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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Revolution Rumble 03.31.2024 Review

April 1, 2024 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Revolution Rumble 2024 Image Credit: RevPro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Revolution Rumble 03.31.2024 Review  

Quick Results
Luke Jacobs submitted Connor Mills in 18:37 (***½)
Leon Slater pinned Josh Alexander in 16:45 (****)
Zack Gibson & James Drake pinned Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster to win the Rev Pro Undisputed British Tag Team Championships in 16:05 (***)
Dog Collar Match – Dani Luna pinned Alex Windsor to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s Championship in 20:25 (****¼)
Michael Oku pinned Leyton Buzzard to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship in 24:10 (***)
Luke Jacobs won the Revolution Rumble in 80:21 (***¼)

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We’re live via a split-up stream from York Hall… Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey are on commentary as ever.

Connor Mills vs. Luke Jacobs
Mills demanded this match for Luke Jacobs’ spot in the rumble…

We start off this “vol au vent of violence” with Mills and Jacobs trading shots, leading to a kick off the ropes from Mills… and a shoulder charge in response from Luke. Chops and forearms wear down Mills in the corner, before Mills’ attempt at an elevated Dragon screw was punched away.

Jacobs lifts Mills up top and chops him down to the floor, where Luke tried to follow-up with a powerbomb… but Mills slips out, only to get caught with a DDT on the ramp. Back at ringside, Mills posts Jacobs after he’d raked the eyes to avoid being lawndarted, before he booted Jacobs into the crowd… then followed him in with a wild double stomp off the top into the front row. Jesus lads, this is just the opener…

Another stomp back inside gets Mills a near-fall, before Mills faked out a kick to the back… and raked Jacobs’ eyes. Chops keep Jacobs rocked, but he sinks Mills with a singular chop… before Mills went back to Luke’s leg. Mills’ Indian Deathlock earned him some chops as Jacobs tried to fight out, but he’s not able to free the legs as Mills ends up bridging in the deathlock before Luke just threw a forearm to break it up.

Mills gets pulled into a crossface, but he rolls up out of it before he cracked Jacobs with a pair of low dropkicks. A uranage out of the corner from Jacobs bounces Mills down, while a DDT followed ahead of a running clothesline into the corner… and a superplex out of it. Jacobs rolls through and adds a brainbuster to the mix for another two-count, before Mills turned it back around with a Ki Krusher for a near-fall.

Pouncing on the leg again, Mills grabs a heel hook that forced Jacobs into the ropes. Kicks from Mills are eventually caught, before Jacobs countered a rebound lariat into a pair of powerbombs for another two-count. From the kick-out, Luke rolls in for a Boston crab, before he resumed on Mills with forearm strikes.

Mills snuck in a PK to turn it back around, only for a lariat from Jacobs to get him back in control. Another powerbomb’s slipped out of as Mills trips up Jacobs, then tied up his arms and threw some unprotected kicks to the head, then added an ankle lock as Jacobs had to slip free and dive into the ropes for a break.

A sneak inside cradle almost wins it for Jacobs, before Mills uncorked a series of head shots that almost led to the KO… Jacobs responds by catching the arm and leg of Mills ahead of a capture headbutt… two more headbutts follow, along with a Torpedo headbutt before a rebound lariat from Mills almost won it… only for Jacobs to kick out and go back to the crossface for the eventual submission. ***½

Leon Slater vs. Josh Alexander
“The TNA offer match” comes in next, with Josh Alexander wrestling in England for the first time in nearly six years. Last time out? Southside, losing to John Klinger…

Alexander threw Slater to the mat early before Slater and Alexander traded wristlocks as Leon was diverted away from his usual gameplan. The archived stream’s missing a piece here, but recovers as Slater’s handspring back elbow took Alexander outside for a plancha, which just about made its mark.

