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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 7.22.20

July 22, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 7.22.20  

We open on a video of William Regal at home. He puts over Keith Lee’s huge win two weeks ago and sends it to Keith at home for a time to talk to the fans. Lee says that he knows how hard people work in NXT to get to the top and he’s done a lot to get to his spot. He talks about his trainer, as well. Lee will not be limiting the chances of other people. He will continue to defend the NXT Championship as often as possible. However, he will relinquish the North American Title to make sure that others get the same opportunities that he’s had.

Back to Regal, who announces that a series of triple threat matches starting tonight. The winners will advance to a ladder match at TakeOver XXX on August 22 to crown a new champion.

Dexter Lumis vs. Killian Dain

Dain runs over Lumis a few times until Lumis creeps him out by staring at him weirdly. They brawl to the outside where Dain drives his face into the plexiglass. Dain continues to beat on him heading into commercial. Returning, Dain is still in control. Commentary suggests that Robert Stone got Dain this match, which I thought was established last week. He hits a pump kick that sends Lumis down. Lumis catches him with a spinebuster that kicks off a rally. Dain turns it back around with a cannonball, powerbomb, and elbow for two. Lumis hits a top rope senton after missing one and then hits the uranage before applying his submission (I forget the name). Dain passes out.

Winner: Dexter Lumis in 10:40 [An average match where nothing of major note happened but it was technically fine. **1/2]

Roderick Strong is interviewed about his match tonight. He’ll be against Johnny Gargano and Bronson Reed in one of the qualifying matches for the North American Title. Strong says it means the Undisputed Era can get back on top. Bronson Reed interrupts to say he’s had a ton of shots in the past and Lee did this to open chances for guys like him. Gargano interrupts to say he’s the face of the brand and he’ll win it all to make history as a two-time North American Champion.

LAST WEEK ~ Io Shirai beat Tegan Nox and was then booted by Dakota Kai.

We get a quick from home promo from Kai who says it felt good to kick Io off the pedestal she puts herself on. She tells Io to bring the title when she comes to see her.

Breezango vs. Ever-Rise

Breezango are out dressed as counties to The Mountie’s theme. Ever-Rise is from Canada. Breezango start hot and force Ever-Rise to regroup. One of them chants “defense” on the apron and Breeze superkicks him. However, it works enough as a distraction to get worked over. The heat segment doesn’t last long as Fandango enters with chops and offense. He even does a Mountie dive to the outside. They start throwing duel superkicks and win with one of them.

Winners: Breezango in 3:30 [A fun squash because Breezango are entertaining. NR]

Dominik Dijakovic is interviewed about facing Karrion Kross and how this will differ from last week’s fight. Dijakovic says Kross gets a fresh Dijakovic and he’ll knock him out tonight.

Aliyah vs. Shotzi Blackheart

A quick start sees Shotzi light Aliyah up. Shotzi yells WELCOME TO THE BALL PIT as she delivers a leg drop and senton. When she yells at Stone outside, Aliyah comes off the apron and drives her face into the floor. Back inside, Aliyah hits some awkward looking offense, though the suplex rolled into a northern lights suplex look better. Shotzi survives a camel clutch and starts firing off offense. Aliyah gets caught putting her feet on the ropes on a pin. Shotzi pump kicks Stone off the apron and then hits the senton off the top to win.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart in 4:39 [It had a few rough moments as Aliyah still seems to struggle with some offense. *3/4]

With Sone down on the floor, Shotzi runs over his other leg. Stone again hilariously sells it. As Shotzi celebrates and howls, Mercedes Martinez destroys her with a big boot from out of nowhere. She stares down Stone and Aliyah.

A vignette runs to promote Isaiah Scott and he talks about how music and dancing helped him gain confidence. The first time a crowd erupted for him was when he performed “Billie Jean” for his school. He compares performing in the studio to wrestling. He mentions that taking Gargano, the first triple crown winner in NXT, to the limit showed him what it takes to be a champion. He is coming for the Cruiserweight Title since he’s the only man to beat Santos Escobar in WWE.

