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411’s LIVE NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool Coverage

January 12, 2019 | Posted by Scott Slimmer
NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool Pete Dunne

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Welcome to 411’s NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Report. We are LIVE in beautiful Blackpool, England. Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the Preshow, and we start off with a video package for Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm. Vic and Nigel break down the match, and Nigel picks Toni Storm to get the win. We move on to a video package for Moustache Mountain vs. Grizzled Young Veterans and a quick discussion of Dave Mastiff vs. Eddie Dennis.

We cut to video footage from earlier today. Jordan Devlin attacked Travis Banks as soon as he arrived at the arena. Banks has been receiving medical treatment since the attack, but he has been cleared to compete tonight. The Preshow finishes up with a video package for Pete Dunne vs. Joe Coffey. Vic and Nigel talk about how excited they are for this match, and Nigel picks Joe Coffey to win the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match
Moustache Mountain vs. Grizzled Young Veterans
 photo Moustache_Mountain_vs_Grizzled_Young_Veterans_Cropped_zpsxx7lwdhx.jpg

Moustache Mountain are wearing sweet British Bulldogs-inspired ring gear for this match. It’s Bate and Gibson to start the match, and the fans immediately get all over Gibson. Bate and Gibson lock up, and Gibson takes down Bate with a wrist lock. Bate kips up, but Gibson immediately takes him back down to the mat with the wrist lock. Bate counters into a head scissors, but Gibson escapes and transitions Bate into a pining predicament. Bate bridges to avoid the three count and then flips out of the bridge to create distance. Drake gets the tag from Gibson, so Bate tags Seven as well. Seven and Drake locks up, and Drake muscles Seven to the ropes. Drake tries to pull Seven to the corner, but Seven breaks free and chops the chest. Bate gets the tag and hits a diving senton off Seven’s shoulders. Bate goes for bop and bang, but Drake has his scouted well enough to avoid contact. Gibson gets the tag and eats a hurricanrana from Bate. Seven gets the tag and goes for an arm wringer, but Gibson levels Seven with a shoulder block. Seven hits the ropes and connects with a crossbody for a two count. Seven ducks a clothesline and lifts Gibson, but Gibson floats over and makes the tag to Drake. Seven goes for an O’Connor roll on Drake, but Gibson makes the blind tag. It looks like Seven never saw the tag, so he dives to the outside when Drake heads out of the ring. Seven may have injured his left elbow on the dive, and Gibson immediately follows up with a clothesline on the outside. Gibson rolls Seven back into the ring and makes the tag back to Drake. Drake applies a shoulder and chin submission, targeting Seven’s potentially injured left arm. Drake dumps Seven to the outside, tags Gibson, and slingshots onto Seven on the outside as Gibson holds him. Gibson rolls Seven back into the ring and again makes the tag back to Drake. Drake levels Seven with a stiff elbow show to the back of the head, and it looks like the elbow shot busted open the back of Seven’s head. Gibson gets the tag and continues to work over Seven’s arm and neck. Drake gets the tag, and the action spills out of the ring. Drake and Seven trade shots at ringside before rolling back into the ring. Drake again prevents Seven from making the tag before successfully making the tag to Gibson. Seven charges through Gibson and FINALLY makes the molten tag to Bate. Bate cleans house and connects with a diving uppercut to Gibson. Bate spins Drake and uses Drake’s boot to clock Gibson. Bate puts Drake on Gibson’s shoulders and lifts them both. BATE SPINS BOTH GIBSON AND DRAKE! BIG STONG BOI! Bate delivers an exploder suplex to Drake on the apron and then hits a moonsault off the apron onto both Gibson and Drake at ringside. The action returns to the ring, and Bate connect with bop and bang. Seven gets the tag and powerslams Gibson to set him up for a diving headbutt from Bate. Seven pins Gibson, but Drake makes the save. Drake gets the tag, and Gibson muscles Seven to the corner to set him up for the Grit Your Teeth drop kick from Drake. Gibson hits Helter Skelter, and Drake follows up with a 450 splash for a looong two count. Gibson gets the tag and locks in Shankly Gates as Drake prevents Bate from making the save. Drake locks in Shankly Gate on Bate as Gibson continues to have it locked in on Seven. Bate lifts Drake onto his shoulders and launched him onto Gibson to break both holds. Bate and Drake gets the tags, and Bate cleans house. Bate tags Seven, and they hit Drake with the clothesline / dragon sleeper combination for a looong two count. Gibson pulls Bate off the apron and onto his shoulders, and Drake dives to the outside for a modified Doomsday Device on the outside. Seven goes for a suicide dive on Gibson, but Drake intercepts with a mid-air drop kick. Drake pulls Seven back into the ring, and Drake and Gibson hit Seven with Ticket to Mayhem for the three count. Johnny Saint and Sid Scala congratulate Gibson and Drake on the stage after the match.

