight for Rampage Brown before he single-handedly eliminated both of the Greedy Souls. RKJ celebrated prematurely, and gets clocked from behind by Rampage Brown, only for Rampage to get clotheslined over the top as RKJ picked up a third elimination… only for Michael Oku to lift him out too. Just like at the 229!

Rampage and RKJ brawl to the back as Mills and Oku squared off once more, with a hockey fight ending with Oku spearing Mills through the ropes amid a rebound lariat. Gideon Grey’s back, but he’s surrounded by Kidd, Jacobs and Dennis… before the final countdown unveiled the return of Sha Samuels in the final spot. Gideon thought he’d had solace with the return of the former Legion member, but Sha clotheslines Gideon ahead of a Michinoku Driver… then handed off Gideon for Eddie Dennis to eliminate him.

Sha goes after Eddie Dennis, eventually landing a spinebuster before Connor Mills saved Eddie from elimination… and chucked Sha himself. We keep going, with Eddie Dennis throwing Mills aside as he took offence to Mills’ save… Michael Oku charges in with a knee to Mills, before trading strikes with Eddie Dennis. Eddie sidesteps a misdirection knee, then got ‘rana’d into the corner before an Oku dropkick knocked him by the ropes.

Oku charges into a uranage next, then had to escape a Next Stop Driver… only to pull Eddie over the top and onto the apron. Oku pulls himself up, as did Eddie, but it’s Oku who makes it back inside as he eyed up a possible elimination… but Connor Mills intercepts Oku, so he could kick Eddie off the apron instead. It was enough to make Andy Q do a swear, as Eddie Dennis went down on his sword, retiring as a result of not winning… in spite of the York Hall crowd initially not reacting.

Oku goes to console Eddie, who told him to finish the job, as we’re down to the final four: Oku, Mills, Jacobs, Kidd. They pair off as you’d expect, with Oku low bridging Mills onto the apron but couldn’t complete the elimination as Oku then ducked a running dropkick and threw Mills over the top to the floor. Kidd and Jacobs team up to go against Oku, much like they did at the 229 at the start of the month, as they proceeded to put the boots to him.

The beatdown’s prolonged with chops and stomps, before Kidd double-crossed Luke and lifted him over the top to the floor. Kidd’s doing star jumps like he’s already won, before Oku finally fought back, only to get pulled to the floor in a half crab. Arm whips continue the damage ZSJ did earlier in the night, as Kidd then added a brainbuster… and called for the mic. His mid-match promo/impromptu recital of his entrance theme ends with him going up top, only for Oku to superkick him off the buckles, only for a superplex to end with Kidd locking Oku in a hanging choke.

Oku drops to the apron, then absorbed some big boots before vaulting back in to hit a superkick and a clothesline to send Kidd over the top to the floor! Michael Oku, with one arm, outlasts the field and gets to call his shots – marking a cracking debut Rumble (on this level) for Rev Pro, with many tantalising matches being set up coming out of this 90-or-so minute outing. ***½

Post-match, Great O-Khan, Francesco Akira and Dan Moloney head to ringside for the obligatory staredown – Oku’s chosen O-Khan for a title match for his reward, as they loop back to Oku’s debut match for Rev Pro, which ironically was at York Hall.

We’ve got one more piece at the end, as Oku called out Eddie Dennis after the closing pyro – allowing Eddie to head to the ring as he took off his boots, leaving them in the middle of the spotlights, signifying the end of his in-ring career as the show came to a close.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Rev Pro’s not done a rumble outside of their Contender’s shows - but this one seemed to work a treat. Aside from Oku/O-Khan, the rumble alone set up Jordon Breaks/ZSJ, JJ Gale/ZSJ, JJ Gale/Akira (or potentially a Best of the Super Junior run if you’re looking at long shots), in addition to RKJ/Rampage, Luke Jacobs/Trent Seven, Kidd/Seven and likely a few I’m omitting. Even if the O-Khan/RKJ match left a sour taste in your mouth, there’s plenty going on elsewhere in the promotion that suggests that things are continuing to head in a positive direction.

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