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High Road/Low Road 11.03.06: Women’s Title Tournament

November 3, 2006 | Posted by Sat

Welcome back to the High Road/Low Road! A brief explanation of the column: Uncle Trunx takes the Low Road (negative view) on angles, gimmicks, and other wrestling related “stuff” while Sat takes the High Road (positive view).

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The Results for the Jeff Jarrett/Sting at Bound for Glory:

High Road: 67%
Low Road: 33%


These are all of the e-mails that we received this week. We do not respond to the actual e-mail, but the reply to your e-mail will be below.

Tenchi Masaki Writes:

Good work on the last couple of columns and welcome to the team Trunx. Anyhow, on to business. I went High Road on Jarrett/Sting but only by the oh-so slimmest of margins. We’re talking 51~55/49~45 margins. You both make really good points such as it was the perfect way to finalize this nearly year long feud and it really was one of the best matches these two have had with each other in almost forever. But also to counter that are the points of it once again being an overbooked mess as always when Jarrett is involved, and that I also got tired of it being so drawn out in coming. The reason I went High Road is for a point you missed though, and that is what it means now that it is *FINALLY* over. Sting is the NWA Champion, Jarrett is going off TV for a little while and now we’re going to get on to the other matches that Sting came to TNA to have, as well as the match we forgot we’ve also been building to. It seems very clear with the current Russo-rific booking that Sting will be facing Abyss at Genesis for the title, which is great cuz Sting said long ago that’s a guy he’s wanted to work with and it is a fresh, never-before-seen match. Of course Abyss will fail to get the title once again as there is the match that I have been waiting for since March still to book…Sting vs. Christian Cage for the NWA Title. Cage has to get his shot one-on-one for the belt he never lost and by my math, Cage has to get the win (dirty or not) and the belt over Sting. “Why” you may ask? Cuz the other matches that Sting needs to have before he leaves don’t necessarily require him holding the belt. As much as we would have loved to see Sting vs. Samoa Joe for the big strap with Sting putting Joe over, there is a much more satisfying match you can do that with (even though they are blowing it already), and that’s Joe/Angle, NWA Title on the line. Follow my logic here, Sting retains against Abyss at Genesis, then goes on to face Cage at Turning Point where Cage gets his evil revenge and the belt back, this time as a heel. Now we move on to Final Resolution, where Cage can defend against either Rhino or Raven (who both have a beef with Cage, a claim on the belt, or both) while Sting can partake in a #1 contender’s match against AJ Styles or Christopher Daniels. You gotta pull that trigger as soon as you can for reasons I’ll get into later. Sting puts AJ/Daniels over which will give you Cage vs. Daniels or Styles for the NWA title at Against All Odds, and in another Contender’s Match Sting vs…Kurt Angle. Get that dream match in there too so you can get Angle some of that face paint rub. At Destination X, you get Cage vs. Angle for the NWA title, and Sting cutting another promo like he did this past year about hanging it up…only to be stopped by Samoa Joe! “You’re not leaving until I’ve gotten to kick. Your. ASS!” Joe vs. Sting at Destination X. They can even bill it as Sting’s legit farewell match. You rematch Cage and Angle at Lockdown, let’s say cuz Cage cheated to retain, and get Joe vs. Abyss, all hardcore-like, in the six-sides-of-steel, #1 Contender’s match. It pains me to say so but…Angle defeats Cage for the title in the steel…which gives you at Slammiversary, NWA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. Joe walks out of Slammy as the NWA Champion. Hot, right?

