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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 2.23.21

February 23, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling
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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 2.23.21  

Hello and welcome to this week’s IMPACT report. Last week we were snowed in and had lost power down here, but things have warmed up just like IMPACT Wrestling has with the arrival of FinJuice as The Forbidden Door is wide open, and David Finlay and Juice Robinson have their eyes set on the IMPACT Tag Team belts.


The smaller Deaner charges Jake who tosses him off while taking a bite to the nose. Jake bruises him up as they go back and forth. Jake fetches a table but Deaner meets him with a baseball slide. Jake seesaws the table into Deaner on the outside, allowing him to gain control of the table. Jake attempts to deliver a Michinoku Driver, but Deaner rolls through and sends Jake face first into the side of a wedge table. Deaner continues to deliver some brutal offence, sling-shotting Jake into the bottom of the table. Jake now wedges a table between the apron and the guardrail. They meet on the apron where Deaner kicks him off. Deaner continues his success with the table driving it forward into an oncoming Jake. That was a pretty weird sentence, but let’s roll with it. Deaner sets Jake up on a placed table on the outside. Jake wakes up, finding Deaner on the top rope where they brawl to the inside of the ring. Jake launches a huge spear in the corner, followed by a sit-out powerbomb. Deaner rolls to the steps, where Jake attempts a powerslam. Deaner falls back, making Jake tumble onto the steps. They head to the stage where Deaner nails Jake with a low blow. Deaner flies towards Jake heading down the ramp but gets caught in a Black Hole Slam through a table. After the match, a wild Moose appears spearing Jake through a table. Moose apologizes to AXS TV, and holds the show hostage until he gets his world title shot.


That was a pretty good match. It wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world but not every match needs to be. Deaner did some great creative work with the table and Jake showed some great fire. Moose’s post-match attack was great as well, making for some unpredictable television. Pretty enjoyable match to me, especially for one revolving around tables. It’s great to see some underutilized guys getting an opportunity to shine.

As we return from commercial break, Moose is center stage with the whole show in his hands. Jake Something is helped to the back, as Moose waits for someone to make his title match happen. Scott D’Amore makes his entrance with a new theme song and video. D’Amore reveals that Swann is not cleared nor in the building. Jake Something returns, fired up and being restrained by officials. Moose warns him to back off. D’Amore goes on a passionate rant about what the TNA World Title means to him and how Moose has treated it. He responds by establishing the TNA World Heavyweight Title as a recognized IMPACT Wrestling championship. With this new rule in tact, Moose is booked to defend his title against Jake Something tonight. TNA NEVER DIE!!!


The winning team advances in a triple threat match to decide the number one contender to TJP’s X-Division Title. This is the reported spot that was planned for Sammy Guevara to enter the X-Division. He is replaced by the eccentric Black Taurus. Trey and Bey start it off for some fast paced chain wrestling. Both men showing a lot of swagger as Trey takes the early advantage with some crafty holds. Ace Austin comes in, welcomed by a big slap to the face. The Walking Weapon becomes legal, almost immediately handing the reigns to Willie Mack. Taurus comes in to match the power as he collides with Mack. The big men have a great exchange, as Josh Alexander enters. Alexander gets caught with a Taurus headbutt, as Decay’s new monster shifts the momentum. Taurus nails an athletic dive off the top rope, tumbling onto Alexander as head to a break. Chris Bey is quickly tagged in picking up the onslaught on Alexander. Bey mocks him but pays for it as Alexander powerbombs him onto his knee. Trey and Ace come in as Trey does his brilliant flurry that we’ve seen in recent weeks. Taurus comes in but falls victim to much of the same. Mack grabs the tag as things get wild. Mack nails Ace with a pop-up forearm for a close call. Ace connects with The Fold on Mack but his teammates save their chances. Taurus goes off on Trey, destroying him with a backbreaker. Alexander saves the day with a brutal German. Bey meets him with a slingshot DDT. Mack hits a T-Bone, but Bey and Ace work together to put Mack away. Trey is emotional following the match as he heads to the back where Sami Callihan is waiting. Callihan continues to get into his head, questioning his dedication after losing. Trey snaps and leaves Callihan floored and laughing.


That match totally slapped. A great display of the X-Division with some high-flying and impactful moves. Taurus looked like a beast, Trey has been money since his return, and Alexander did his usual. Honestly, everyone did amazing. Perfect little TV match with a solid stipulation. Trey’s feud with Callihan is heating up and I must say I am pretty excited for it. Ace, Bey, and Taurus should be very fun as well.

Decay is ready to take the X-Division Title, as they give us a reminder of what Decay is all about. Certainly their best segment since returning, and it really reminded me of the original aura they had in 2016. Minor segment but effective.

We get an AEW paid ad. where members of the AEW roster preview their matches tomorrow night on Dynamite.

Havok and Nevaeh are having issues backstage, where Nevaeh reveals that she needs some time away. Kaleb with a K and Tenille didn’t mean to overhear but heard everything. They pitch some branding as a team, placing her as Havok with a K. Kaleb with a K sees the chemistry, but Havok walks it off.


The Machine Gun and Larry D kick things off. Larry D has some trouble early on as The Big LG comes in muscling him up and sending him across the ring. Gallows takes care of Acey and Larry but they’re not easy to put away. Anderson is now legal as tides have turned, with Larry D feeling confident in control. Anderson fights for the tag as Gallows starts going off. The fake crowd starts cheering as Gallows flies into Larry D. Gallows places a pump kick to the gut of Larry and catches him with a roundhouse kick. Magic Killer hits for the 1-2-3.


