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Join 411’s Live AEW Dynasty Coverage

April 21, 2024 | Posted by Theo Sambus
AEW Dynasty Image Credit: AEW


Hey y’all! Theo Sambus checking in tonight for 411’s live coverage of the newest addition to the PPV calendar; AEW Dynasty has arrived! We are hot off the back of a fantastic go-home edition of Collision, so the hype train is running at full speed as we pull in to the Chaifetz Arena. We talk a lot about ‘stacked’ cards but this is on another level. I could take or leave Jericho vs Hook, and some of the Zero Hour card is a little unnecessary, but apart from that the entire card looks top to bottom fantastic. On top of that, this could very well be the night we crown a new AEW World Champion in Swerve Strickland. WHOSE HOUSE?!



Location: St. Louis, MO

Venue: Chaifetz Arena

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone



Trent Beretta vs Matt Sydal

Headscissors from Sydal and a hurracanrana, Trent ducks a roundhouse kick and heads to the outside. Basement dropkick connects and Sydal dives off the apron with a splash to take Beretta out. Back in the ring, Trent trips Sydal face first into the middle buckle, but Sydal fights back with the leg slice and a standing moonsault. Trent whips Sydal neck-first across the ropes and nails a brainbuster. Sydal gets sent to the outside by way of a dropkick through the ropes, but makes his way back inside. Trent grabs Sydal off the ropes and hits a side suplex for 2.

Spinning wheel kick by Sydal and some kicks to the back of the knee. Sydal avoids a German and gets a kick to the back of the head to drop Beretta. Cradle and a deep cover by Sydal for 2, but Trent rakes the nose and hits a half and half suplex. Clothesline, 1, 2, Sydal kicks out. Air Raid Crash by Sydal, he immediately heads to the top rope, Meteora connects! 1, 2, NO. Sydal ascends the buckles but Trent drops him on the top turnbuckle, and then hits a Gotch-style piledriver. 1, 2, no! Sydal back to his feet but he walks into the flying knee strike. Trent with a new submission, akin to a figure four around the arm and neck, nice! Sydal has to tap.

Winner: Trent Beretta

Time: 8:11

Rating: **3/4 – Sydal is so crisp, as always. Decent opener, and Trent already seems at home as a heel.

Trent continues the assault after the bell, but here comes Chuck Taylor! Trent takes the mic, he doesn’t know what Chuck’s problem is, he thinks Taylor is acting like a prick. He’s giving him until this Wednesday in Jacksonville, and Chuck will have to tell him where he stands.

The music of Orange Cassidy hits and he walks down the ramp coming face to face with Trent! And now here comes Shibata. Trent heads backstage as the team of Shibata and OC head to the ring for the next Zero Hour match.


Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata vs Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty

OC and Moriarty pair off, and Lee takes control of the arm. Cassidy rolls out of it and reverses pressure. Snapmare into a headscissor by Moriarty but OC again escapes. OC gets one hand in his pocket, and Lee struggles to pull it out, so OC puts his other hand in his pocket too. Tag to Shibata, OC casually pushes Lee into Shibata, who meets him with a series of uppercuts. Shibata quickly locks in a bow and arrow stretch, a little grappling ensues and they come to a standoff.

Shibata hits Taylor on the apron, drawing his ire, so Taylor tags in and is raring to go. Big slap to the chest of Shibata, they look like they’ll trade chops but Taylor with a cheap shot to the midsection instead. Big boot by Shibata though! Tag to OC who comes in with a lackadaisical elbow drop. Dive to the outside onto Lee. Ogogo is about to attack OC but Shibata gets him from behind with some uppercuts…but in comes Taylor with a blindside haymaker. OC is on the apron and Taylor delivers the leg drop across the chest and throat. Another big slap from Taylor and Cassidy drops to the mat. Taylor misses a splash, Moriarty can’t quite get a sunset flip in, allowing OC to tag in Shibata. Running kick to Lee, and the stalling corner dropkick connects. Front headlock suplex, and now an abdominal stretch. Shibata wails away in the corner on Taylor while OC adds some sloth-style chops. Double corner dropkicks!

OC looks for Beach Break but Moriarty snaps the fingers of OC…but OC still gets the Stundog Millionaire. Border City Stretch attempted by Lee, can’t get it, backslide by OC, 1, 2, no. Nice counter sequence until the satellite DDT connects for Orange. Headbutt by Shane Taylor, he goes for the package piledriver but Shibata is there to lock in the sleeper while Cassidy was in position! Leaping knee by Moriarty. Crucifix by OC for 2. ORANGE PUNCH. 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata

Time: 12:43

Rating: ***1/4 – What started out as a little lacklustre built to a pretty decent climax, and that finishing stretch was hot. Another loss for STP, boo!