Now here’s where this sorta falls into Low Roadism along with why you gotta pull the trigger quick like I said earlier. This feud between Jarrett and Sting went on waaay too long. Sting wasn’t even on TNA TV for 4 of these past 11 months he’s been here. That also means that his current contract only have about 2 months left…not enough time to do this all. So either TNA has to rush all these matches into episodes of iMpact! on free TV (booo!) or resign Sting to an extension (more booo!) till at least May of 2007. That’s a huge Low Roadism cuz of what it costs TNA long term. Throwing more money at Sting means that you maybe can’t bring in guys like Jericho as easily as they may have previously. It also means that you miss out on having these never-before-seen-dream-matches and reaping the full reward out of them, PPV buys! It also means that my guy Christian (and Kurt too) ends up with the short-Edge of the stick, and becomes short
transitional champs just keeping the belt warm for Joe. As much as this fact screamed Low Road at me, because there is still the time left to get these matches in and have them mean something to everyone involved and that Dixie Carter actually listened to me tell her all of this at the Fanfest (thank you Dixie!) I hold out hope that ultimately, this feud and its ending will be a positive for TNA and thus, a High Road to Slammiversary and beyond.

Sat: You make a good point about Sting now being able to face somebody else. That is a huge high road that I missed. Thanks for pointing that out. I agree with you that it seems to be heading towards Sting and Abyss. Abyss definitely deserves a run as champion, but it won’t happen at Genesis.

Your scenario looks good and I agree with you that Sting loses the title to Cage. I don’t agree with Cage facing Rhino or Raven at Final Resolution. I think that you have Samoa Joe winning the title to late. I do love your idea of getting Sting’s dream matches out of the way without him holding the title. TNA has a lot of possible ways to go and I hope that Russo doesn’t screw it up.

The low road (Sting/Jarrett lasting too long) is very legitimate. However, I see Sting resigning for another year and all of the dream matches will happen in that time period. I don’t see Jericho going to TNA; I see him eventually returning to the WWE. But anything can happen.

You mentioned that you told all of this to Dixie Carter at Fanfest. I would be very interested in knowing what Dixie said because you made great points.

Uncle Trunx: I’d also be very interested to hear what Dixie Carter had to say. You throw in some interesting ideas there. I’d agree that if they only plan to keep Sting for 1 year, they’ve wasted an awful lot of time with him but I get the feeling that Sting will be around for at least one more year. Jericho may come back to wrestling, and he may have played a very clever move by having his song on Impact; it may have sparked a bit of a bidding war when he decides to come back.

As for the scenario, it looks great. I’d love to see Christian with the title once again, and I like the idea of Joe winning it from Angle. I don’t think Angle will be a transitional champ longer term, as I can see him winning it back at some point and possibly giving Joe one in the “L” column. I wonder how much Dixie Carter took on board when you spoke…


Heh I’m becoming more common than Paris Hilton’s visits to the Free Clinic. Heh well my first question has to be this: who in your opinions are the most Underrated Legends and the most underrated current wrestler of today? From the WWE, Who would you love to see in TNA and vice versa. Personally I’d love to see Elix Skipper in WWE since he and Shelton Benjamin could make an awesome as hell Tag team. As for WWE? I’d love to see Carlito in TNA since he is one of a select few who can wrestle against any weight class and if that weren’t enough: one of the even rarer wrestlers who is a credible tweener. another wrestler I’d love to see in TNA would no doubt be SmackDown’s own Lashley because at least that way we can get out of having to see that Cancer to Wrestling Companies, aka Goldberg in a TNA. Also: if and when TNA as a TV title for it’s Mid-carders who should be the first one to hold it?

I’m going Low road on the Sting/Jarrett match. The match was just basically a drawn out way to get Jarrett out of the main event picture, and now we’re being treated an attempt to turn Jarrett face. No offense to TNA but that’s kinda stupid I mean because other than Jarrett there has not been any credible Main Event Heel in TNA. Oh yeah please tune in this Sunday to watch the Panthers slaughter the Cowboys ^_^ Go Panthers!!!!!!!

Sat: Hopefully, I was able to edit your e-mail correctly. If not, my apologies. Most underrated wrestler today is easy. It would be Carlito. The underrated legend is more difficult. If you had asked about Carlito in TNA last week, I would have said it would be a great move. However, no I am no longer sure and that is because of Russo. I don’t think that Lashley would be a good fit in TNA, for the same reason that Morgan is not a good fit for TNA. I really don’t see Goldberg coming to TNA and if he does expect the worst. When TNA gets a title for its mid-carders, I would say that the first champ should be Daniels or Styles so that it helps the credibility of the title.