Match Result: James Drake defeats Trent Seven with Ticket to Mayhem.
Match Length: 23:47
Slimmer’s Rating: ****¾

Singles Match
Travis Banks Finn Balor vs. Jordan Devlin
 photo Travis_Banks_vs_Jordan_Devlin_Cropped_zpsei3vh7ju.jpg

Travis Banks attacks Jordan Devlin on the ramp before their scheduled match begins, but it’s clear Banks’ knee is injured. Devlin whips Banks knee-first into the ring steps and follows up with a chop block. Devlin positions Banks’ knee on the steps and repeatedly kicks it. The bell never rang, so this match has yet to officially begin. Sid Scala comes out to check on Banks and then consults with Johnny Saint. Scala says he and Saint suspected Devlin would try something like this, but luckily, they have a backup plan… FINN BALOR IS HERE! Balor will officially be Banks’ replacement, and here we go. Balor goes right after Devlin and drops him with a Sling Blade. Balor sets up for the Coup de Grâce, but Devlin rolls to the outside. Balor retrieves Devlin, but Devlin kicks the ropes between Balor’s legs as Balor tries to climb back into the ring. Devlin knocks Balor off the apron and onto the barricade before rolling him back into the ting. Devlin hits a double stomp and then stretches Balor around the top rope. Balor hops onto the apron and catches Devlin with a kick over the top rope. Balor heads up top, but Devlin kicks him to the outside. Balor beats the count back into the ring, but Devlin immediately goes to work with chops in the corner. Balor reverses position and chops Devlin in the corner. Devlin regains control with a uranage and a standing moonsault for a two count. Devlin locks in an abdominal stretch, but Balor counters into a hip toss. Balor locks in an abdominal stretch of his own, but Devlin counters into a Pelé kick. Devlin heads toward Balor in the corner, but Balor gets his boots up in Devlin’s face. Balor hits a double stomp and a Sling Blade, but Devlin fights back with a back drop driver. Devlin punts Balor in the ribs, but Balor dumps Devlin to the outside. Balor hits a penalty kick from the apron and heads up top, but Devlin hits the ropes to crotch Balor on the top rope. Devlin goes for a moonsault, but Balor gets his knees up. Balor hits 1916 and follows up with a running drop kick in the corner. Balor once again heads up top, and this time he hits the Coup de Grâce for the three count.

Match Result: Finn Balor defeats Jordan Devlin with the Coup de Grâce.
Match Length: 11:36
Slimmer’s Rating: ***¼

No Disqualification Match
Dave Mastiff vs. Eddie Dennis
 photo Dave_Mastiff_vs_Eddie_Dennis_Cropped_zps9ggf3nid.jpg