Max Caster raps in the Acclaimed entrance but then he calls for the music to cut and wants to carry on, acapella.

Caster: I’ll violate you so bad, you’ll have to tell legal about the taste of my di-

Bowens is forced to grab the mic out of his hands!

 [ROH & AEW Trios Championships – Titles for Titles] The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass vs The Bang Bang Gang (Jay White & The Gunns)

Bowens takes early control of Colten Gunn, side headlock, blind tag by Austin. So in comes Billy Gunn. He extends the hand to lift Austin up into a headlock. Austin flips out of an armdrag but walks into a clothesline. White distracts Billy, allowing the Gunns to attack from behind, and Jay tags himself in. A little switcheroo to distract Daddy Ass ensues, and Colten goes for a hug from Billy, only to be met by a hard right hand. Caster in now, back elbow, Bowens in for a double team. Caster slams Austin, Scissor Me Timbers connects! White throws Caster into the barricade on the outside and then works him over in the corner.

Caster gets the tag to Bowens, strike combination to Austin, roaring elbow to White, but Colten with a dropkick from behind. Gourdbuster on the apron from White, and another as Bowens clutches his stomach. Pin attempt, 1, 2, no. Austin tries to cut Bowens off from making the tag, side headlock suplex gives Bowens some breathing room. Billy in, taking on all members of the Bang Bang Gang. Billy tells Colten to suck it which absolutely cracks up Taz. One and Only on Austin, but Colten hits Daddy Ass with the Fameasser! Backhand by Bowens on Colten. White hits Billy Gunn with the bat behind the ref’s back, and the Gunns hit him with the 3:10 to Yuma, 1, 2, NO! Billy Gunn kicks out! White tags in, and they surround Daddy Ass. Bowens and Caster toss the Gunns to the floor and double team White before having a quick scissor party. White with the uranagi to Bowens, leaving White and Gunn. Gunn fights out of a suplex attempt, FAMEASSER to White. Mic Drop by Caster! 1, 2, NO! Another Fameasser misses, but White hits the Bladerunner!! 1, 2, 3.


Winners and UNIFIED World Trios Champions: The Bang Bang Gang

Time: 14:47

Rating: ***1/4 – Once again, the first half didn’t do too much, but they kicked it up a notch for the closing section. Billy Gunn can still go!




[AEW Continental Championship] Kazuchika Okada (c) vs Pac

Good choice for an opener, this should SLAP. They lock eyes and this already feels intense. Pac grounds him and paintbrushes Okada, and that is not going to go down well with the Rainmaker. Pac with a side headlock takeover, grounding the champion. Headscissors to Okada sends him outside, Pac goes over the top rope with a twisting tope con hilo and he stands tall on the ramp. Pac runs Okada hard into the barricade, shoulder first. Back in the ring, Pac gets an uppercut in the corner and climbs the ropes, delivering an avalanche brainbuster. 1, 2, no.

Enziguri connects for Pac, but Okada pops up with a dropkick to send Pac to the floor. Pac gets sent into the barricade now. In the ring, a seated dropkick connects and Okada poses by the ropes, starting to feel a little more cocky again. Okada calls for Pac to hit him in the face, until he sends Pac to the apron. Pac springboards back in but runs into a dropkick. They head to the floor again, and Okada hangs Pac on the barricade, nailing the draping DDT on the floor! DAMN Pac took that right on the top of his head! Pac somehow manages to get back in the ring to beat the 10 count. Another DDT connects in the ring, but just gets a 2 count. Low bridge sends Okada to the floor, Pac to the apron, SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT from the top rope to the floor.

Back in the ring, Pac gets a flying forearm and heads back to the top rope…diving shotgun dropkick, 1, 2, no. They avoid a few shots from each other, Pac evades a German but gets one of his own, Okada absorbs it and nails the shotgun dropkick into the corner and Pac goes flying! Both men are down. They get back to their feet, Okada hits the Air Raid Crash neckbreaker across the knee and a scoop slam. Okada up top, elbow drop hits flush. Rainmaker pose- HAHAHA no he flips everyone off! THIS MAN IS GOLD.