Back inside, Slater slips onto the apron to escape a Fireman’s carry, but Alexander’s able to catch a follow-up kick and trap Slater with an ankle lock… before a crossbody through the ropes knocked the former Cruiserweight champion off the apron. Back inside, a backbreaker and a Northern Lights suplex gets the Canadian a two-count as he continued to control the pace. A toe and ankle hold has Slater in trouble, as did some chops… which Slater defiantly took as he pinned himself into the corner and flipped off Alexander as he egged him on. Withstanding it, Slater’s able to boot Alexander either side of a ‘rana for a two-count, before Alexander surprised Slater with an ankle lock.

Slater’s able to roll through, but he’s quickly caught with some rolling German suplexes. Slater rolls out of one, but a follow-up splash lands on Alexander’s knees before a handspring was caught and turned into a rack bomb for a near-fall. Josh Alexander, perpetually one step ahead. Strikes keep Slater on the back foot, before a leg lariat was caught and turned into an over-the-knee powerbomb as Alexander’s high-impact (har har) offence continued to chip away on Leon.

Alexander teases a C4 Spike, but Slater deadweights himself and flips free, absorbing another strike before he scored with a spinning Blue Thunder bomb for a near-fall. Strikes from Alexander again put him ahead, ahead of an avalanche Finlay roll that Slater slipped out of… and countered in with a top rope ‘rana. A leg lariat knocks Alexander to the outside as Leon tested his aim and those new floodlights with an over-the-post senton dive… then rolled Alexander back inside… only to miss a swanton 450.

Pouncing with an ankle lock, Alexander looks for the submission… but Slater’s able to get to his feet and roll Alexander back in bridging leg lock – akin to the Last Supper – to get the three-count. This was absolutely fantastic – on paper, the much more experienced Alexander should have controlled things – and largely did – against the upstart, but in the end the one time Slater was able to get ahead of the former TNA champion… it was enough to get the flash win. ****

Rev Pro Undisputed British Tag Team Championship: Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) vs. Subculture (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews) (c)
Jokingly dubbed by some as the NXT UK offer match, as we start with Andrews and Gibson. There’s no clear good guy/bad guy divide here, which made for a bit of a weird dynamic as Andrews and Gibson traded holds on the mat.

Drake’s in next to stay on Andrew’s wrist, but Andrews looked to recover with armdrags and a tijeras before Webster tagged in and hit a dropkick as Drake’s leg was caught in the ropes. A Special Brew Flip from Webster’s good for a one-count, but Gibson’s able to come back in… only to get caught with a Rude Boy moonsault press out of the corner as neither side was able to make much of a foothold for themselves.

A blind tag brings Andrews in for a pair of standing moonsaults, before Drake came in as the challengers tripped up Andrews for a low dropkick, while Drake’s running dropkick cleared Webster off the apron. Drake’s tiltawhirl backbreaker riles up Webster, before Gibson tagged back in to throw Andrews into a spinning heel kick for a two-count.

Gibson’s back suplex keeps Andrews grounded, but Drake nearly loses Andrews… especially when a whip into the corner saw him hit a tope to Gibson before Andrews finally made the tag out to Webster… who heads up top for a Shadows Over Malice senton into the challengers on the floor. The string’s broken on Gideon as he can only repeat “forearm strike” for a while, before the Eton Rifle from Webster took down Drake for a two-count.

Andrews is back as Subculture look for a double-team suplex, but Gibson makes the save ahead of a knee slide and double overhead kick from Andrews. A Doomsday Device is teased from the challengers, but it’s quickly aborted as Andrews came back with a Stundog… then tagged in Webster as the champions looked for a Blitz-Knee-Bop… except Andrews took the stray knee instead.

Gibson’s clothesline took care of Webster ahead of the Ticket to Ride to Andrews in the corner. Drake’s Coast to Coast added to that, but the champions are able to make it back in as double-teaming headbutts stunned Drake ahead of the Blitz-Knee-Bop for the near-fall. All four men remain in the ring to trade blows, leading to Webster being taken outside with an enziguiri for a spike tombstone on the floor.

