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Kyle O’Reilly On Selling His Storyline Injury So Well It Worried His Family

June 10, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE NXT Kyle O'Reilly

In an interview with TV Insider, Kyle O’Reilly spoke about selling his injuries so well in his storyline with Adam Cole earlier this year that it worried his family. Here are highlights:

On WWE deciding to break up the Undisputed Era: “To a degree, it was heartbreaking because we put so much into this group. Groups don’t last for very long in the wrestling business in WWE. So the fact the four of us were a faction for as long as we were and accomplished so many things. That was such an amazing ride as The Undisputed Era. Whether it was time or wasn’t to break up, these things happen. Who is to say The Undisputed Era won’t reunite? To break up makes the reunion that much sweeter.”

On selling an attack from Adam Cole so well people thought he was injured: “It’s a testament to how things can take off. It was weird and also humbling to know so many people really cared and wanted the best for me coming out of the scenario. People were concerned and offered support, which was really cool to know so many people cared. It took off like wildfire.”

On how his family reacted: “My sister. That was the first thing she saw was this rumor on Twitter before I’d even had the chance to give her a call and let her know I was okay. She called me in hysterics freaking out. That made me sad because here is someone who is family who sees something on Twitter and was concerned. I knew [social media’s speculation] came from a caring and genuine place. They were concerned. I can’t fault anyone for that.”

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