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November 27, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
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What a time to be alive!

Big news in wrestling as QT Marshall and AEW have parted ways! Boy, what else can happen in this crazy world of wrestling??!

It’s Monday…you know what that means

Cole welcomes us to RAW, saying Hell has frozen over, and CM Punk is back. He’ll be here tonight with a live mic.

But first…

Randy Orton is here! He comes out like an uber face, getting mad love from the crowd, signing toys, and smiling. It’s a bit unnerving.

Orton grabs a mic and says it sounds like maybe a few of us missed him. He is back for as long as he can stay here. He then welcomes us to RAW. He’s been gone a while. He has been thinking about all of his accolades – as which there are a lot. But there was one particular thing he had never done, and that was compete at War Games, so when his friend Rhodes hit him up, of course he was in. There was another reason, though. War Games was invented by Cody’s father. To be a part of that match is being a part of history. He made a moment Saturday. This is what it’s all about. He also came back because he’s got some unfinished business…

With The Bloodline.

He gets where they are coming from, he’s made a career doing just what they have done. So he can forgive, but he cannot forget. He has something for every single member. Those receipts will come in the form of the three most dangerous letters in ALL of Sports Entertainment…RKO.

Rhea Ripley seemingly disagrees. She comes out in a trenchcoat and her title. She welcomes Randy back, then says he had quite the performance. She didn’t see him ever teaming with someone who tried to end his career, or have his big return upstaged. She just didn’t see him as the type. But hey, don’t get her wrong, he looks more dangerous than ever. It would be a shame to have it all wasted. He doesn’t seem to realize that the landscape here has changed. The Bloodline has fallen, and The Judgment Day has risen. WarGames was a bump in the road. They are all dripping in gold, Dom has the NA title, and Finn and Priest are tag team champs. If it wasn’t for Orton, Priest would be the World Champion. Orton has made enemies, enemies that can make his life a living nightmare. He needs to stop focusing on The Bloodline. Unlike them, they get the job done and will put Orton out permanently.

The crowd chants RKO. Lol. They want it bad.

Orton says he kept in touch and watched the product and every week, it’s Rhea this and Rhea that, Mami this and that, guess what…Daddy’s back.

True, a lot of things have changed.


A lot of things have changed, says Orton, but the one thing that will never change as long as he is here is that nobody tells Randy Orton what to do.

Rhea laughs this off, says Orton has made his bed. She tried to warn him, tried to give him an out, but h has made them his enemy now.

JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio attack from behind. They corner Orton but it’s obvious this wont go anywhere well for JD. He escapes out the corner, sets Dom up for the draping DDT, JD attacks, RKO TO JD! Dom runs out of the ring.

Orton grabs a mic, tells Dom not to go too far, because as soon as he leaves this ring, he will find Pearce and will make sure he gets Dom tonight, one on one.

Dom looks like a scared puppy.

Earlier today, a bunch of tag teams are choppin it up for a Tag Team Turmoil later tonight. We find out that Otis will be teaming with Akira Tozawa instead of Gable. We also learn that Jelly Roll is here.

R-Truth makes an appearance, mistakes the man for the food and hightails it to find himself some platinum jelly rolls, but not before asking Tozawa to hit em with the jelly roll.

Tag Team Turmoil
The Alpha Academy vs The New Day vs The Creed Brother vs DIY vs Indus Sher

DIY and Alpha Academy to start. Akira and Tommaso. Side headlock from Ciampa. Akira shoots him off and eats a shoulder tackle. Ciampa hits the ropes, Akira hops up, Ciampa catches him, Akira lands on his feet, kicks once, misses an enziguri, crawls under the legs and does the THANK YOU pose! Big right hand from Akira then some more dancing! Knee from Ciampa . Whip to the ropes, reversed, Akira misses a right. Tag to Gargano, they double team Akira, flipping him inside out with a clothesline. Johnny hits his own dance moves then sends Akira to the corner. Akira blocks a right hand. Whip from Akira, kick from Gargano, he flies for a crossbody, but Akira has his knees up. Tag to Otis. Tag to Tommaso. Both men try to take Otis down, but he blocks twice, rolls through, big tackle to both men. He drops Johnny, whips Ciampa, back elbow to Ciampa. Otis turns, rushes the corner, back elbow to Johnny. Big splash to Ciampa. Both men down. Otis calls for caterpillar. Akira hops in the ring, tries to rip his shirt, cant, so Otis helps him, and we get both elbow drops. Otis tags in Akira. Akira to the top rope, he stands atop Otis’ shoulders, but Gargano with a huge kick and Ciampa hits a knee to the falling Akira! Otis is sent over the top rope. MEET IN THE MIDDLE !