That left Andrews all alone, but his attempts to fight off things earned him a Ticket To Mayhem and a double Codebreaker as Subculture ended up dropping the belts. As a match, this was technically sound – but the lack of any clear good/bad guys made this almost soulless and robotic at times. An odd missing detail that really held back this match. ***

Dog Collar Match for Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s Championship: Alex Windsor vs. Dani Luna (c)
It’s the first time there’s been a dog collar match in Rev Pro – I know you’re surprised at that…

There’s no touch the corners rules here, as we start with Windsor pulling Luna in early so she could whip her with the chain, before some forearms from Luna took the challenger outside. Dani pulls Windsor back in quickly, using a shoulder tackle to knock her down before the chain was used to throw Windsor across the ring.

Mounted punches from Luna trap Windsor in the corner, but Windsor pulls her way free before she used the chain to punch Luna… who instantly came up red. Windsor uses the chain to stretch Luna’s mouth, then took things outside as she pulled Luna into the ring post… before she wrapped Luna to the ring post with the chain and got in some free hits.

Heading under the ring, Windsor pulls out the tetanus chair… but gets pulled into the ring post by Luna, who then used that chair on Windsor’s back as she tried to take things back into the ring. Placing Windsor into the chair proves to be a mistake as Windsor hits a drop toe hold into the chair, before a sidewalk slam showed that chair was more malleable than you’d have thought.

Windsor straightens out the chair, then wedged it into the corner… and it’s not long before Windsor’s head met that chair as Luna stopped the challenger in her tracks. German suplexes followed as Windsor couldn’t get away, leading to an Air Raid Crash for a two-count. Retaliating with an Olympic Slam, Windsor picks up a two-count of her own, before she went through the ropes and used the chain to trap Luna by the ropes for clotheslines.

A creative switcheroo sees Luna duck a clothesline then pull Windsor into the chain for a clothesline, before they headed outside for a snap short piledriver onto the side of the ring. Luna punches Windsor with the chain to draw blood as she maintained the upper hand for a spell.

Using the chain again, Windsor whips Luna into a legsweep for a two-count, before she headed out… for a dog crate? Windsor sets up the crate for a spot of training, taking Luna into the cage so she could slam the cage door into it, while a low dropkick added a little extra something to it. Windsor heads up top, but Luna caught her with a headbutt before throwing her into the crate with a death valley driver for a near-fall

The crate’s still in one piece, so Luna goes to finish the job with a suplex into the crate for a near-fall. From there, Windsor escaped a Luna Landing before the pair charged into each other with clotheslines. A drop toe hold knocks Luna into the referee, with Windsor adding a headbutt and a discus chain-aided lariat, before a spin-out Fisherman suplex dumped Luna onto the chair… but the ref’s only just coming to, and Luna’s able to kick out.

Windsor stays on Luna with a Sharpshooter, using the chain for extra choking… but Luna slips out and applies a crossface, using the chain in the mouth before Windsor rolled it into a pinning attempt. Kicking out, Luna’s able to sidestep a charging Windsor onto the apron as we had the obligatory hanging spot, which morphed into a deadlift German suplex from the apron in, and then a Luna Landing for the win. Absolutely beautiful violence, was this, with the stipulation being used to good effect – some may say the dog crate was a bit on the nose, but for a type of match that rarely happens in these parts, this was wonderful. ****¼

Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Leyton Buzzard vs. Michael Oku (c)
With Buzzard having beaten Oku in the past, the champion shot out of the gates with a dropkick at the bell, following up with a clothesline to take Buzzard outside for a springboard moonsault into the aisle.

Back inside, Oku catches Buzzard with a superkick, but a frog splash is stopped with a belly-to-belly superplex as Oku quickly found himself on the defensive. The pair trade chops for a while, but Buzzard walks through a chop, prompting Oku to go in with forearms before a dropkick took down the champion.

A running knee trapped Oku in the ropes, while an apron superkick and a missile dropkick kept the champion rocked… and picked up a near-fall for Buzzard. An Irish whip sent Oku hard up into the turnbuckles for another two-count, before an overhead belly-to-belly took Oku back into those buckles with a rude landing.