Surprise inside cradle from Pac, 1, 2, no! Superkick by Pac and a clothesline, followed by a deadlift German! 1, 2, Okada kicks out! Running boot in the corner, Pac heads to the top rope, Black Arrow misses, Okada rolls out of the way! TOMBSTONE. Okada pulls Pac up, goes for the Rainmaker but Pac holds the arms and falls into a pinning combination, 1, 2 no! Cradle, 1, 2, no. Okada goes for the Air Raid Crash again but Pac puts the brakes on, BRUTALIZER LOCKED IN while Okada is still standing! Okada rakes the eyes. JUMPING TOMBSTONE from Pac! He goes back to the top rope, but Okada grabs the leg of referee Paul Turner. Pac stomps away at the head of Okada and goes up again. BLACK ARROW, KNEES UP!! RAINMAKERRRR! 1, 2, 3.

Winner and STILL AEW Continental Champion: Kazuchika Okada

Time: 21:55

Rating: ****1/4 – Oh so it’s like that, is it? This is our OPENER, ladies and gentlemen. Fantastic stuff, I am so enthralled with Okada’s heel work and it’s such a joy to watch. Great, great stuff here. Real shame to have Pac lose a big match like this when he’s just returned, but there was no way Okada was losing this early in his run.



[Trios Match] Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe vs House of Black

It’s Briscoe and Black to start. They trade hip tosses until Matthews tags in, stomp to the outstretched arm of Briscoe. Copeland tags in, a little teamwork as he gets a double shoulder takedown along with Mark Briscoe. Copeland with mounted punches to Matthews and a flapjack out of the corner. Malakai Black tags himself in, here we go.

Oh but Black backs away and tags in King. Brody goes straight for Eddie, so Copeland tags him in. Eddie and Brody trade chops and Eddie drops the straps. Kicks to the back of King, Brody eats them along with an enziguri, and Eddie fires off the machine gun chops. Black Hole Slam by King, Kingston is down in the corner, CANONBALL crushes him. Matthews in with a slingshot senton, covers for 2. Eddie stays seated and asks for a shot, Matthews nails a running dropkick. Black in with another dropkick. Eddie and Black trade strikes before Eddie nails a German suplex. Tag to Briscoe who chops away on Matthews, flying forearm connects. Matthews sent to the apron, enziguri sends him to the floor, and Mark follows with a diving dropkick through the ropes. Copeland takes on King on the outside, Black sends Kingston into the barricade, and now Briscoe and Matthews fight on the apron. Mark sets up a chair on the apron, launches off it and over the post with a senton to Brody King!

Briscoe and Matthews once again on the apron, King distracts Mark, grabs him and SLAMS him into the barricade with a DVD, JEEZUS. Black takes Briscoe back to the ring, quick tags among the HoB. Abdominal stretch, Kingston breaks it up. Briscoe fires up and takes on all 3 guys before making the tag to Copeland. Impaler DDT attempt, King blocks it, spear in the corner and he sits King on the top rope. Copeland bites the forehead of Brody, but Brody swats him away. Briscoe and Kingston take out the others and now Eddie and Mark try to double team King, but Black and Matthews get involved and powerbomb them away. Copeland runs in and gets a superplex on Brody King, and all 6 men are down.

Discus lariat to Briscoe! Backfist to the Future on King, Impaler DDT by Copeland, and Briscoe with the Froggy Bow! Copeland makes the cover, 1, 2, broken up by Matthews. Black and Copeland face to face again now, but Briscoe attacks Black. Rising Knee by Matthews to Eddie. Knees in the corner to Copeland and a splash by King, Copeland is in position for the Canonball, but Copeland with a SPEAR to cut him off, while Eddie and Mark gets spears on the HoB too!

Copeland looks for the spear but he’s met by the MIST (with the referee checking on King outside the ring), followed by Black Mass! 1, 2, 3.

Winners: House of Black

Time: 17:46

Rating: ***1/2 – Mark Briscoe is a crazy MFer with those wild spots. This was as fun as expected, and they kept the Copeland-Black interactions to a minimum, sowing seeds for a singles match in the near future.



