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Kurt Angle Thinks Survivor Series 2017 Finish Hurt Braun Strowman, Says Strowman Is Valuable To WWE

November 25, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Survivor Series 2017 Braun Strowman Image Credit: WWE

Kurt Angle is a fan of Braun Strowman, and felt Strowman was hurt by how the finish to Survivor Series 2017 played out. The main event of that PPV saw Team Raw (headed by Angle) take on Team Smackdown (headed by Shane McMahon), with the stipulation that if Raw lost then Kurt Angle would be fired as Raw General Manager.

Team Raw did prevail, but only after Triple H (who was on Team Raw) turned on Angle and Pedigree’d him, putting Shane on him for the pin before he defeated Shane. The whole thing was done to build to Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania, but Strowman ended up looking a bit weird as he also survived Team Raw and looked confused by what had just gone down, then threatened and eventually laid out Triple H.

Angle discussed the PPV on the latest episode of The Kurt Angle show, and you can check out some highlights below:

On Strowman’s involvement in the Survivor Series 2017 finish: “It was used to help build the match between Ronda, myself, and Triple H, and Stephanie. So I understand why they planted the seed, I just don’t agree with what they did with Braun there. I understand [Triple H] giving me the Pedigree, screw me over… that made sense. But the thing with Braun Strowman of him hanging there high and dry made him look like an idiot.”

On his experiences with Strowman: “Braun’s a very valuable asset. He should’ve never left WWE. Should’ve never happened. The guy knows how to wrestle, he knows how to talk, he looks great, he’s a 350 pound monster. You don’t let a guy like that go. I don’t know how or why that happened. Maybe it was for money reasons, I don’t know. But Braun Strowman’s back in the right place. He needs to be in WWE. That’s where he deserves to be.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Kurt Angle Show with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.