Getting back up, Oku beats Buzzard to the punch with right hands, before a snap DDT drew a two-count. Oku more than telegaphs a half crab, which Buzzard pushes away as he came back with a clothesline before a standing moonsault landed in the knees… Buzzard’s right back with another release belly-to-belly into the ropes on Oku, then a brainbuster for some more near-falls.

Oku’s right back with a superkick and a misdirection knee strike, taking Buzzard outside for a Fosbury flop as Buzzard was taking a lot of shots to the face in short order. Buzzard’s rolled back inside for a froggy crossbody for another two-count, before Brett Semtex got up to stop a half crab. Amira pulls him down, but amid the distraction the ref misses a low blow as a pop-up powerbomb planted Oku for a near-fall.

Buzzard goes up top, but takes too long and gets dropkicked… a top rope ‘rana’s blocked as an avalanche powerbomb nearly won it, before a guillotine choke saw Buzzard try to stop things. Oku slips out for an enziguiri though, dropping Buzzard for a springboard moonsault more or less to the face for a two-count. Keeping on Buzzard, Oku heads up top, but gets cut off… only to recover things with an avalanche reverse ‘rana.

Oku keeps going with a frog splash, but it’s not enough as a half crab ended with Semtex shoving Amira aside so he could pull Buzzard to the outside. That’s enough for the referee to eventually order Semtex to the back. Oku pounces from there, but he’s sent into the air as an attempt to throw Buzzard into the guard rails ended with Oku taking a huge hiptoss into the crowd.

Buzzard chokes Oku on the rails… then began to push around Amira, daring her to push back before he used the title belt and pulled her into the ring post. As Amira’s helped to the back, Buzzard tried to give the directions as Brett Semtex re-emerged. Yeah, they didn’t catch Semtex’s spear from the crowd, nor his sneaking back through the crowd, before a tombstone onto the side of the ring and a 450 splash back in drew a near-fall.

Buzzard pushed around the ref, who responded in kind before Oku cradled Buzzard for a near-fall. It’s back to the guillotine from there, with Oku holding on to keep the match alive, as he then powered up Buzzard for a suplex. Buzzard lands awkwardly when he slips out of it, then crumbled again when Oku picked him up, having dislocated his knee… from there, Oku heads up for a frog splash, and that’s all folks. Truncated due to injury, but this formula of match really isn’t working for me – since the Ospreay farewell match, Oku’s stuff hasn’t fully clicked with me – and it seems to be like a champion missing a big challenger. ***

Revolution Rumble Match
They were very particular on the spoils of this one – the winner gets a title match of their choosing, at a scheduled date and scheduled match of their choosing. So none of this cash-in bollocks!

Jordon Breaks and Josh Alexander start things off… they trade holds to start, taking things down to the mat as Alexander’s ankle lock was rolled through by Breaks, who moves into a bow-and-arrow hold… before the counter brought in Jordan Oliver. Oliver’s able to boot Breaks before Alexander began to slug it out with him.

Breaks is back to trade uppercuts with Alexander, before Oliver snuck in a Stinger splash in the corner. An uppercut from Breaks stops that, before Aigle Blanc came out for his debut. There’s a sweet tornado DDT from Blanc as he got off to a strong start, before the headscissors neckbreaker took down Breaks.

A step-up ‘rana to Alexander keeps Blanc ahead, before he renewed rivalries with Jordan Oliver with a twister suplex. Breaks is back with uppercuts to Blanc, before Alexander began to tee off with release German suplexes. JJ Gale hits the ring next, taking down Alexander with a springboard ‘rana out of the corner before going after everyone else with uppercuts.

A discus forearm from Gale dumps Aigle, before a backpack knee and superkick laid out Breaks. Oliver’s next to eat a spinning heel kick, then a German suplex that dumped Oliver on his arm… before Alexander got to his feet and traded shots with Gale. Alexander blocks a Gale Force, then went for a C4 Spike… but Gale’s out to hit a springboard uppercut before he clotheslined the Canadian out of the match.