[House Rules – TBS Championship] Julia Hart (c) vs Willow Nightingale

Kris Statlander is barred from ringside for this one, Willow wants to do it on her own. Right out of the gate, Willow hits a thrust kick. Willow goes to the middle rope but Julia kicks her to the outside and sends her over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area. Hart bounces the head of Willow repeatedly into the canvas. Hart with a back elbow in the corner, whips Willow face first into the mat. Camel clutch applied as Hart looks to make Willow humble. Sleeper applied by Willow but Hart kicks her way out of it. Spinebuster from Willow gets 2. Hip attack in the corner, Willow to the middle rope but Julia avoids it. Hartless locked in! But Willow gets to her knees and stands with Julia on her back…Julia escapes though. Thrust kick by Hart, chops by Willow, double stomp to the chest by Hart as she climbs the buckles, looking for the moonsault. Willow gets the boots up! Lariat connects, Willow follows it up with the Doctor Bomb. 1, 2, 3!

Winner and NEW TBS Champion: Willow Nightingale

Time: 5:57

Rating: ** – Great moment for Willow, but the match was too short to be of any substance, and the rumors of Hart being injured were apparent here as Willow seemed to be treating her kinda gently. Fair play to Julia for muddling through, if that is indeed the case – gutsy!

Kris Statlander is here with Stokely Hathaway and they hug Willow in the center of the ring, celebrating the big victory…but the music of the CEO plays! Mercedes Mone is here! Willow holds the title aloft, and we get the graphic that it is official for Double or Nothing: Mercedes Mone vs Willow Nightingale.



[AEW International Championship] Roderick Strong (c) vs Kyle O’Reilly

They grapple into the ropes, clean break from Kyle. Drop toe hold but Roddy counters into a side headlock. They roll apart for a stalemate. O’Reilly picks the leg and goes for an ankle lock but Strong gets the ropes. Striking combination by Kyle, Strong backs off, they trade pin attempts until Strong hits an enziguri. Divorce court single arm wringer on Strong as O’Reilly continues to target the arm with kicks. Strong counters a rising knee, catching O’Reilly and dropping him into a backbreaker.

Strong and O’Reilly battle on the ropes, pendulum backbreaker across the turnbuckle! Strong capitalises with grounded punches. Kyle tries for the triangle sleeper but Roddy quickly gets out of that. Chops from Strong, right hands from O’Reilly. Strong with a uranage backbreaker! And another! Strong attempts a suplex but O’Reilly knees his way out of it. Knees to the midsection of Strong, sweeps the legs. O’Reilly gets the kneebar but Strong grabs the bottom rope to break it.

Strong counters and hits the Olympic Slam and the drive-by elbows, but O’Reilly catches the step-up knee, hangs him on the ropes and drops a guillotine knee off the ropes. Knee drop off the top rope, and another kneebar is utilised. Strong kicks O’Reilly in the face with his free leg to break the hold. With wrist control, they trade forearms, but Strong ducks one and hits a wrist clutch backbreaker for 2. Superplex by Strong but O’Reilly hooks the legs for a double pin, 1, 2, no. Kyle hits a running boot. Back to their feet, they trade chops and kicks. Deadlift German on Strong, Strong catches him on a rising knee but O’Reilly counters the backbreaker. Kicks to the head from both men, and they both go down.

Double underhook by Strong, looking for a Tiger Driver, but O’Reilly holds on and looks for a guillotine! Strong drops him against the ropes. Oh but here comes Wardlow! The ref sees but Strong capitalises on the momentary distraction, can’t get the pinfall though. Stomach breaker but O’Reilly bounces back into the ropes, rebound lariat. Brainbuster, 1, 2, no. Jujigatame attempted, Strong blocks it. Strong gets the ropes with his legs. Leg lariat from Strong, END OF HEARTACHE, 1, 2, 3.

Winner and STILL AEW International Champion: Roderick Strong

Time: 17:19

Rating: ***1/2 – Smart placement to have a more methodical, technical affair here. I wish the feud had been drawn out a little longer before we got this match, but the in-ring part delivered. Surprisingly clean finish too.

Adam Cole is wheeled out by Taven and Bennett…and Adam Cole STANDS UP AND WALKS to the ring! He’s healed! Cole is looking deep into the back of the head of Wardlow, doesn’t seem best pleased with him. Cole raises the arm of Strong in celebration.



[FTW Championship] Hook (c) vs Chris Jericho

Jericho raises the fist, Hook bumps it, and they lockup. Chop to Hook, forearms to Jericho. Northern Lights suplex by Hook, followed by a T-Bone. Hook clotheslines Jericho to the floor and follows up with a diving clothesline, bit of a glancing blow though. Jericho rebounds Hook’s face off the announcer’s desk right in front of Taz. Jericho pulls out the table and a sets it up, goes to powerbomb Hook through it, but Hook slips behind and hits a German on the outside. Cover as it’s Falls Count Anywhere for 1, 2, no. Hook pulls out a trash can lid, nails Jericho with it. Hook takes a run up the steel steps and dives off for another hit with it. Goes for one more, Jericho kicks him away and hits a DDT onto the trash can lid.

