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Kevin’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Night Seven Review

September 30, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
NJPW G1 Climax Night 7
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Kevin’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Night Seven Review  

NJPW G1 Climax 30 Night Seven
September 30th, 2020 | Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan | Attendance: 696

The B Block was quite lackluster yesterday. Let’s see if the A Block can right the ship. This is certainly an interesting card on paper.

A Block: NEVER Openweight Champion Minoru Suzuki [4] vs. Yujiro Takahashi [0]
Suzuki is 3-0 against Yujiro, all in the G1. I didn’t see 2012 but I did catch 2013 (**¾) and 2014 (**¾). No offense to Yujiro but when I see him against Suzuki, I just want Suzuki to beat the hell out of him. To be fair, that’s what I usually want Suzuki to do in any situation. Ultimately, that’s kind of what we got. Suzuki was in control for most of it and Yujiro got in a few notable hope spots but never truly threatened. Gotch Style Piledriver put down the Tokyo Pimp in 7:53, making for a short, serviceable opener. Basically what it needed to be. [**½]

A Block: Jeff Cobb [2] vs. Kota Ibushi [4]
A rare first-time meeting in this tournament. I’m still waiting for Cobb to be great and I’m hoping this is it. Alas, that wasn’t the case. They had a battle that played to their strengths .Ibushi brought the strikes and athleticism while Cobb played up the power game. However, it all lacked something. For example, just look at Ibushi’s plancha to the outside. I’ve never seen someone so athletic hit something that looked so bland. He barely connected and they fell to the floor with little to no emotion. There wasn’t any of that extra snap to anything and it kind of came across like two guys going through the motions, which is a shame as this could’ve been really good. Instead, it ultimately peaked at simply being good. The final few minutes had a bit more behind it and I wish the whole thing could’ve been that way. Ibushi picked up the win with Kamigoye in 10:43. [***]

A Block: Kazuchika Okada [2] vs. IWGP Tag Team Champion Taichi [6]
I said Taichi > Okada yesterday and I stand by that regardless of the outcome. These two met at New Beginning in Sapporo this year and Gedo trolled us by having Okada take 31 minutes to beat him in a match I feel like I overrated at **¾. Taichi has been fun in this G1 but Okada is kind of just there. This was more of that. There wasn’t really much that you could consider technically bad about this, yet it just keeps feeling like Okada is phoning it in. It’s as if putting every egg in the Okada basket for like seven years meant that when he’s not the focus of the company, he’s lame as hell. To be fair, he was the champion last year and kind of sucked too. Okada won in 17:03. Like I said, it wasn’t bad but it just felt like another ho-hum Okada performance. [**¾]

A Block: Jay White [6] vs. Will Ospreay [4]
These two met at the Anniversary Event last year in a IWGP Heavyweight vs. Jr. Heavyweight Champions match (***). I would be remiss if I failed to say that Will Ospreay is a despicable person. With that out of the way, we can get back to focusing on the Jay-1 Climax. Like Taichi, White is unbeaten and like Okada, Ospreay is a Gedo golden boy. I’ll let you guess on this predictable result. In terms of pure action, this was fine but it had some major problems. For one, although Ospreay should’ve had a bad knee thanks to some work done, he decided to not sell it all, rendering the whole thing pointless. It’s all so he can get his signature shit in. Another point to how he’s a very frustrating wrestler. Meanwhile, White was on point again. His character work remains a breath of fresh air in NJPW. While guys seem determined to try and rack up as many stars from reviewers as possible, he’s out there to win and that’s great. He nails all of the little things that help make matches better. In the end, Willy hit the Hidden Blade and Storm Breaker to score the win in 18:46. Jay White tried to carry a kicking and screaming Will to something great but it wasn’t happening. Inconsistent stuff from the RevPro Champ. [***]

A Block: Shingo Takagi [2] vs. Tomohiro Ishii [0]
Their G1 match last year was my NJPW MOTY (****¾). The rematch at New Japan Road this year was nearly as good (****½). I was hyped for this. They immediately came out tackling and hitting each other hard, so it was going to be that kind of Ishii match, which are the ones that I’m usually way into. They put on a show and I’m not going to recap it a ton because it was really just two dudes beating the shit out of each other. However, and I’m sure you’re over me saying this, but I felt this went on too long. There’s something about these two that I think would be ideal in a 15-17 minute setting. All of their matches have passed 20 minutes and this one hit 26:01, which I just didn’t think was needed. There was greatness here but it seemed like they were trying a bit too hard to deliver some kind of epic. NJPW has that problem from time to time and I think because last year’s G1 outing was stellar, they tried to recreate it and fell short. I don’t want this to sound like I disliked this because I really enjoyed it. It’s two of my favorite going to war in the main event and feeling like a true fight at times. The wild closing stretch saw Ishii finally get on the board with the Brainbuster. It also lacked some drama since I couldn’t’ see Ishii starting 0-4. Great but not the all-timer it could’ve been. [****]

Taichi 6 (3-1) Tetsuya Naito 6 (3-0)
Minoru Suzuki 6 (3-1) Toru Yano 6 (3-0)
Will Ospreay 6 (3-1) Juice Robinson 4 (2-1)
Jay White 6 (3-1) KENTA 4 (2-1)
Kota Ibushi 6 (3-1) Hiroshi Tanahashi 2 (1-2)
Kazuchika Okada 4 (2-2) Zack Sabre Jr. 2 (1-1)
Jeff Cobb 2 (1-3) Hirooki Goto 2 (1-2)
Tomohiro Ishii 2 (1-3) EVIL 2 (1-2)
Shingo Takagi 2 (1-3) YOSHI-HASHI 2 (1-2)
Yujiro Takahashi 0 (0-4) SANADA 0 (0-3)
The final score: review Average
The 411
The G1 30 trend continues in that we get at least one great match each time. The issue today was that nothing else would be recommended. Two matches top out at *** and the other two were below it, making this a middle of the pack night of wrestling.

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