Robbie X is in at six, clearing house on everyone as he focused on his Southampton opponent, Aigle Blanc at first. Gale eats a huge superkick from Robbie X ahead of a Beyblade kick into the corner, before a moonsault wiped out Gale and Oliver. A backflip kick takes down Aigle Blanc, who then teased throwing Robbie X out… before a reverse ‘rana rocked the Frenchman.

Aigle’s lifted over the top rope as Oliver looked to help eliminate him… but we’re counting as Will Kaven entered the fray. A Kaven Effect diving knee takes out Robbie X as Kaven started strong, landing a release German to Robbie X before Jordon Breaks began to unleash a series of monkey flips. Anthony Ogogo entered next, catching a crossbody from Blanc before the “Platty Jubes” – F5 slam – landed. That name… yeesh. A punch KO’s Blanc before he was chucked out, while Jordan Oliver ate a right hand of his own, spinning him down like he was Rikishi. Oliver’s gone after that, before an opportunistic Kaven was made to pay with another right hand.

JJ Gale tries his luck with Ogogo, but his crossbody’s also caught… a gut shot has Gale down on his knees, before a right hand sent Gale through the ropes to the floor. We count again as Mark Trew and Kieron Lacey came out… only one of them were eligible for the match, but they’d not declared yet. Trew and Lacey get knocked off the apron before Robbie X tried to lift out Ogogo… only for Ogogo to catch a crossbody and counter with a fallaway slam. Robbie’s powerbombed next, but he’s not thrown out yet as Jordon Breaks came in to square up to Ogogo…

Breaks picks the leg and rolls through Ogogo, but he can’t lift the former Olympian over the top rope as Ogogo ended up eating a handspring kick from Robbie X. Robbie keeps going on Breaks, squatting Breaks before getting caught with a Cobra Twist through the ropes. Breaks pulls Robbie over the top, but a backflip kick knocks Breaks off the apron for the elimination.

Robbie’s busy challenging Breaks as Ogogo took over, punching Robbie X amid a springboard for the next elimination. Poor Harry Milligan is in next, and doesn’t last. He avoids a F5 after dropkicking Trew and Lacy off the apron, before a POUNCE took Hary down. A pop-up punch follows, and then Milligan’s tossed out with ease.

Michael Oku is next up, but he stops to check on Milligan before he got jumped by Trew and Lacy. Superkicks clear the way as Oku went in… and had a surprisingly short stint in the match, despite landing a missile dropkick to Ogogo. A half crab’s kicked away as Ogogo punched out Oku, then threw him out of the match. Well then!

Ricky Knight Jr. enters next, literally stepping on Oku in the aisle before he tore into Ogogo in the ring. A low bridge has Ogogo on the apron, before a springboard punch eliminated Ogogo. JJ Gale’s back in now the puncher’s gone, but his attempted Gale Force springboard cutter’s caught and turned into a Fire Thunder driver instead.

Kaven sneaks in but gets tossed by RKJ, as Spike Trivet sauntered out. A headbutt from Trivet rocks RKJ briefly, as did some biting, before Spike… stopped to put his claws up like a cat? Alright then… A flying Codebreaker from Trivet’s caught and turned into a powerbomb, but Trivet manages to hit two of them in quick succession afterwards, before a clothesline took RKJ onto the apron. Ricky recovers to hoist up Trivet in a stalling suplex, waiting for Brett Semtex to come out to break it up. Time stood still a wee bit there…

A spear from Semtex rocks RKJ as he continued to throw around the former champion… he recovers to slap Semtex around a little, before a springboard forearm was caught and turned into a F5. Spike Trivet runs in to punt Semtex low, before Brendan White came out. Zack Gibson and James Drake attack, with Danny Jones making the save before things calmed down… but Brendan remained distracted and got caught by a springboard from Trew, while Kieron Lacey low bridged Brendan out of the match.

