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November 13, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
WWE NXT 11-13-19

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The opening video package recaps last week’s events.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Lio Rush [c] vs. Angel Garza

Lio’s wife, kids, grandmother, and mother-in-law are in attendance. Quick start that leads to a standoff.Garza heads outside and tears off his pants right in front of Lio’s wife. The champion takes him out with a tope suicida and adds a tilt-a-whirl DDT inside. He sends Garza out, hits the wrecking ball dropkick, and has his dive outside turned into a powerslam. Commercial break time. During the break, Garza takes control and works over Lio’s ribs. Returning, Garza hit a huge knee that floors Lio and knees to the back of the head lead to a great near fall. Lio rallies with a spinning Unprettier for two. They fight up top where Garza nails an avalanche moonsault powerslam for two. Insane spot. Lio with a Spanish Fly to turn the tide. He adds the slingshot stunner, holds on, slaps him, and tries it again. Garza blocks the Sunner and delivers the Wing Clipper for a top notch near fall. Garza wants an avalanche Wing Clipper but Rush breaks free with headbutts and a modified super rana. Lio hits two Final Hours to retain.

Winner: Lio Rush in 12:55 [***3/4]

Outside, it looks like Tegan Nox and Rhea Ripley have been attacked. Tegan holds her arm in pain and Ripley is out cold. Security and officials come over to check on them.

A highlight video airs of Shayna Baszler’s appearances on Raw and Smackdown.

Aliyah vs. Xia Li

Both women are apparently vying to impress Shayna Baszler and get that final spot in War Games. Xia lights Aliyah up with strikes. Vanessa Bourne tries to help at ringside but is also kicked away. Aliyah gets a gorgeous bridge on a Northern lights suplex near fall. Xia catches her with a series of kicks that ends it.

Winner: Xia Li in 2:04 [NR]

The medic enters the ring as Aliyah seems to have suffered an injury and has either a bloody nose or lip.

We are now joined by Finn Balor. He says he’s no longer proud of NXT and calls it a joke. Johnny Gargano is the “heart” of NXT yet he’s still injured and out from something that happened three weeks ago. Balor calls the roster a bunch of little boys crying for sympathy when they’re hurt. He says even Matt Riddle got hit last week and hasn’t been seen since. As he speaks, Riddle shows up behind him and tackles him to the ground. They brawl to the outside where Riddle kicks Finn into the stands. Finn backs away and Riddle tells him that he can’t run forever. He is interrupted by the arrival of the Undisputed Era, who surround the ring. Adam Cole says he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time, Tommaso Ciampa heads out followed by Keith Lee. They stand in the ring with UE outside. Cole calls them stupid because they dominated Smackdown and Raw already. They’re the most dominant force in all of WWE. Keith lee doesn’t give a damn and invites them in the ring. Lee gives Cole props for facing Bryan and Rollins but wants him to stand up to him. Roderick Strong scolds him, calls him an idiot, and says Cole deserves a night off. He’ll fight Lee instead. Lee isn’t picky.

Non-Title Match: Keith Lee vs. Roderick Strong

Lee brings Strong inside with a slam before the bell. Strong complains as we go to commercial. At some point during the break the match started. Lee slams him down with an impressive flapjack. Strong fights back with a series of kicks, shoulder blocks, and other quick bursts of power. It barely keeps Lee down. Lee runs him down with a vicious chop after a bunch of Roddy’s barely did anything to him. They go to a commercial break. Returning, STrong gets caught by Lee but fights from his huge grip. Still, a single strike from Lee slows him down. Strong manages to wear him down inside but Lee grabs his wrist whenever he tries hitting the ropes. Lee fires up and destroys Roddy with a barrage of offense. Up top, Strong with a step up enziguri and manages to follow with a huge superplex. That’s not enough so Roddy starts in with strikes and kicks until Lee turns him inside out with a clothesline. Undisputed Era stroll to ringside but Ciampa jumps them from behind. Cole takes him out with a superkick. Fish and Riddle brawl at ringside. Balor arrives and takes out Riddle with Slingblade and a double stomp before dropkicking him into the steel steps. That distracts Lee enough for a jumping knee and Olympic Slam that gets two. Strong with a senton but Lee rolls him over and wins with the Supernova.