I don’t see the Jeff Jarrett face turn working. I agree with you that TNA doesn’t have that many heels, but they will have an opportunity right now. I think that Abyss and Christian Cage are up to the task.

Uncle Trunx: Underrated wrestler? Probably Regal. Underrated legend? Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.

WWE to TNA? Shelton Benjamin. Imagine some of the matches he could have, not only with the X division guys but also with the likes of Christian, Joe, even Sting. Plus he has history with Angle…

TNA to WWE? Samoa Joe, but only if they booked him properly. Which they wouldn’t, so forget it as a viable proposition.

TNA “TV title” first holder? Abyss. Just to position him as a credible belt holder, and give people a reason to want to fight him…

Matt Short Writes:

I’m going Low Road for this. I don’t think that there was anything wrong with the match exactly. Yes, it was overbooked but the final conclusion of Sting beating Jarrett was what needed to happen.

The biggest problem that I see in it is this: Sting vs. Jarrett was being hyped as the biggest rivalry currently happening in the company. It could maybe even have been argued that it was hyped as the biggest rivalry in TNA history. This was their biggest PPV of the year and Sting vs. Jarrett was the headlining attraction to the show. All on the heels of TNA getting a prime time slot and signing Kurt Angle. Week in and week out they should have been driving home the importance of this match. Promos, matches, maybe one last face to face meeting before Bound For Glory. It seemed instead that the focus wasn’t on the actual match, it was on a man who wasn’t even involved in it. Samoa Joe stealing the NWA title was interesting, but I think that it came at the wrong time. Yes it puts him squarely in the Heavyweight title picture, but Joe had absolutely nothing to do with the match. What’s even worse about this is that now, the man who spent a month walking around with a belt that isn’t his is STILL not going to get a shot at it as he’s going to face Angle at Genesis. And Angle? Angle’s presence in that match was a bit of a detriment as he’s taking attention away from the main drama of Sting having to win the match or lose his job. The fact is, TNA spent so much time on the Sting/Jarrett feud that it took an entire year to do and at the expense of Christian’s title reign a Joe’s rise to the Heavyweight division. Then as the date of their final confrontation draws near, they do nothing? Let’s face it, this was not the most interesting feud on the card. LAX vs. Style & Daniels was easily the hottest feud of the night and Christian Cage vs. Rhino had some decent build to it, as did the Monster’s Ball match.

As for the match itself it wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad. Which really says something. Normally when you have an important PPV like this, you want the main event to be as memorable as possible. I don’t think that this delivered really. You can argue that Sting no-selling the guitar shot made the match. And maybe it did, it was cool to see. However, I doubt that it’s going to be one of those memorable moments in wrestling history. The Jarrett guitar shot has been no-sold before and by better wrestlers than Sting. I believe Booker T kicked out of it when he won the WCW title the first time. Point is, it doesn’t have the same dramatic effect I think. Good match, but not a memorable match.

I thought as a whole the PPV was great, but the main event kinda just seemed down from the rest of the card. It’s interesting to see where they’ll go with Sting as champion. Especially since I’m betting Christian will be his first challenger and I can’t imagine as any point TNA letting Joe destroy Sting in a title match, since there’s no way a TNA crowd will boo Joe. The only way that’d happen would be if say Russo decided that he was going to become Joe’s manager or something. Oh god, I hope that he doesn’t actually book that…

Uncle Trunx:
Quiet, or Russo will hear you!
I agree that they’ve pulled the trigger too early on Joe vs. Angle but the scenario can be saved: I’m hoping Joe goes over Angle, then Angle somehow gets the belt to set up the greatest match they’ve got; Unbeaten Joe vs. Olympic hero for the belt. Keeping Joe unbeaten and giving him any sort of win over Kurt makes the rematch all the more exciting; it would be a match to behold, with that buildup. Perhaps using Christian as a transitional champ would help, having him put Angle over and booking Angle vs. Joe as a “face vs. face” match, almost a Hogan vs. Warrior for 2007 (in terms of characters as opposed to workrate). But lets face it, we can fantasy book until we’re blue in the face; it’ll make no difference. I only hope that they’ve put this much thought into it, and we don’t see an Angle heel turn and Jarrett as a face come and take the belt from him, then end Joe’s run…