DIY advances at 3:08

Indus Sher come out and are met with big kicks from DIY before they even get in the ring. Both big guys lift their opponents and drive them into each other then into ringposts.

Veer is in the ring with Gargano. He hits some big stomps to the back. Tag to Sanga. He sends Ciampa to the outside and tags in Veer. He grabs Gargano off the apron, drapes him over the ropes, and Sanga hits a running kick. They pose in the middle of the ring, then Sanga leaves Veer in the ring to miss a splash. Gargano rolls Veer up for 1..2…..3!!!

DIY advances at 5:24

Here come The Creed Brothers for their chance. Julius with a fireman takeover then a tag to his partner, who hits the same move, then whips Ciampa into another of the same move. They then double it up, both men hitting Ciampa with it. Blind tag from Julius who works the left arm. He lifts Ciampa to the shoulder, Ciampa grabs the head coming down and hits an inverted DDT. They both crawl for a tag, get it. In comes Brutus and Gargano. Johnny kicks both men, hits a bulldog/clothesline combo. Johnny rushes the corner, gets lifted over, Brutus hits the ropes, Gargano with a slingshot spear. Cover! 1..2..NO!! Julius in, sends Gargano outside. Ciampa with a right to him, Brutus hits his own right. Splash in the corner .Tag to Julius, shoots Ciampa into a lifts and we get an assisted face splash double team move. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Gargano flies to the outside onto Brutus. Julius the legal man with Ciampa. They trade right hands in the center of the ring. Ciampa with a kick and a rollup for 1..2.NO!! Tag to Gargano. Kick to Julius, one from Ciampa. Gargano and Ciampa try to meet in the middle, but Brutus hits a big tackle sending Ciamap outside. Julius with a powerbomb, then he lifts Gargano to his shoulders. Tag from Brutus. Brutus Ball. Cover for 1.2….3!!!

The Creed Brothers Advance at 10:12

The New Day are out next, and they’re taking their time getting love from the crowd.

Woods and Julius to start. Dropkick from Woods sends Julius into the corner. Tag to Kofi. Kofi with a dropkick. Cover. 1..2..NO! Kofi tags and Woods drops an axe on the left arm. Woods works the left am, Kofi tags, drops a stomp to the arm. Kofi covers. 1…2…NO! Snapmare from Kofi. Tag from Woods. Kfoi with a kick. Sliding clothesline from Woods. Splash from Kofi. Elbow drop from Woods. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Woods corers Julius. Mounted punches are stopped at four. Julius back elbows Kof and tries for a tag, but Woods grabs the boot. Kofi flies with a splash to the back! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Sick. Woods with a chinlock from behind. Julius walks with Kofi on his bck, so Kofi hops off and slaps him with a right. Rollup for Kofi with 1..2..NO!!! Julius deadlifts Kofi and hits a body slam. Tag to Brutus. To Woods. Woods slides under, spins, hits a rolling right, a kick is caught, Brutus with a T-Bone! Woods to the apron. Brutus grabs him by the hair, pulls Woods up, turns him and locks up for a suplex. He hits it off the ropes with a deadlift suplex. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Julius. Double team Woods into a powerslam. Brutus with a moonsault. Julius hits a shooting star, and we get a pin for 1..2…NO!!! Woods fights with rights, whip from his partner. Tag and Woods is able to drop off Brutus and kicks Julius out while hitting a DDT to Brutus. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Kofi. Woods lifts Brutus with a backbreaker, and a stomp from Kofi! Cover for 1..2…NO!! Julius with the save! He sends Woods out of the ring, Kofi sends Julius out of the ring. Brutus is all alone. Kofi calls for the end. He waits, spins, Troub—NO!!! Tag to Julius, who comes in, Kofi ducks, picks the ankle, to the top rope. Kofi flies, Julius rolls through, holds onto Kofi, Woods in, gets kicked, FALLAWAY SLAM FROM JULIUS!! Brutus hits a moonsault to Woods. Tag to Brutus. Julius grabs Kofi. BRUTUS BOMB! Cover! 1..2…3!!!!

