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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 3.3.21

March 3, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
WWE NXT 3-3-21
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 3.3.21  

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa

This is our replacement for the MSK match but it’s non-title. Burch and Thatcher trade mat work to begin. Both guys tease tagging out but stay to fight more. Ciampa becomes legal and so does Oney soon after, changing the tide. Ciampa turns him inside out with a clothesline and tags in Thatcher for a tandem uppercut spot that gets two. Thatcher hits a belly to belly to lands grossly on a clothesline and rolls outside hurt going into break. Returning, Thatcher is back in and taking a single leg crab. He gets free and tags out, with Ciampa firing off clotheslines in each other for his opponents. Tag to Tim for uppercuts. He and Ciampa light up their opponents with vicious strikes. Oney returns with a half and half suplex but then eats several shots only for Burch to start in with headbutts and everyone is down. Imperium is out for a closer look from the stage. Ciampa is knocked off the apron and Thatcher eats the elevated DDT for the finish.

Winners: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan in 13:12 [Good opener. It was hard hitting and didn’t overstay its welcome. ***]

A pissed off Roderick Strong demands Adam Cole comes out. Finn Balor interrupts to say that Adam won’t come out for him. Roddy cuts him off and blames him for it all. Finn says they broke up because of the NXT Title. To get Cole out here, he says he’ll put the title up against him next week. He then tells Roddy that he’ll never be at the top until he develops a killer instinct, so Roddy levels him and they brawl until officials break it up.

We go to a psych hospital where a therapist sees everyone from The Way at the same time. Austin says he was on vacation. Candice suggests that being locked up with a dude for three days isn’t a vacation. Indi Hartwell says with the right guy it could be. She is doodling and she’s writing “Mr.s Indi Wrestling Lumis.” Johnny says she ruined Christmas and the gift of the name that he gave her. He starts freaking out when the therapist suggests he has deep rooted issues and is kicked out.

Cameron Grimes is backstage, saying it’s time to make changes. He wants to use his money to change it from the CWC to the CGA (Cameron Grimes Auditorium). William Regal interrupts to tell him that the crew member he hit last week might want to sue. He doesn’t want Cameron’s money but he does book him against Bronson Reed for tonight. Grimes again blames Ted DiBiase.

NEXT WEEK ~ Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole for the NXT Title!

TONIGHT ~ Finn Balor vs. Roderick Strong!

Aliyah vs. Ember Moon

Robert Stone is immediately terrified since Ember and Shotzi are out in the tank. They go through some basic exchanges until Aliyah hits her with a forearm. Ember shrugs it off and gets mad while Aliyah taunts. Ember dares her for another, which lures her in for a slam. Robert Stone looks to get involved but is scared of Shotzi. Ember catches a leaping Aliyah and then dropkicks her from the apron. Aliyah gets a near fall inside but Ember pops up with a head scissors and fires off kicks and clotheslines. A dropkick sends her down. Aliyah is knocked off the top, Shotzi hits a cross body onto Stone and Kamea, and Ember win with the Eclipse.

Winner: Ember Moon in 4:53 [That was pretty sloppy at points but it did what it had to by getting Ember a win. *1/4]

Backstage, Tim Thatcher is asked about Imperium and he says they have a past that the team keeps throwing in his face. But they’re just his past and nothing more.

A video package airs to hype Io Shirai vs. Toni Storm next week, including clips of Toni beating her at Evolution.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler [c] vs. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

We start with Shayna and Dakota. As Dakota walks up to her, Nia tags herself in and takes over. Dakota was Nia’s first NXT squash. Nia overpowers her and launches her across the ring, squashing her in the corner. Shayna tags in and embarrasses Kai by brushes away her face with ease. Kai attacks but Shayna takes her down and goes to stomp on the arm as she did in 2018. Kai avoids it and slaps her in defiance. She rolls her up for two and fires off armdrags but has her boot caught. Shayna viciously dumps her outside. Nia goes after her but Raquel comes over and they face off going into break. Returning, Kai is the face(?) in peril and Shayna yanks her off the apron. Nia hangs Kai up with a stretch muffler. Kai gets out but eats a headbutt. Nia ragdolls her into the corner and then catches her leaping off. She press slams her in DANGEROUS sloppy fashion. Shayna hits her with a knee and Raquel breaks up the cover. Kai finally manages to send Nia off the apron and kicks Shayna in the face. She makes the tag to Raquel, who runs over Shayna with a sweet dropkick and clothesline. Fallaway slam follows and a corner avalanche. Nia gets involved for the big faceoff and they trade blows. Raquel wins out and then press slams Shayna into a Kai kick. Nia breaks up the pin nad Raquel comes after her. She clothesline Raquel to the outside and follows her. Kai gets Shayna up for Go to Kick but Shayna catches the boot and puts on the Kirifuda Clutch. Dakota counters into a  pin for two and Shayna puts the submission back on. Kai fades but starts to fight and drags Shayna for the tag. Nia fails at distracting the referee. Raquel boots Nia and the official by mistake at the same time. Raquel and Nia spill over the announce table. Dakota sits up and Shayna puts the submission back on. Adam Pearce runs out with a referee and they call for the bell since Kai passed out but Raquel was legal. THE FIX IS IN!

