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Ivan Koloff-Inspired Musical Rockquiem For a Wrestler Holding New Reading in May

January 29, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ivan Koloff

– The musical inspired by the life of Ivan Koloff, Rockquiem For a Wrestler, is set to hold a new enhanced reading in May. PWInsider reports that Phillip Paul Kelley’s dramatic parody will have a new reading on May 3rd at the Triad Theater in New York City.

The new reading is being described as an elevated event with a five-piece band and technical enhancements. The musical held its first reading in March of last year. Fans will have an opportunity to attend the new reading, with further details to be announced later.

You can find out more about the music here at the official website, which describes the musical as follows:

[Rockquiem For a Wrestler] is about a champion wrestler named IKAN KOOLOFF (I-Kin Cool-Off). A dramatic parody inspired by the legendary wrestler IVAN KOLOFF.
The plot centers around Ikan revisiting his past while answering questions during a “Look Back At The Life Of A Legend” interview at a radio station. He struggles with his memories as if “wrestling” with the duality between his quest for success and fame and the price he paid for it. He recounts his pursuits beginning from youth as a reckless teenager ending up an ex-convict to his crazy days as a wrestler which lead to his struggle with alcohol and drugs and ultimately his choice for recovery. The play explores the social impact of Entertainment Wrestling in an age when the public’s hunger, thirst and fascination for spectacle entertainment and reality TV has become obsessive and insatiable. The action moves forward to flamboyantly and spiritedly dramatize his life, encompassing the dangerous, absurd and often tragic lives of wrestlers within the world of Entertainment Wrestling often transporting the audience to being at a Rock Concert.