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Kyle O’Reilly Says The Undisputed Era Wants to Debut on Main Roster as a Team

March 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Undisputed Era NXT 1-9-19

– Kyle O’Reilly appeared on E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness and discussed his early days as a wrestling fan, the Undisputed Era more. You can listen to the audio and see some highlights below:

On growing up as a wrestling fan: “One of my first memories — like, actual first memories — is being at a video store and seeing a poster of Hulk Hogan ripping his shirt off. And getting a VHS tape of one of the WrestleManias, and then just running around my kitchen putting on like a Safeway grocery bag as a tank top, and then ripping it off the way Hogan’s shirt ripped. It had to have been plastic, there’s no way a human can rip an actual shirt like that. So that’s how I associated it, and I was a lifelong fan after since. And just, during the whole Attitude Era boom, obviously things got taken to a whole new level, and I became absolutely obsessed.”

On his first live event: “My dad took me to my first live show, which happened to a PPV in Vancouver. WWE Presents Rock Bottom, 1998 In Your House. And I remember everything about it. I remember the feeling I got when I walked up those steps and looked down at the ring. I remember the smell of that D-X T-Shirt that I got. It was such a profound moment, the closest to a religious experience as I’ve ever had. I knew at that moment, that this is what I’m gonna persue and this is what I’m gonna do with my life. Like, no matter how it pans out, no matter whether I make it or not, this just what I love to do.”

On if the Undisputed Era want to debut on the main roster together: “Oh, absolutely. I know we all don’t want this thing to end anytime soon. I know it’s wrestling. Eventually someone’s gonna have to go through the barbershop window right? But I think like, we want to ride this thing for as long as we possibly can. And we’re pretty sure that creative has similar plans for us, as far as NXT is concerned. I know there’s no plans to split us up anytime soon or anything like that. So, if all the stars align, it would be wonderful to eventually go to the main roster as a four-man unit because I think it would be something very unique and very special, and it’s something that’s not really…a four man group, ht hasn’t been done in a good while up there. So I think that could be really cool, and I keep my fingers crossed that we do eventually get that opportunity.”