Winners: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in 13:15 [I was really liking some of the back and forth and the callbacks to Shayna and Dakota’s history. That finish was many bad WWE tropes balled into one and I didn’t like it at all. ***1/4]

Back to therapy, Austin Theory says Dexter might need a friend. Indi would be his friend. Candice mentions everyone he’s kidnapped. It’s all from Johnny though, who is texting things for Candice to say. Candice and Indi get kicked out too.

We go to the studio where Isaiah Scott is making beats with a random woman. When she leaves, he talks about how Leon Ruff was handed opportunities while he got nothing. He doesn’t care about playing the good guy anymore.

It’s time for the NXT debut of LA Knight. He cuts a promo saying Tom Brady wishes he was as good at his job as LA Knight is in wrestling. He wasn’t a first round pick but he is still going to shine. He gets the job done and he’s the last of a dying breed. People already say he might be the best NXT star of all-time. Don’t call him the GOAT, that’s played out. Call him LA Knight.

Bronson Reed vs. Cameron Grimes

Knight stays in the ring as Reed makes his entrance. Grimes has the Josiah Williams rap as his theme, so NXT has officially won the war. Grimes tries to pay off Reed but he hits him instead and sits on him soon after for two. After a break, we return to see Grimes hit Reed with an enziguri. He gets two on a sweet Spanish Fly as well. Grimes wears him down with a crossface and a knee. Reed starts firing up and runs over Grimes. Grimes attempts to walk out, only for Reed to dive out and squish him with a tope suicida. LA Knight returns and crotches Reed up top behind the referee’s back. Grimes hits the Cave In to win.

Winner: Cameron Grimes in 8:27 [A decent enough match that got bogged down by the commercial break. **1/2]

We can’t hear but we can see William Regal arguing with Adam Pearce in the back.

Kayden Carter is interviewed about Kacy Catanzaro’s partially torn LCL. She’s hurt and pissed that Xia Li took her friend out. Now, she has to take her out and she isn’t scared of Xia. She’s not scared and won’t hesitate. Xia can come get it next week.

Back to therapy. Austin says that he was in a small room with the windows boarded up and he watched cartoons while eating cereal. He had a great time. The therapist says she spoke to Dexter earlier. Austin can’t believe it because he doesn’t talk. However, Dexter apparently ran down Austin to the therapist, saying he was so irritated and annoyed by him that he sent him home early. Austin runs out and cries to Johnny. As Austin leaves with The Way, Johnny pays off the therapist for saying bad things about Dexter.

Breezango vs. Ever-Rise

OR SO WE THINK! Legado del Fantasma attack Breezango during their entrance. Ever-Rise applauds them but LDF chase them off too. However, Santos Escobar runs down and beats them up, including using the steel steps. He gets on the microphone, saying not to mistake last week for weakness. This is still who Legado are.

William Regal is interviewed backstage. He says that because of what happened in the Women’s Tag Title match, he’ll make an announcement next week that will change the landscape of NXT forever.

Finn Bálor vs. Roderick Strong

No more Undisputed Era theme or colors for Roddy. The two head to the mat to trade holds and jockey for position. Roddy gets the first real advantage with a backbreaker going into commercial. Returning, the two are trading blows. Finn divorce courts the arm to get the upper hand. Finn goes to work on the arm for a bit. Roddy hits another breaker for two and adds a third to turn the tide. He misses a corner knee and Finn traps him in a modified Anaconda Vice. Strong gets to the ropes to break it and Finn holds on until the count of four. The two start trading shots and Strong drops him face first. Strong fires off forearms and knees before adding an Olympic Slam and a Gibson Driver for two. Finn gets put in the Strong Hold but he then counters into a pin for two. Strong  wants a gutbuster but Finn counters into a massive double foot stomp. Finn hits the Slingblade and wants the John Woo dropkick. It connects and adds Coup de Grace. 1916 wraps this up.

Winner: Finn Balor in 13:46 [This started a bit slow as if they were going to go long but only went 13 minutes. Once it picked up after the break, it was great and that finishing stretch ruled. ***1/2]

Adam Cole comes to the stage and has a staredown with Finn.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I'm like a broken record at this point. Again, NXT puts on a highly entertaining show that sets things up, delivers some quality segments, and advances storylines. I can't ask for much more from a weekly wrestling program.

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