The Creed Brothers advance at 17:23

IMPERIUM IS HERE!!! They double team Julius for a bit. Vinci is the legal man. Outside, Ludwig tosses Brutus into the announce booth. Vinci flies off the ropes with a springboard crossbody. Kaiser in, trying to double team Julius. He fights back well until Vinci hits him with a huge spinebuster. Kaiser with a running kick to the chest. Tag to Vinci. Vinci grabs Julius, flips him onto his shoulders. Elbow from Kaiser. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Brutus in to stop the finish. Kick form Kaiser but he gets sent outside. Tag to Brutus. Tag to Kaiser. Brutus makes short work. Vinci gets a tag, to the shoulders. Kaiser to the back of the knee, though. Ref tries to stop Ludwig from beating down Brutus. Ref stops him at 4. Hard chop in the corner by Kaiser. Tag to Vinci. He hits a backbreaker then a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Vinci pinches the traps, but Brutus sends him rolling. Both men up, both men kick, both men down!

Tag to Kaiser, tag to Julius! BELLY TO BELLY TO KAISER! TO VINCI! ANOTHER FOR KAISER! ANOTHER TO VINIC! He tries for a third but Kaiser elbows the back. Here comes Vinci, and Julius with a double over the head suplex! COVER! 1..2…NO!!! Vinci stop the pin. Kaiser rolls up with the tights getting a 1…2…NO!!! Kaiser with a HUGE slap! Creed escapes, gutwrench, turns this into a powerbomb! Tag from Brutus! Julius lifts Kaiser to the shoulders, Brutus to the top rope. Kaiser rakes the eyes, Julius drops, Vinci shoves Brutus off the top rope! Kaiser shoots Jules into the corner then hits a clothesline to Brutus. Vinco grabs Brutus, but here comes Julius! He runs over the back of Vinic and shoots up to suplex Kaiser! Samoan Drop from Brutus! Julius nearly botched but recovered like a champ!

Tag from Julius, making him the legal man. He sits Vinci on the shoulders. Brutus is up. BRUTUS BALL! Brutus makes his way over. Covers. 1.2….3!!!!

Winners: The Creed Brothers
They had a rare opportunity here to work without a commercial and highlight one of their new teams. I think they did just that here. I’m not always a fan of these as the first few matches mean nothing and are too short to matter, but this one was laid out great and a nice surprise win.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 25:49

Finn Balor heads backstage to tell Dominik Mysterio that they need to take The Creed Brothers seriously, but Dom is looking afraid as shit. Damien Priest is frustrated, says go ahead and talk that shit, he knows what happened at War Games, so just say it to his face. They all seem to understand, though, and try to tell Priest it’s alright, they are a family. They rise together and fall together. Priest gives in and asks how JD is.He and Finn head to medical to check on him.

Cody Rhodes is here and wonders what we want to talk about. There is so much to talk about, but here is a topic of gratitude. He wants to thank all of his partners in the match. He mentions them one-by-one. He ends with Orton, specifically the ending of the match. He got the victory, not just in any match, but in his dad’s match.

The other story…the return of CM Punk. Nobody knew it was going to happen. Nobody knows what will happen because of it. Here is what he has to say: Welcome back. What’s the saying…a fisherman always spots the other fisherman from afar. With all these stories, he’d like to make some news himself. At this point, we truly know him, which means there is only one destination for him, which is why he will be the very first to declare himself for the 2024 Royal Rumble.

Shinsuke Nakamura shows up on the tron. HE tells Cody he is a brave warrior, who apparently needs to finish a story, but he needs ot set Shin free, awaken him, to evolve. He’s been patient week after week, but he is done waiting. He will bring chaos to Cody.

Cody seems confused, then turns to get misted in red by Shinsuke Nakamura!

Shin takes a bow as Cody struggles in the ring. Blood dripping from Shin’s lips with him wearing all black is just..beautiful.

Ivar vs Bronson Reed

They start with clotheslines, neither man falling. Reed bounces off the ropes, hits a splash sending Ivar down. Big elbow to Ivar. Reed rushes the corner and Ivar sits him down, onto his chest. Ivar grabs Reed, locks the head, tries for a suplex. But Reed reverses and hits his own. Ivar rolls outside. Reed leaves the ring to the apron. Valhalla shoves Ivar to stare down Reed. Ivar pulls him down, hits a spin kick. Big crossbody to Reed against the apron.

