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Jon Moxley Says WWE’s Creative Process Sucks and Is ‘Killing the Company’, Blames Vince McMahon

May 29, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Jon Moxley Dean Ambrose, MJF

In the latest episode of Talk is Jericho, Jon Moxley spent most of the time laying out his issues with WWE’s creative direction, which was mainly the reason he left the company. He detailed feeling physically ill having to deal with writers and scripts that made him say things he didn’t feel comfortable saying. He mentioned that he would butt heads with Vince McMahon often and he felt that the Chairman of the company would micromanage him frequently, particularly during his recent heel run. When discussing his jump to AEW, he said one of his goals with the company was to prove that WWE’s creative process ‘sucks.’

He said: “Dude, it’s very exciting. Like, to be able to be a difference-maker, is such a…I didn’t have that in..I can’t remember. One thing that I want to do: if I have something to prove, it’s that I want to prove that your creative process, the WWE’s creative process, sucks. It does not work. It’s absolutely terrible. I’ve said that to Vince. I’ve said that to Hunter. I’ve said that to Michael Hayes. I can’t even tell you how their system works. It’s some kind of system of meetings that take place in Stamford and there’s a home team and there’s writers and producers and production meetings and nobody knows what’s approved and what’s not and the bureaucratic red tape you have to go through to get anything approved is just…it’s crazy. It doesn’t work. It’s killing the company, I think. I think Vince is the problem. Not so much Vince, but Vince and whatever the structure that he built around himself probably starting in I’d imagine like 2002, after the sale of WCW, and he started building this infrastructure around himself, this team of writers and whatever and producers and however he does it and this is how the WWE is and how the product is and the product sucks. Great talent, amazing talent. None of this is their fault.

So I’m hoping… if I had a goal with AEW, it’s that we could prove that Vince’s way sucks. I mean this is not what I’m gonna focus on because it’s not about competing with WWE. I don’t think that’s any of our mission. We’re just gonna be over here doing our best, putting on our best product and if a byproduct of that is that it pushes WWE to reevaluate their creative process and it makes Vince…not that he’s gonna step aside, we all know he’s gonna die in the chair…but maybe he’ll listen to somebody else’s ideas. Maybe he’ll be open to doing a different way.

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