Winner: Keith Lee in 17:24 [***1/2]

Undisputed Era attacks, beating on Lee and Ciampa since Riddle was already taken out. Dominik Dijakovic comes out and cleans house. He no-sells kicks and chokeslams the Tag Champs before hitting Feast Your Eyes on Cole. Dijakovic shakes hands with Ciampa and says that he’s in. He stops when he comes face to face with Lee. Tension is thick but Lee offers a handshake that is accepted.

Outside, Jessmyn Duke and Marina Shafir are now found out cold. Also, it looks like Candice LeRae has been taken out. Triple H is even there this time. Scarlett Bordeaux is the one checking on Candice.

Bronson Reed. vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

From the start, it is Reed’s strength against Scott’s quickness. A “Thicc Boi Season” chant starts. There’s literally a spot where Reed just sits on Scott’s back so he can’t move anywhere. He deadlifts Scott and dumps him outside. Scott sends him into the ring post and it is commercial time. Returning, Scott lands on his feet on a German and fires off a back kick. Reed gets set up on the top rope but nearly does an avalanche Tombstone. Scott fights out and brings him down with a huge DDT for two. A flipping Swerve is caught in a chokeslam bomb and then hit with a huge driver for two. They go into a strike exchange and Scott avoids getting sat on. He hits the House Call and scores the win.

Winner: Isaiah Scott in 11:58 [***1/4]

Post-match, the two competitors shake hands.

Cathy Kelley informs us that the locker rooms are on high alert after the attacks earlier. They don’t know if it’s Raw or Smackdown. However, Kelley has breaking news. At TakeOver: War Games, Finn Balor will now go one on one with Matt Riddle. That means Riddle will be out of War Games and replaced by Dijakovic.

A Forgotten Sons vignette airs.

Killian Dain vs. Pete Dunne

Before the match begins, Damian Priest jumps Dain from behind. He stares down Dunne from the aisle. They then charge at other and brawl until Dain runs over and knocks them over. Security tries to break it up but Priest takes out his frustrations on them. He sends one of them over the top with a crucifix bomb onto everyone else outside. He adds a step up tope con hilo to take out Dunne and Dain before leaving.

Mia Yim is interviewed about the main event. She knows she has to look over her shoulder for knows that NXT is the real main roster. A knock is heard on the door and in comes Dakota Kai. She says that there aren’t hard feelings with her getting picked for Team Rhea. If something goes down tonight, Dakota has her back.

NEXT WEEK ~ Dijakovic vs. Cole in a ladder match for the War Games advantage.

Ladder Match: Io Shirai vs. Mia Yim

Io sends Mia outside and hits a tope suicida almost immediately. The ladder comes into play as Mia slams Io on it but Io returns the favor by kicking it into her face soon after. Io gets her hand pinched in the ladder and it bothers her greatly. They battle outside for a while before jockeying for position on a suplex. Yim wins out and Io takes the move onto a ladder. Commercial time. Returning, Io connects on her Tiger Feint Kick. They fight over the ladder in the corner. Io connects on a flapjack to gain an opening. Io survives a back body drop but takes a belly to belly onto the ladder in the corner. Io missed the brunt of the ladder but hit the edge. Yim gets her climb interrupted and Io sandwiches her in the ladder on the ground. Io gets her momentum stopped with Eat Defeat. Yim struggles to lift the ladder and Io springboard dropkicks it into her face. Yim is busted open the hard way from it. It’s a lot of blood. Io struggles with the ladder as she covers for her injured opponent. The camera is avoiding showing Mia, who is surrounded by officials and medics. Mia pulls her off the ladder and starts climbing. Io stops her with a German suplex off of it. Io hits the corner Meteora and goes up for the moonsault. Mia cuts her off and rakes the back but is knocked to the outside. Dakota Kai comes out to check on Mia but both are wiped out by an Io moonsault. Io heads back in and sets the ladder up. Dakota cuts her off and hits a sitout powerbomb before helping Mia to her feet. A bloody mia climbs but here’s NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray. She throws Dakota into the steps and knocks the ladder over, sending Mia through another ladder outside. Ray helps Io up the ladder and she pulls down the briefcase.

Winner: Io Shirai in 19:58 [***3/4]

Bianca Belair comes out and stands with Kay Lee Ray as Io stands on the ladder celebrating. Shayna Baszler’s music hits as the team captain walks out and points to Kay Lee Ray, who seems to officially be the fourth member of Team Shayna. But then Bayley sneaks up behind Shayna and hits her with a chair, before hitting a type of facebuster onto the title. Bayley is chased off by Team Shayna to close the show.

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