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Highspots Wrestling Network Additions Include Sabu Shoot Video, Curt Hawkins, More

May 3, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– Highspots Wrestling Network has announced the latest additions to the service including a Sabu shoot video and more. You can see this week’s additions below per PWInsider:

Wrestling Open Forum: Debut Episode: 5.2.2020
Join the discussion with wrestling producer Patrick Price and Dutch on the debut episode of the Wrestling Open Forum as they discuss wrestling without a live audience, recent talent releases, things to watch and listen to during the pandemic and much more. New episodes will be available every Saturday.

Special event New Generation Wrestling featuring old school, new school, and ladies action! Features special Flair vs. Valentine match with Steamboat and Tully Blanchard!
* Commentators are Les Thatcher & Danny Paris.
* Chris Hamrick & Sonny Landel vs. Beach Blondes(Shane Austin & Mickie Richards)
* Rowdy James vs. Chris Anderson
* Wolfman & Sweet Dreams vs. The Islanders
* “Special K” Krissy Vaine vs. Venus
* The Maestro vs. Tommy Gunn
* David Flair vs. Greg Valentine
* Special Referee: Ricky Steamboat
* Special Timekeeper: Tully Blanchard

Pro Wrestling Syndicate presents “Dream On” held June 6, 2013
* Chris Payne vs. The Lifeguard
* The Heavenly Bodies vs. Black Hollywood
* Colt Cabana vs. Disco Inferno
* Fallah, Starman, The Blue Meanie & The Drunken Swashbuckler vs. Reality Check
* Bonesaw vs. Pat Buck vs. RJ Brewer
* La Rosa Negra vs. Angelina Love
* Mo Sexton vs. Anthony Vigilante vs. Craven Varro vs. Lance Anoai vs. The Necro Butcher vs. The Revolting Blob
* The Headbangers vs. The South Side Playaz Club
* Alex Reynold vs. Dan Maff
* Kevin Matthews vs. Tony Nese

PWS – THANK YOU JERRY (02-09-13)
Pro Wrestling Syndicate presented “Thank You Jerry” featuring the last match by Jerry Lynn in NJ.
* Apollyon vs. Lance Anoai
* Black Hollywood (Ray Smith & Shawn Edwards) vs. Enhancement Talent (Jobber Dustin & Jobber Justin)
* 6-Way: Bonesaw vs. Craven Varro vs. Keith Migs vs. Lucifer Darksyde vs. Mia Yim vs. The Dynamic Sensation
* Dan Maff vs. Anthony Nese
* PWS Heavyweight Title – Tables, Ladders & Chair Match
* Kevin Matthews vs. Matt Hardy
* PWS Tri State Title Match: Alex Reynolds vs. Starman
* 8-Man Tag: Mr. Belding, The Big O & The Phat Pack (DJ Phat Pat & Fala) vs. Reality Check (Damien Gibbs, Dave Sturch, Devon Moore & Evil Starman)
* Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm

Tried-N-True Pro presents Survival!
* Powerhouse Paisans VS Alex Taylor & Mims
* Tried-N-True Women’s Championship – Kamille (c) VS Panda Doll
* Jeremiah Plunkett VS Chase Owens
* The Revolt calls out Jax Dane
* MVP VS Ricky Starks
* Tried-N-True Championship – Crazzy Steve (c) VS Thomas Latimer

YouShoot: Sabu
The silence has been broken! Sabu opens up in a big way by answering your questions. Sabu handles every question and comment and lets you inside his world. Chapters include: Heat and Controversy; The Sheik; Sex and Drugs; Hardcore; WWE and WCW; and more!

YouShoot: Kevin Sullivan
Whether in the booking office or on camera, Kevin Sullivan’s name is always a source of controversy. As is the case with the best in the biz, his name evokes passionate response from fans and workers alike. And now he has accepted the ultimate challenge…face his public and, as always, answer everything! This is a YouShoot to remember as the Prince of Darkness tackles every subject…from the Devil, to WCW, to T & A, to TNA, to tragedy. The YouShoot revolution continues…with The Bookerman!

Timeline of WWE: 2008 Brian Myers
Our series travels to a year where the world’s largest federation is split among three brands. In this era of roster shuffles and drafts, find out what it meant to be a member of one of those brands. And just how those brands worked together to create winning television. Join Brian Myers, as he outlines the journey of his character, Curt Hawkins, and life inside the WWE in the new millenium. Wrestlemania…winning in Long Island…Kevin Dunn…the Draft…Undertaker…hirings and firings…video games…action figures…and MORE!!!

Habemus Riot
“Habemus Riot” (#1 – Monterrey, México – 03/10/2015)
* Psicótico vs Byron
* Alberto 2 Rios vs “Luchador Sorpresa”
* Arez vs Erik Ortiz vs Kaientai
* Low Rider & Sammy Guevara vs Ultimo Ninja & Kratoz
* Caifan I vs Epydemius
* Dralion vs Rey Horus