Jericho brings Hook to the apron, looking for a suplex, HOOK WITH AN T-BONE SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE! God that looked dangerous! Cover, 1, 2, Jericho kicks out. Back in the ring, Jericho gets a clothesline on Hook in the corner, hoists him up to the buckles and hits the 10 count punches followed by the hurracanrana. 1, 2, no. Jericho pulls out a trash can and a kendo stick and brings them into te ring. Jericho gets dumped on his head though as Hook catches him with a German suplex, Jericho almost sandbagged him. Trashcan on Jericho now as Hook smacks him repeatedly with the kendo stick. Another T-Bone suplex is delivered, this time with Jericho still wearing the trash can. 1, 2, no.

Hook gets another table and places it upright in the corner. He positions him, looking for more suplexes, but Jericho fights back, boot to the face. Northern Lights throw, but Jericho gets a Codebreaker out of nowhere. Oh God, Jericho is getting ‘Please Retire’ chants. Rake to the eyes by Jericho, misses a diving fist drop, and Hook jumps on the back, locking in the Redrum. Jericho falls backwards, driving Hook through the upright table. Jericho plants his feet on the ropes for the pinfall which is legal, 1, 2, no. Judas Effect misses, Hook gets a kneebar but Jericho rolls over into the Walls of Jericho! He locks it in…Hook is in the middle of the ring, but he cradles Jericho for 1, 2. Redrum attempted, LOW BLOW by Jericho. Judas Effect! 1, 2, HOOK KICKS OUT. Judas Effect again. 1, 2, HOOK KICKS OUT AGAIN. Jericho grabs the baseball bat, shouting ‘Don’t make me do this!’ but Hook flips hm off. He nails him with the bat and that’s it. Taz stands up from the desk to a huge pop…but Jericho covers Hook and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Winner and NEW FTW Champion: Chris Jericho

Time: 17:21

Rating: ** – This was sluggish and the crowd response said it all, they did not want to be watching this. For what it was, it also went far too long. Weird timing with Taz getting the big pop but then Jericho just pinning Hook anyway. Where are we headed with this?



[AEW Women’s World Championship] ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm (c) vs Thunder Rosa

Nigel McGuinness has joined us on commentary, tagging in for Taz. Rosa has been wearing a mask for her entrance, but she takes it off and isn’t wearing the face paint tonight!

Big kick to the midsection by Storm, but a tiaris from Rosa is followed by a TORNEO off the top rope to take out Storm and Luther on the outside! Rosa drives the boot into the throat of Toni, hits a suplex and floats over into a pin attempt. Clubbing blows to the chest. Rosa goes for a crossbody but gets caught with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Backbreaker again gets 2. With Rosa on the mat, Storm stands on the back of her and marches up and down her back. They make their way up the buckles, sunset flip powerbomb connects for Rosa, which gets her a 2 count.

Top rope dropkick by Rosa connects, Samoan Drop follows up. Crucifix bomb, 1, 2, Toni kicks out. They battle to the apron, Rosa nails a Death Valley Driver on Storm on the apron! Rolls her back into the ring, 1, 2, no. Rosa looks for the Tijuana Bomb but her back gives out. Backstabber by Storm! And now she capitalises. Tornado DDT out of the corner, she holds on and hits a Fisherwoman’s suplex.

Rosa counters a suplex attempt and hits a double stomp for 2. Rosa up top, misses a stomp, Storm with the Sky High for 2. Toni whips Thunder Rosa into the ropes and delivers forearms to the small of the back. They trade chops now until Rosa fires up with a flurry of offense. HEADBUTT by Toni Storm! Enziguri in retaliation. German suplex connects for the champion, but Rosa is back up, German of her own. Mariah May gets up to the apron, from behind Deonna Purrazzo takes her out! And she throws Luther into the steel steps. Mariah May and Purrazzo battle up the ramp, leaving Toni and Rosa in the ring as Toni delivers another German. HIP ATTACK in the corner. STORM ZERO. 1, 2, KICK OUT!

