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Jordynne Grace On Making Her Bodybuilding Debut, Wants To Compete At Arnold Classic

March 29, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jordynne Grace Ric Flair's Last Match Image Credit: FITE TV

Jordynne Grace is making her bodybuilding debut at the Tri-City Classic this weekend, and she recently talked about stepping into that world from pro wrestling. Grace spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview and discussed her dream of competing in the Arnold Classic and more. You can see a couple of highlights below:

On her goal as a bodybuilder: “I want to be the first pro wrestler to ever go to The Arnold [Classic]. That’s my dream.”

On her body transformation for the Tri-City Classic this weekend: “I feel like the same person, then I look in the mirror and say, ‘Whoa.’ The weight loss has become noticeable in my face, and I never thought I’d have a six-pack in my life. It’s been insane to see my body change.”

On online criticism of her looks: “I’ve gotten relentless hate about the way I look on social media. I’ve heard I was too big or that I was too short—now I hear that I’m too muscular and I look like a man. I am here to prove that you can do whatever you want to, especially if you use those negative comments as fuel.”

On stepping into the bodybuilding world: “When I was competing in powerlifting, people would ask if I’d ever try bodybuilding, but I thought there was never a chance this would happen because of all the cardio and dieting. But look at me now—I’m on the stairs every day for 90 minutes, and I’m eating chicken and rice every day. This is exactly what I needed. I can’t wait to compete.”

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