This week’s High Road/Low Road featuring…

The Women’s Title Tournament

High Road:
Whenever a new champion needs to be determined than a tournament is always the best way to go. I have always felt that a battle royal is not a worthy way of picking a new champion because in a battle royal anybody can win. In a tournament, the best wrestler usually wins. The winner of this tournament will be a deserving champion.

Low Road:
I agree that a battle royal wouldn’t work to crown a new women’s champion and I agree that normally, a tournament is the best way of doing so. However on this occasion, I don’t think that this tournament works. Why? Because there are very few credible contenders in the “Diva division”. The focus needs to be on the three or four who can put on a decent match, so rather than draw this out over several weeks and take up TV time with crap matches, they either need a three / four way match to determine the new champ or a quicker tournament to showcase the women who can actually wrestle.

High Road:
A tournament to determine a new women’s champion was the best and only way to go. Why you ask? The first reason I stated above. The second reason is that the women’s battle royals are stupid because you can be eliminated by going through the ropes. That is just plain stupid and would not have been a good way to determine a new champion. The best possible way to determine a new champion is by having a tournament.

Low Road:
There is always the option of a three-way or four way, as I suggested above. Be honest; who really thinks that someone like Maria is going to win it? I’m a fan of Maria as a character, but she’s not a realistic contender here and it shows, yet she got as far as the semi final. Keeping it to a single match which can be hyped up, or a smaller tournament would give the “diva division” more credibility, in my opinion, and would also free up TV time for better matches.

High Road:
By having a tournament to determine the new women’s champion, it takes the focus away from Trish Stratus and puts the focus on all of the competitors. Trish Stratus has been carrying the division for a long time and she has been the face of the women’s division. A tournament will allow for the focus to be on the entire division instead of on one wrestler.

Low Road:
The fact that Trish carried the division for ages can be seen in this tournament. Who are the realistic contenders? Mickie James, Lita, and… nobody. The issue is that women wrestlers have slowly been replaced with Diva search contenders, and the resulting mess is what we are seeing now.

High Road:
A tournament to determine the new women’s champion was a great idea because it guarantees that RAW will have a women’s match every week. If there had been a battle royal or just one match to determine the new women’s champion, then we had no guarantees of a match every week. A tournament will allow for there to be a women’s match every week.

Low Road:
How a women’s match every week can be a high road is beyond me, given the state of the “diva division” in WWE . A decent women’s match can be a great thing, but too many of them look a mess; as I said above, keeping the tournament to the women who can actually wrestle and not including failed diva search contenders would mean that RAW could have more matches worthy of TV time.

High Road:
Most likely, the finals of this tournament will be at Cyber Sunday. I personally like how this worked out because the quarter and semi finals were on TV and the finals can be on the PPV. Most of you are probably thinking that it doesn’t matter if somebody wins the title on a TV show or on a pay per view. That is not true because when a title changes hand at a pay per view it means that the wrestler won on the biggest stage with a ton of pressure.

Low Road:
Excellent, if the match is PPV quality. However, having the match on a PPV if it doesn’t deserve to be there will have the opposite effect; it will denigrate the women’s division and show just how badly Trish Stratus is missed. I hope that Mickie James and Lita can do it but I can’t help thinking they could’ve found a way to just cut to the chase earlier and get those two feuding over the belt in time for the PPV: the addition of the voted on stipulation would work better if there was some sort of feud involved, I feel. While I applaud the idea of making the women’s title credible, throwing a load of women who aren’t good enough wrestlers onto TV just to pad the tournament hasn’t helped, in my opinion. A tournament is only as strong as those who are in it, and while the right two are in the final, this one has had some weak contenders along the way.

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