Storm goes back into her bag of tricks, locks in the Texas Cloverleaf! Rosa refuses to tap! She grabs the ropes to break the hold. Backstabber by Rosa and she gets a modified cobra clutch on Storm but Storm grabs the apron to force the break. Storm kicks Rosa away, then kicks her low and nails the Storm Zero. 1, 2, 3.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm

Time: 15:07

Rating: ***1/2 – Some gooood stuff from these two, and it’s great to see Storm’s reign continue as it still feels like it has a ton of life left in it. Great nearfalls down the stretch, I popped for Rosa kicking out of the Storm Zero.



Will Ospreay vs Bryan Danielson

Strap in, folks, here we go! Danielson is all smiles as they come face to face, and the crowd is going wild as the bell rings. Clean break from Dragon as they grapple against the ropes. Danielson grounds Ospreay, bridges out of a headscissor attempt, and locks in a bow and arrow, only for Ospreay to flip on top into a lateral press.

Dragon calls for a test of strength. They tie up, neither man getting advantage, until Danielson trips him and attempts some arm work. Ospreay gets out of it and they come to a stalemate. On the mat, Danielson with open palm strikes to the head of Ospreay. They block kick attempts, Dragon counters a handspring off the ropes, Ospreay misses some kicks and good Lord this is already fantastic as they come to another stalemate. Ospreay catches a kick from Dragon, and Danielson just flips him off. Ankle pick by Danielson, and he twists the ankle, but Ospreay again works his way out of it. Cravate by Danielson, Ospreay tries to roll away but Danielson follows through and holds on. Snapmare, Ospreay flips to his feet, dropkick, headscissors and Ospreay is back in control.

Ospreay delivers a chop against the ropes, and Danielson fires up. Uppercuts, kicks and chops ensue, he goes for a kick but Ospreay holds onto the ropes and sends Danielson to the floor. Springboard crossbody connects. As Ospreay comes back in the ring with a springboard, Danielson delivers a kick to the kidneys, followed by a kitchen sink. Danielson locks up the legs in an Indian Death Lock and mounts Ospreay, tying him up in a pretzel submission until Ospreay rolls to the ropes. In the corner, Danielson delivers some hard jabs. Moonsault evasion, misses the running kick and Ospreay quickly unleashes the handspring Pele kick.

A springboard forearm connects, followed by kicks to the head, but Danielson catches a kick and chops away at the chest. Step up enziguri by Ospreay! To the top rope, Ospreay delivers a sky twister press to the floor! Back in the ring, Ospreay is on the top rope again, diving forearm to the back of the neck. Danielson starts targeting the arm to combat the Hidden Blade. Tiger suplex! And now he applies the hammer and anvil elbows, CATTLE MUTILATION!

Ospreay reels in the corner and eats a running kick from Danielson. Hurracanrana from the top but Ospreay LANDS ON HIS FEET and is fired up. Tiger Driver! 1, 2, no. Ospreay back to the top but Danielson is up again and he crotches Ospreay. Danielson follows him up there, maybe thinking back suplex? No, he hooks the arms! TIGER SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!! Fuck! Danielson covers but Ospreay is right by the ropes. PK connects for Danielson….but Ospreay sits back up! Another, Ospreay sits up again. Danielson fakes him out a third time and slaps him in the face, so Ospreay gets to his feet and slaps him back. Ospreay starts striking at the head of Danielson on the apron. Tiger Driver attempt on the apron?! Danielson kicks him away, but Ospreay kicks him back, OSCUTTER on the apron!

Ospreay is poised on the apron while Danielson is being tended to by Bryce Remsburg, HIDDEN BLADE OFF THE APRON!! Danielson makes it back in the ring but the diving dropkick meets him, along with a Tiger Driver for good measure. A series of kicks from Ospreay connect, Ospreay goes for the Oscutter but Danielson catches him, looking for the LeBell Lock. Danielson transitions into a guillotine, impressively spins back into the LeBell Lock. Ospreay reaches for the ropes but Dragon grabs the arm and pulls on that too. But Ospreay makes the ropes with his feet!

Yes Kicks delivered including the roundhouse kick, and now Danielson sets up for the Busaiku Knee…but Ospreay intercepts it! Powerbomb NO DANIELSON FLIPS INTO A DRAGONRANA, wtf! German by Danielson but Ospreay flips, BUSAIKU KNEE, 1, 2, NOOOO!! The noise from this crowd is tremendous.

Danielson stands up and says its “time to kick his fucking head in”. Danielson traps the arms and stomps away, looks for the LeBell Lock but Ospreay fights it. Fish hook! No, Ospreay fights back, forearms to the face and head. TRIANGLE SLEEPER by Danielson. Short powerbomb to escape it but Danielson holds on and starts delivering elbows to the head. Holy shit, Ospreay stands up with Dragon still attached and delivers the STYLES CLASH!!