We are back and Ivar tries for a spin kick, but Reed hits a kick of his own. Big samoan drop from Reed. Senton from Reed. Cover for 1..2.NO!! Ivar up, big slam to Reed complete with a spin! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! IVAR up toP! MOONSAULT! REED MOVES!! Reed to the top now! Valhalla there to save Ivar. Ref is tired of it. She sends Valhalla to the back. Reed turns in time to see Ivar and misses a clothesline. Ivar sends Reed to the outside. He is on the apron now and dives into the arms of Reed. Reed drops Ivar. He sends Ivar over the barricade.

The ref is at 7 just as Ivar climbs the barricade to fly. He gets hit in the gut by Reed. Reed with Ivar on his shoulders. He hits a Death Valley Driver into the barricade just as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Double Countout
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 8:34

Ivar has a chair! He clocks Reed across the back! WE head to the crowd. Reed tries to splash Ivar but he moves and Reed ends up crushing some dude in headphones. Lol. Security comes down to try and stop these guys but they get taken care of. Reed grabs one of them and launches the guy at Ivar. Lol. Ivar on top of a tech case. He flies off with a cannonball onto Reed and some security.

We get a Jason Jordan sighting as the fighting finally stops.

Earlier today, Nia Jax annoys me. Shayna Baszler offers to shut her hole and Zoey Stark challenges Nia to a fight tonight.

Backstage, R-Truth tries to join Judgment Day’s team for War Games, being unaware that it already happened. He tells Priest to be happy, though, because Randy Orton is back. JD says he’ll handle Truth.

Nia Jax vs Zoey Stark

Zoey ducks under some moves, hits a right, Nia lifts her with a choke and sends her into the corner. Zoey kicks out of the corner, Nia sends her to the apron, high kick to Nia. Nia punches off the springboard. She lifts Zoey, sends her over the ropes, Zoey rolls through, runs, Nia catches her and slams her down. Nia rolls Zoey away then hits a big splash in the corner. Nia runs, Zoey holds onto the ropes, Nia tumbles outside, Zoey flies off the top rope!

We come back to Nia posting herself. Zoey hits the corkscrew senton then attacks the knee again. She covers for 1.2..NO!!! Nia corners Zoey then tries for the ANialator. Zoey kicks the leg, Stacks Nia, covers for 1..2…NO!!! Springboard dropkick and a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Zoey to the top rope. Nia is up. She hits the ropes, crotching Zoey. Nia lifts Zoey to the shoulders. Samoan Drop.

Nia drags Zoey to the center, hits the ring, and falls with a senton. She drags Zoey to the corner this time and hits the ANialator.

Winner: Nia Jax
I am not interested, like at all, at a single thing Nia Jax does inside the ring. Although I suppose Rhea needs a challenger, and they’re doing what they can to build that up.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: Too long

A recap of the Gunther v Miz match.

Seth Rollins is here! People begin to sing his song but then it turns into a CM Punk chant! Seth encourages it, lets them keep it going, wants people to get it out of their system. Is this all they got? He doesn’t want to spend one more second or ounce of energy on that hypocrite. So instead of talking about someone that doesn’t matter at all, let’s talk about the thing that matters the most. This title, the most important in this entire industry. He’s gotta be real, two days from War Games, he’s not feeling too good, but he’s starting to get the itch again. He’s starting to get the itch to be a fighting champion. He went and saw Pearce earlier and…

The music of Drew McIntyre hits and out comes the other angry man from Saturday.

He says it’s been a crazy 48 hours. People have been talking about them outside the ring, but they both know what’s most important. He wants to congratulate Seth for his victory at Wargames. Drew admits that he’s gotta put Jay on the backburner and focus on what’s most important, and that’s the title on Seth’s shoulder. Does he remember what Seth told Drew before Crown Jewel?

Seth does. He says that when he beats Drew, he’d have no one to blame but himself. He also told him that it would be the best thing that ever happened to Drew. Was he right?

Drew says he was 100% right. He has nobody to blame but himself for losing that match at CJ. If you recall, there was a point where he had Seth on the steps. Seth rolled into the ring and he was finished. Done. That’s where he hits the Claymore, but something came over him as he saw Seth writhing in pain as he tried to get up. Sympathy, compassion. Thinking of his little girl. He had the urge to tell Seth it was over, tell him it was ok, and what did Seth do? He slapped Drew. That loss was on him. To swim with sharks, Drew’s gotta be the biggest of all. The compassion is gone, the sympathy is gone. He wants his rematch.

Seth considers this. He says there is one thing he has always respected about Drew – his honesty. Seth wants to be honest. He does deserve a rematch, but he also believes there may be a couple who deserve an opportunity more than Drew. This is why he came out tonight, because next week he’s defending the title.

