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Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Ricochet, Mustafa Ali & More Criticize Jaxson Ryker Over Donald Trump Tweet

June 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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UPDATE 2: Some additional WWE talents have responded to that initial tweet by Jaxson Ryker. You can see those responses from Kayla Braxton, Malcom Bivens, and more below.

Malcom Bivens wrote today, “We’ve all said it. We’ve RT’d images and articles. We’ve made articulate tweets and posts. If you cannot comprehend how African-Americans are literally fighting for their lives right now, you choose not to get it. Also, built on freedom?”

UPDATE: Jaxson Ryker’s support for Donald Trump has ticked off some of his co-workers and colleagues including Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Ricochet & Mustafa Ali, all of whom made their thoughts known on Twitter. After Ryker posted his support of Trump, all four WWE stars shared the tweet with criticism.

Owens dragged Ryder for attaching his “s**tty wrestling catchphrase” onto the tweet, calling it “absolutely f**king pathetic.” Ali was far more pointed, posting, “I’m thankful you posted this because I’m now aware of what you stand for. When black brothers and sisters are crying, you praise someone that refuses to acknowledge their hurt.”

Ricochet responded that he hoped Ryder was just playing up his heel character, and Zayn just said “Literally built on oppression.”

Also included below are responses from others outside of WWE who replied including Batista, Hangman Page, Ryan Nemeth, and Joey Janela,

ORIGINAL: Jaxson Ryker took to Twitter to show his support for President Donald Trump, and to no surprise is now dealing with some heavy criticism. Ryder, who is on Smackdown with Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler as the Forgotten Sons, posted to his Twitter account to say, “Thankful for the @POTUS we have! God bless America. Built of freedom. Forgotten No More.”

The post was made shortly after Trump drew heavy criticism as police cleared out protestors demonstrating peacefully, via tear gas, pepper spray bullets, and flash bangs, from Lafayette Park near the White House shortly before curfew was set to take affect. Shortly after, Trump walked across the park with others to St. John’s Episcopal Church, a church that suffered some fire damage in rioting last night, posed for photos, and then walked back to the White House.

As of this writing, the mass majority of the responses to Ryder’s tweet have been critical with 286 likes and 56 retweets without comment, compared to 1094 retweets with comment which are almost universally negative.