NXT North American Championship Qualifying Match: Bronson Reed vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong

Reed overpowers both right at the start and causes the two heels to regroup outside. They agree to work together but both men stop before going in the ring together and both say, “I know you were gonna do that.” Reed kicks their asses anyway. That continues heading into break. Returning, Reed splashes both men in the corner and hits hip attacks. The heels finally get going but still can’t overpower him. Hilariously, it takes Johnny slingshotting Strong’s h read into Reed’s groin to stop him. Johnny takes out Strong and hits a tope suicida on Reed but then eats a backbreaker from Strong inside. Reed returns and comes block to winning with a THICC BOI senton after slamming Strong onto Gargano. Eventually, Reed takes out both men with a tope suicida before another break. Returning, Reed comes close again with a double Samoan drop. They nearly set up a Doomsday Device spot. However, Johnny avoids the Strong cross body by hitting a reverse rana on Reed. Strong takes out Johnny with a pump knee and covers Reed but Johnny breaks up the pin. Gargano wants a sunset flip style powerbomb off the apron on Reed and gets it with help from a Roddy dropkick. Strong and Gargano go at it inside, with Strong throwing some of his best offense but not having enough. Gargano counters the Gibson Driver into a rant. They keep countering each other until Johnny hits One Final Beat but he’s too hurt to cover. When he finally does, Reed comes off the top with a splash and gets the three!

Winner: Bronson Reed in 20:50 [Easy match of the night. They made good use of Reed’s size and built a clever match around it. Lots of action, well paced, and the finish was a cool surprise. More of this, please. ****]

Oney Lorcan vs. Timothy Thatcher

A rematch from a few weeks ago. Looking back, I liked that match more the second time around. The expected grappling to kick this off. It’s pretty even. Oney takes control with strikes and chops but eats a belly to belly. That leads them back to the mat for more grappling. Oney gets going with his vicious running uppercuts and sends Thatcher to the outside. Thatcher grabs the arm but Oney fish hooks him and sends him into the corner. Commercial time. Returning, they’re still hitting each other hard. Oney with an uppercut off the middle rope. They struggle over wrist control and Oney is hit down only to grab a half crab. He transitions to Thatcher’s own signature armbar. Thatcher fish hooks him to break it. They start throwing chops again and Oney grabs him in a submission. However, a battered Thatcher turns it into a pin and steals it.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher in 13:06 [Hard hitting and with some good old fashion grappling. Plus, I liked the finish. Good stuff. ***1/4]

Robert Stone complains about getting run over again and they kick out the interviewer. Mercedes Martinz walks by and says she wants to focus on hurting people in the ring. The contracts and such is what she doesn’t do. Stone says he’s her man but she warns him not to overstep his boundaries or she’ll break his legs permanently.

We get a black and white promo from Finn Balor. He will take advantage of Lee not wanting to defend the title. He will beat Timothy Thatcher and Dexter Lumis next week and will give the title match at TakeOver the “Finn rub.”

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Karrion Kross

Dijakovic isn’t intimidated and goes right at Kross. They both block each other’s finisher in the opening three or so minutes. Dijakovic knocks him outside with a hug right hand. Kross swings the momentum with a DDT heading into a commercial. After the break, he wears Dijakovic down, who rallies and sends him back with another right hand. He throws in a suplex toss and a chokeslam bomb for a near fall. Dijakovic with a somersault to the outside. However, Kross ends up driving his boot into Dijakovic’s face to the point where he goes under the ring. He then boots the steel steps into his head, crushing it. Dijakovic isn’t moving. Kross could win b countout but instead drags him and life him into the ring. He starts driving in forearms and elbows on an already passed out Dijakovic. Keith Lee comes out to confront him. Kross keeps on with the forearms as Lee stares him down. Dijakovic, who can barely respond, demands Lee doesn’t stop the match. Kross puts him in a choke while talking smack to Lee and that’s it.

Winner: Karrion Kross in 13:27 [I’m still not getting it with Karrion Kross. Most of this was pretty boring other than Dijakovic’s bit on offense. I dug the steel steps gimmick, though. **1/4]

Lee and officials check on Dijakovic as Kross and Scarlett glare at them.

The final score: review Average
The 411
From an in-ring standpoint, the Triple Threat was fantastic and Lorcan/Thatcher was really good. The main event was lackluster and none of the other matches stood out. There were good things in terms of angle advancement. Kross/Lee was progressed and Martinez joining the Robert Stone Brand was well done. The stuff before Gargano/Reed/Strong was all skippable.

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