That match was lacking a bit. I liked that XXXL got some offense but after the tag to Gallows, the match practically ended. It existed, that’s really all I can say.

We hit Swinger’s Palace with James Storm and Chris Sabin at the blackjack table. Rohit takes a seat as they lose to the dealer, John E. Bravo. Storm and Rohit start beefing but Sabin will not allow them to ruin a great thing. Sabin says intensely “I love Swinger’s Palace”. Sabin is a gem. Storm and Rohit will have a match outside of The Palace instead. Perhaps on IMPACT Wrestling.

The Good Brothers approach FinJuice backstage, feeling great. Juice acknowledges how long it took them to put XXXL away.


This match is scheduled but Myers appears in street clothes. He reveals that he can’t have the match. Mark Sterling Esquire appears on the screen, as Myers’ attorney. He mentions the irreversible damage to the eye of Myers. He also reveals section 17H of his contract that allows anyone to replace Myers. Hernandez fills in and Edwards meets him with a suicide dive.


They go hard to start as Hernandez trips Eddie against the apron back first for a brutal bump. Eddie tries to chop Hernandez coming off the ropes, but he powers through and bumps Eddie across the ring. Eddie continues to fight back as he hits a superplex and eventurally connecting with a Boston Knee Party from the second rope. Myers is frustrated as he and Hernandez head to the back.


That wasn’t much and didn’t outstay it’s welcome. It advanced the angle which I feel could use some more progression right about now. What they’re doing is solid and has potential but has not reached the second gear, as Hernandez feels like a stand-in for something more.

Cardona and Myers are backstage, where D’Amore meets with them. D’Amore looked into the contract and revealed that Myers is cleared by IMPACT doctors, making him active. Myers will meet with Edwards next week, with Cardona as special ref. D’Amore teases an Eye for an Eye match, but questions who would ever do such a ridiculous thing.


Grace and Jazz now have a joint video wall, which could halt their break-up, but I refuse to be fooled. Jazz has ease with Susan to start the bout. Jazz continues her work, bruising Susan up with some forearms. Deonna snatches the leg of Jazz and Susan blind sides her. ODB quickly backs them up as things get wild on the outside. The ref kicks everyone out, making this a fair two-on-two clash as head to a commercial. Kimber has Jazz grounded as we return. Susan and Kimber work together to neutralize the veteran. The women collide, allowing Susan and Jordynne to come in. Jazz and Jordynne hit a double gourdbuster for a near fall on Susan. Jordynne bends Susan over her shoulders but Susan fights out, only to receive a German suplex. Susan starts working dirty to gain the upper hand as Kimber comes in without a tag. Jazz comes in for back up as Susan bites the ankle of Jordynne. She applies an ankle lock but falls victim to a Grace Driver for a needed win. Jordynne and Jazz walk backstage to find ODB floored. The belief is that Deonna was behind it.


That match was a pretty okay tag team match. Certainly nothing we haven’t seen before.

We take a look at the line-up for next week:

James Storm vs. Rohit Raju

The Good Brothers and FinJuice vs. Reno Scum and XXXL

Black Taurus vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey (Number One Contenders Match)

Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers (Special Guest Referee: Matt Cardona)


Moose prepares his grand entrance in the spotlight but Jake comes out of nowhere and steals it for a sick visual. They brawl before the match as we take our final break. We return from break for the opening bell where Jake is bringing it to Moose. Moose returns the intensity and charges him in the corner. Jake tries to fight back as the heavyweights slug it out. Working his second match tonight, Jake looks winded. The fresh Moose is able to evade Jake’s offense, tripping him face-first onto the apron. Moose misses in the corner allowing Jake to grab hold of the newly recognized champ. Jake delivers some clotheslines but Moose fires a headbutt in retaliation. Jake tears him inside out with another clothesline, followed by a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Jake is battered and scarred, lining up the Champion. Moose hits his signature dropkick to Jake on the second rope. Moose hits a superplex from the top rope flooring the big men. Moose kips up as Brian Hebner was almost to 10 on his count. Moose looks for the spear but Jake hits a pop-up bomb for a close one. They trade blows as Jake stands face to face with Moose. They trade huge shots and Moose lands two uranages, followed by his ripcord discus clothesline. Moose follows up with his Spear to retain his prize. Rich Swann charges the ring as Moose tries to hurt Jake. Security and D’Amore swarm the ring as Swann vs. Moose is booked for 3/13 at Sacrifice.


This was a very good match, establishing Jake as a strong character early into his solo run. Moose made for a perfect high-level opponent here, for a great hoss fight bringing out the best in both men. The drama was there with the TNA Title now being recognized and Jake having some major hope spots. A good main event, really pushing Jake to the next level if properly capitalized on.

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was such a good show with a few low points. Outside of the two traditional tag bouts, this show was a breeze. The match quality picked up for the first time in weeks, which was really the main issue. Combine better wrestling with the already solid angles in place and you have a good show. Moose and Jake had a quality main event, the X-Division came through in a wild match, and the tables match was a fun opener. Not to mention the performance by Jake Something, who just weeks after his rebranding is hitting his stride with a big opportunity. So many great performances tonight, most from the usual suspects, but nobody shined more than Jake Something.

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