Mastiff and Dennis brawl to start, and the action quickly spills to the outside. Mastiff whips Dennis into the ring steps and then slides the steps into the ring. Dennis grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and connects with two shots to Mastiff on the apron. Dennis pulls back the ringside mats to expose the arena floor and then heads back into the ring with the kendo stick. Dennis connects with several more kendo stick shots and a kendo stick-assisted side Russian leg sweep. Mastiff gets back to his feet and blocks kendo stick shot before taking the kendo stick from Dennis. Mastiff hits a few kendo stick shots of his own and follows up with a thunderous powerbomb. Mastiff lifts Dennis and looks to slam him onto the ring steps, but Dennis slides out the back. Mastiff hits the ropes and goes for a running crossbody, but Dennis catches Mastiff and counters into a swinging side slam onto the steps. That was insanely impressive. Dennis retrieves a steel chair from ringside, but Mastiff catches him with a Finlay Roll. Mastiff heads up top, but Dennis gets under him and hits the Severn Bridge in the middle of the ring. Dennis brings a table into the ring and sets it up in the corner, but Mastiff pulls Dennis to the outside and hits a Finlay Roll on the exposed arena floor. The action returns to the ring, and Dennis connects with a chair shot to the back. Dennis takes Mastiff up top and goes for the Severn Bridge through the table, but Mastiff slides out the back. Mastiff hits a German Suplex followed by a massive cannonball through the table for the three count.

Match Result: Dave Mastiff defeats Eddie Dennis with a cannonball through a table.
Match Length: 10:34
Slimmer’s Rating: ***¼

NXT UK Women’s Championship Match
Rhea Ripley (Champion) vs. Toni Storm
 photo Rhea_Ripley_vs_Toni_Storm_Cropped_zpstf1qedsc.jpg

Ripley and Storm circle each other to start, and Storm quickly goes to work with a volley of punches. Ripley takes control with ground and pound offense, abut Storm reverses position for a little ground and pound of her own. Ripley heads to the outside but eats a suicide dive from Storm. Storm tries to roll Ripley back into the ring, but Ripley pulls Storm’s hair between the ropes and then kicks the back of her head. Ripley whips Storm to the corner and stomps a mud hole in her. Ripley stomps on Storm’s shoulder and the pins her for a two count. Ripley locks in a body scissors, but Storm rolls to break free. Ripley hits a delayed vertical suplex and gets a two count. Ripley body slams Storm two times and gets another two count. Ripley goes for the inverted Texas cloverleaf, but Storm kicks Ripley to the corner. Ripley hits the ropes and charges at Storm, but Storm cuts her off with a head butt. Storm and Ripley struggle back to their feet and slug it out in the middle of the ring. Storm hits two rolling snap German suplexes, but Ripley blocks a third. Storm goes for Storm Zero, but Ripley tries to counter into Riptide, but Storm counters into a crossbody for a two count. Ripley successfully locks in the inverted Texas cloverleaf, but Strom reverses into an Ankle Lock. Storm connects with a hip attack in the corner and follows up with bridging snap German suplex for a two count. Storm pounds on Ripley in the middle of the ring, but Ripley catches Storm with Riptide, but Storm kicks out at two. Ripley levels Storm with a short clothesline and does it again. Ripley goes for a third short clothesline, but Storm counters with a head butt and hits Storm Zero for a two count. Storm drags Ripley back to her feet and hits a volley of forearm shots, but Ripley again goes for Riptide, but Storm counters into a second Storm Zero for the three count.

Match Result: Toni Storm defeats Rhea Ripley with Storm Zero.
Match Length: 14:41
Slimmer’s Rating: ***½

WWE United Kingdom Championship Match
Pete Dunne (Champion) vs. Joe Coffey
 photo Pete_Dunne_vs_Joe_Coffey_Cropped_zps9usr4c6n.jpg