On their knees, they trade headbutts. Closed fists now, headbutts again. Kicks to the head. Slaps!Ospreay is groggy. Capture suplex but Ospreay to his feet, Hidden Blade from fighting spirit! Oscutter NO DANIELSON CUTS HIM OFF WITH THE BUSAIKU KNEE!!! Hits him flush in the jaw! God I love wrestling.

Danielson with the Yes Chants in the corner, but Ospreay pulls off the elbow pad, ready for the Hidden Blade. They lock eyes…they both go for the big finish and THE HIDDEN BLADE CONNECTS! TIGER DRIVER 93!!! FFS. HIDDEN BLADE AGAIN!! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Will Ospreay

Time: 32:40

Rating: ***** – There’s an argument that there’s no way this wouldn’t deliver. This was everything we wanted it to be. I recently posted in the comments section that for me, a five star match is something pretty darn close to perfection. And honestly, how could you ask for anything more than this? Two guys at the top of their game, this was unreal. Pray for everyone following this.

Doctors appear to be tending to Danielson after the match, as it appeared that Tiger Driver genuinely did some damage to Danielson…although this feels like a work? Ospreay seems concerned and heads over to help out as the doctors start to lift Danielson.



[AEW Tag Team Championships – Ladder Match] FTR vs The Young Bucks

Bucks go for superkicks, but FTR catch the legs. EVP Trigger attempt on Dax but he ducks. Flying clothesline from Wheeler to take both Bucks down. FTR go to grab the ladders but the Bucks cut them off. Dax goes to dropkick the ladder into the Bucks, but they lift the ladder and pull it back to hit Dax in the face. Matthew drives a ladder into the midsection of Cash. The Bucks set up a ladder in the ring, start to climb but get cut off. Dax and Matthew scramble back up there, but again they’re pulled down.

Superkicks to both Cash and Dax. Double team ladder shot to Wheeler. Matthew props a ladder against the ropes and they lay Dax across it. Nicholas to the top rope but Dax is up and he tosses Nicholas into the ladder! Back body drop on Matthew into the ladder too! Cash sets up a pair of tables against the barricade on the outside.

Dax carries the ladder but gets a drop toe hold to land face first into it. Cash draped over a ladder, somersault senton from Nicholas off the apron to Cash on the ladder! Bucks set up a taller ladder in the ring, Dax cuts them off though. Dax appears to be busted open already. Oh yep that is quite the bladejob. Bucks with chairs now, delivering repeated shots to the back. They sandwich Dax inside a ladder and wail away at it with a chair…and they throw the chair into the face of Wheeler. They whip Dax into an upright ladder in the oposite corner, and then do the same to Wheeler in another corner.

Dax is bleeding profusely as Matthew keeps punching him in the head. The Bucks form a ladder bridge between the ring and the ringside barricade, and then run Dax face first into it again, man Dax is taking some vicious bumps here. They do the same to Cash but he slides under it, gets on top of the ladder and MOONSAULTS onto the Bucks! Cash and Matthew battle on the ladder bridge, but Cash gets crotched. EVP Trigger with Cash crotched on the ladder!

The Bucks stand on the apron and try to suplex Dax to the floor, but Cash is back in and he helps turn the tables, suplexing the Bucks back into the ring. Back body drop on Matthew, powerslam on Nicholas. Cash gets Matthew on his shoulders, Dax is there for the bulldog off the top rope! Dax with the sharpshooter on Matthew, and Cash places the ladder over the back of Matthew to trap him. Nicholas and Cash battle on the ladder, Nicholas shoves him off. Slingshot powerbomb to Nicholas! Cash with a SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES, KNOCKING MATTHEW THROUGH THE TABLE!

Nicholas and Dax battle on the other apron, hurracanrana from Nicholas to send Dax through another table! Two ladders are set up in the ring now, and all four men clamber for the titles. Matthew is the last one standing up there, but Dax pulls him off the ladder into the Shatter Machine! Nicholas has a chair, chairshot to the gut of both FTR members. Nicholas moves the ladder nearer to the buckles, climbs up but Dax meets him up there. Cash climbs the other ladder. POWER AND THE GLORY OFF THE LADDERS!!

Cash tries to climb the ladder but Dax gets speared into the ladder, knocking him off. Nicholas drapes Cash over a table on the outside, 450 OFF THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE TABLE, meanwhile Dax with a PILEDRIVER TO MATTHEW ON THE LADDER!! Shit, the ladder gave way a split second before the piledriver connected, that was a grim landing for both guys.