Gabe Kidd joins next, wiping out Kieron Lacey in the aisle before Kidd hit the ring and made a beeline for JJ Gale. There’s a brainbuster for Gale before Trew tried to attack Kidd from behind. That ended badly for him, as Kidd chopped and piledrove him. Cameron Khai is next, going straight for Gale with a low superkick and a suplex, before Semtex got caught with a Northern Lights suplex.

Trivet gets a similar fate, as did RKJ, before a Pingshot cutter laid out RKJ. Kidd tries to catch out Khai, but got caught with an over-the-knee brainbuster before Khai almost turfed Kidd out. Trent Seven is next, going wild with chops to start before he fed Trivet to Gale for a chop-aided DDT.

A Gale Force is chopped away by Trent, who added a ripcord lariat to Trivet as Sha Samuels came in next. Of course, Sha goes after Trivet, landing a spinebuster before he chased Spike out of the ring, threatening him with his braces. The pair sprint to the back, having gone under the ropes… so they’re both still in it.

Mike D Vecchio is in at 20 for his debut, clearing the ring ahead of a double teardrop suplex to Trew and Khai. A roundhouse enziguiri and a clothesline took care of Trent, before Mike D’s bicycle knee and clothesline took Semtex out. RKJ’s superkick drops Mike D as Luke Jacobs entered… with Mike D ready and waiting for the Mancunian.

Headbutts and boots led to Mike D catching Jacobs with a dropkick, but a trip up top’s stopped as an avalanche German suplex took the Belgian down. Spike Trivet and Sha Samuels return from the back, but not for long as Spike was left surrounded as he took a beating before Sha whipped him out of the match.

Oskar Leube is in at 22, and goes right after Gabe Kidd and everyone with shoulder tackles. There’s bodyslams for all as well, before Trew countered a suplex into a lovely rear naked choke, pulling Oskar down… but the German’s able to get back to his feet and throw his way free.

Oskar and Mike D go face to face next, but they’re jumped by Trew and Khai… and it goes badly wrong for them as they eat stereo back body drops before the pair got slammed and yeep’d out of the ring. Shigehiro Irie keeps the big lads theme going, headbutting anything that moved until Trent Seven came in to go all Bushwhackers with Irie. Luke has the same idea, before Oskar landed a suplex… and got splashed on by Irie off the top.

RKJ picks up Irie for a deadlift jackhammer, while Gabe Kidd went for a Bull lariat that Sha turned into a spinebuster. Mike D’s back to hit a lofty spinning back suplex as a Parade of STUFF was going on in that full ring. Chuck Mambo is in at 24, connecting with a high cross body to Kidd off the top rope before a Blockbuster caught Sha.

A Reef Break from Mambo takes out Gale, who returned fire with a Slingblade as Trent Seven rolled back in to help Gale chop Mambo. Danny Jones is out next, with Joshua James and Jordan Saeed out to stop the GYV from a second sneak attack. Everyone’s working blue for a while before Gabe Kidd threw Mambo onto the apron. TK Cooper is out next to save his partner.

Cooper uses his head a lot, headbutting away a punch from Trent before Shigehiro Irie went skull-to-skull with the Kiwi. A Mambo superkick stops all that, ahead of a pop-up headbutt to Gale, while a German Suplex Turbo Charged By The Power of Friendship took out Danny Jones. Mike D and Oskar gang up on Sunshine Machine, but then they turn their sights on each other before David Francisco joined the fray. With his old “Fantastic” theme, which took me back many, many years…

Francisco instantly lifts out Mike D and Oskar, before he “punted Sha Samuels’ King of York Hall crown” away and threw him out too. Problem was, Francisco got too cocky too quickly, as JJ Gale took him down with a Gale Force before chucking him out, landing Francisco amid Sha, Oskar and Mike D. Francisco shoved away Josh James, who POUNCED him into the group as Mike D hit the ring again for a wacky back senton off the top…

Leon Slater is in at 28, scoring a running dive off the walkway into the pile that hadn’t had a chance to head away. Slater and Gale go at it in the ring, with Gale eating a Twisting suplex… a hook kick from Slater drops Danny Jones, before Trent Seven went for a Bitter End, only to get thrown into the ropes by RKJ.