Drew says Seth is the champ, he calls the shots, but who is it with?

Seth considers this for a bit, doesn’t want to say it. Then says it’s Jey Uso. Seth tries to tell Drew it’s not personal but…

HUGE HEADBUTT TO SETH! Drew is bleeding! Oh shit!! That thing connected! He lifts Seth and puts him in the corner then hits a big belly to belly.

Here comes Jey Uso to slide into the ring and hit some YEET Punches! Seth is up! Superkicks from both to Drew!

Drew leaves the ring. Jey grabs the title and hands it to Seth.

I love this.

A phone call requires that I miss the following match but it ends with Piper and Chelsea retaining the titles.

We head backstage and Jey Uso comes up to Randy Orton to try and be forgiven. He apologizes to Orton. He is trying to keep things stuck in the past. He brings up Cody. Orton says this means something to him. He saw how he watched Cody’s back. He says as long as Jey is out of The Bloodline, then they’re good. They clap hands and share Yeets.

Becky Lynch is backstage with Jackie. She went through war in an epic battle. She talks about love and hate, then switches gears to tonight. She says a fight is on the horizon.

Dominik Mysterio vs Randy Orton

Dom tries with a right hand, hits the ropes, and Orton drops him like a fucking brick with a shoulder tackle. Dom rolls back in and is met with a right, another, another. Uppercut to Dom. Whip to the ropes, back body drop!

We are back from a break and Orton shoots Dom to the outside. Orton grabs him and drops him onto the table, but Dom flips and lands on his feet. Kidney shot to Orton, then he sends orton into the ring steps. Dom sends orton back into the ring and covers for 1..2.NO!!! Sleeper on Orton but Orton stands up into it and turns. He hits some chops to the gut, knee from Dom, whip to the corner, Orton fires out of it with a clothesline, another, powerslam to Dom! Orton sends Dom to the apron. He locks the head and drapes Dom then hits it! DDT! Orton hears voices! JD pulls Dom out of the ring before Orton can hit the RKO!

JD looks over to Jelly Roll and tries to stand up to him. Jelly Roll doesn’t back down. He shoves JD down. Orton is shocked! Dom turns to him and talks some shit, then Jelly Roll shoves him! Orton goes over and gives him a high five then hits Dom with a back suplex onto the table! Crowd wants one more time. Lol. Orton pulls him over to the table and hits it again! He sends Dom into the ring, slides in, JD on the apron. Orton locks his head! DRAPING DDT TO JD!

Dropkick from Dom! 619!!!!! Dom to the top rope! He flies! FROG SP—NO!!! Orton rolls out of the way! RKO!!! Cover! 1…2….3!!!!!

Winner: Randy Orton
Y’all gonna kill me for this – and it’s coming from a dude who hates squash matches – but this was a hell of a match. Maybe it’s the nostalgia and missing Orton, but this shit hit every spot it was supposed to and had all the right things going for it. What a blast.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 9:30

CM Punk is next!

CM PUNK is out with the high fade.

He says it looks like hell froze over, and what he means is this is him standing in a WWE ring on Monday Night RAW with a live mic in his hand. He doesn’t mean the fact that a Blackhawks fans is loved inside the Predators barn. Sorry, he’s gotta be him. Lately, he’s been feeling a little bit more like himself. He’s been trying to come up with th words. He has two words. They are cheesy and corny, and it wont sound like him, but hes changed. Once upon a time, an American Dream taught him that as long as you speak from the heart, it cannot go wrong. This is the truth:

I’m home.

This is where he belongs. This is home. He’s been gone for 10 years, and we never forgot him, even when maybe he wanted to forget him. We are powerful. We never stopped chanting. He loves us, missed us, and wishes he never had to leave, but someone once told him that for him to get all he needed out of this place, he’d have to leave and come back. He is back to get all he needs. Back for us, because we are home. Saturday was an amazing moment, Monday is amazing. In front and behind the cam, it feels like a family reunion. Welcome back home and back, we missed you, how’s AJ!


He says everyone loves him….well not everyone. Everyone competes here to be the best in the world, but The Best in the World hasn’t been here in ten years! They are afraid. Afraid he set the bar too high, that the brass ring is in his back pocket. Afraid that they cant do a thing about him walking through the front door. Some are afraid that they now work with someone who is thebest in this ring, on this microphone, even on commentary. The Best in the World is back and his name is…

End Show

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