Dunne and Coffey lock up to start, and Dunne muscles Coffey to the ropes. Dunne briefly works over Coffey’s fingers, but Coffey takes Dunne down to the mat with a wrist lock. Dunne gets back to his feet and connects with a forearm shot before going back to the assault on Coffey’s fingers. Dunne figure fours the legs and twists on Coffey’s ankle. Coffey breaks free and Dunne goes for a Thesz press, but Coffey counters into a spinebuster. Dunne regains control and locks in the Regal Stretch, but Coffey makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Dunne kicks the wrist and locks in a body scissors wrist lock. Coffey tries to counter into a delayed vertical suplex, but Dunne blocks and swings back down into the body scissors wrist lock. Coffey breaks the hold and hits a butterfly suplex before the action spills to the outside. Coffey slams Dunne on the mat, but both men beat the count back into the ring. Coffey hits a back breaker followed by a sidewalk slam for a two count. Coffey stomps on Dunne and locks in a bear hug in the middle of the ring. Dunne tries to head butt his way out of the hold, but he can’t break Coffey’s grip. Dunne finally goes after the nose, but Coffey answers with a belly-to-belly suplex. Coffey charges toward Dunne in the corner, but Dunne slides out of the way, and Coffey crashes into the corner. Dunne hits an enzuigiri in the corner, but Coffey rolls to the outside. Dunne heads up top and connects with a moonsault onto Coffey on the outside. Dunne rolls Coffey back into the ring but eats a forearm shot. Dunne hits the x-plex, but Coffey fights back with a diving crossbody from the top. Coffey shoves Dunne to the corner and hits a powerbomb in the middle of the ring for a looong two count. Coffey locks in an elevated Boston crab and then transitions into a traditional Boston crab. Coffey stomps on the back of Dunne’s head, and it looks like Dunne might be unconscious. Dunne comes back to life and makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Dunne once again goes after Coffey’s fingers before trading head butts with Coffey in the middle of the ring. Dunne hits a German suplex and locks in the Koji Clutch before transitioning to a modified triangle. Coffey gets his legs under him and tries to counter into a powerbomb, but Dunne slides down Coffey’s body and locks in an ankle lock. Coffey fights back to his feet and counters into a German suplex to finally create some distance. Dunne goes for the Bitter End, but Coffey blocks. Coffey goes for a diving lariat, but Dunne clocks Coffey in mid-air. Dunne successfully hits the Bitter End, but Coffey kicks out at two. Coffey rolls the outside, so Dunne again goes for a moonsault, but Coffey pulls him back down to the apron. Coffey shoves Dunne into the ring post and then hits a sit-out powerbomb on the apron. Damn, the sound of Dunne’s back hitting the apron with SICK. Both men beat the count back into the ring, but Dunne is still rocked. Coffey beats on Dunne and stomps him into the mat. Dunne fights back with kicks from his back and then stomps on Coffey’s fingers. Coffey lands an uppercut and goes for a lariat, but Dunne counters with an enzuigiri. Coffey hits Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells, but Dunne kicks out at two. Coffey takes Dunne up top and hits a swinging powerbomb from the top. Both men pull themselves up in opposite corners before slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Dunne beats Coffey around the ring, and the ropes are the only thing hold Coffey up. Coffey decks Dunne and hits the Mount Everest German suplex for yet another two count. Coffey gets back to his feet and stomps on Dunne’s head. Coffey goes for Dunne’s Bitter End, but Dunne counters into a DDT. Dunne hits the Bitter End, but Coffey rolls away from Dunne before he can make the cover. Coffey rolls to the apron and hits Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells over the top rope. Coffey slams Dunne’s face into the top turnbuckle and takes him up top. Dunne and Coffey fight up top, and Coffey tumbles all the way to the floor. Dunne heads to the outside to retrieve Coffey, but Coffey hits Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells on the outside. Coffey rolls Dunne back into the ring and yet again goes for the Bitter End, but Dunne blocks, so Coffey slams him to the mat. Coffey and Dunne again head to the top, but this time they both tumble to the outside. I think they’ve been trying to do a Bitter End from the top, but it just isn’t happening. Dunne rolls Coffey back into the ring, locks in a triangle, bends the fingers, and forces Coffey to submit. Dunne celebrates in the ring after the match, but WALTER shows up to confront him. WALTER climbs into the ring and stares at Dunne, but Coffey climbs back up onto the ring apron. WALTER kicks Coffey to the floor and once again stares at Dunne. WALTER seems to congratulate Dunne before heading back up the ramp.

Match Result: Pete Dunne defeats Joe Coffey with a triangle / finger manipulation combo.
Match Length: 33:52
Slimmer’s Rating: ****¾