Leyton Buzzard is out next… but he was hobbling out having dislocated his knee in the prior match. Medics refused to let him out, so Buzzard waves out… Dynamite Lee Dawson to take his spot? Nevermind, as much as the crowd wanted to see it, Connor Mills kicks Dawson down before bumping fists with Buzzard… and while the injury forced things, that kinda made the opener moot, huh?

Mills pulls Trent Seven down from the apron for an elimination, before a rebound lariat dumped RKJ. Mambo and TK catch Mills with the Combo Meal reverse DDT/elbow drop combo, before a headbutt/superkick took out Slater before Zack Gibson and James Drake appeared at ringside. They distract Danny Jones for long enough for TK and Mambo to eliminate him.

Irie, Mambo and Cooper get sent onto the apron, but a headbutt/superkick combo took out Irie, before RKJ stacked up Mills, Kidd and Slater for a triple-decker Samoan drop. My knees hurt just watching that…

TK and Mambo tee up for a Gutterball to Jacobs, as we got to number thirty, who got some unfamiliar arcade beat-em-up music before being revealed as… a returning Chris Ridgeway, with his NOAH theme intact! Ridgeway goes after TK and Mambo, spinning Mambo down with a trapped-arm Dragon screw, before TK and Mambo ate suplexes from Ridgeway and Jacobs.

A PK and a sliding lariat follows before TK and Mambo were rudely dumped out of the match. Slater looks to sneak in, but Ridgeway chokes him out. Gabe Kidd’s in to get in Ridgeway’s face, with Kidd mistaking where he was as he trash talked. Kicks and chops led to a sucker punch from Kidd, before gut shots from Ridgeway had Kidd in a heap.

Kidd’s Saito suplex dumps Ridgeway on his head, before Luke Jacobs ran in to clothesline Ridgeway out of the match. Ridgeway storms the ring and goes right back after Jacobs… referees separate them as Leon Slater took Mills out of the match. The refs miss it, but turn around in time to see Mills lift Slater out.

Jacobs stares down Mills, who bails through the ropes… but Leon throws him back in as a clothesline from Luke cost Mills the Rumble twice in one night.

We’re down to the final four of Kidd, Jacobs, Gale and RKJ… things break down as Gale hit a Falcon arrow to Jacobs, before he countered Kidd’s Bull lariat with a Slingblade. Kidd throws Gale onto the apron, but gets low bridged as JJ scored one more elimination, before moonsaulting back into RKJ.

A backpack knee stuns RKJ, but Luke Jacobs shoves Gale over the top amid a Gale Force as that proved to be one springboard too many. Connor Mills is back out with a chair, using it on RKJ and Jacobs before a returning Ethan Allen sprinted through the crowd to make the save. An Olympic slam drops Mills before Ethan handed him off for a kick-assisted Gotch piledriver to take care of Mills once more.

Mills is chased to the back by Allen as RKJ threw aside the chair, then charged at Jacobs, with the pair wheeling away on each other with strikes. RKJ’s running dropkick stings Luke in the corner ahead of a Shell Shock. Jacobs is back up to nail a pop-up powerbomb, before he shrugged off a German suplex and clotheslined RKJ out to win the Rumble! ***¼

Post-match, Jacobs and the returning Allen celebrated – before Luke called his spot. He wants a crack at the British Heavyweight title at the Copperbox in the main event of Rev Pro’s 12th Anniversary show in August.

The final score: review Good
The 411
A strong show, but also a mixed bag as some slight weaknesses were perhaps underlined as we came out of the show. Missing details in the tag title match, for instance, hurt the match… and if Rev Pro’s going to be continually running a virtually-weekly schedule, perhaps now’s the time to add a secondary, maybe openweight title, to avoid freezing out a lot of the roster while the main British titles are locked into other feuds?