In the ring, Dax climbs, Nicholas jumps to the ladder and hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder on Dax! He climbs the ladder again but Cash clotheslines him over the ropes, follows up with the SUICIDE DIVE…but LANDS THROUGH THE TABLE as Nicholas moved!! Dax and Nicholas fight atop a ladder now, they touch the titles, Dax smacks Nicholas in the face with the title! A MASKED MAN GETS IN THE RING AND SHOVES THE LADDER, Security dive on him and get his hands behind his back, they pull the mask off and IT’S JACK PERRY!!!! Perry has the most glorious smug look on his face. In all the commotion, Nicholas has climbed the ladder and retrieves the titles!

Winners and NEW AEW Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

Time: 21:36

Rating: ***3/4 – Regardless of how good this was going to be, it was always going to suffer being placed directly after the instant classic in Danielson-Ospreay. So fair play to them that they put their bodies on the line and went balls-to-the-wall in crazy spots. Proper car crash stuff here, and there were a few moments where they could have sold things a little longer, but get into the right mindset and this was fun.



As Swerve makes his entrance, Nana drapes his shoulders with the robes of the late Jimmy Rave, that’s awesome. Swerve is in Black Panther gear too.

[AEW World Championship] Samoa Joe (c) vs Swerve Strickland

They lockup, Joe backs him into the corner and rakes the face a little. Knee to the midsection by Joe, he whips Swerve into the corner, Swerve jumps and Joe does his move-out-of-the-way shtick but Swerve has landed on his feet. Joe heads outside, Swerve dives but Joe catches him and hits a uranage into the announcer’s desk!

Joe pulls back the protective padding, Swerve dives from the ring with a Fosbury Flop to Joe!! Joe catches Swerve on another dive, almost gets a Muscle Buster on the exposed concrete! Swerve avoids it….but can’t avoid a powerslam into the concrete! Joe sends him back into the ring. Jabs by Joe and Joe is mocking the challenger now. Joe beats down Strickland in the corner. Swerve battles back but a sweep of the legs absolutely take out Swerve. Leaping elbow gets a 2 count for the champion.

Snapmare by Joe, drops the knee and covers for 2. Swerve rallies, but again Joe cuts it off with a big back elbow. They head to the floor, body blows, Joe goes for a clothesline but Swerve ducks and Joe hits the ringpost instead. Joe on the apron now, as Swerve rips off the turnbuckle padding and pulls the arm of Joe, trying to hyperextend it. Swerve kicks the back of the knees and delivers a German suplex! 1, 2, no.

Joe looks for the Coquina Clutch, Swerve kicks him away and hits a leaping flatliner for 2. Joe climbs the buckles, Swerve heads up with him, dives off with an arm DDT and follows up with a short-arm scissors. Triangle sleeper applied  but Joe lifts him and powerbombs him into the corner. MUSCLE BUSTER CONNECTS! 1, 2, NO!

Joe heads to the floor and grabs his championship…but Swerve with a running knee as Joe enters the ring! Joe is hanging over the middle rope…450 SPLASH! SWERVE STOMP! 1, 2, NO! Joe rakes the eyes upon getting to his feet. He has the belt again, Swerve grabs it and takes a swing but Joe catches him in the Coquina Clutch! Swerve is fading…but no, he’s still in it! Swerve grabs the arm, traps it behind Joe and SNAPS IT BACK with his feet. HOUSE CALL, 1, 2, NO!

Swerve to the top rope, Joe pushes him down but then grabs him for another muscle buster perhaps? Swerve avoids it, powerbombs Joe to the canvas. SWERVE STOMP ONCE MORE! 1, 2, 3!!

Winner and NEW AEW World Champion: Swerve Strickland

Time: 18:00

Rating: ***3/4 – It happened, it finally happened! Swerve Strickland is a made man as AEW World Champion, and the landscape of AEW changes once again. This had all the drama they were surely looking for, with the crowd biting on those nearfalls. It felt a tiny bit condensed in places, possibly as the show was starting to go long, but that’s a minor niggle. Joe was the perfect foil, underestimating Swerve in the early goings, and I hope we still get to see him regularly on TV as he’s been killing it in this run.



That’s it, everybody! Thanks for joining us for this tremendous night of action, and I hope to see you back here this coming Saturday for live coverage of Collision. Have a great week until then!

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